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SRM University AP Celebrates Research Day 2021

February 1, 2021: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh recently celebrated Research Day 2021 at the university campus. The ceremony entails different endeavors to recognise and inspire researchers to perform rigorous academic work to enrich society. "Research Day is when SRM University-AP commemorates the faculty and students for their outstanding research contributions," said Dr. P Sathyanarayanan, President, SRM AP while applauding the initiative.

The university invited the Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram S Somanath as the Chief Guest of the event. He interpreted the dynamics of space engineering in his speech on 'The Indian Space Enterprise Achievements & New Directions' by explaining information related to space infrastructure and technology elements in the manufacture of rockets, including the construction of space vehicles capable of operating in space for years unattended. He further says, "The challenge associated with Space Engineering continues to be high cost and low volume production."

Eminent scientific achievements and efforts from numerous faculty, academic scholars, and undergraduate students were rewarded as the celebration continued. The students and staff were encouraged to submit abstracts of their studies as part of the study day programme. Out of 176 applications from students and 40 from SRM AP's faculty class, 20 were awarded gold medals, while 6 were awarded silver medals. In addition, during the Study Day celebration, a special issue of abstracts containing all of the abstracts submitted for public consumption was unveiled.

Admissions 2021; SRM-AP Invites Applications for BTech and Other Programmes

December 24, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh is inviting applications for admissions 2021 for its BTech and other undergraduate courses in Basic Sciences, Management and Liberal Arts.

Students aspiring admission to its popular BTech programme need to register for the common entrance exam, SRMJEEE 2021 which is scheduled to be held in the second week of April 2021 in 127 Indian cities and five countries abroad - Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Bahrain, and Kuwait.  As a part of the eligibility criteria, the aspirants must have a minimum aggregate of 60 per cent in Class 12 in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

NRI can also appear for SRMJEEE to avail domestic fee with an option to switch over to International Category with applicable fees just in case of not getting the desired course. They also have the option to apply under the International Admission Category without taking SRMJEEE.

Other programmes offered at SRM-AP are:

  • BTech- Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc/ BSc (Hons) - Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, Integrative Biology, Physics and Psychology
  • BA/BA(Hons)– English, History and Liberal Arts
  • BBA (Hons)
  • BCom/BCom (Hons)

SRM-AP aims at imparting quality education to the students by offering the opportunity to choose between major and minor specialisation across its various schools and disciplines. Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA), Semester Abroad Programmes and Research Intern in MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, University of Wisconsin-Madison, NUS and NTU are avenues for students to participate in.

Talking about the placements, the university has a track record of over 8,500 job offers with the highest salary package ranging up to Rs 41.6 lakh. Top recruiters include Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, L&T and Nissan.

To know more about the admission process in detail, click here

SRM-AP Faculty Receives DBT/Wellcome Trust Grant Of 1.24 Crores

December 24, 2020: Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh has ben recently felicitated and awarded with the Early Career Fellowship by DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance. He has been awarded a sum amount of Rs 1.24 crore for a period of 60 months for the extensive research on "Jumbophages as ancient models for cell organisation.

DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance is an autonomous, dynamic public charity that supports health and biomedical science research in India. The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India and the Wellcome Foundation, UK, finance the India Alliance.

The DBT/Wellcome Trust award is a very prestigious award granted to faculty members of leading and highly known institutions such as IISc, Bangalore and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). Though SRM University-AP is a newly established university, Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan has made this recognition through transformational ideas and excellent publications in the best of the world's most important journals such as Nature, Nature Microbiology, the PNAS.

SRM-AP Welcomes J Ernest Samuel Ratnakumar as the New Registrar of the University

December 8, 2020: Earlier today Professor VS Rao, Vice-Chancellor of SRM University, Andhra Pradesh announced the appointment of the new registrar J Ernest Samuel Ratnakumar.

Samuel is a well experienced and professionally qualified person who holds first-class Master’s in Commerce, Management and Law with Rankings in respective specifications. Apart from business experience, he has more than three decades of rich and varied experience in Senior Research, Legal and General Administration. For his meritorious service and exemplary efforts, he is also the recipient of numerous honours.

Samuel has addressed various fields of senior academic administration - Academia, Legal and General Administration - covering three decades of rich experience, aside from comprehensive business experience. As Deputy Director and Northern Regional Head of ICAI New Delhi, Registrar of the National Importance Institution (NITT), Institution of Eminence (BITS, Pilani) & Shiv Nadar University (Noida) and Central University (IGNOU), Samuel has held numerous senior leadership roles. He is also the recipient of the Vedant Excellence Award 2020 by Vedant Foundation, Rajkot on 15th October 2020 for his outstanding contribution in Administration.

He will be responsible for heading the registration staff and other offices, maintaining conformity with the various regulatory bodies, Liaison for Branches of Government as the registrar at SRM-AP. In the functional fields of HR, Campus Life Management, Liaison and Public Relations, Samuel will be supported by different directors to help the University's advancement and the formation of an institution driven by high efficiency.

