What To Do After BMM? 10 Best Career Options After BMM

What To Do After BMM? 10 Best Career Options After BMM

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BMM or Bachelor of Mass Media is a Mass Communication course which opens a series of career options for aspirants. BMM is one of the most sought-after career options these days. Know more about the popular career options after BMM course in the article below.   

What to do after BMM? 10 Best career options after BMM

10 Best career options after BMM

BMM or Bachelor of Mass Media has become one of the most popular course in India. BMM is an undergraduate mass communications course. It is one of the most sought-after courses that candidates can pursue after passing their 10+2. It is one of the demanding course as it provides various job opportunities to candidates in various fields. BMM is of three-years duration and candidates are usually provided internship in the 2nd year. Candidates can also opt for higher studies after completing BMM course.

Career Options After Bachelor of Mass Media

There are multiple career options available for students after BMM. This course opens doors for a career in television, films, publishing, journalism, editing, public relations, event management, filmmaking, production, scriptwriting, direction, advertising, and so on. Depending on personal interest, a Mass Communication professional can choose to be a journalist, actor, radio jockey, video jockey, director, editor, screenwriter, event manager, advertising agent, copywriter, media planner, and the list continues. Apart from the career option mentioned above, candidates can also opt to pursue higher education. Check important details about all career options after BMM mentioned in the above table below:


It is one of the most popular career options available after BMM. Journalism involves gathering, creating and presenting news and information by different means of mass media like print and electronic. Role of a journalist is to raise pertinent issues in different formats like visuals, written or spoken. The professional may be specialised in different beats like politics, crime, entertainment, lifestyle, business and finance. As part of three years BMM course, candidates can get journalism specialisation in the third year. Moreover, to gain practical knowledge in the field one can go for specialisation in broadcasting or publishing house.

Desired Skills for a Journalist: Candidates willing to pursue BMM course need to possess the below given qualities: 

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Thorough Knowledge
  • Research skills
  • Disciplined
  • Confidence
  • Investigative Skills
  • Professionalism

Radio Jockeying

Radio Jockeying is another popular career option after BMM. Radio Jockey or RJ is a person who hosts radio show or talk show. RJ works in on-air broadcasting positions. Job of a Radio Jockey is to entertain callers through calls and talks shows. In the recent years, innovative digital medium like podcasts and global radio apps have evolved. The format of the radio is quite attractive. To enhance the presenting skills, candidates can go for special courses or internship at radio station.

Qualities of a Radio Jockey: Some of the important personality traits a Radio Jockey must possess are:

  • Pleasant voice
  • Creative skills
  • Accurate diction
  • Ability to modulate
  • Art of controlling voice pitches
  • Language Fluency
  • Sense of humour


Another promising career option after BMM is advertising. The advertising industry offers lucrative jobs and this field requires creative skills. The primary job of an advertising professional is to convey messages to people and convince them to buy products or services. Additionally, advertising helps in drawing attention towards social issues. Advertising is one of the major divisions of any company that ensures competitiveness in the industry.

Important skills for an advertising professional: The personality traits required for this profession are:

  • Collaborative skills
  • Persistentency
  • Artistic skills
  • Well-informed
  • Reliability
  • Well-Organised

Public Relations

One of the most interesting career options after BMM is Public Relations. The role of a public relation officer is to create awareness about the organisation or its causes by organising events. The main aim of PR is to promote the brand and maintain healthy relationships with the public, prospective customers, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders. A PR personnel should have good contacts with the media so that they can cover and write about the brand, hence promoting the brand and informing people about the company. Candidates can also pursue specialisation in Public Relations

Skills required for PR: The kind of skills and traits needed to build a career in the filed of Public Relations is given below:

  • Creativity
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Reasonable
  • Hard Working
  • Observant

Event Management

It is one of the best career options after BMM. Event management requires multi-disciplinary skills. Candidates get to explore their creative trait in this profession. It requires team work as marketing, creative and financial teams get an opportunity to work together. An Event Management course is required for informal events like wedding functions, baby showers, birthday ceremonies, and proposal ceremonies. Also, people hire event planners for formal events like award functions, live events for political parties, public speaking or motivational speaking, and entertainment industry-related events. 

Qualities of a good Event Manager: Some of the important traits for successful career in event management are flexibility, time management, energetic, passionate, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, enthusiastic etc. 

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Digital Communications

In the evolving communication era, internet has become a necessary part of everyone's life. Cloud-based tools and e-marketing are some new communication methods. Handling social media platforms, blogging and SEO are some popular digital communication job profiles and businesses. Digital Communication is a technology in which ideas, data, or information are encoded digitally. These signals are transferred electronically to the recipients. It means transferring data by digitized analog signals or digital bitstreams over point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channels.


Photography is another adventurous career option after BMM for those who are passionate about clicking pictures and want to make it a profession. Photography is an art of capturing or creating real images by recording light, colour and scenes. To be a successful photographer, one must thoroughly grasp the technique and nuances of Photography by enrolling themselves in Photography courses as their syllabus and curriculum revolves around the basic and advanced concept. Besides, the person must possess a creative frame of mind and an eye for perfection. He should have immense patience and interpersonal skill. He should have the knowledge of lighting and decoration skills in order to be able to capture the image perfectly. He must exude confidence in his creativity and showcase his originality in ideas to make the images more engaging and captivating. He must be able to handle the equipments effectively and cater to any last-moment glitches as well.


Cinematographic films are wonderful career options after BMM. Filmmaking is a fine art which revolves around the process of conceptualising a story, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, sound recording, camera handling and lighting, editing, production controlling and screening. With the technological innovation and advanced courses, filmmaking space has become more advanced and democratic. For a successful career in filmmaking profession, a candidate needs to work on many skills such as:

  • Creativity
  • Organised way of working
  • Hard Working
  • An eye for perfection
  • Patience and concentration
  • Dedication
  • Technical Expertise

Marketing Manager

This is another interesting profession after BMM. The role of a marketing manager is promoting a brand, services and products. They are also responsible for creating awareness among the customers to benefit the business. One need to work on enhancing their skills. Additionally, an MBA degree will help in further growth in the career.

Corporate Communications Manager

The role of a corporate communications manager is to manage the internal and external communications of a company.


Mass Communication Higher Education Options

After BMM, students can also go for higher studies and can pursue below mentioned courses. The list of the courses are as follows.

Popular Mass Communication Colleges in India

Given below are names of some popular Mass Communication Colleges in India

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