BA in Journalism and Mass Comm: Skills Required, Career Opportunities and Job Roles

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In the digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in the field of journalism and mass communication. BAJMC programs introduce students to various digital tools and platforms, preparing them to navigate the evolving landscape of media and communication successfully.

A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC) is a gateway to a world of opportunities in our information-driven society. In a rapidly digitizing world, the role of journalism and mass communication becomes even more critical. This degree equips students with a diverse set of skills and opens doors to various rewarding and adventurous career opportunities. Here, we will delve into the skills required, career prospects, and job roles that graduates can explore after completing their BAJMC.

Skills Required:

  1. Digital Age Adaptability:

In the digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in the field of journalism and mass communication. BAJMC programs introduce students to various digital tools and platforms, preparing them to navigate the evolving landscape of media and communication successfully.

Q:   Are the placements for Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) at Noida International University college good?

{Source: BCA students & alumni}

1. Based on the reviews, it seems that the placements at Noida International University's BCA programme are decent.
2. Many companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, TCS, IBM, HCL and HP visit the campus for recruitment.
3. According to Atul, the minimum salary package offered was 2.5 LPA, while according to Rachit, the highest salary package offered was 7.5 LPA.
4. The percentage of placed students varies from review to review, but it appears to be around 50-90%.
5. Internship opportunities are available in the second year and faculty members assist students in getting placed.
6. According to Kamran, almost 60% of the classmates were placed, with the highest package of 6 lacs per year and the lowest of 3.2 lacs per year.
7. Some students who did not get placement initially were able to find jobs in good companies after a few months.
8. Overall, it can be inferred that the placements at Noida International University's BCA programme are satisfactory, but there is always room for improvement.

Q:   What is the highest package of Noida International University for BCA?


 The highest package of Noida International University for BCA is15 LPA for the year, 2022. the top recruiting companies for BCA graduates at Noida International University are IBM, HCL, HP, Paytm, Apollo Homecare, Max Healthcare, Infoedge, Aviate, Encraft, Style Dot Me, Eco Energies, Xavier's Public School, Focus Academy for Career Enhancement, TPI Staffing, Acadecraft Pvt. Ltd., Rose International, and Webuters Technologies

Q:   How are the placements at Noida International University?


Noida International University offers placement assistance to students. The key highlights of Noida International University placements for 2022 are presented in the table given below:


Statistics (2022)

Placement percentage


Average package


Top recruiters

Max Healthcare, SpiceJet, HDFC Bank

NoteThe placements are ongoing for the academic year 2021-2022. The above-mentioned data may vary once the placement report for 2022 is out.

  1. Communication Skills:

Effective communication is at the core of this field. Graduates with a BAJMC degree possess the ability to convey information, ideas, and stories in a compelling and impactful manner, which is a valuable skill in various industries beyond just media.

  1. Impactful Storytelling:

Journalism is all about storytelling. Whether it's reporting news, creating an advertising campaign, or handling crisis management, the art of storytelling is a fundamental skill that BAJMC students develop.

  1. Social and Global Awareness:

BAJMC programs often encourage students to explore social, political, and global issues. This broader perspective helps them understand the world more positively and contribute to raising awareness and facilitating societal changes through their work.

Q:   Who were the top recruiters of Noida International University?


The University attracted various recruiters for its placement session every year who offered a variety of job roles to the students across sectors, such as Engineering, IT, Education, FMCG, Consulting, and E-Commerce, etc. The top recruiters of Noida International University in 2022 included Wipro, TCS, Max Healthcare, Paytm, HDFC Bank, Just Dial, etc. These recruiters placed students in various sectors and offered new-age job profiles.

Q:   How are School of Business Management college - Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT) placements?

{Source: B.P.Th students & alumni}

The School of Business Management offers various opportunities for its students, including internships and industry projects every semester, an active Entrepreneurship cell, and strong alumni network. Most students prefer higher studies in India and receive good placement support through an organized and proactive placement process. The overall feeling among students is positive, with a love for being in college.

Based on the five reviews provided, it can be observed that the placements of the college for Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT) are mixed.

Review 1 indicates that almost all students get internships at reputable hospitals such as Apollo, Yatharth and Metro hospitals, with top recruiting companies like Apollo offering a salary package of 15 LPA.

Review 2 suggests that out of 35 seniors, only 17 got placements, with an average salary package of Rs. 25,000 per month. However, some students received placements from top colleges like Max Hospitals.

Review 3 states that approximately 50% of students have been placed, with the lowest salary package of Rs. 3 LPA and the highest of Rs. 5 LPA. Recruiters included Max, Felix, Apollo and IIMS.

Review 4 reports that around 75% of students are placed, with the highest salary package offered being Rs. 16 LPA.

Review 5 mentions that the college provides placement to around 60-70% of the students, with packages ranging from Rs. 2-4 Lacs per annum in hospitals like Max.