Students of SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh Become Successful Young Entrepreneurs

November 24, 2020: Sourav Sanyal, Miran Junaidi, and Saurabh Ghanekar, students of the fourth year, at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh, have recently developed an integrated, end-to-end video intelligence solution. Called, it is a solution developed for businesses to track surveillance camera videos, leveraging pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure. While extending their appreciation to SRM AP for shaping their careers from the outset of their university learning journey, Miran says, "In favour of a memory-based rote learning process, the pioneering active learning pedagogy at SRM AP allowed us to develop as learners. Our views were also assisted and promoted by the approachable leadership at SRM AP, guiding us on the road of progress.”

In addition to sponsoring over 5 international conferences, as part of the Semester Abroad programme, SRM AP allows brilliant students to study a semester at the University of California, Berkeley to expand their knowledge horizons. This start-up was imagined by the trio when they were pursuing their semester at UCB. The three students realised that the businesses’ capital spending on setting up cameras is immense and the return on investment is low. This led them to create a network through embedded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that can deliver real-time alerts to superiors. OurEye helps companies to deploy via existing cameras a remote auditor/quality controller. The software is designed to observe and monitor on the basis of market criteria, providing actionable observations to enhance company processes and scale.

OurEye raised $35,000 from 100X.VC, headed by Sanjay Mehta, and currently consists of 23 team members, including the three co-founders. The start-up, which was used by 11 businesses across 17 channels, produced sales of Rs 17 lakh in the last financial year. The students say, "We are learning so many new things and are growing so quickly. We also expect to add new capabilities to the app, recruit a sales team to extend reach to hospitals, schools, and business spaces. Quite soon after the pandemic, we are going to open an office in Bengaluru that would house 35 engineers and other staff."

Stanford University Recognises Dr Imran Pancha as One of the Top Biotechnologists Across the World

November 21, 2020: Researchers at Stanford University have recently released a report recognising 1,074 faculty/scientists in the field of Biotechnology as the world’s topmost Biotechnologists. Out of the total 1,074 Biotechnologists, 77 are Indian faculty/ scientists among which Dr Imran Pancha from SRM University, Andhra Pradesh is one. This is an amazing accomplishment to be in the world's top two per cent of scientists for a young faculty from a fledgeling university. The President of SRM University-AP, Dr P Sathyanarayanan, awarded Dr Pancha for bringing this research laurel to the university.

Overall, India hosts 2,313 scientists/faculty of the top 160,000 scientists from various fields of science & technology across the globe. This list represents famous and distinguished scientists across the world.

Dr Imran Pancha is a young scholar based at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, as an assistant professor in the Department of Biology. After graduating from Bhavnagar University, he received his doctoral degree from the CSIR Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute-Bhavnagar. Until joining SRM University-AP, he also served as a post-doctoral fellow at the Japanese Society for the Advancement of Research in Japan.

SRM-AP Invites Minister of Education for Inauguration Ceremony of Sub Post Office at Campus

November 17, 2020: India post today inaugurated its new sub post office at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh campus. The university invited the Hon’ble Minister of Education Adimulapu Suresh to perform the inauguration rituals. The event also witnessed the presence of eminent personalities such as Chief Postmaster General, Andhra Pradesh Circle M Venkateswarlu IPoS; Postmaster General, Vijayawada Region T M Sreelatha; and, Vice-Chancellor SRM University-AP Prof V S Rao.

The post office is one of India’s most modern post offices equipped with all new-age ultra-modern facilities to fulfil today’s needs such as Paperless services, Dakpay, Savings and PPF accounts, PM Schemes, Doorstep services and ATM Withdrawal.

Later, on this auspicious day, the Vice-Chancellor himself expressed his delight. He was amazed to see how post offices had grown over time. A Life Certificate was also presented to him. Another Life Certificate was carried out on the spot for Suresh himself, the Hon'ble Minister, which demonstrates the phenomenal improvement of the Post-Office facilities.

SRM University-AP Launches Postgraduate Programmes in Engineering

November 5, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh is all set to launch unique, innovative and research-oriented MTech programmes in Engineering disciplines such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, Electrical and Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering.

The curriculum is designed and developed keeping in view the industry needs, and the latest trends in these disciplines for the holistic development of students. The enriching curricula with Core and Elective subjects, fine-tuned at par with top International Universities, will enable the students to emerge as innovative global professionals.

The students will be able to follow the multidisciplinary approach in the design and development of new systems. Students will be imparted with knowledge in latest aspects and technologies through introductory and advanced level courses followed by hands-on experience in their areas of specialisation.

The programmes are aimed at addressing the industry-academia skill-gap in new-age technologies including Internet of Things, E-Mobility, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Materials and Manufacturing, among others.  Students will be provided with adequate training, research and internship opportunities to groom themselves to meet the challenges of the real world. The MTech programme at SRM AP is designed to empower students to innovative products and services across various domains in these disciplines. The programme will provide an in-depth understanding of various processes, heralding the learners to fully contribute to the construction of a digital society.

