Over 600 students across India attend KAMP workshop on Our Heritage: Indian Traditional Knowledge

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Anum Ansari
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New Delhi, Updated on Oct 18, 2022 15:47 IST

The workshop aimed to help the students understand, and value the heritage that we possess. The session was convened by Arika Mathur, Member KAMP Planning & Monitoring Committee.

KAMP conducted a special Workshop on "Our Heritage: Indian Traditional Knowledge" on October 13, 2022, with 600+ students of 5th to 12th standard from different schools across India as participants. The session was convened by Arika Mathur, Member KAMP Planning & Monitoring Committee.

This session was facilitated by Dr Charu Lata, Sr Scientist, CSIR-NIScPR, New Delhi. She is also the Editor of the Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge and Indian Science Abstracts. Dr Lata is leading the national initiative SVASTIK on “Communicating India’s Scientifically Validated Traditional Knowledge to the Society”. She is a recipient of some of the prestigious top honours for young scientists in India including Young Scientist awards by INSA (2014) and NASI (2012) and  also has authored more than 60 original research and review articles and book chapters in various peer-reviewed high-impact SCI Journals and books.

The workshop aimed to help the students understand, and value the heritage that we possess. Dr Lata incredibly conveyed to the students the Glorious Heritage India Possesses, and how Incredible India actually is and helped them gain a good understanding of the traditional knowledge of India.

During the Workshop, She talked about India’s rich heritage of Science & Technology, the Importance of Education in Ancient India, and examples of Indian Architecture that still exist and are as amazing as the 7 wonders of the World.

It is no surprise that even today, we use traditional knowledge in the form of home remedies or other various tasks throughout the day. It is important for each and everyone of us to understand the value of our country’s traditional knowledge, the treasure that we possess in order to shape a better future for us all. There is indeed a lot that we can learn from our ancestors, considering the advanced knowledge they had in various fields, irrespective of the technological advancement we have today or the easy availability of resources.

The purpose of KAMP’s Fortnightly workshops is to help students develop creativity, meaningful learning, and critical reading and thinking skills that bring out their inherent abilities of the students. The vision of KAMP is to identify and capture Scientific and Technological temperament in students to make India – a Global Leader in the field of Science, Technology and Humanities.

Such workshops, conducted by KAMP deal with various topics that fall under the category of Science, Technology and Innovations, Scientific and Life Skills, Career & Professional Development, Academic Development and Train the trainers/teachers.

KAMP believes that with exposure to such topics from experts within such specific fields, students will become aware of real-life situations and challenges, develop a helping, problem-solving nature wherever possible, understand their core values and personal interests, evaluate their skills within the given area and achieve their best in their most desirable way.

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