9 Guru Mantras To Crack JEE Main & Advanced 2018

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Brajesh Maheshwari - Director and HOD(Physics) at Allen Career Institute, Kota (Rajasthan)

By Brajesh Maheshwari

JEE Main and Advanced 2018 is just few days and months away respectively. For any and every engineering aspirant, getting into IITs and NITs is a dream. But most of the time, it becomes a nightmare for them. To address this problem, Mr. Brajesh Maheshwari, Director and HOD (Physics) & Mentor of Chitraang Murdia - JEE Advanced 2014 topper shares mantras on how to crack JEE Main and Advanced 2018.

First of all, it is advisable that aspirants shouldn’t panic. If you're planned and focused, you won't find JEE to be the nightmare that you fear. Always remember, nobody can do everything but everybody can do something, that's why something is better than nothing.

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Mantra on Day Planning:

  • Start your day with a smile and every morning laugh at least for five minutes in front of the mirror because laughter returns the body to its state of balance. Thus, by keeping a smile on your face, you can be the winner of any race.
  • Plan a daily timetable having equal distribution of time for each subject. While studying, distribute time in theory as well as on solving good numerical problems keeping the time barrier in mind. Always start from BASICS because without base, there will be no altitude. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.
  • Always build up the right & appropriate basics because once the track of the train is being changed, it will go on only that track. So always select the right track.

Mantra on Daily Behavior:

  • Be Bold, Be Cool, Be Relax, Be Confident and Be Positive. These five can change anyone's life.
  • Never prefer solutions of any questions before giving a good attempt to the question. Try to solve the problem till you get exhausted.  Always give a second or third attempt to the problem before moving to a solution page.
  • Do not leave the question in the middle. Never jump from one question to another in a hurry.
  • Many students practice questions without attempting it fully which is equally wrong.

Mantra on Confidence:

  • Always think with a high degree of positivity. Keep in mind this line - “When time will come, I will become, what I want to become.
  • Never be pessimistic. Do not think whether you will get selected or not. Always think that you would get selected on the basis of your hard work and planned preparation.
  • Have trust on you, your hard work, your teachers and the most importantly God.

Mantra on Behavior of Aspirants:

  • Silence is the way to avoid many problems. Smile is a way to solve any problem. Silence plus smile equals to success. Improve your weakness by accepting and facing it and give your 100% effort for next Rehearsal Practice Test.
  • Never take the test with fear. Always treat it as a mirror. Such that when it comes near you, it should cheer you up.
  • Revision is the key to unlock this examination, make strict revision schedule and don't forget to take proper rest.

Mantra on Time Management:

  • Always keep in mind that time is everything, so avoid the activities which wastes your time. We should know that time is precious than money and it is sweeter than honey. Do not get into the habit of studying late at night. Instead, get up at 6 in the morning and sleep by 11 at night. This will keep your brain activity maximum in the morning and will help you when you actually attempt JEE.
  • Also, you will have to take appropriate sleep of at least 6-7 hours a day; otherwise your mind set for the next day will not be in the right place.

Mantra on study:

  • Treat your study as a pleasure and not a pressure. Your studies should give you the kind of happiness, that you can never measure. Have fun and enjoyment in your studies because you have selected them for your career.

Mantra to take JEE Main and Advanced 2018 :

  • You can win any battle by self-control and patience, but for that you have to make proper planning.
  • Whenever you take any examination - either mock or final test - always attempt paper in two rounds.
  • In the first round, attempt only memory and knowledge based questions or questions which require less calculations and you are 100% confident that you will surely solve them. This will help you to boost your confidence to solve tougher questions in the second round. This is because, now you know that you have solved easy and moderate questions already.
  • If during second the round, you have any confusions in any question then leave that question, don't stick with it.
  • Try to finish your paper well before time, so that you get time to review your answers.
  • In a nutshell, plan your strategy in such a way that you do not leave any question during the actual exam which you are able to solve at home.

Mantra for Parents:

  • Have trust on your ward, motivate them and provide them a healthy environment to study and think.

Mantra on Life and Success:

  • Remember, nobody has the authority to insult or hurt you without your permission. This is the golden key of happiness as well as success.

About the Author:

Brajesh Maheshwari is the Director and HOD - Physics at Allen Career Institute, Kota (Rajasthan).

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