PU-CET (PG) Preparation 2024: Tips, Strategy & Guide

Panjab University Common Entrance Test PG 2024 ( PU-CET (PG) )

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PU-CET (PG) exam preparation: Candidates planning to appear for PU-CET (PG) must pull up their socks to prepare well for the exam. Those who are already preparing for PU-CET (PG) 2024 exam need to revise the topics already covered by them and practice mocks. Additionally, candidates should work to strengthen their strong areas, while at the same time dedicating a few hours on topics that are still the pain points. In this article, we have shared a few preparation tips for PU-CET (PG) 2024.

Q:   Are coaching classes necessary for PU CET (PG) preparation?


Coaching classes for PU CET (PG) preparation are not strictly necessary, as many candidates successfully prepare through self-study. The decision to join coaching classes depends on individual preferences, learning styles, and the specific requirements of the candidate. 

While self-study is a viable option for disciplined and motivated candidates, joining coaching classes might be beneficial for those who prefer structured guidance, face time constraints, or require personalized support. Consider the complexity of the course, your learning style, and budget constraints when making this decision. Assess the availability of resources, including high-quality study materials and practice tests. Mock tests and practice sessions, often provided by coaching classes, can be replicated with self-study. Seek recommendations from peers who have successfully cleared PU CET (PG) for insights into the effectiveness of coaching. Ultimately, choose a preparation method that aligns with your needs and circumstances, ensuring consistent practice and adherence to official guidelines for success.


Q:   What is the syllabus of PU-CET (PG) exam?


PU-CET (PG) syllabus includes all the important topics of subjects that are relevant for business and general aptitude. For PU-CET (PG) exam, candidates have to study, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, General Knowledge and Data Interpretation. Given below are the key topics included in the PU-CET (PG) syllabus:

The Verbal Ability section of PU-CET (PG) exam syllabus includes various topics of Grammar, Word Meaning, Vocabulary, Parajumbles, Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Completion, Synonyms and Antonyms, Reading Comprehension, etc. 

The Reasoning section of PU-CET (PG) syllabus includes topics that require analytical interpretation such as Alphanumeric Series, Analogies, Artificial Language, Calendars, Blood Relations, Cause and Effect, Coding and Decoding, Input and Output, etc. 

The Data Interpretation section of the PU CET (PG) syllabus includes interpretation of data presented in the form of Puzzles, Pie Charts, Venn Diagram, Tables and Bar Graphs.

The General Knowledge section of this exam tests the candidate's knowledge of the current affairs, recent happenings, history. It includes topics such as Current affairs, Awards and Honors, Books and Authors, Brands, Taglines, Business and Economy, Politics, Literature and Media, Science and Technology, International News, Arts and Music, Days and Dates, etc. 


Q:   What is the eligibility criteria for PU CET (PG) exam?


he eligibility criteria for the PU-CET (PG) exam, which stands for Panjab University Common Entrance Test for Postgraduate Courses, can vary depending on the specific course you are interested in. PU-CET (PG) is conducted by Panjab University for admission to various postgraduate programmes offered by the university. The following is the minimum eligibility criteria for PU-CET (PG) exam:

  • Candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree in the relevant field or a related discipline from a recognised university or institution. The specific degree requirement may vary depending on the course.
  • They must have secured a minimum aggregate of 50% in graduation
  • In case of candidates have a Bachelor‘s degree in Modern Indian Languages (Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script) and/or in a Classical Language (Sanskrit/Persian/Arabic) from Panjab University or any other University recognised by the Syndicate, 50% aggregate will be calculated by taking into account the full percentage of marks in all the papers excluding the optional paper, English and the elective subject taken together, or
  • The candidates must have passed the final examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or England / Institute of Cost Accountants of India or Chartered Institute of Management Accountants of England / Institute of Company Secretaries of India, or
  • The candidate holds a Diploma in Personnel Management and Labour Welfare or Diploma in Marketing Management with not less than 60% aggregate
  • Executive experience of two years or above in a full-time job in a commercial or industrial establishment after having passed the qualifying examination

PU-CET (PG) 2024: Preparation Tips

  • Study Schedule

Students must prepare the complete syllabus of PU CET (PG) exam. Collect the relevant study material which covers the entire syllabus of PU CET (PG) 2024 exam. Brush up your calculations and read a lot. Candidates must regularly read newspapers and editorials to improve their vocabulary and keep practicing calculations. They must form a study schedule and follow it diligently to cover the entire syllabus whilst having time to spare for revision.

  • Revision

By this time, it is expected that the candidate has covered most of the key topics under PU-CET (PG) syllabus. To capitalise on their preparation, they should revisit important concepts, formulae, facts and dates to get a better hold of the topics in the last month. No amount of exam preparation will be useful if one appears for the exam without ample revision. Proper revision will help test takers approach questions with measured confidence.

  • Building on the strong points

In the last month of PU-CET (PG) preparation, candidates need to persistently work on their strong areas. For Numerical and Reasoning Ability, one should make a list of short cuts and tricks to solve questions with maximum accuracy. For the General English section, a general understanding of the language would come in handy. If a candidate is in a habit of reading newspapers or novels, it will be easier for him/her to sail through this section. Reading newspapers and online journals would also help them prepare GK section.