Above all, as SRM University-AP believes in the definitive creation and dissemination of knowledge, and thus, no tuition, transport or accommodation fee will be charged to the student for pursuing MTech programme. In addition, a stipend of Rs 60,000 per annum will be awarded to the students.

University Distinguished Lecture Series 2: Prof N Balakrishnan

November 2, 2020: After the success of Episode 1 of the University Distinguished Lecture Series,SRM University, Andhra Pradesh invited Professor N Balakrishnan of the Super Computer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, to promote Episode 2 of the series. A lecture on 'Data to Discovery in Information Security' was given by Professor Balakrishnan. He stated, "In the last two decades, along with emerging data reserves, data protection issues have rapidly grown. The abundance of information without sufficient protection poses more risks than remedies.”

His deliverables included the data explosion and the ‘Revenge of Silicon’, which made the advent of Artificial Intelligence unavoidable. In contrast to the previous iteration of computers used mainly for computation and processing, he stressed the storage transition that is embodied in smaller structures composed of more complex networks. Characterized by the explosion in speed, volume, and variety, in the big data scenario, the data produced by humans and machines coexist. We spoke about the convergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) earlier, and now we have stepped on with the convergence of Nano, Bio, Data, and Cogno (NBIC).

He dedicated the second half of the lecture explaining ‘Revenge of Silicon’ and also shared a few of his research theories across four decades that expressed concerns about the tremendous data being stored and used across networking platforms.

SRM AP Organises Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Recent Advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence’

November 2, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh Vice-Chancellor recently initiated a Faculty Development Initiative to provide insights into the new advances in Artificial Intelligence ( AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for members of the Department of Computer Science. He believes that AI is the new and emerging division of Science that also caters to healthcare, technology, banking and finance, and marketing. The development of the country will be accelerated by the introduction of AI, which is very closely related to human life.

To facilitate the guest lecture on the inaugural ceremony, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering V Masilamani were invited from the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. He addressed the importance of Machine Learning for the assessment of digital image content. The other technical session was conducted by Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, who showed how machine learning methods can solve computer vision problems.

SRM AP Launches University Distinguish Lecture Series; Invites Fellow of Royal Society

October 18, 2020: Amid the nationwide lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus, SRM University, Andhra Pradesh launched a new initiative called University Distinguished Lecture Series. Under this initiative, the University invites eminent scientists and experts across the globe to deliver lectures on various inventions and real-life issues.

To mark the beginning of the session, SRM AP invited Professor Ajay K Sood who is a Fellow of the Royal Society, FRS and Honorary Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to deliver a lecture on “Doing Science Without Borders”: Collaboration and curiosity among researchers will lead to impactful multidisciplinary solutions of the 21st century.

Professor Sood narrated three stories of his recent experiments and research namely, “Emergent flocking behaviour seen in nature: Laboratory experiments”, “Crystallization of Glass: Machine Learning in condensed matter Physics”, and “Bacterial Nano Heat Engine: Getting bacteria to work”. He explained all his experiments in detail and shared his laboratory stories also with an idea to educate students on the importance of multidisciplinary research which can be used to solve basic problems.

About thousand participants from IISc, IITs, NITs, IIITs, IISERs, several Indian Universities including University of Hyderabad, Delhi University, NEHU, Pondicherry University, Punjab University; a few foreign Universities including KAUST, Saudi Arabia, Nagoya University, Japan, Zhejiang Ocean University, China, Teesside University, UK, several Engineering Colleges; National Laboratories of DST, DBT, CSIR, ISRO, DRDO, ICMR, BARC, JNCASR, ARIES, ARCI; industries including ARBL, Tata Steel have attended the distinguished lecture given by Prof Ajay Sood.

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Sanctions Grant worth Rs 67.97 L to SRM-AP Professors

October 8, 2020: The academic work of three professors from SRM University, Andhra Pradesh in the field of Science and Technology was approved by DST, the Government of India. For his research work on ‘Chemical modulator based microalgal biorefinery for manufacturing biofuels and bioproducts’, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology, Dr Imran Y Pancha, earned a cumulative outlay of Rs 27 lakh. In addition, Dr Writoban Basu Ball, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, will conduct research on ‘Targeting Kennedy's cell phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis pathway as a common therapeutic technique against protozoan parasites such as Leishmania donovani, Trypanosoma brucei, and Entamoeba histolytica’ with the approved outlay of Rs 26.34 lakh. Furthermore, Assistant Professor Dr Tapan Kumar Hota at the Department of Mathematics will be pursuing research on ‘Mathematical Analysis and Adjoint Dependent Stability for a Miscible Displacement Coupled Convection-Diffusion Equation,’ using the total outlay of Rs 14.63 lakh authorised by DST, Government of India.

President, Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of SRM University, AP appreciated and applauded the perseverance of the professors in achieving research excellence to continue to contribute to the development of the country and community as a whole.

SRM University-AP Invites Former CBI Joint Director For an Interactive Session with 2020 Batch Students

September 24, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh today invited Former CBI joint director, Sri VV Lakshmi Narayana, for an interactive session with the students of batch 2020. The session intended at guiding and educating students on the needs of tomorrow and the expectations of the corporate world from them.

