Distance MBA from IIMs in India - Fees, Reviews, Placements, Scope

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The IIMs offer various general and specialised Distance Learning MBA programmes for working executives. Read all about IIM Distance Learning courses, fees, scope and placements.

Distance MBA from IIMs

Candidates who wish to pursue Distance MBA often ask, "can I pursue Distance MBA from IIM? The Indian Institute of Management or IIMs are th most sought after B-Schools in India. However, they do not offer the traditional Distance MBA courses. So, management aspirants who plan to pursue IIM Distance MBA, can opt for diploma and certification courses for working professionals that are offered in Distance Learning mode.

The IIMs offer various Executive Management programmes and Distance (Online and Blended Learning) Management programmes for middle and senior-level working professionals. These Online courses are not to be confused with Distance MBA. These are short-duration professional diploma and certificate courses wherein students are required to attend a few classes on weekends.

While, the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) and Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) offered by the IIMs are full-time residential programmes and require candidates to stay on campus and attend daily classes, the short-term Blended and Online courses (Distance MBA courses) are conducted through online classes, offline lectures, webinars and projects which can be accessed by the students anytime anywhere according to their convenience. through a Learning Management System or LMS.

The online classes are held in evenings or on weekends so that the students don't have to compromise on their office duties. The lectures can also be accessed later as they are recorded and stored in the LMS.

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Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Overview

Aspirants must note that not all the IIMs offer Distance Learning programmes. In this article, we will share information about IIM Distance Learning MBA such as:

  • Course name
  • Pedagogy of the courses
  • Total course fees
  • Scope of these courses
  • Placement opportunities after completing these courses

Take a look at the list of IIMs and courses offered by them in blended and online learning mode:

IIM Campus

Online MBA Course Name


IIM Ahmedabad

ePost Graduate Programme (ePGP)

The course is imparted through technologically abled online classes conducted in your city

IIM Lucknow

Working Managers’ Programme (WMP)

On-campus classes from Friday-Sunday

IIM Indore

General Management Programme for Executives (GMPE)

Classes are held on Sundays

IIM Ranchi

Certificate Programme in General Management  (CPGM)

On-campus classes for 9 days [consecutive] per term (5 terms)

IIM Raipur

Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPMWE)

Classes for one weekend in a fortnight over a period of 24 months.

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Scope of IIM Distance Learning Programmes

The scope of these Distance MBA or IIM Distance Learning MBA is vast. These advanced management programmes help working professionals in preparing for top-level management roles. They can further strengthen their skills already acquired at work to enhance their career prospects and widen the scope of possibilities. Entrepreneurs can learn advanced methods of running a business organisation and apply modern mechanism to maximise revenue to improve the company’s performance. 

Distance MBA benefits

Distance MBA benefits

Listed below are some of the benefits of pursuing IIM Distance Learning courses:

  • For working professionals, it is extremely important to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment. Learning latest modes and methodology of running a business, performing managerial tasks, and leading the team, is necessary to stay relevant in the job market.
  • In order to eye the top-level management roles, one needs to be head and shoulders above their peers and be at par with fresh MBA graduates joining the work force.
  • A distance learning MBA offers knowledge and training in traditional as well as modern methods to be applied at work space for better results.
  • These programmes also develop entrepreneurial mindset crucial to take important business decision at the top-level management.
  • Text book knowledge and practical experience earned during a distance MBA course or any such course go a long way in improving efficiency.

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Fees

Listed below are the total fees of IIMs Distance Learning MBA courses:

IIM Campus

Course Name

Total Fees (approx.)

IIM Ahmedabad

ePost Graduate Programme (ePGP)

INR 17.44 Lakh

IIM Lucknow

Working Managers’ Programme (WMP)

INR 13.55 Lakh

IIM Indore

General Management Programme for Executives (GMPE)

INR 3.50 Lakh

IIM Ranchi

Certificate Programme in General Management  (CPGM)

INR 3.00 Lakh

IIM Raipur

Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPMWE)

INR 12.61 Lakh

Distance MBA from IIMs in India: Placements

Since these courses are meant for working professionals to enhance their managerial skills, there is no campus placement. On completion of these courses, the candidates can seek better job opportunities at middle and senior-level management.  

