Delhi: Parents demand early summer break; Schools yet to finalise

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Anum Ansari
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Updated on May 5, 2022 13:22 IST
Heatwave conditions are prevailing in the Delhi-NCR region with people falling ill, particularly children. Cases of COVID-19 have also started to rise, parents of school-going children are demanding early summer vacation, however, schools that opened for physical classes are yet to take the call on early summer break.

Delhi School Summer Vacation 2022

Delhi Schools Summer Vacations 2022 is one of the major topics of discussion these days amid the rising temperature and the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. With rising Delhi COVID cases, heatwave conditions and ongoing CISCE, CBSE 10th, 12th Board Exams 2022, parents are getting worried. Students and parents are raising demands on the closure of schools, early summer break, hybrid education and more amid the persisting situations. 

Announce summer break or change school timings

Looking at the problems, CBSE summer vacations are under the parents' scanner. Parents are asking schools or authorities to issue a notice for early summer vacations or change Delhi school timings.

“The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and the temperature outside is touching nearly 40 degrees. Children do outdoor activities, attend the assembly and then go to the classrooms. This frequent change in temperature is making them fall sick. Many classmates of my son are falling ill. I really want the schools to understand this situation and take some favorable steps. An early summer break is an option!” Rumana Rashid, parent of a Class 5 student said.

Shivani Mehta, parent of a Class 8 student feel that schools should change their timings or shift to online classes for students’ sake. Mehta further added that she along with several other parents have also sent a written application regarding the same. However, they haven’t got any reply from the school yet.

All schools in the national capital are commencing Delhi Schools Summer Vacations on different dates. While some schools have proposed a summer break from May end, others are keen on having it from June. It must be noted that many schools are also exam centres for CBSE Term 2 Board Exams 2022.

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Late Summer Break in Delhi not favorable

Many parents are urging that Delhi School timings and alleged late summer holidays are not favorable for their wards' health. They have put forward their side by saying that while the heatwave conditions start getting worse from 10 or 11 am, most Delhi schools function from 8 am to 2 pm. “I want my kid to stay inside and safe. COVID cases are on the rise. Temperature is increasing continuously. This is not the favorable weather for kids and the education department must understand before taking any decision on summer breaks,” said Dinesh Malik, a parent of a Class 4 student.

However, schools have not responded to the demands regarding early Delhi schools summer vacation made by parents. Meanwhile, in order to protect everyone from the heatwave, schools have also encouraged their staff and students to stay indoors and carry out most activities. Aditi Aggarwal, PGT Teacher from Chotu Ram Public School said that we are avoiding morning assemblies and outdoor activities to protect students from the heatwave. However, we cannot decide on summer vacation, that is the call of the higher department.

Offline classes necessary to bridge learning gap

“Children have faced a lot due to the imposition of lockdown amid COVID-19. Schools have reopened recently and it is necessary for schools to conduct offline classes to bridge the learning gap that took place in the last two years. There are many children who are going to school for the first time. There are children studying in Class 1 who are not able to write properly. We hear from our teachers that students complain of pain in their hands when they are asked to write. These issues cannot be resolved without offline classes. Yes, discussions are still on. Several parent associations have approached us and the department is seeing what can be done,” A senior official from DoE, Delhi told

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