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There is a huge variety of MBA specialisations to choose from. Shiksha brings you a list of MBA specialisations which the students can choose from. Read the article below to know more.

Master of Business Administration or MBA is a two-year post-graduation program that offers the aspirants a bag full of job opportunities. Today, many top companies prefer employing people who have an MBA or PGDM degree. If you see yourself in a managerial position in any organisation, then MBA will bring you a step closer to your dream. If you are already working, then, an MBA degree will open doors to better opportunities.

There are many specialisations in the field of MBA which the candidates can choose as per their interest and be an expert in that particular field. According to the specialiation that you choose, you will be trained in that field which will align with your future career goals.

How to Decide Which Specialisation to Choose?

Usually, students decide what do they want to do in their post-graduation by the mid of their final year of graduation. Your interest and your future career goal will help you decide which MBA specialisation you should go for. Despite this, also consider the scope of the specialisation, its market value, personal strengths, the kind of job opportunities it will bring, the internship opportunities that the course will bring, whether your dream institute/college has your preferred specialisation or not, etc. These are a few factors that will determine your choice of specialisation.

Many companies lookout for candidates whose expertise matches their requirements. This is where MBA specialisation plays an important role. There are many specialisations when it comes to Business Administration. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Top Five MBA Specialisations in India

Check out the top five MBA specialisations, and list down various other MBA specialisations offered by B-schools in India:

MBA in Finance

This specialisation is the most popular of all other specialisations. MBA in Finance will prepare the students for managerial-level jobs in the financial sector. MBA finance is regarded as one of the most lucrative careers which can land you in jobs like Investment Banking, Financial Planning, Analyst, Management Consultants, Financial Consultants, etc. Companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and etc. hire finance management experts. Even the banking sector prefers finance experts.
The course focuses on:

  • Accounting
  • Investments
  • Economies
  • Market analysis
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Methods of Management
  • Treasury and Risk Management, etc.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Financial Analyst

INR 4.25 lakh

Treasury Manager

INR 9.9 lakh

Investment and Banking Manager

INR 15 lakh

Investment Banker

INR 9.42 lakh

Financial Risk Manager

INR 11.8 lakh

Research Executive for DEBT & equity

INR 3.87 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

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MBA in Human Resources

MBA in HR (Human Resources) is for the people who possess good communication skills, are confident and reliable and have strong leadership qualities. A company is made up of its employees or its workforce. MBA in HR focuses on the people. The role of an HR is to manage and maintain the company’s culture, hire best of the talents, provide trainings, maintain relations, etc. As we know, HR is one of the most important resources of any organization, an MBA in HR will definitely help you secure jobs with high packages and promise you successful careers. This course can help you get jobs like HR Manager-Talent Acquisition, HR Manager-Training, HR Professor, etc.
Companies such as L’Oreal, Reliance, KPMG, Wipro, etc. hire HR Managers ­­­with good packages but having said that, the scope of MBA in HR is very huge.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

HR Manager- Talent Acquisition

INR 9.8 lakhs

HR Manager- Training

INR 4.6 lakhs to 4.7 lakhs

HR Manager- Compliance

INR 6.9 lakhs

Chief HR Officer

INR 45 lakh

HR Professor

INR 10 lakhs

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is another popular MBA specialisation that a lot of students opt for. The students learn the market behavior, advertising concepts and aspects, consumer behavior, execution of marketing campaigns, etc. In one sentence, MBA in Marketing teaches students about every aspect of the market. Students who wish to pursue this field of education need to know that MBA in Marketing requires excellent communication skills, and the candidate should be a pro in building relationships.  

The course focuses on:

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Consumer and brand insight strategy, etc. 

An MBA professional with a marketing background is an essential resource for any company. He/she is the backbone of the marketing department of the organization, hence the packages that are provided to them are pretty good. After completing your post-graduation in MBA Marketing you can bag jobs like a sales manager/executive, brand manager, asset manager, market research analyst, product manager, etc. Companies suchas Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, McKinsey, Facebook, Citigroup, Walt Disney, etc. hire marketing MBA professionals.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Market Research Analyst

INR 3.87 lakh

Corporate Sales Manager

INR 6.22 lakh

Sales Manager

INR 5.07 lakh

Product Manager

INR 17 lakh

Brand Manager

INR 9.15 lakh

*the salary data is taken from


MBA in IT or Information Technology has become popular in many top B-schools. With ever increasing and advancing technology, the requirement for IT professionals has increased. A business professional with the technical knowledge is highly in demand in today’s world. If you are looking for a career in any e-commerce or internet based company or an IT company, then MBA in IT is the best option for you. By pursuing this degree, the MBA professional can have an upper-hand in the competitive business world.