  • Attempt PU-CET (PG) mock tests

In the last month of PU-CET (PG) preparation, candidates must solve at least one PU-CET (PG) question paper or mock test every day. After every attempt, they must evaluate their performance based on which they can customise their preparation plan. It will also help candidates devise a section-wise strategy for the exam. It is equally important that a candidate attempts a variety of mock questions so that they do not lose calm in case unexpected questions are posed to them.

  • Speed and accuracy should together

Speed and accuracy are important attributes for success. They must go hand in hand. Since PU-CET (PG) has provision for negative marking, candidates should be very mindful of their attempts. In the beginning, candidates should focus on improving the accuracy of their attempts. Once they are confident about the accuracy, they can further work to improve their speed and figure out the fastest possible way of solving problems.

  • Take regular breaks

An unregulated study regime could be counter-productive. It is crucial for an aspirant to keep exam-related stress at bay by taking healthy breaks. Candidates may meditate or go for a little walk or listen to their favourite music in order to regain focus. One must drink lots of water keep himself hydrated

  • Focus on exam day strategy

Candidates should devise an exam day strategy in advance. They must have a good idea of PU-CET (PG) exam pattern, the section-wise break-up, topic-wise weightage and the expected difficulty level of the question paper. BY this time, it is expected that candidates will be able to identify questions that can be solved with 100% accuracy. Candidates must prepare themselves for situations that might not be in their favour. They must keep calm and put out their best effort in those 90 minutes.

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Q:   What is the ideal time to prepare for PU-CET (PG) exam?


For effective preparation for PU CET (PG), start early, ideally 6 to 12 months before the exam. Understand the syllabus, assess strengths and weaknesses, and create a structured study plan. Allocate regular hours for study and revision to maintain consistency. Begin practicing with mock tests and practice papers a few months before the exam to get familiar with the pattern and improve time management. Regularly review and revise topics, focusing on weak areas. In the final weeks, intensify revision efforts and take additional mock tests. Avoid last-minute cramming, ensuring a well-rested state on the exam day. Stay updated with any changes in the exam pattern or guidelines provided by Panjab University. Tailor your preparation timeline to your individual needs and study habits.


Q:   Are there any specific books recommended for PU CET (PG) preparation?


For PU CET (PG) preparation, it's essential to refer to the official PU CET PG syllabus and guidelines provided by Panjab University. Additionally, candidates can use a combination of standard reference books and study materials to enhance their preparation. Here are some general recommendations, but keep in mind that the relevance of specific books may depend on the course you are applying for:

  1. General Knowledge:

    • Manorama Yearbook
    • Lucent's General Knowledge
    • Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Reasoning:

    • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey
  3. Data Interpretation:

    • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma
    • Class 11th and 12th NCERT Mathematics textbooks
  4. Verbal Ability:

    • High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin
    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  5. Domain Knowledge:

    • Refer to standard textbooks and study materials related to your specific postgraduate course. This may include university-recommended books or those commonly used in undergraduate studies for your field.
  6. Practice Papers and Mock Tests:

    • PU CET (PG) previous years' question papers and sample papers provided by Panjab University
    • PU CET (PG) mock test series available online

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FAQs Related to PU-CET (PG) Preparation

Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below on PU CET PG Preparation:

Q:   How should I prepare for PU CET (PG)?


Preparing for the PU CET (PG) exam requires a structured and focused approach to cover the specific syllabus of your chosen postgraduate course under the PU CET PG exam. Begin by understanding the official PU CET (PG) syllabus, gathering relevant study materials, and creating a well-structured study plan. Practice with previous years' question papers and take full-length mock tests to familiarize yourself with the PU CET (PG) 2024 exam pattern and improve time management. Identify and focus on weak areas through self-analysis and seek clarification for doubts. Regular revision and the creation of summary notes will reinforce your understanding. For sections involving mental and mathematical ability, practice problem-solving to enhance speed and accuracy. Joining coaching classes is optional, as many candidates successfully prepare through self-study. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, simulate exam conditions during practice, and cultivate a positive mindset. Always refer to Panjab University's official guidelines for the most accurate and updated information regarding PU CET (PG) preparation.


Q:   Can I appear for PU CET (PG) more than once?


No, candidates cannot appear more than once for the PU-CET (PG) exam. The PU-CET (PG) exam is held only once a year. Candidates have to wait for the next session if they miss this year's exam. The PU-CET (PG) exam is being conducted in the PBT (paper-based test) mode. Based on the PU_CET (PG) scores, students can apply for admission to various programmes offered by PU-CET (PG) participating colleges. The exam will only be conducted in the paper-based test mode for all the sessions. The difficulty level of the PU-CET (PG) exam is usually easy and the candidates can easily prepare for this exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the PU-CET (PG) exam need to apply on the official website of Punjab University and fill out the PU-CET (PG) application form once the application window opens. PU-CET (PG) is held in about four test cities in the state of Punjab. Candidates have to visit the PU-CET (PG) exam centre in order to take the exam in offline mode or paper-based test mode.


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