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What's new with the NIFT Gandhinagar placements 2023? The college has not specifically released the campus report for the year 2023. However, NIFT placement brochure 2023 is available on the official website. As per the annual report 2022, NIFT Gandhinagar successfully conducted the virtual campus placement for phase 1 and for phase 2 organised at NIFT Gandhinagar campus. As per report, NIFT Gandhinagar recorded nearly 82% placement drive during NIFT Gandhinagar placements 2022. Many top recruiters visited the campus during the placement drive 2021-2022 such as Tanishq, Lifestyle, among others. However, this is to note that, the names of companies visitedare gathered from unofficial source.

How are the placements at NIFT Gandhinagar in 2023?

The table below showcases the key highlights of NIFT Gandhinagar placements 2022:

Parameter  Placement Statistics (2022)
Placement rate 82%
Top recruiters Tanishq, Lifestyle,

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What is the average package offered at NIFT Gandhinagarin 2023?

The college has not released the average package offered for the year 2023. However, as per Shiksha review, the table below showcases NIFT Gandhinagar average package offered during the recent placement drive:

Parameter  Placement Statistics (2022)
BDes Fashion Design INR 2 LPA to INR 3 LPA
BFTech Apparel Production INR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA

Students can download the NIFT Placement Brochure 2023 from the link below:

NIFT Placement Brochure 2023 NIFT Annual Report 2022

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NIFT GAndhinagar Placements 2023: Average Package, Highest Package, Students Placed, Top Recruiters, FAQs

Students can see NIFT Gandhinagar placement FAQs from below:

Q:   How to prepare for NIFT Gandhinagar placement drive?


Since, NIFT conducts a centralised placement drive across all NIFT campuses, the institute has not released an exclusive placement report 2023. However, the following points might help students in order to prepare for NIFT placement drive:

  • Students need to get engaged with various workshops and interactions involving internal and external experts
  • Communicate with alumni and industry leaders
  • Classroom projects
  • Industry visit
  • Exposure to exhibitions and fairs
  • Internships
  • Practical knowledge on various projects

Q:   What was the highest package offered at NIFT Gandhinagar?


In 2023, the most offered accessory design package was 22 LPA. But in 2022 the highest package was around 12 LPA. NIFT Gandhinagar focuses on being number one among the best fashion institutes in India and has an annual salary of around 3.5 lakhs. For more details contact NIFT Gandhinagar Placement Office directly. Find the latest news articles or reports about NIFT Gandhinagar Placements. Remember that while the package offered is important, it is not the only factor to consider when choosing a college. The quality of education, expertise of teaching staff, internship opportunities and campus environment also play an important role in planning your future career.


Q:   Does NIFT Gandhinagar offer better placements than National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai?


NIFT Gandhinagar's placement percentage is lower than that of NIFT Chennai. However, NIFT Gandhinagar has made notable progress in recent years, and the difference has shrunk. High placement rates frequently above 90% are a feature of both educational institutions. In 2023, the most expensive package offered by NIFT Gandhinagar was about 12 LPA, while the most expensive package offered at NIFT Chennai was almost 22 LPA.

Across various NIFT programmes, such as Fashion Design, Textile Design, Knitwear Design, etc., placement rates could vary significantly. Analyse information for your particular programme of interest. Strong industrial ties and opportunities for employment are provided by NIFT Chennai and Gandhinagar. NIFT Gandhinagar has less placements than NIFT Chennai.


Q:   Which has better placement at NIFT Gandhinagar, B.Des in fashion communication or B.Des in fashion design?


At NIFT Gandhinagar, a B.Des in fashion design is better to a B.Des in fashion communication. Top firms like Amazon, Myntra, and Nykaa placed students pursuing a B.Des in fashion design. In fashion design, over 90% of students were placed in top firms; in fashion communication, 80% of students placed in top companies after completing their B.Des.

NIFT Gandhinagar offers a better B.Des in fashion design, but current trends indicate that the fashion industry is looking for more people with digital and communication skills. Depending on their unique demands, different organisations hire from various programmes. For more information on placement rates and organisations recruited for each programme, it is recommended to get in touch with the NIFT Gandhinagar placement department.


Q:   Who are the top recruiters of NIFT Gandhinagar?


NIFT Gandhinagar has a broad relationship with leading recruiters in the fashion and design industries. Fabindia, Tanishq, Bata, Liberty, H&M, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Myntra, Amazon Fashion, Nykaa Fashion, and Raymond are among the top recruiters. These businesses frequently only hire a small number of students, and the remaining students are usually on their own to find employment. Many students launch multiple startups, which their institution assists them in learning about.

Remember that landing your ideal job depends mostly on your abilities, portfolio, and interview performance. Thus, in addition to investigating these possible companies concentrate on developing your skill and expanding your professional network.