He addressed the students by suggesting to them that their goal for next four years of academics should be to attain as much knowledge as possible. He further said, “Students should not step in with the desire to get a job after graduation so that they can settle down financially in life, instead, they should be willing to change the future and serve the nation in its quest to progress.”

Narayana emphasised on reading inspirational books that bring awareness and wisdom. He also suggested that respectful attire and the politeness is the key for career elevation. Towards the end of the session, he also addressed the students' queries.

SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh Inaugurates Orientation Programme 2020

September 16, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh, is all set to commence the classes of first-year students online. To mark the beginning of the session, University inaugurates the orientation programme to welcome the fresh batch of students and introduces them to the various aspects of the campus such as management, staff and faculty. The event starts with the leaders talking about the differentiating factor of SRM – AP that strengthens the excellence of the university

During the session, Professor V S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the SRM AP, introduced students to his revolutionising plans by prioritising research from the first-semester study. He states, “Research should be seamlessly integrated with academic boundaries”. He also encouraged students to appreciate the excitement of research, engineering joy and academic rigour.

SRM AP invited eminent individuals to facilitate motivational conversations to proceed with the orientation programme. To name a few of them, Dr Jaya Prakash Narayana, Former Secretary to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh; Dr R A Mashelkar, FRS, Former Director General CSIR & Chancellor-JIO University; Padma Bhushan Dr K Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman Emeritus-Shantha Biotech; and,  Mrs Saritha, IPS officer who will be delivering lectures during various sessions sprawled across the two-week programme organised to encourage students.

SRM-AP Inks MoU With Northeastern University To Encourage Impactful Education And Research

September 13, 2020: SRM University, Andhra Pradesh, recently entered into an agreement with Northeastern University USA with a common vision of shared efforts to support education and research. SRMAP's MoU Committee is working hard to introduce top universities worldwide to students to improve their careers and benefit. Northeastern University is one of the top five per cent universities in the world and this partnership will give students the opportunity to visit, study and learn from one of the prestigious universities in the United States.

At present, a general MoU has been signed that paves way for discussions related to:

  • Mobility of faculty, scholars and students between Institutions
  • Joint teaching, research, or cultural activity
  • Student services and support
  • Professional development programmes for faculty and staff.
  • Program-based partnerships
  • Joint development of ongoing and new curricula and academic projects
  • Collaboration in academic publications and other materials of mutual interest
With this, SRM-AP is also exploring opportunities on internships, semester abroad programs and other educational and research activities that will benefit the students.

SRM Amravati Celebrates Founder’s Day; Distributes Fruits and Jute Bags to Dwellers

August 25, 2020: On the occasion of the birthday of Dr TR Paarivendhar, Founder and Chancellor of the SRM Group and Member of Parliament for the Perambalur district, Tamil Nadu, SRM University, Andhra Pradesh celebrated the Founder’s Day. The management of the institute distributed fruits and jute bags among the inhabitants of Neerukonda and Kuragallu districts during the celebration and urged them to avoid using plastic items. Vice-Chancellor Professor Vajja Sambasiva Rao, planted saplings around the SRM AP campus to contribute further to the environment.

The management and the team of faculty members visited Sri Krishna Chaitanya Old Age Home in Mangalagiri to visit elderly people. Chief Guest of the event Ram Prasad played the noble hand of distributing fruit to elderly citizens.

SRM AP Recognises Two Students for Serving Poor During Lockdown

August 15, 2020: While celebrating the 73rd Independence Day, Vice Chancellor SRM University, Andhra Pradesh VS Rao presented shawls and honored two of its students - D Lenin Babu and Yarramsetti Saisrinu. The two SRM students took the responsibility to feed poor with rice other essentials amid the nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic. The students were presented the ‘Care Humanity’ award along with mementos.

These awards were distributed immediately after the flag-hoisting ceremony by Professor VS Rao.

Dr Sutharsan Receives Prestigious Grant by DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance

August 4, 2020: DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance recently presented a prestigious grant of ‘Early Career Fellowship’ to Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology, SRM University AP, Amaravati. The fellowship is funded by both Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Wellcome Trust, the United Kingdom and helps young scientists in pursuing quality research work in biomedical sciences and becoming independent researchers in India. For the duration of five years, Dr Sutharsan will receive a total research grant of Rs 1.1 crore.

The India Alliance grants are highly competitive and are dependent on the applicant's profile and the novelty and significance of the work proposed. Only ten or less ‘Early Career Grants’ are awarded to experts every year. With the help of Professor Jayaseelan who is the Biology Department and Fellowship Director, Dr Sutharsan will create an autonomous research laboratory at SRM University, AP.

Dr Sutharsan plans to explore Biology of a new class of Bacteriophages called Jumbo-phages in this study. These are the viruses that attack bacteria but do not affect humans, they are the most abundant biological entities in the world.

