List of Top MBA Specialisations: Which One to Choose?

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MBA degree is imparted in various specialisations, which allow the candidate to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular domain. Take a look at the top 10 MBA specialisations and know all about them below.

top MBA specialisations

An MBA degree takes the career of an individual several notches up in the field of business management. Earning an MBA degree in a desired field gives a competitive edge by equipping you with the latest skill, training and knowledge of the field that your peer may not have, thereby increasing better career growth and opportunities. The MBA/PGDM degree is imparted in various specialisations that one can choose bases on their interest and aptitude. Here are some interesting facts about MBA specialisations.

  • There are over 30 MBA specialisations being offered by management institutes in India. 
  • Traditionally, Finance, Marketing, International Management, Human Resources, IT/Systems, Operations Management and Entrepreneurship have been the most sought-after MBA specialisations. They are considered the safest career options by most students. 
  • However, with time and technology, business needs are changing. Business schools and students are moving towards upcoming MBA specialisations such as Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Global MBA, etc.
  • MBA degree in niche areas such as Health Care Management, Communications Management, Innovation, Hospitality and Tourism, are also gaining immense popularity.
  • One must understand the various MBA branches (or MBA specialisations) to make the right career choice

What is MBA Specialisation?

A business or organisation has multiple functions and departments. During an MBA programme, the business schools allow students to take up more courses and assignments in a certain area/domain such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc. as a part of their elective course. When the student successfully completes these set of elective courses devoted to a certain area, he/she is awarded an MBA degree with specialisation in that particular area. It helps the students gain get a job it the area of expertise. 

Top MBA Specialisations in India

Given below are the top MBA specialisations in India. You can go through the list and then read about each one of them in detail further below. 

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Leadership
  • MBA in Strategy
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Innovation
  • MBA in CSR

How to Choose an MBA Specialisation?

MBA aspirants can choose to pursue MBA General course or take up a specialisation of their choice in the said programme. But it is very important to choose the right specialisation as this decision can make or break your career. When choosing an MBA specialisation, you must take into consideration the following:

  • Career scope of the specialisation/ placements/ internship opportunities
  • Long term career goal
  • Reputation of the institute faculty in the specialisation of your choice
  • Pedagogy of the specialisation of your choice
  • Infrastructure of the college for specialisation of your choice
  • Course fee and Return on Investment (ROI) of the programme

Top MBA Specialisations in India: An Overview

1. MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the most sought after MBA specialisations that focuses on management accounting and control, the Indian capital and money market, banking, privatization and international finance. After completing a degree in MBA in Finance, one can opt for various jobs in banks, financial consultancies and financial institutions. With MBA in Finance degree in  hand, one can also find job opportunities in areas like consumer and investment banking, institutional finance, merchant banking, corporate finance and international finance.

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2. MBA in Marketing

Like an MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing is also very popular among MBA aspirants. MBA in Marketing offers ample opportunities to aspirants who wish to get in the fast lane of making big bucks. MBA in Marketing requires sharp skills and knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relations. With an MBA in Sales & Marketing, one can accelerate their entry and progress in the corporate world.

3. MBA in Information Technology (IT)

In recent times, MBA in Information Technology has become very popular in Indian B-Schools. Since we are living in a technologically advanced world where everything is connected to technology, the IT industry needs highly qualified and skilled people to take on the mantle of managing teams and projects. MBA in IT imparts knowledge and skills to future IT managers and also makes them understand various aspects of a project like planning, design, selection, implementation, use and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies.

4. MBA in International Business

Nowadays, most companies run their operations globally for which they need skilled and highly educated manpower to manage business operations, management, administration well. An MBA degree in International Business offers an exciting, bright and fast-paced career in global business management. To get through to this field, one must have spectacularly good business sense and ability to settle in a multicultural work environment.

5. MBA in Operations Management

Operations is one of the four pillars of a business enterprise and MBA in Operations, equips the candidate in exactly what all is needed to run a business enterprise efficiently and effectively. MBA in Operations Management includes planning, organizing, controlling and supervising manufacturing processes. This specialisation is ideal for candidates from an engineering background.

6. MBA in Leadership

MBA in Leadership is gaining popularity. It equips students with interdisciplinary business education and students also gain the essential aspects of leadership needed for success in the business world. This MBA in Leadership programme usually focuses on disciplines like finance, management and marketing and the methods of team building, corporate communication, and conflict resolution.

7. MBA in Strategy

In the past few years, management programmes that specialize in strategy have received a good response from MBA aspirants. MBA in Strategy equips students with strategic thinking required for the effective management of competitive market dynamics. The strategic lessons include industry and environmental analysis, internal analysis and competitive advantage, organizational structure, design and alignment, market evolution and dynamics and so on.

