The Enabler: Careers in Investment Banking, Health & Medicine, Law and Business Administration

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Updated on Sep 2, 2021 10:33 IST
By Kunal Sandhu
In the world of careers, Enablers are the backbone of a team. Know who exactly are the Enablers and which careers strengths are associated with them.
The Enabler: Careers in Investment Banking, Health & Medicine, Law and Business Administration

We’ve all heard of traditional careers in Medicine, Law, Finance and Business Administration. Today, these careers have evolved to include a wide variety of alternate careers such as Public Health Advisors, Nutritionists, Financial Analysts and Investment Bankers among several others. People pursuing such careers are detail-oriented with the ability to multi-task and can manage time efficiently. Most importantly, they have the grit and perseverance to ensure that the task is completed well and in time. Let’s learn more about the ENABLER

As we see it in the world of careers, Enablers are the backbone of the team - focused on keeping things organised and well managed. Enablers have the most important task of any project management team – they are responsible for seeing an idea to fruition. They are the ones who ensure that the concept sees the light of day after the ideation and building phases are completed. Enablers thrive in work environments that encourage structured organised tasks, focused on achieving a final goal. Once they set their eyes on the goal, they make detailed project plans, lists, breakdown tasks, set timelines and make sure that the entire mechanism is working hard to succeed. They are usually logical, methodical and outcome driven.

Unlike other profiles, Enablers are the backbone of the team and are involved in all stages of a project from ideation to completion. All other career profiles, including the Innovator, Builder and Communicator would be lost without Enablers.

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How to identify an Enabler:

  • Are you likely to follow suggested steps when performing a task?
  • Do you make meticulous lists to compare scenarios when making a tough decision?
  • Do you break tasks into smaller to-dos when working on a project?
  • Do you like to assign work to others based on their strengths to ensure maximum impact?

If you have answered YES, to more than two questions, you are most likely someone with high ENABLER traits. Once you know your overall profile is ‘Enabler’, then the next step is to understand the Communicator Career Strengths. Each Career requires a combination of Career Strengths to succeed in it. These Strengths come from your personality, aptitude, motivations and interests. For Innovators, the Career Strengths are Procedural, Structural and Fiscal

From these Career Strengths emerge the relevant Career Families, Career Roles, Courses & Colleges. Career Families within the Builder Profile are usually a combination of one or more of these three Career Strengths. For examples, Legal Services is an Enabler Career that requires high Procedural and Structural Career Strength while Financial Services is an Enabler Career that requires high Procedural, Structural and Fiscal Career Strength.

The Procedural Career Strength allows you to work within well-defined systems and processes so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Procedural Strength involves attention to detail, looking at a scenario from different angles and the ability to make logical and sound arguments. Those who have high Procedural Strength can be inclined towards careers in Health & Medicine such as Doctors, Nutritionists, and Public Health Advisors. They also do well in Legal Services Careers such as Civil, Corporate and Criminal law.

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The Structural Career Strength allows you to manage processes that enable work to happen. Structural Career Strength involves optimising work performance so that no obstacles delay or hinder work. Those with high Structural Career Strength can be inclined towards careers in the Government Services such as Defence and Civil Officers. They are also good administrators and can look at careers in Business Administration such as General Management and Human Resource Management among others.

Those with high Fiscal Career Strength are oriented to manage monetary transactions and budgets efficiently and strategically for individuals and organisations. Those with high Fiscal Career Strength do well in careers that are related to Financial Services such as Investment Banking, Chartered Accountants, Financial Analysts, Insurance and Risk Advisors, Traders and Stockbrokers.

Some famous Enablers include Criminal Lawyer & Politician, Ram Jethmalani, American Financer and Banker, JP Morgan and Dr. Shikha Sharma, famous nutritionist.

While Enabler traits may resonate with you, each individual is a unique combination of the four profiles of Builder, Communicator, Innovator and Enabler. By understanding your overall profile based on your unique personal combination of Behaviours, Aptitude, Motivations & Interests, one can remove the guesswork and choose a career that is best suited to their individual personality.

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Kunal Sandhu

Kunal Sandhu is Founder & CEO, CogitoHub (a specialised student assessment company). Kunal is an Electronics Engineer from Delhi Technological University and holds an MBA in Finance & Marketing from XLRI, Jamshedpur. His company CogitoHub uses predictive analytics and machine learning to help students and educators realise their true potential and perform better.




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