Placements 2020: SRM AP Student Bags Rs 17 LPA Package with a Belgium-based MNC

July 27, 2020: Despite the global pandemic and nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak, SRM University AP, Amaravati set up an example by bringing excellent placement opportunities to students. SRM AP is a three-year-old institute with is the first batch graduating this year. Institute, recently witnessed active participation of MNCs and corporates such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Health Rx and VIRTUSA Corporation.

Belgium-based multinational drink and brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev has offered four students six-month internship with a monthly stipend of Rs 30,000 followed by a placement offer worth Rs 12-17 LPA upon successful completion of the internship programme. Another renowned company or a tech-based startup by Bajaj Finserv has offered two students an internship opportunity with a monthly stipend of Rs 35,000 followed by an annual placement package of Rs 12 LPA.

An American IT service provider, VIRTUSA Corporation has offered five students placement package of Rs 4.5 LPA, whereas Sahaj Soft recruited one student, who was offered a salary package of Rs 10 LPA. Sahaj Soft is a software services and consulting firm which provides simple solutions backed by their time-tested methodology and engineering practices.

All these placements are successful results of combine efforts of students as well as SRM management.

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Sector

July 26, 2020: In joint efforts with IEEE-SRM AP Student Branch, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University AP, Amaravati, organised an online workshop on the topic ‘Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare’. The University invited the prominent dignitaries from the Healthcare sector that includes the Managing Director of Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Dr Muralikrishna Voonna who talked about the ‘Impact of AI in Clinical Healthcare’ and Director of Amity Institute of Public Health Dr Rajiv Janardhanan who talked about the ‘Sustainable Healthcare: AI-enabled platforms for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Solutions’.

Artificial Intelligence is being extensively used in the healthcare sector these days in departments such as Diagnostics, Medical equipment & supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital administration, Medical insurance and telemedicine. Dr Voona also mentioned that there is still a lot of scope for development in areas such as brain-computer interface, next-generation radiology tools, creation of precise analytics for pathology images, expanding access to treat underserved regions, clinical decision support, etc.

CM YS Jagan Extends Support for Development of SRM University AP

July 25, 2020: Established in 2017, Amravati-based SRM University is known for imparting quality education to students. The University aims at becoming the multidisciplinary research institute of international repute. The University is also known for its mordenised and innovative curriculum, state of art infrastructure and research opportunities.

In a meeting with the management and promoters of the University, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reiterated his stance on the education sector expansion. He said his government attaches great priority to the development of the education sector and is prepared to give full support to educational institutions. The Founder and Chancellor of SRM AP, Dr Parivender urged CM to visit the campus to inaugurate newly built research laboratories and auditorium of international standards. Also requested him for his help in the creation of roads and other infrastructure for the development of the University.

SRM AP Collaborates with APSSDC to Facilitate Quality Training to Students

July 10, 2020: With an aim to make students use the current situation of Learning from Home to its best potential, SRM University AP, Amaravati has decided to engage students in a one month to forty-five days online internship programme. The programme will aim at exposing, engaging and educating students through real-world experience and live projects by utilising latest industry tools such as Android, web development using React JS & Django, Python, embedded printed circuit board and AWS Cloud. The internship opportunity will be offered to students in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC).

With over 1,140 BTech students across first, second and third year showing an active interest in the programme by registering with their area of choice, the University is all set to begin the Online Internships. The programme will be rolled out in two phases. Out of the total, 821 students will be going for their internships in Phase-I while the remaining will be going in Phase-II. This programme will prove to be beneficial for students as they will get to experience the corporate culture and will also learn about the expectations that the corporate world has from them.

SRM AP Appoints Professor VS Rao as New Vice-Chancellor

July 1, 2020: SRM University AP, Amaravati announces the beginning of a new journey for Professor VS Rao who has been appointed as the new Vice-Chancellor of the University. Rao would be undertaking the responsibilities from July 1.

Professor VS Rao is an influential scholar and a pioneer of higher technical education excellence in India. Rao is an alumnus of BITS Pilani and has also served as the vice-chancellor and director of the same. He has also completed his graduation from the University of Bielefeld, Germany. He is a renowned academician with over four decades of experience in Academics and Administration.

President of SRM University, AP DR Satyanarayanan says that he is optimistic that his strategic and operational skills combined with his deep knowledge in academic research, will help SRM AP scale greater heights in its pursuit to be a truly global research-intensive educational institution.

Professor VS Rao made important contributions to the area of education over the course of his 42 years of career. He has led various initiatives at NU, including curriculum improvements, professorship extension and growth to implement new programmes and digital education, as president of NIIT University (NU) in Neemrana, Rajasthan.

He understood and contributed to preserving the importance of business ties with academia. For over 44 years, Rao had a fruitful relationship with BITS, Pilani, including six years of his degree.

SRM AP Organises 5G Workshop in Collaboration with IEEE-SRM Student Branch and IEEE Guntur Subsection

June 28, 2020: The Department of Electricals and Computer Engineering at SRM University AP, Amaravati yesterday organised a workshop on 5G in joint efforts with IEEE SRM Student Branch and IEEE Guntur Subsection. The workshop sought to provide a detailed understanding of 5G technology for future generations. The workshop witnessed active participation of prominent leaders and experts across various industries. The experts with a wide variety of expertise addressed the benefits of the groundbreaking developments in the area of digital networking posed by 5G technologies.

