The Challenges of Studying Law

The Challenges of Studying Law

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Ritika Srivastava
Associate Senior Executive, Editorial
Updated on Oct 29, 2021 20:25 IST

The field of law is as diverse as it is challenging. Students face many challenges while studying law. If you are considering studying law, learn about the challenges and ways to overcome them.

The Challenges of Studying Law

Taking admission in a reputed Law college is a golden opportunity for the students who want to understand the judicial processes. The field of Law is so vast that students often get confused while choosing the right discipline for themselves. However, while studying Law, students not only face confusion but also many challenges. The method adopted by the students to overcome these challenges determines whether they will be able to succeed in this field or not. If you are an aspiring Law student, read about the challenges listed here and make the right decision. 

Challenges of Studying Law 

Law is one such field, which not only gives opportunity to the students to become Lawyers or Judges or get involved in other legal professions but also empowers them to fight for common people and get them justice. Obviously, students who want to take up big responsibilities in future also have to face many challenges while studying Law. These challenges motivate them to face problems and find solutions. Some of the challenges of studying Law are explained in detail here: 

Voluminous Reading 

Choosing the field of Law means studying for a lifetime. The specialty of this field is that it is very dynamic as it involves amendment of old Laws and insertion and interpretation of new Laws. Law students have to keep themselves updated with these changes along with studying their prescribed syllabus. In addition, seminars are also organized in Law colleges in which students participate and express their views on current scenario. For a Law student, it is interesting but also challenging as he/she has to prepare for his/her exams along with it. Apart from this, students also have to pay attention to their writing skills. A Law student should be able to write efficiently but finely. Obviously, it is not easy for everyone to learn to read and write and follow it throughout their life. But those who overcome this challenge can become successful in this field.


Currently, the field of Law is one of the most competitive fields. Despite the immense potential in this field, only a few talented students are able to take advantage of them. Law students have to face a lot of pressure due to increasing competition. After completing studies, almost every Law student prepares for judicial service, which increases the pressure on them. Besides, the placements are also less as compared to other sectors. The road is also not easy for the students pursuing independent practice as they have to work under a law firm or a senior lawyer in the initial days. Such students sometimes miss a mentor who can explain to them the modus operandi of the courts. So, a support system is needed to deal with this pressure. 


Those who believe in connecting with others are warmly welcomed in the field of Law. For students who are not used to it, it can be a big challenge to survive. Keeping yourself busy with your work is important, but networking is equally important. Networking plays a major role in getting new cases and increasing your exposure. The mistake of not paying attention to it can be harmful to the career. Law is an area in which knowledge as well as other personality traits play a big role. For students who are introverts, this can be challenging as conversational skills and the ability to convince others are some of the key requirements for success. 

Financial Obstacles 

Taking admission in Law university is as expensive as it is enjoyable. Students have to pay a costly amount in the form of fees due to tuition fees, living expenses and other miscellaneous costs. Some students take education loan to pay this fee, which they have to pay after the completion of their studies. Scholarships or student loan programs can be helpful in this case, but they also only benefit a select few. In such a situation, students may have to face financial obstacles in the early days of their career. 

Being away from home 

Staying away from homes for five years is also a big challenge before the Law students. It is very difficult for any student to leave familiar surroundings, family and school friends. Some students get used to the new environment quickly, but some face a lot of difficulties. Obviously, it is very important to be emotionally and mentally strong to get used to university life in a new city or state because only then the students are able to face the harsh reality. Students themselves are responsible for their studies in the new environment. Apart from studying, they also have to manage daily tasks and budget for monthly expenses. These are some aspects of college life that every student has to deal with successfully.

Popular Colleges for Studying Law 

Many Law aspirants do three years LLB programme after graduation or integrated LLB after 10+2 such as BA LLB, BCom LLB, BSc LLB, BBA LLB Hons etc. Some popular Law schools in the country are given below: 

Popular Law Entrance Exams 

For admission to LLB programme, candidates have to qualify the law entrance test. The popular law entrance exams of the country are listed below: 

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