Q:   How are placements for B.Des. in Fashion Design at NIFT Gandhinagar college?

{Source: B.Des students & alumni}

Based on the reviews provided, the placements of NIFT Gandhinagar vary depending on several factors such as performance in interviews and the company's recruitment criteria. However, the majority of the reviews suggest that the placements are generally good, with high salary packages offered by top recruiting companies.

According to Review 1, the highest salary package offered was 7 LPA and the average salary package offered was 4.5 LPA, with more than 40% of the students getting placed in companies. Review 2 states that almost 90% of the students got placed, with the highest salary package offered being 24 LPA and the lowest package offered being 12 LPA. Review 3 suggests that placements depend on individual performance and the campus's reputation may also play a role. Review 4 mentions that the starting salary ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month, with a good increment expected and the highest package going up to 12 Lacs per annum. Finally, Review 5 states that the placements were not so good last year, with only 4-5 companies visiting the campus and offering average packages of 2-3 lakhs.

In summary, the placements of NIFT Gandhinagar are generally good, with high salary packages offered by top recruiting companies. However, the quality of placements may vary depending on individual performance and other factors.

Above answer is based on below reviews
The placement record of this c . by Harleen
Almost 90% of the students got . by Vishakha
Placement depends on how you p . by Kalpana
The placements in our college . by Sunanda
Placement is not so good in ni . by Astha

Q:   How are placements for Master of Design (M.Des.) at NIFT Gandhinagar college?

{Source: M.Des students & alumni}

* Placements for the Master of Design (M.Des) programme at NIFT Gandhinagar are not currently available since the course was established in 2021 and the first batch of students just completed their final year projects.
* The course focuses on research-based learning, offering specializations in Curation, Social Design, UI/UX and Strategy Management Design.
* While some students have reported average placements, the college does not guarantee placement for all graduates.
* Graduates may pursue careers such as Visual Designer, UI/UX Designer, Art Curator, Social Designer, UX Researcher, Social Media Expert, Brand Strategist, Trend Forecaster, Social Entrepreneur, Systems Thinker and more.

I hope this helps!

Placement Reviews

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Based on 34 Verified Reviews

Distribution of Rating

The Verified badge indicates that the reviewer's details have been verified by Shiksha, and reviewers are bona fide students of this college. These reviews and ratings have been given by students. Shiksha does not endorse the same. Out of 35 published reviews, 34 reviews are verified.
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Very PositivePositiveNeutralNegativeVery Negative
Rakshanda Sharma | Master of Design (M.Des.) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 3 Mar 2023
Placements 3 Infrastructure 3 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 4 Value for Money 3
Review of National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Placements: Since it is a new course that started in 2021, campus placements are not provided. First batch of students took part in a research dissertation project in their final year.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our college is satisfactory but the buildings need some renovation. Hostel rooms are good with double occupancy including two beds with no mattresses, tables, racks, and mirrored almirahs. There is an extra space above the almirahs for storing additional items.

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Anonymous | Master of Design (M.Des.) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 25 Feb 2023
Placements 2 Infrastructure 2 Faculty & Course Curriculum 3 Crowd & Campus Life 2 Value for Money 2
Review of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar.

Placements: Our college provides average placements. Students have to work hard, to get placed.

Infrastructure: Our college provides Wi-Fi facility, a library, and a canteen. Mess facility is available in our college. Our college provides good facilities. The hostel facilities are good. They provide 2 beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 tables, and 2 chairs in each room. They provide washing machine service, with a common room, and an induction stove.

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Harsha Pradha S S ... | Master of Design (M.Des.) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 25 Feb 2023
Placements 3 Infrastructure 4 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 4 Value for Money 4
Good college, with decent future prospects.

Placements: We are the second batch here at NIFT Gandhinagar, in M.Des programme. This is a research based course. So, they teach you systems thinking, problem solving thinking and design thinking methods. 4 main specifications in M.Des are curation, social design, UI UX, and strategy management design.

Infrastructure: Facilities are available. It is a bit small campus, compared to other new campuses. Hostel facility is available only for girls of first year. Food is good here. Doctors are available. Sports facilities are a...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Preksha Jain | Master of Design (M.Des.) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 24 Feb 2023
Placements 3 Infrastructure 3 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 3 Value for Money 3
Theory based curriculum; good for people who want to go for research.

Placements: We are the second batch of M.Des. So, right now none of us are placed. Top roles could be visual designer, ui ux design, art curator, social designer, ux researcher, social media expert, brand strategist, trends forecaster, social entrepreneur, systems thinker etc.

