LPUNEST Exam 2022 Phase V - Check General Guidelines for Remotely Proctored Online Exam, Do's and Don't

LPUNEST Exam 2022 Phase V - Check General Guidelines for Remotely Proctored Online Exam, Do's and Don't

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Shikha Goyal
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The LPUNEST 2022 Phase V exam will be conducted from September 10 to September 20, 2022 in an online mode. The examination is a computer-based test. The result will be announced by the authorities within 24 hours of the conclusion of the exam. LPU is conducting an online proctored LPUNEST exam from home. Know more about it in detail and the Do's and Don'ts.

LPUNEST Exam 2022 Phase V

LPUNEST Exam 2022 Phase V


LPUNEST Exam 2022 Phase V: The LPUNEST 2022 application form has been released by the authorities on their official website. The last date to take admission in Phase V is September 15, 2022. The LPUNEST 2022 exam for phase V will start from September 10 to September 20, 2022. The slot booking was commenced by the authorities for LPUNEST 2022 on or before September 14 for the current schedule phase V. Candidates will be able to apply for LPUNEST 2022 and book their slots three days before the exam date.

On the current schedule, the LPU is conducting an Online Remotely Proctored LPUNEST exam from home. What is it? How is it conducted? Continue reading to know more about it and also what could be done and what not during the time of the test.

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 Important Dates of LPUNEST B.Tech (Phase V)


Current Schedule (Remotely Proctored Exam from Home)

Online Registration Starts on


Last Date of Admission


Last Date for submission of LPUNEST Application

Three days before the conduct of the exam ( for e.g if the candidate wish to appear for exam on 17th September 2022, he/she must apply and book the slot on or before 14th September 2022

Slot Booking for online examination

Dates of Examination

10-Sep-2022 to 20-Sep-2022

Date of Interview

Candidate can opt. for any preferred interview slot within 2-8 days after the submission of LPUNEST application. For Example: If application is submitted on 10th September 2022, Interview can be scheduled on any day between 13th September to 20th September 2022.

Display of Result

Within 24 working Hours

Due to the COVID-19 and restricted movement and to keep the focus on the safety of the candidates, LPU has added the option of an Online remotely Proctored LPUNEST exam from home.

Who is eligible for a remote proctoring-based exam?

Candidates who belong to the restricted areas, that is, areas declared a containment zone by the state or central government, are eligible for remote proctoring based exams. The list of containment zones is updated by the university on the website regularly. It is to be noted that the list of containment zones keeps changing based on the notification of the state and central government.

Scroll down to know about the remote proctoring module.

Remote Proctoring Module

The remote proctoring module needs the system of configuration and requirements as mentioned below.

- Operating System (Windows)-Minimum: Windows 7 Recommended: Windows 10/ Latest Anroid/ IOS.

- This module requires a proper internet connection of a minimum of 1 Mbps.

- Ensure proper lighting in the room. This is because the picture captured during the exam should not be blurred.

-A working camera and mic should be available with the candidates' laptop/desktop/smartphone.

- Prior to the exam, candidates will receive login information.

- Also, prior to the exam, the LPU consellor call the candidate to make them familiar with the entire process, infrastructure requirements, and other important information to appear in the test.

- A candidate will be under constant observation during the entire duration of the test through artificial intelligence tools and live monitoring by the proctors. Any suspected activity will lead to the immediate termination of the exam. The AI tool will be able to detect any movement of the face or eyeballs and highlight the same automatically. 

- The candidate will also be under the constant vigilance of a proctor via live feed to deter any suspicious activity by the candidate. Any movement is highlighted by the machine and raises alarm to the proctor.

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Take a look at the Do’s and Don’ts during the exam.


- Candidate should charge the laptop/smartphone well in advance to last for at least 3 hours.

- Candidate should be seated using a wall as the background.

- Photograph clicked should be of good quality.

- Power plugs should be checked.

- Proper internet connectivity should be available on laptop/desktop/smatphone.

- Candidate must be sure that his or her camera and mic are working properly.

- Ensure proper lighting in the room.

- The room where a candidate will give an exam should be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.

- Before the start of the exam, the candidate should have a water bottle on the table because he or she is not allowed to leave the test screen during the exam.


A candidate is not allowed to navigate from the main screen. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam.

A candidate is not allowed to talk to anyone during the exam being conducted. The university's Proctoe performs Real Time Monitoring.

A candidate is not allowed to use any electronic device or other material on the day of the exam. If found, it will result in the cancellation of the exam by the Proctor.

-Candidate is also not permitted to cover the camera or disconnect the external camera from the system.

A candidate is not allowed to touch the keyboard while attempting the test. He or she is only allowed to scroll the cursor with the mouse to answer the question.

-A candidate is not allowed to start the test from multiple devices at a time. It will again be in the notice of Proctor and exam may be cancelled.

-There should be no disturbance in the surroundings.

A candidate should not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment.

A candidate is also not allowed to leave the room for any reason during the exam.

A candidate should not communicate with any person by any means during the exam.

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