8. MBA in Entrepreneurship

As the name suggests, the MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed for aspirants who wish to become successful entrepreneurs. To ensure the continual development of a company, nowadays, organizations hire specialists for managerial positions who can effectively manage the operations and lead the organization. This programme focuses on business strategies that lead to innovations. 

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9. MBA in Innovation

Innovation is in-built, it cannot be taught. Do you also think this way? It’s time to change your outlook and move forward with the world. The MBA in Innovation specialisation provides a strong foundation for future managers and helps them in developing their skills, knowledge, and thinking. To get success in innovation management, one must know how to manage effectively.

10. MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility

As a result of the global economic slowdown, an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly becoming popular these days. It is a unique program that accumulates the teaching and learning in management with state-of-the-art thinking in corporate social responsibility. Students get to study the nature of different organizations, including private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, their management, and the dynamic environment in which they operate.

Other MBA/PGDM specialisations offered by B-schools

Apart from the Top 10 MBA specialisations mentioned above, there are several other popular MBA specialisations. Check below the list of some of the popular MBA specialisations in India:

Other popular MBA specialisations

Product Management


Business Analytics

Energy & Environment

Digital Marketing

Import & Export

Human Resources

Healthcare & Hospital


Business Economics

NGO Management

Agriculture & Food Business


Materials Management

Project Management

Oil & Gas

Sports Management



Rural Management

Transport & Logistics

Supply Chain


Textile Management

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FAQs on MBA Specialisations

Q: Why should I opt for a specialised MBA?

A: Specialised MBA programmes teach the students detailed insights about the subjects. Not only do specialised MBA teach the theoretical aspects, but also provide practical and experiential learning as well. A student is prepared in such a way that s/he can be well accustomed with the managerial experiences as well.

Q: Is specialised MBA expensive than General MBA?

A: The fee structure of the MBA programmes depend from institute to institute. However, if the MBA specialisation is an uncommon one or the resources required to offer the programme are not widely available, then it would result in making the fee structure high in order to justify the resources and requirements.

Q: How many MBA specialisations are there?

A: There are over 30 MBA specialisations offered across the B-schools of India. Given the advancement and innovation in every field, more and more new specialisations are expected to come up in the coming years.

Q: Which are the most popular MBA specialisations?

A: Some of the most popular and sought-after MBA specialisations are Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations and Supply Chain, Sales, Digital Marketing, Busines Analytics, etc.

Q: What are some of the emerging MBA specialisations?

A: Some of the lesser-known MBA specialisations include Sports Management, Luxury Brand Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, NGO Management, Rural Management, Hospitality Management to name a few.

Q: Is there any disadvantage of pursuing a specialised MBA?

A: No, there is no disadvantage of pursuing a specialised MBA. However, if the specialisation is not much popular, or the industry is too niche, then it will be difficult to establish a career in a short span of time in that area. Moreover, a specialised MBA may restrict career growth or opportunity to explore other industry sectors.

Q: Is it better to pursue a specialised MBA from abroad?

A: This depends on the MBA specialisation. While there are some specialisations such as Luxury and Brand Management, Fashion Management, etc. which have better scope and opportunity if pursued from abroad; there are several advantages of pursuing a specialised MBA from India, which include lower fees, relevant job opportunity, etc. Hence, the decision has to be taken by the student depending on the specialisation and career opportunities.

Q: What is the duration of specialized MBA programmes?

A: The duration of the full-time specialised MBA programmes is same as a MBA General, i.e. two years. The duration will be longer than two years if the MBA programme is part-time or distance/correspondence programs.

Q: What are the factors to keep in mind for choosing the right MBA specialisation?

A: To choose a specialised MBA programme, the aspirants must keep in mind factors such as the scope of the specialisation, industry demand or career opportunity, to name a few. Apart from that, the B-School should be chosen on the basis of the pedagogy, infrastructure, placement records and faculty strength of the institute.

Q: What is a dual MBA specialisation?

A: MBA dual specialisation refers to specialisation in two different areas. It has to be ensured that the two specialisations complement each other and would shape up their career so that those do not cause any conflict in the career.

Q: Is a Dual MBA specialisation better than regular MBA specialisation?

A: Dual MBA specialisation is beneficial in a way that it helps gain expertise in two fields instead of one. On the other hand, regular MBA specialisation is for one area. Dual MBA specialisation, if pursued in two core and complementing areas, can reap benefit for the student. However, there is no dearth of opportunities for single MBA specialisation as well and the choice lies with the aspirants.



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Iam completed B. Com general from government degree college for women's, begumpet. In MBA which specialisation can i choose

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i have done my bsc from university of delhi now which specialization can i do mba

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The MBA in International Luxury Business Management is an industry specialized program that equips students with expertise in Luxury Business Management, Luxury Brand Management, Marketing & Merchandising.

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Hello, There are few colleges which offer dual specialization in India. Quantum University Roorkee is one of the best college offering MBA in various branches. Students from all over India as well as abroad are currently pursuing MBA at Quantum.

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