Companies such as Google, IBM, Dell, Accenture, HCL,Tech Mahindra hire IT professionals, and a professional with the knowledge of the business aspects is an added advantage.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Chief Technology Officer

INR 30 lakh

Information Systems Manager

INR 10 lakh

Project Managers-IT Softwares

INR 15.7 lakh

Operations Manager

INR 7.65 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Operation Management

To efficiently run the entire operations of any organization, the firm needs a professional who knows how to run the company’s entire system. MBA in Operation Management includes, strategizing, planning, organizing, supervision and execution to increase efficiency and productivity. An operations manager is hired in a variety of industries like retail, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, etc. Top companies that hire  MBA in Operation Management graduates are Dell, Amazon, Deloitte, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Wall-Mart, etc.

Job Profile

Average Salary (in Rs P.A)*

Operations Manager

INR 7.65 lakh

Plant Manager

INR 14.8lakh

Inventory Control Manager

INR 3.37 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

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Other Upcoming Popular MBA Specialisations

Check out some of the other popular MBA specialisations which are slowly gaining prominence:

MBA in Sustainable Development Management

MBA in Sustainable Development Management provides an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of sustainable development and the challenges that come with it along with the business growth. The students are trained and taught about environment safety and how to apply the concepts learned in the functional business areas. The students are taught about green business practices that adhere to sustainable development.  

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Relationship Manager

INR 3.9 lakh

Business Development Specialist

INR 6.03 lakh


INR 3.5 lakh


INR 4.8 lakh

Development R&D/ Training Leader

INR 7.5 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

If you have a love for fashion and luxury then this specialisation is for you. The fashion industry is ever-growing and every booming industry and hence has a demand for skilled managers with thorough knowledge of luxury brands and fashion. Candidates must have innovative and creative skills along with the right knowledge of fashion and luxury brands if they wish to pursue their career in the fashion industry.

If you wish to be a part of the fashion world but not as a designer then you must pursue MBA in Fashion and Brand Management.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Brand Manager

INR 9.4 lakh

Brand & Marketing Consultant

INR 7.5 lakh

Product Manager

INR 17.4 lakh

Fashion Retail Manager

INR 3.95 lakh

Visual Merchandiser

INR 4.08 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Sports Management

As the name suggest, MBA in Sports Management is all about sports. The IPL,The NBA, The NFL, The EPL, etc. are all popular sports leagues and big businesses. MBA in sports management will bring you in the sports world and teach you how to manage sports organisations. A job in this field will require to establish relations, handle media, organize promotional events, etc.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Athlete Manager

INR 6.94 lakh

Public Relations Head

INR 16 lakh

Event Organizer

INR 39 lakh

MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is an amalgamation of sciences, technologies and art. This course will teach you how to make the best business decisions and handle the analytical processes of the organization for a brighter future of the company. The candidate will be expected to improve the existing business processes of the organisation with making optimum utilization of the resources. Companies like Accenture Analytics, Manthan, AbsoluteData hire Business Analytics professionals.

The course focuses on:

  • Data Analytics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • Social and Web Analytics, etc.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Business Analyst

INR 6.12 lakh

Data Analyst

INR 4.5 lakh

Business Intelligence expert

INR 12.75 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management is an apt choice for candidates who have good communication skills, relationship-building skills and excellent knowledge of the health industry. In this MBA specialization, the candidates will be taught about managing various aspects of the healthcare industry. They are hired on the senior level in the healthcare sector. After this, the candidates can get employed in various healthcare institutes and top hospitals.

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Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Hospital CEO

INR 29.63 lakh

Hospital CFO

INR 34.4 lakh


INR 4.8 lakh

Health director

INR 29.89 lakh

Healthcare Planner

INR 12.44 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Companies which have a huge network of goods and raw materials hire MBA graduates who specialize in Supply Chain Management. The course teaches the students to control and plan the inflow and outflow of products or raw materials to the consumers. The company expects the employee to ensure a smooth flow of materials for the utmost satisfaction of its consumers or customers. Companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance, etc. are few big giants who hire supply chain management graduates.

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Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Executive Director and Head

INR 31.6 lakh

Head of Supply

INR 8.5 lakh

Assistant Manager

INR 6.2 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Real Estate Management

This unique MBA specialization imbibes in students the leadership and managerial qualities who aspire to be real estate professionals. The course trains students in managing real estate projects, finance management, cost estimation, concepts of the real estate market.

