IIM Admissions 2023: Sujit Kumar Shares his Journey of Converting IIM Ahmedabad

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Sujit Kumar Mallik, CAT 2022 topper recalls his IIM Ahmedabad interview with Shiksha. Read this complete interview to know the experience and questions asked during AWT and personal interview here.

Sujit Kumar Mallik

Sujit Kumar Mallik

IIM Ahmedabad Admissions 2023- It is rightly said that Dreams do come true for those who never give up. One of the CAT 2022 toppers- Sujit Kumar Mallik, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Rourkela has made his way to IIM Ahmedabad PGP batch 2023-25. Sujit bagged 99.5% in CAT 2022. He hails from Odisha and has worked with Caterpillar Inc. for two years. He has also been called for all other IIMs, NMIMS, SIBM, IIFT, NITIE, MDI, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi In his exclusive interview with Shiksha, Sujit shares how he coped with the stress during the personal interview. Read this complete interview to know more about Sujit and topics covered during the Interview and AWT.

Shiksha: Hi, please tell us about yourself.

Sujit: I am Sujit Kumar Mallik from a small town in Odisha named Dhenkanal.I have completed my school from Odisha state board and was a state topper for my higher secondary class. After that, I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering from NIT Rourkela. I was working as a mechanical engineering analyst for Caterpillar Inc. for the last two years.

Shiksha: Was IIM Ahmedabad your first choice? Why?

Sujit: Yes, the brand value that it possesses is second to none. The elite alumni network is just evidence of that. It really focuses on case-based education and it is quite famous for its rigorous academic culture. They claim it to be the toughest MBA course to enter in the world on their website. Apart from that it has such a high return and that can't be denied.

Shiksha: What was your AWT topic and how did you present your argument?

Sujit: IIM Ahmedabad does a test called AWT(Analytical Writing Test). The basic difference between WAT and AWT is the structure of writing and questions. WAT is just like an Essay exam. But in AWT you are given a long probably 250-300 word scenario (argument) and you have to explain the argument. Describe why the argument is logically flawed. What data are weakening the argument and what can make the argument strong? You are given a single page and 20 minutes to write your AWT.

Though the AWT argument was Pretty big the summary of the argument was that a writer was facing some health issues, he got cured because of laughing. Other minute details were there but I don't remember all of that.

So I started with the argument of the author and then proceeded with which types of flaws he has presented. Then went on to explain those flaws one by one. Then gave a statement that can strengthen the argument and then concluded with the outcome which is possible by presenting the full data.

Shiksha:: How was your PI experience? Tell us about your high points or low points during the interview.

Sujit: PI was more like a stress interview. They didn't listen to a single word in my whole interview. (Or pretended that they didn't listen). They used to stop me with almost every word with almost a rude and disgusted face. They roasted me almost throughout the interview.

The only high point was that I was calm throughout the interview with a smiling face and jolly mood and trying to explain things with a respectful tone.

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Sujit: Process- 20-25 mins interview


M1 : 40 year (Approx.)

M2 : 35 year (Approx.)

PI questions

Panel: Introduce yourself

I started with a greeting. They told don't greet us directly start. Then I proceeded with my introduction on my first line they stopped and told I know everything about you.

Panel: So you have written your company is within the esteemed Fortune 100 list. So why it is esteemed? Anyone can create a big company with debt.

Ans. I started to explain why it is hard to take debt. They were not ready to listen.

Panel: Do you think revenue is everything to make a company esteemed? Mentioned other factors Then they said how would you check the impact to society.

Ans. I mentioned how my company solves real-life problems and all the research and development is done for better future. Again They were not ready to listen.

Panel: What does Caterpillar Inc. do?

Ans. I mentioned it. Then they are like you people are destroying the environment. I told no sir we create machinery and along with that we are one of the pioneers for electric research as well. They were like you people are helping others to destroy the environment. Then I said I don't think so. Rather we are developing many technologies for a greener future. They were not at all ready to listen to anything.  They were interrupting me in every word

Panel: What is the revenue of your company?

Ans. 51-52B Dollars.

Panel: Only this much and you are in Fortune 100?

Ans. I told yes sir.

Panel: what are your competitors?

Ans. Told everything. Asked the revenue. Answered all their revenues.

Panel: How companies are surviving with this less revenue Amazon is earning over 100B.

Ans. I told yes sir that's why they are in the top 10 of the list.

[Then we all laughed for a fraction of a second.]

Panel: Why you left your job.

Ans. I explained how it was almost impossible for me to prepare for CAT at the last moment as the job was 13-15 hours daily.