SRM AP Begins E-Counselling and Admissions 2020 Amid Covid Pandemic

June 15, 2020: As the nationwide lockdown eases and the government announces the commencement of new sessions in September 2020, SRM University AP, Amaravati has begun the E-Counselling and admission process for 2020 batch. The online admissions are open to courses such as School of  Management - BBA (Hons) and School of Liberal Arts & Basic Sciences - BSc (Hons) in Integrative Biology, Economics, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and BA(Hons) in English and History. Aspiring students can apply on the University’s official website.

To apply online, students must fill up the online application form and upload the required documents. Basis the eligibility and application screening, the applicants will be called for ZOOM or telephonic interview round. Once the selection process is completed the students can pay the fee online and download the Provisional Admission Letter (PAL). Scholarships will be offered to meritorious and deserving students in line with the University policy.

For admissions to BTech programme, the selection is subject to SRMJEEE score which is scheduled to be held between July 30 and August 4. The University will be conducting the SRMJEEE exam in five countries – Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Bahrain and Kuwait. The joint Counseling is slated to be held in the 2nd or 3rd week of August 2020. The students will be chosen based on their SRMJEEE rank.

SRM AP Next Tech Lab Student Excels at ETH Denver Hackathon 2020

May 27, 2020: Vyshnavi G, the third year Computer Science and Engineering Student at SRM University AP, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh represented the University at ETHDenver Hackathon 2020. The event aimed at supporting and building future technology. Vyshnavi won the event, which witnessed over 500 participants, by showcasing her coding skills. She was awarded with $500 each from SKALE and Chainlink for the project. The project offers Dapp creators value by better understanding their position and using cost-effective methods to collect competitive intelligence. It is built with blockchain technologies and guarantees protection.

Vyshnavi G explains, “A Dapp stores data in a decentralised database and uses decentralised computing resources to work. In a trustless environment, the user needs to be able to verify the kind of application and its working to prevent scam and malware, as well as to protect personal data and assets. Therefore, companies such as Chainlink and Skale that uses blockchain technology, provided the user analytics of their Dapp and expected participants to generate ideas to improve the companies’ market strategy. Our application collects information about the users, and the application can be implemented by any Dapp creator in every industry, be it gaming, exchanges etc.”

HOD Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Receives APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial International Travel Award

May 24, 2020: Assistant Professor and HOD Electricals and Electronics Engineering at SRM University AP, Amaravati Dr Tousif Khan N was recently presented with APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial International Travel Award for his research work on ‘Laguerre Neural Network Driven Adaptive Control of DC-DC Step Down Converter’. The prestigious award was presented by the Automatic Control and Dynamic Optimization Society (ACDOS) chaired by Professor Ravi Gudi of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Dr Khan's research suggests a new approach for estimating the unknown and uncertain load function using a Laguerre Neural Network Estimation technique, followed by compensation in the adaptive backstep control unit. A comprehensive architecture and adaptable backstepping controller with asymptotic stability of the closed-loop were presented. In addition, detailed numerical simulations are carried out to test the proposed control mechanism, subjecting the converter to input voltage, reference voltage and load resistance perturbations. Further, testing of the proposed controller in the laboratory prototype with a TM320F240 DSP-based controller board is carried out to check the performance. The results analysis shows that the proposed DC-DC step-down converter methodology provides for faster transient output voltage tracking with a smooth and successful conductor current response over the wide range of operations.

He says, “Under the class of DC-DC converters, the dynamics of DC-DC step-down converter are nonlinear in nature and are largely influenced by both parametric and unanticipated external perturbations. In its closed-loop operation, obtaining a precise output voltage tracking besides satisfactorily inductor current response is a challenging control objective. Hence, in this regard, this article proposes a solution.”

He further adds, “The primary objective in DC-DC converters is to transfer the energy among different DC circuits functioning at a specific voltage and current levels. This process of energy transfer is performed by temporarily storing the energy from the input source in an operating mode, followed by releasing it in the other operational mode of the converter. Thus, one level of DC input voltage is converted to another level of average DC output voltage at the load end. Meanwhile, the converter being ideal is expected to consume no energy. Any consumption of energy in the converter interface amounts to direct power loss in the overall supply system. Typically, converters render high input-output conversion”

Dr Khan will also present his work at the International Federation for Automatic Control (IFAC) World Congress to be held in Germany from July 12-17, 2020.

Students of Next Tech Lab Bags First Prize in Hackathons Amid Lockdown

May 13, 2020: Amid lockdown, while most of the people are devoting time to their hobbies, young researchers of SRM University AP, Amaravati Next Tech Lab participated in the series of Hackathons and developed multiplayer virtual reality games-Whack a Mole and Desert Shooter. The team of three members was awarded with second prize in the International/Professional Award at SKYHacks2020; Best echoAR Hack at Silicon Valley Hacks; and Best AR/VR hack at HackNow, organised by Cal Hacks, a non-profit organisation at the University of Berkeley, California.

