How do JEE toppers study?

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Updated on Feb 27, 2023 17:42 IST

By Aman Goel

JEE is a major engineering exam of India and every student aims for the stars while starting preparation. JEE is all about discipline and regularity. If you are disciplined enough, and are able to dodge all distractions and maintain focus throughout, then you would definitely sail through JEE. In the beginning, the preparations might seem tough, but if you stick through it you will be able to do it. JEE toppers are not special people, they are also one among the other aspirants. It is their extra effort and dedication which helps them stand apart. The one thing that all JEE toppers have in common is their dream and ambition. They fix their eyes on the top ranks right from the start and their goal never wavers. This level of ambition is the first thing that can take you to the top.

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Once you have fixed your aim, you need to put in efforts to achieve it. Here we will discuss how you should prepare in order to secure a top rank in IITJEE.

How to set a good schedule?

If you aim to be amongst the toppers in JEE, then you need to understand the importance of a good schedule. A good schedule will help you in covering things timely. You don’t have to make a timetable for the entire year, or even month. You need to have some short-term goals which will work as your timetable. You can make a daily timetable or a weekly one. You can decide it by fixing the amount of work you would be done with by the end of that day or week. For example, you might fix that you would complete questions of complex numbers from a particular book by the end of the week and then you can consider this as your short-term goal.

The good part about this strategy of keeping some short-term goals is good because it will help you optimize as you go ahead. If you set up a huge timetable and are not able to follow it sincerely, then you would not feel good and it might pressurize you a lot. You will get a lot of freedom and flexibility if you by this strategy and you would definitely complete things on time if you follow what you decide to do. You can try this strategy out in different ways and then go by the way that suits you the best.

The best reference books

A topper doesn’t study from hundreds of books. He/she sticks to a set of books and then follows them thoroughly. Starting with basic books like NCERTs and RD Sharma is a must. HC Verma is also a must for building a good base in physics. It will help you in gaining interest in physics. Apart from that, DC Pandey and Irodov are a good combination. Almost all toppers first complete their basics and then the JEE level and once they are done with it they move over to Irodov which is the toughest and tests your concepts at a very good level.

For Maths, Arihant or Cengage, both are equally good and you can refer to TMH as well. But remember to get comfortable with your basics first. For chemistry, you need to study NCERT for sure. After that, JD Lee is good for inorganic chemistry and LG Wade is a great choice for organic chemistry. For Physical Chemistry, you can practice questions from P Bahadur. Focus well on Chemistry because it involves a lot of learning and you will forget things very easily in it. Thus, try giving more time to chemistry. Almost all toppers do the same and then you can divide the rest of the time in physics and maths.

General tips for acing JEE with a top rank

There are certain things that make a topper stand out from the crowd. First is keeping your aim high and having good expectations from you. Next is indulging in healthy competition. For having a good competition joining coaching definitely helps. You must use competition to bring out the best in you and for improving with each test.

Some tips are as follows:

  1. Focus on efficiency. Putting in tens of hours is not important. You need to grasp the maximum in the limited amount of time that you have.
  2. Remember to calm yourself down during the exam and don’t panic in any situation. Remember that the ranks are relative and the paper is tough for everyone when it is tough for you.
  3. For being a JEE topper, you need to complete the syllabus well before time. Most of the toppers complete their syllabus by the end of Class 11th and then use Class 12th to revise the syllabus. You can do multiple rounds of revision of your syllabus by the end of December of Class 12th. Then from January onwards, you should do review materials and past year papers. They will be the most important as they will help you in building a perfect test strategy.
  4. Don’t study things which are way beyond the scope of JEE. You might be very well versed with the JEE syllabus but don’t start doing tougher and tougher things. You can revise the already done portions multiple times.
  5. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and maintain a positive attitude all the time. Avoid all sorts of silly mistakes that might happen just out of nervousness by being confident about yourself.

The above will definitely help you ace JEE with a top rank provided you put in your best effort with full focus. Even for once don’t get demotivated or sad during your preparation. Even if you don’t get good marks in some coaching test, just use it to learn and improve and don’t take it very seriously. These things will come and go but if your efforts are honest, you surely will achieve your target. Never lower your aim or target at any point of your preparation. Don’t worry! It might be tough, but you can do it!

About the Author:

Aman Goel is co-founder at a Tech Start-up. He holds a BTech in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Bombay with a JEE Advanced AIR 33 (Year 2013).

During his free time, he enjoys writing articles/blogs. He is an Entrepreneur, Coder, Speed-cuber, gamer, and fan of Air crash investigation!




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Arnav Rajesh

2 years ago

But completing JEE portions before 12th means we have to know 12th portions also right? So how will that work out?

Reply to Arnav Rajesh

Is private coaching is must? As we are from rural area it is not so easy to join so called best coaching classes in cites like Kota. So how should we get prepared? And can it possible through home too?

Reply to Aditya Shailesh Kapare

You want to read and revise 11th and 12th slybess more and more times you can get a rank

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