Infrastructure: The master of design is a fairly new course. Classrooms have ACs, projectors and Wi-Fi. The hostel is decent, however there are no AC or cooler in the hostel. There is also strict curfew timings. The college campus is very small, and t...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
nitin sangwan | B.Des. in Accessory Design - Batch of 2025
Reviewed on 1 May 2022
Placements 4 Infrastructure 3 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 5 Value for Money 3
It is average compared to other government design colleges, but far superior than the private ones.

Placements: Usually, people get good placements with a decent salary of around Rs.30000 - Rs.50000 per month. You also get many internship opportunities, especially after 3rd year, which trains you pretty well for the industry, and helps you build a strong portfolio.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the college is average with good architecture but not maintained. The hostel is available only for girls. The campus is big enough and has enough capacity to host good events. The only place the college lacks is the hostel ...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Payal Agarwal | B.Des. in Fashion Communication - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 3 Apr 2022
Placements 3 Infrastructure 3 Faculty & Course Curriculum 3 Crowd & Campus Life 3 Value for Money 2
It is a good college with good faculty members, but low exposure and infrastructure.

Placements: Placements here are fine. Some students still struggle. Most faculty members focus on assignments and not learning. But it is up to the persons' creativity to achieve the roles they want. We have good resource centers. You will need to go to Ahmedabad more or less for every event.

Infrastructure: It has a low infrastructure and a good library. The mess is poor. We have an average hostel and its capacity is low. There are air-conditioned classrooms. Wi-Fi is available all over the college. The labs are well maint...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Anonymous | B.FTech. in Apparel Production - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2022
Placements 2 Infrastructure 4 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 3 Value for Money 2
There is a diverse college crowd on our campus.

Placements: The placements of NIFT Gandhinagar are not very great. The average salary package offered for B.FTech is around 3 LPA-4 LPA. Students are offered junior positions in the organisation. Some of the recruiters here are Aditya Birla, Decathlon and Classic Fashion (Jordan). There are no 100% placements. But the management makes sure to communicate every offer with the graduating students.

Infrastructure: Our campus infrastructure consists of the academic block, auditorium, an amphitheatre, mess, directors bungalow, g...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
Aman Anand | B.Des. in Fashion Communication - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 27 Dec 2021
Placements 4 Infrastructure 4 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 5 Value for Money 3
It is a hub of talented and accepting students.

Placements: Placements for FC in our college are good at least better than many private colleges. The highest salary package offered is around 12 LPA. The top recruiting companies vary vividly because students either sit for on-campus placements or apply off-campus, and it all depends on the connections students make over the years, so keep students' senses open and do not leave any opportunities that come in their way.

Infrastructure: It provides everything related to our course available in this college. It is for printing that students have to go to the nearby shopping place but its no big deal because the place is not that far. In other departments since my friends are there in FD and TD and AD, they face issues at times finding materials which they do not find near the college in Gandhinagar and have to travel to Ahmedabad. Our library is diverse and there are a lot of books regarding our course available. The food served...

Was this review helpful YesNo  
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Answered 3 weeks ago

Employment in NIFT Gandhinagar's Bachelor of Design (B.Des) programme varies somewhat. According to available information, the average salary package for B.Des in 2023 was about 3 LPA-4 LPA and the employment rate in 2022 was about 82%. However, there are indications that employment has not been ver



Karunamoy Baug

Contributor-Level 8

Answered a week ago

{Source: B.Des students & alumni}

Based on the review provided, here is the list of companies that visit NIFT Gandhinagar for placements:

* Arvind Lifestyles Brand Limited
* Amrapali
* Crazy Denim industry LLP
* Admit Aggarwal
* More magazine
* Lifestyle
* Snapdeal
* Raymond
* Reliance
* Anita Dongre

These com



Shiksha AI Counsellor

Beginner-Level 1

Answered a week ago

{Source: M.Des students & alumni}

Based on the information provided in the reviews, here are the possible companies that may visit NIFT Gandhinagar for placements in the Master of Design (M.Des) program:

* Visual design companies such as Graphic Design Studios, User Experience (UX) Design Agencies,



Shiksha AI Counsellor

Beginner-Level 1

Answered 7 months ago

According to the annual report 2022, NIFT Gandhinagar recorded 82% placement drive for the year 2022. The average package offered to BFTech students was in the range of INR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA during the latest placement drive. The tsame has been mentioned in the table below:

Average packageINR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA
Placement rate82%

Note: The placement data


Indrani Choudhury

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 7 months ago

NIFT Gandhinagar has not released an exclusive placement report for the year 2023. However, students can download the overall annual report from the points mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of NIFT
  • Go to “About NIFT” page
  • Click on the “Download” sections
  • NIFT Campus placement brochure 2023 wi


Indrani Choudhury

Contributor-Level 10