IIT Madras to collaborate with AIIMS Mangalagiri for quality healthcare delivery

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New Delhi, Updated on Feb 10, 2020 18:12 IST

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is going to work together with AIIMS Mangalagiri on affordable future technological solutions in a wide range of domains such as patient safety and quality healthcare.

AIIMS Mangalagiri is going to join forces with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras on affordable future high-tech solutions in a wide range of domains such as patient safety and quality healthcare. In a press statement, the Institutes stated that the alliance between these establishments would also feature academic and research collaborations in regions of exchange of scholarly information, mutual interest, faculty, and students. Apart from this, it will also focus on the patronage of health and wellness projects of high impact, joint seminars, and workshops. On February 3, 2020, an MoU was signed by Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras and TS Ravikumar, President, AIIMS Mangalagiri to this end.

The two parties also discussed the scope of the collaboration and their deliverable. TS Ravikumar observed that the strengths that IIT Madras offers with penetration in many technological areas such as AI, Robotics, health economics, Virtual Reality, and Haptics, among others, bring into line well and is synchronised with AIIMS Mangalagiri goals (MTP) of crafting happy societies by means of healthcare revolutions. Professor M Manivannan, Department of Applied Mechanics, who is spearheading the project from IIT Madras, observed that what India wanted was reasonable and high-quality healthcare technologies, not high-end technologies, for making a great influence, reaching out even the bottom of the pyramid.

IIT Madras has always contributed to the betterment of the country by its rich heritage of innovation and technology which lies in the centre of its modus operandi. It has produced some of the best brains of India who have contributed immensely towards the growth of the country.  

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