The course focuses on:

  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Development
  • Customer Relationship Management

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Construction & Project Manager

INR 9.9 lakh

Corporate Manager

INR 5.99 lakh

Facilities Manager

INR 5.55 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Agri-Business   

As the name suggests, Agri-Business MBA specialization focuses on businesses related to agriculture. The course is related to food production, crop distribution and related business areas. The aim of the course is to preserve and conserve agricultural sources, and their commercial operations. All agricultural companies hire MBA graduates of an agri-business background.  
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Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Farm Appraiser

INR 4 lakh

Market Analyst

INR4.86 lakh

Quality Controller

INR 3.01 lakh

Operations Manager

INR 7.64 lakh

Marketing Head

INR 24.5 lakh

MBA in Communication & Public Relations

MBA in communications and public relations is one of the upcoming and most popular stream of post-graduation among students. Students who think that they have excellent communication and relationship-building skills should definitely opt for this stream. Companies expect a communications expert to handle the market with his/her excellent communication skills and also ensure that the company’s message is delivered to its target audience in the most effective and efficient way. They are expected to be up-to-date with the current trends and be able to form the best PR strategies.

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Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)*

Communications Manager

INR 8.49 lakh

Corporate Manager

INR 5.99 lakh

Media Communications Manager

INR 8.49 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

MBA in Digital Marketing

With the advent of technology, digital marketing has become one of the most preferred fields for a career. MBA in Digital Marketing trains and grooms students for the new digital era and the use of digital marketing in the corporate world. This course familiarizes students with the various concepts of digital marketing. Many top companies are moving towards the digital world and hence require professionals who have a digital marketing background.

Job Profile

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Advertising Manager

INR 4.88 lakh

Brand Manager

INR 9.4 lakh

Digital Marketing Manager

INR 5.43 lakh

Market Research Analyst

INR 3.37 lakh

*the salary data is taken from

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Important FAQs Related to MBA Specialisations

Q: Which are the top MBA specialisations?

A: Some of the most popular MBA specialisations in India such as MBA in Finance, MBA in Human Resource Manangement, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT, MBA in Operations Management, MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Supply Chain Management, etc. are offered by various B-schools in India.

Q: How can I choose a specialisation?

A: To choose an MBA specialisation, students must consider factors such as their strength, interests, grasp over the subject, salary packages, career opportunities, the number of companies which place the graduates, etc.

Q: Which are the MBA specialisations that are gaining popularity?

A: Specialisations such as MBA in Supply Chain Management, MBA in Sports Management, MBA in Healthcare Management, MBA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management, MBA in Real Estate Management are some of the specialisations which are gaining popularity with time and emerging in the market.

Q: How many MBA specialisation are offered in India?

A:   There are over 30 MBA specialisations offered across the MBA institutes in India. Given the advancement and innovation in every field, more and more specialisations are making their way in the academic sphere.

Q: What is the duration of the MBA with specialisation?

A: The duration of MBA with specialisation is the same as General MBA. It is a two-year programme. The duration of the MBA programme can vary depending on the mode of education, i.e. distance or regular.

Q: What are the advantages of having a specialized MBA degree?

A: A specialised MBA can give you more focused experience in the particular field. If you are interested in a specific subject and know your career trajectory, then, pursuing a specialised MBA would give you a better head start than a General MBA programme. 

Q: Is MBA with specialisation expensive than the General MBA?

A: The fee of the MBA programme varies from institute to institute. A lesser popular MBA specialisation whose resources required are scarcely available may have a higher fees than the other programmes. 

Q: Is MBA in International Business offered in India? Which colleges are the best for MBA in IB?

A: Yes, MBA in International Business is offered by various B-schools in India. Colleges such as MDI Gurgaon. Christ University, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, IPE Hyderabad, PUMBA, etc. are some of the top colleges which offer MBA in International Business. 

Q: What are the career opportunities after pursuing MBA in Fashion and Luxury Management?

A: MBA in Fashion and Luxury Management offers various lucrative career options such as Brand Manager, Event Manager, Brand & Marketing Consultant, Fashion Retail Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Product Manager, etc. 

Q: What are the career options after Healthcare Management? Which B-schools offer MBA in Healthcare Management?

A: Hospital CEO, Hospital CFO, Health Director, Administrator and Healthcare Planner are some of the popular career options after Healthcare Management. Institutes like Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur, Management Development Institute, Gurugram, Indian Institute Of Management (IIM), Ranchi, Xavier Institute Of Social Service, Ranchi, University Business School (UBS), Punjab University, Chandigarh, Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai, International School Of Business and Media, Pune, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, etc. are some of the top B-schools in India which offer Healthcare Management.

Q: What is the fee of MBA in Food and Agri Business at IIM Ahmedabad?

A: The fee at IIM Ahmedabad for MBA in Food and Agri Business is INR 23 lakh.

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