Overall, it appears that the college has a good placement record, but the percentage of students getting placed varies from year to year and not all students receive the same salary package. Additionally, some reviewers mention restrictions on part-time work during the course.

Summary: The college offers a BPT programme with varying placement results. While some students receive high salaries and placements in reputable hospitals, others face challenges in securing employment. It is essential to note that some reviewers experienced restrictions on part-time work.

Above answer is based on below reviews
In our batch, there are 53 stu . by Ravi
Out of the 35 students in our . by Kartik
There are approximately 50% pl . by Ashish
Around 75% of students are pla . by Anonymous
In my knowledge college provid . by Akshay

Q:   Which companies visit Noida International University college for Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) placements?

{Source: BCA students & alumni}

I will assist you while maintaining the safety, honesty, respect and positivity requirements. Based on the provided reviews, here is the answer to your question.

Based on the reviews, the following companies visit Noida International University for BCA placements:

1. Flipkart
2. Amazon
3. TCS
4. IBM
5. HCL
6. HP
7. Mother Dairy
8. Tech Mahindra
9. Paytm
10. Wipro
11. Google
12. India Mart
13. Byju's

Note that some reviewers mentioned the names of companies that visited their campus, while others did not provide such details. Additionally, some reviewers mentioned the highest and the lowest salary packages offered, but there may be variations in the actual figures.

Above answer is based on reviews, some of them are mentioned below
Many companies visited our col . by Atul
The percentage of placed stude . by Rachit
Only 50% of the students are e . by Sumit
Placements at our university a . by Rishabh
Almost 60 percent of our class . by Kamran

Q:   How are MBA placements at Noida International University?


The MBA placements at Noida International University (NIU) have been quite promising. In 2021, the placement percentage for MBA students was an impressive 100%. Recruiters from various companies actively participated in the placement process, offering excellent opportunities to the students. Some of the top recruiters included Max Healthcare, Paytm, HDFC Bank, and Just Dial.

In 2022, students across various courses, including BTech, MBA, MPT, and BDS, received good offers from reputed companies. Notable recruiters during this period included Deloitte, Accenture, Amazon, Genpact, and HCL Technologies.

Furthermore, in the academic year 2019-20, NIU provided nearly 90% placement opportunities for its students. Approximately 250 companies visited the campus, offering placements in various domains. Renowned companies such as Cognizant, WIPRO, Swiggy, Biju’s, HCL, Google, EDC, FIS, and Tech Mahindra actively recruited from NIU.

Overall, Noida International University has been successful in connecting its MBA graduates with promising career prospects through robust placement efforts.

  1. Networking Opportunities:

Students have the chance to build valuable connections through internships, class projects, events, and research work. These networking opportunities can lead to advanced and secure job prospects by connecting students with industry experts and professionals.

Career Opportunities and Job Roles:

After earning a BAJMC degree, graduates can explore a wide range of career paths in various fields:

  1. Journalism:

Graduates can pursue careers as editors, correspondents, or reporters in print or digital magazines, publications, or TV outlets. They play a vital role in gathering and disseminating news and information to the public.

  1. Public Relations (PR):

BAJMC graduates are well-prepared for roles as media planners, communication managers, or PR specialists in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. They are responsible for managing the public image and communication strategies of these entities.

  1. Advertising:

Those with creative minds can enter the world of advertising as creative directors, executives, and copywriters. They play a significant role in creating compelling advertising campaigns and promotional materials.

  1. Digital Media:

In the digital age, there are abundant opportunities in content creation, digital marketing, social media management, and web journalism. BAJMC graduates are equipped to create and manage digital content for various platforms.

  1. Broadcasting:

This field offers careers in electronic and radio media. Graduates can work as anchors, producers, or scriptwriters, shaping the content and narratives that reach audiences through these mediums.

  1. Corporate Communications:

Many organizations require professionals to manage their internal and external communications. BAJMC graduates can excel in roles related to corporate communication, ensuring that organizations maintain a consistent and positive public image.

According to Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Dean at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Noida International University, a BAJMC degree opens doors to a wide range of fulfilling career prospects. In an era where information is of immense significance, the skills acquired in this program are highly sought-after across various industries. Whether your interests lie in narrative crafting, media creation, or strategic messaging, this qualification can lead you toward a meaningful and influential career. Embrace the influence of communication and start a journey that offers both personal development and the chance to influence how information is disseminated and understood globally.

In conclusion, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication equips students with essential skills, including adaptability in the digital age, effective communication, impactful storytelling, social and global awareness, and networking abilities. Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities in fields such as journalism, public relations, advertising, digital media, broadcasting, and corporate communications. The skills acquired in this program are highly valued in a world where information and communication are more important than ever, making it a rewarding and influential career choice.

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