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FAQs Related to IIM Distance Learning Programmes

Q: Do IIMs offer Distance MBA courses?

A: No, the IIMs do not offer the traditional Distance MBA courses. They offer mostly short-term career enhancing programmers in management imparted in distance learning mode or online-blended mode in which canddidates have to attend a limited number of classes.

Q: Is CAT score required for pursuing Distance Learning Management Courses at IIMs?

A: No, CAT score is not required for pursing Distance Learning Management Courses at IIMs. Candidates are selected for admission basis their academic record, written test, personal interview, and work experience.

Q: Is there campus placements in Distance MBA programmes?

A: Since Distance MBA programmes are essentially for working professionals with a few years of work experience and network in the industry, campus placement in not offered by most of the institutes. 

Q: Do I need to attend weekend classes in Distance Learning programme by IIMs?

A: Yes, if the course you are pursuing includes blended learning method, you may have to attend a few classes on weekends. However, if you are unable to attend classes you may get access to recording of the lecture later on.

Q: What is the difference between Distance and Online MBA programmes?

A: In a Distance Learning programme, students will be provided study material by post or online, the candidates can complete the assignment and submit them for teachers to check. In the Online Learning programme, classes are conducted online.

Q: Can fresh graduates pursue Distance Learning programmes by IIMs?

A: Distance Learning programmes by IIMs are mostly for working professional who are looking to improve their managerial skills and professional knowledge, thus selection criteria includes work experience, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, personal interview and a written test for some courses.

Q: What is the eligibility criteria of IIM Online MBA and other Distance Learning programmes?

A: There is no minimum eligibility criteria for Online and Distance Learning programmes by IIMs. Since these courses are for working professional, it is expected that participants have atleast completed their bachelor's degree programme.

Q: How valuable is a Distance MBA?

A: In India, the value of a full-time MBA degree is more than Distance MBA. It is advised that when choosing a Distance MBA course, candidates must look at it as skill enhancing course and not a medium of high paying job.

Q: Is work experience required to pursue Distance Learning courses in Management?

A: Most of the Distance Learning programmes a career enhancing programmes, thus it will be more beneficial if you have practical experience of the field you are planning to learn advanced skills of through the distance learning programme.

Q: How can I apply for IIM Distance Learning courses?

A: Application process of IIM Distance Learning programmes is online. Candidates can apply for the chosen course on the official website. Candidates can check the official website for admission schedule and other details.

Q: Are Distance MBA courses recognized by the government?

A: Yes, the Distance MBA programmes of state and central universities are government recognised. In case of private universities not having UGC or AICTE recognition, it is advised that candidates check government recognition before taking admission.

Q: Are Distance Learning management courses by IIMs only career enhancing programmes?

A: Yes, most of the Distance Learning courses offered by IIMs and other institutes are only career enhancing programmes. They are flexible short-term courses, which can be pursued along with a regular job.

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swastika patwar

4 weeks ago

Weather iim provide distance or online mba in finance n accounts if yes which iim n what is the fee?

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manasi attarde

a year ago

For low fees mba college which college is best

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a year ago

which IIM provides an MBA degree for working professionals without leaving the job? I just know IIMK provide, they have some institute all over India where they will be conducting classes
I can't attend classes on campus so I just have 2 options either direct to device or through any center in pune.

Reply to Chinmay


Ayana S

2 years ago

Whether IIM provide distance education for aviation and aerospace managemnt?

Reply to Ayana S


Vipra ShrivastavaSenior Manager - Content

2 years ago

Hi Ayana, IIMs don't offer aviation and aerospace management courses in distance education mode.

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