Epperla Karthik, Khushboo Sharma and Koushik Bhargav being gaming and VR enthusiasts complete the development of the game in 20 hours. Their future plans are to make this a cross-platform game and release its web versions. At present, this is Android and iOS supported.

SRM University, AP Faculty Designs a Cost-Effective Shield Against Coronavirus

May 1, 2020: Assistant professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering of SRM University AP, Amaravati Dr Panchagunula Jayaprakash has designed a  Face Shield to help Covid-19 warriors to protect themselves against the spread of Coronavirus. Compared to regular N95 masks available in the market, this has a proper shield that covers the complete face and is available at low cost.

Many healthcare professionals and police staff using the N95 masks suffer facial irritation, rendering the face protector for all Covid government officials is a convenient and efficient option. The shield has been designed using 3D printing technology. It has a 100-micron thick transparent plastic sheet is attached to ensure superior protection against the virus. It prevents air, dust, and liquids that are contaminated to come in contact with people. Also, there are no probable side effects on using the mask.

Basis the government approvals, the masks can be made available to the local public.

University Donates Rs 25 L to Fight Against COVID-19

April 2, 2020: Considering the current pandemic situation across the country because of Novel Corona Virus and the need of medical services such as medicines, diagnostic kits, research to develop vaccines, development of medical infrastructure and assisting daily wagers, the SRM University AP, Amaravati has made a donation of Rs 25 lakh. Pro Vice-Chancellor, D Narayan Rao handed over the donation to Education Minister Dr Adimulapu Suresh.

And, looking at the criticality of the situation and increasing number of cases, the SRM Group made a contribution of Rs 1.15 crore to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The contribution was made on behalf of the employees of the institute.

Also, to ensure the safety of students and staff members, the University has moved from traditional classroom teaching methods to Virtual Classrooms amid this lockdown period. The faculty members are making use of various platforms such as GSuite Classroom and Moodle.

Students Bags 2nd Position in National Level Hackathon, Hacknitr

March 22, 2020: The students of SRM, AP University and members of Next Tech Lab participated in National Level Hackathon-Hacknitr which was held between March 21 and 22. The two-day event was organised by NIT Rourkela. Students participated in two groups-Astute Bots and Push.

Astute Bots was a group of first-year students who successfully bagged the runner up position.  The demonstrated and AI-IoT based Droneyes which helps in reducing poaching. The camera helps to detect objects and send the exact location via the inbuilt GPS system.

Push was a group of both first-year and second-year students who bagged the position of second runner up. The students focused on an application based on AI-VR-Blockchain to help people with autism develop communication, cognitive and other essential skills to function in society. It includes a series of Yes/No questions to be answered either by the child's parent or the adult autism patient and then pairs the responses with a data collection, estimating the autism level of a person. Accordingly, the extremity of VR therapy is decided.

Ethereum Foundation Rewards Students for BlockChain Technology

March 12, 2020: ETHDenver, an annual conference sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation, rewarded inventions by students from SRM University AP, Amaravati. Ethereum Foundation is the main forum for technology advancement of blockchain. The conference received the applications from over 2,000 students, of which students of SRM-AP got the opportunity to present their innovative idea and receive the award of $3,000. Their project name was ‘Urbanbowl’ and ‘Securenote’. Students were also awarded a Community Prize.

Third-year Computer Science and Engineering students at SRM-AP University,  Koushik Bhargav, Pushyamitra, Srinivas Teja and Rohit made the project called ‘Urbanbowl’ that aims at making cities self-sustainable by urban farming on rented places.

And, third-year Electronics and Communication Engineering students at SRM-AP University Yoganand, Nikhil, Chaitanya and Abhin presented the project on ‘Securenote’ which does not leave people complaints unattended. A lot of times complaints made by people in the police stations either get lost or are left unattended. To overcome this issue, the platform was developed where such complaints will be registered and digitised in such a way that cannot be modified later without bringing it into the notice of all the concerned authorities.

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How are the placements for MBA in SRM University Amravati?


Rajshree Singh

Contributor-Level 9

3 weeks ago

During SRM University Andhra Pradesh placements 2022, the highest and average package offered during SRM Andhra Pradesh placements 2022 stood at INR 45 LPA and INR 7.64 LPA, respectively. Further, more than 600 companies visited the campus and 1,000+ offers were made.

Aakanksha Jaiman

Guide-Level 12

a year ago

Hello Nasir!
Tap the link below to fetch all necessary details~
Hope it helps!


Is BSc Agriculture available at SRM University?


Bhavana Pandey

Contributor-Level 10

2 weeks ago

Yes, SRM University offers B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons). To apply for this course, candidates need to clear the basic eligibility criteria, which is, a candidate should have passed Class 12 from a recognised board/university, with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one among Biol...Yes, SRM University offers B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons). To apply for this course, candidates need to clear the basic eligibility criteria, which is, a candidate should have passed Class 12 from a recognised board/university, with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one among Biology & Mathematics, Biology Mathematics, Botany & Zoology Forestry, Biology & Agriculture, Agriculture or have Biology and Agricultural Practices in a vocational stream with at least 50% overall aggregate. The total tuition fee for the course is INR 8 Lacs and about 240 seats are available.


