LPU researchers create 'sugar-free' Ayurvedic Asava, chemical-free herbal solution for Diabetics

LPU researchers create 'sugar-free' Ayurvedic Asava, chemical-free herbal solution for Diabetics

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New Delhi, Updated on Jan 14, 2020 16:58 IST

While one scholar of LPU has created a solution to create a sugar-free Ayurvedic Asava, another scholar has created a herbal solution to treat diabetes.

The researchers from the Lovely Professional University (LPU) have created a solution to create a sugar-free Asava formula which is safe for diabetic patients. Asava, traditional fermented biomedicine, forms the base of several Ayurvedic medicines. Diabetic patients avoid these because of the high sugar content of Asava. It is used to cure human body systems such as the nervous system, blood circulatory system and the respiratory system.

The research was conducted by LPU’s PhD scholar Barinder Kaur under Saurabh Singh’s guidance, who is the associate professor in the Ayurvedic Pharmacy Department, LPU.

Saurabh said that the diabetic patients were reluctant to consume traditional Asava formulation since it was prepared using sugar, jaggery or honey as its fermenting initiators.

The process of fermentation of sugar-free Asava formulation and composition is completely different from the traditional Asava. The sugar-free Asava formulation has been prepared using anti-diabetic herbs as its fermenting initiators which makes it safe for diabetics’ consumption. The formulation of Asava is also beneficial for the management of diabetics and other associated problems including fever, cold, cough and headache. It can be directly consumed by patients with or without water.

Patented under India Patent Office, the research team took about 3 years to complete the project. The team also developed the product prototype and also successfully conduct the preclinical trials using the streptozotocin-induced anti-diabetic model.

Saurabh also highlighted that the prototype of the product has been developed and the final product is yet to arrive in the market. He also mentioned that the talks are on with some reputed Ayurvedic companies for its commercialization.

Moreover, another scholar of the University, Rubiya Khursheed has developed a herbal formulation that contains a combination of Synbiotics (a dietary supplement that combines prebiotics and probiotics) and curcumin (Haldi) which helps in the treatment of diabetes. The herbal solution will help in the reduction of increased blood glucose level (Diabetes), chances of hyperlipidaemia (heart attack), weight gain. The formulation can also be useful for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory disorders, jaundice and also as an antiseptic.

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