Panel: We expect everyone to work that much.

Ans. I explained how it was impossible to prepare with the job schedule.

[As usual, they were not convinced]

Panel: Tell me what is the Hindenburg case.

Ans. Explained everything.

Panel: Then do you think it is more predictive than reasoning?

Ans. I told a lot of evidence are not given so some of the things are predictive in Hindenburg report.

Panel: Tell me what are those things?

Ans. I told the debt default part.

Panel: They mentioned all those things are written on their balance sheet. So why it created such damage? Can we three create a report and crash a company?

Ans. I said credibility.

Panel: If Ratan Tata writes this will it affect?

Ans. I told maybe it will have a significant effect as the market sentiments will change.

Panel: Then they asked about shell companies and tax havens.

Ans. I explained that.

Panel: Then they said even start-ups don't have revenue and products so are they shell companies.

Panel: Do you think the electric vehicle is a fad?

Ans. I told for now it may be. [They are like so are we wasting our time.] Then mentioned the cost part and the environmental impact as they are not favoring. So we need more research and development work.

Panel: Tell me about your final year project.

Ans. I told turbocharger [then they are like what does it do?]. I explained everything.

Panel: How it is helping to improve the world?

Ans. I mentioned how it was solving a bigger problem.

Panel: Why do you people even do such projects?

Panel: What do you do on day to day basis in your work?

Ans. Started with we were doing virtual product development.

Panel: Why virtual not real?

Ans. I told them it's virtual because we deal with 3D models and analyse that.

Panel: You prepare a 3D model in a mocking tone.

Ans. I told yes sir I do mechanical analysis as well.

Panel: Okay. [disgusted]

Panel: Differentiate |x|

Ans. I had done the graph and mentioned the differentiation is undefined.

Panel: What is undefined? Then why are we questioning you?

Ans. I told Yes sir.

Panel: Why? I mentioned the limit condition and showed with the graph showed them the vortex it is creating. Then they got convinced.

Panel: So what are your hobbies?

Ans. I told them I love to watch Formula 1.

Panel: Oh everything is fixed there. Schumacher used to win everything Mercedes wins everything.

Ans. So I told humbly that excuse me sir I would like to differ from your opinion and nothing is fixed and mentioned the changes in regulations. And how the pecking order changes in every race.

Panel: Then he told that's what fixing is. See tennis Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal win matches alternatively but this doesn't happen in F1.

Ans. Then I told them I won't agree with their opinion.

Panel: Okay.

Panel: Is there any question for us?

Ans. I asked that can you please tell me where I can improve myself in this interview skill?

Panel: You think I am Buddha or anything? Ask yourself. Be your own Buddha.

Shiksha: At what point of time during the interview you thought you’ve made it?

Sujit: NEVER

Before the interview, I knew that I will give a tough competition to other candidates. I tried my best. But after the interview, this confidence vanished when I interacted with other candidates and their smooth interviews but I had that crunch that I did my best to explain all the things confidently and with a smiling face.

Shiksha: Was there a trick question in PI? How did you handle it?

Sujit: They used to put me in trickier situations all through the interview. There were never any direct questions for me. They were pushing me out of my comfort zone always through words or gestures or with questions.

Shiksha: How much credit will you give to your academics and professional experience for IIM Ahmedabad selection?

Sujit: Huge credit for academics and professional experience as the whole interview will revolve around that in almost all colleges. For a person having a 2-year work ex, probably the whole interview may go on work ex. Academics play a major role in selection and conversion. So their roles can't be denied

Shiksha: Any tips for future aspirants?

Sujit: If you have decided to go for CAT, then don't think much about the things you can't change like your past percentage or your extracurricular activities. Rather focus more on CAT first. Ace it. Then for an interview, just think think and think about yourself. From the very childhood to that date. Ask yourself what you can explain to them if some random questions come. Then do numerous mock interviews inside your mind that which questions interviewers can ask in which aspect. What answers you can give and what can be the counter questions? Then try to tackle them in mind.

For a PI, there is no right answer. If you can ace its counter questions then your previous answer was right. So lose in your mind numerous times to excel in the interviews.

For GK, Understand concepts and understand how it affects you or your society or your nation. Normally they won't ask factual questions but they will ask application of it. Think from every aspect.

Best of luck with your preparations.

Shiksha: What is your future plan?

Sujit: Nothing as such. Going to B-school with a blank mind. Ready to absorb everything that comes in my way. Zero expectations but high hopes. I will try to learn concepts and I will try to learn life from every possible medium.

Hopefully, I will be a better human daily.

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