Sunita Singh

Guide-Level 15

6 months ago

B.Sc. Agriculture is a 4-year undergraduate professional course offered by various government and private universities in India. The demand for graduates with a degree in agriculture is increasing every day in India and abroad. Course fees are also considerably lower in comparison to other profes...B.Sc. Agriculture is a 4-year undergraduate professional course offered by various government and private universities in India. The demand for graduates with a degree in agriculture is increasing every day in India and abroad. Course fees are also considerably lower in comparison to other professional degrees, while rewarding with good jobs and a better package. Best colleges/Universities for B.Sc. Agriculture are
IIT, Kharagpur, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Lovely Professional University
A degree in agriculture will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage business farms and agriculture business or to work in areas such as food production agriculture sales and farming journalism. B.Sc. In Agriculture is considered a professional degree. The graduates from this degree can find jobs in both public and private sectors. The importance of agriculture is growing rapidly and thereby is increasing the job prospects in the field of agriculture. Today graduates with B.Sc. In Agriculture are readily accepted in the government projects. Agricultural departments, Extension services, Research organizations, Commercial farming etc. Are some of sectors where graduates of this field can find job opportunities in. LPU School of Agriculture is among Punjab and India's Best Agriculture colleges. LPU Becomes the First Private University to be Granted ICAR Accreditation By the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. It lays thrust on carrying out research in agricultural and allied fields. The university has well-equipped laboratories, library, lecture rooms and excellent farm facility to conduct agricultural experiments.


Is there any scholarship based on 12th marks in SRM, AP for B.Tech?

Uday Adabala

Contributor-Level 6

4 years ago

Yeah, based on your score. For board toppers, scholarships are more than in required condition.


5YEARS LL.B. In Andhra university? Last year cutoff.


megha meghooz

Beginner-Level 5

2 months ago

The cut off for SC male candidates is rank 1832 and female candidates is rank 1685.


How can State board toppers take admission to SRM University, Amravati?


Ankit Kumar

Beginner-Level 5

3 months ago

SRM University Amravati considers the state board topper for admission in its undergraduate engineering programs. Here are the steps that a state board topper needs to follow to take admission in SRM University Amravati:Check the eligibility criteria: The state board topper needs to check the eli...SRM University Amravati considers the state board topper for admission in its undergraduate engineering programs. Here are the steps that a state board topper needs to follow to take admission in SRM University Amravati:
Check the eligibility criteria: The state board topper needs to check the eligibility criteria for the undergraduate engineering programme they wish to apply for. The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the programme. Apply for the programme: The state board topper needs to apply for the undergraduate engineering programme online through the official website of SRM University Amravati. They will need to fill in their personal and academic details, upload the required documents, and pay the application fee. Submit the required documents: Along with the application form, the state board topper needs to submit the required documents, including their state board mark sheet, ID proof, passport size photographs, and other documents as specified in the application form. Attend the counseling session: SRM University Amravati conducts a counseling session for shortlisted candidates. The state board topper needs to attend the counseling session and provide the required documents for verification. Pay the admission fee: After the counseling session, the state board topper needs to pay the admission fee to confirm their admission to the undergraduate engineering programme. It is important to note that the state board topper needs to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the admission process to secure admission in SRM University Amravati. The admission process may vary depending on the programme and the university's policies, and it is advisable to check the official website of the university for the latest updates on the admission process.

pradeep kumar

Scholar-Level 18

3 months ago

You may directly contact to SRM Andhra Pradesh. There is no need to appear in SRMJEEE / SRMAPET.


Closing ranks of all agriculture colleges in Andhra Pradesh?

Niranjan reddy balemula

Contributor-Level 8

4 months ago

You can check the official website of the state's Common Entrance Test (CET) cell for information on closing ranks for B.Sc. Agriculture programme in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, you can check the official website of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for information on closin...You can check the official website of the state's Common Entrance Test (CET) cell for information on closing ranks for B.Sc. Agriculture programme in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, you can check the official website of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for information on closing ranks for B.Sc. Agriculture programme in Andhra Pradesh.


What is the 2022 cutoff for CSE in SRM University, AP?


tarun mittal

Contributor-Level 10

4 months ago

The cutoff will be based on the AP-EAPCET exam for the academic year 2022. A minimum cutoff of a 9600 score can be expected for the general category students for getting admission in SRM University and become successful.


i got 140 rank in srmjeee exam phase 2 2021. can i get a free seat in CSE or IT(COURSE) in srm amaravathi?

Papireddy Eppala

Beginner-Level 5

7 months ago

SRMJEEE Rank holders of 1 to 100 - 100% waiver of Tuition fee, Hostel Fee/Transport Fee
SRMJEEE Rank holders of 101 to 500 - 100% Tuition fee waiver
Children of Defence Personnel - 25% Tuition fee waiver

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