Career after B.El.Ed - Career Options, Job Roles and Salary

Career after B.El.Ed - Career Options, Job Roles and Salary

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B.El.Ed is a four-year UG degree program that provides training for future elementary school teachers. Students learn about child development, educational psychology, curriculum development, pedagogy, and teaching methodologies. There is much scope after B.El.Ed. Candidates can get a detailed career perspective of B.El.Ed in the article below

Career after B.El.Ed

Career after B.El.Ed: The B.El.Ed or Bachelor of Elementary Education is an undergraduate course. Unlike BEd, the duration of B.El.Ed is 4 years. Candidates who want to pursue a career in teaching at the elementary level can enroll in this course. Many private as well as government institutes provide this course.

The B.El.Ed is a full-time course of 4 years duration and the career scope after completing B.El.Ed is huge. After pursuing B.El.Ed, candidates will be able to make a successfull career in both public as well as private sectors. in this article on career after B.Edl.Ed, we have discussed in detail various career prospects and job scopes after pursuing a B.El.Ed.

Career After B.El.Ed - Highlights



Course Name

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed)

Career after completing B.El.Ed

  • Teaching and Educating roles in elementary and primary education.
  • Roles in curriculum development at educational institutions
  • Education consultancy

Job Roles

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Academic Coordinator

Job Sectors

  • Government and Private Schools
  • Educational Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Coaching Centers

Average Salary

₹3-5 lakhs per annum, depending upon the experience of the candidate, job location, and the organization

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Job Scope for B.El.Ed

B.El.Ed graduates can avail various job opportunities in private as well as government sector after completing this course. Aspirants can work in different posts including Mentor, Primary Teacher, Education Counsellor, Assistant Teacher, etc.

Government Job Opportunities for B.EL.Ed Graduates

Some of the popular government job opportunities available after B.El.Ed are listed below:

Special Education Teacher: The responsibilities of a special education teacher are to teach students with any kind of disability including physical or mental.

Primary Teacher: They train students in a particular subject including English, Mathematics, Art, Science or History. Primary Teachers or High School Teachers’ responsibility is to plan a curriculum and teach students accordingly.

Career Counsellor: The role of a career counselor is to guide candidates in making career choices. They guide candidates about the strategies and techniques to select a career. They also provide candidates with various relevant information related to the market and job search-related information.

Educational Administrator: An administrator acts as a bridge between the management and teachers. S/he is responsible for looking after proper and effective teaching and learning in educational institutes.

Private Job Opportunities after B.El.Bd Graduates

Content Writer: After completing B.Ed.Ed, candidates can also work as a content writer. With the growing digital portals, B.El.Ed can easily get into web content writing. For the field, they must be aware of the content writing format for the web portals. They can also work as a freelancer.

Associate Education Developer: The responsibility of an associate education developer is to manage books and educational materials for instructional purposes. S/he usually works with the classroom teacher. He/she is also responsible for making considerable changes in the school curriculum as per the state’s guidelines.

Education Consultant: The responsibility of an education consultant includes analyzing the curriculum, teaching methods, teaching resources, and various other aspects related to improving teaching qualities.

Higher Education after B.El.Ed

After completing B.El.Ed., candidates can also go for higher education. There are multiple education options available after B.El.Ed. Candidates can select the course, according to their interest, skills, or choice. Given below are some of the career choices after B.El.Ed course:

B.Ed.: After completing B.El.Ed, candidates can opt for B.Ed. Higher studies after B.El.Ed can be beneficial for students further. It will provide students with various teaching options for students at the junior and senior levels. Candidates can get admission to B.Ed through the entrance test. Notably, some colleges provide admission to B. Ed based on merit. Some of the popular B.Ed entrance exams that candidates can consider appearing for include IGNOU B.Ed Entrance Test, TS EdCET, AP EdCET, PTET, Bihar B.Ed CET, etc.

M.Ed: After pursuing B.El.Ed, candidates can also go for courses. To pursue an M.Ed, candidates should have a B.Ed degree. Notably, candidates can get admission to an M.Ed based on entrance tests or merit.

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Salary Packages for B.EL.Ed Graduates

B.El.Ed graduates can avail job opportunities in different other areas including School Nursery, Care homes, state education boards, Government care homes, and many other similar places. After completing B.El.Ed, candidates can avail lucrative job options in both private and government sectors. According to Payscale, the average salary of a B.El.Ed graduate is around Rs 3 LPA. As per the data of Payscale the below given data shows the average salary of a B.El.Ed graduate

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (in Rs)

Primary Teacher

2.4 lakh

Associate Education Developer

6.8 lakh

Content Writer

2.8 lakh

Career Counsellor

2.4 lakh

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