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MIT School of Management: Courses, Fees, Admission 2024, Placements, Cutoff

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  • Estd. 1987
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MIT School of Management
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May 15, 2024
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MIT School of Management Highlights 2023

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Commonly asked questions
On Highlights

Q:   Is School of Management, MIT a good option?


The School of Management and Information Technology (MIT) stands out as an excellent option for academic pursuits and professional development. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, education at the MIT School is characterized by a dynamic blend of management principles and cutting-edge information technology.

One of the notable strengths of the MIT School is its faculty, comprised of accomplished educators and industry experts. These professionals bring a wealth of experience to the classroom, providing students with insights that bridge theoretical knowledge and real-world application. The emphasis on a faculty with diverse expertise enhances the overall learning experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding of management and technology domains.

MIT's curriculum is designed to be forward-looking, integrating the latest advancements in both management and information technology. This ensures that students are equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge, preparing them to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of business and technology seamlessly.

Furthermore, MIT's commitment to experiential learning and practical application sets it apart. The school often incorporates hands-on projects, case studies, and industry internships, providing students with opportunities to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios. This practical approach not only reinforces classroom learning but also cultivates the problem-solving and decision-making skills crucial for success in the professional realm.

The School of MIT also boasts a robust network of alumni who have excelled in various industries. This network serves as a valuable resource for current students, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and insights into career paths.

In conclusion, the School of MIT emerges as a compelling option, combining academic excellence, experienced faculty, forward-looking curriculum, and a commitment to practical application. Choosing MIT is a strategic decision for those seeking a holistic and impactful education at the intersection of management and information technology.


Q:   Which entrance exam scores does School of Management, MIT accept for admission to MBA?


The MIT School of Management (MITSOM) in Pune is a prestigious institution that offers an MBA programme with a comprehensive admission process. Prospective candidates can gain entry through various entrance exams, including CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT, CMAT, MAH MBA CET, and WPU entrance test. The eligibility criteria mandate a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks, ensuring a strong academic foundation for applicants.

Among the crucial admission requirements, a valid score in one of the specified entrance exams, such as CAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, or XAT, holds paramount importance. This criterion helps in assessing the candidates' aptitude and readiness for the challenging MBA program. Additionally, work experience is considered a valuable asset, and candidates are evaluated based on their professional background.

MIT-WPU, the College of Management in Pune, goes a step further by requiring a minimum of 2 years of work experience for prospective MBA candidates. This emphasis on practical experience indicates the institution's commitment to fostering a learning environment enriched by real-world insights.

The admission process includes a crucial component: the interview. This interactive session allows the selection committee to evaluate not just the academic and professional achievements of candidates but also their interpersonal skills and suitability for the program.

As a benchmark, the MIT Sloan School of Management maintains high standards, with a median GMAT score of 730 for its incoming class. The GMAT middle 80% range, spanning from 700 to 760, signifies the institution's preference for candidates with exceptional analytical and quantitative skills. Overall, the comprehensive admission process at MITSOM and MIT-WPU reflects a commitment to selecting candidates with a well-rounded profile, ensuring a diverse and dynamic MBA cohort.


Q:   How are BBA placements at School of Management, MIT?


In 2023, the MIT School of Management showcased a commendable placement drive with a notable 95% placement rate. This success is indicative of the institution's commitment to providing quality education and facilitating career opportunities for its students. The highest package recorded during the placements reached INR 7 LPA, underlining the attractiveness of the graduates to potential employers. The average package stood at INR 4.20 LPA, reflecting a well-rounded distribution of opportunities.

Several renowned companies participated in the placement drive, affirming the institution's strong industry connections. Among these companies were industry giants such as KPMG, Deloitte, and TCS, attesting to the diverse array of sectors that actively seek talent from MIT School of Management.

The responsibility for the seamless execution of placements rests with the Training and Placement Cell at MIT College of Management. This dedicated cell goes above and beyond to assist students in their career pursuits. The array of services offered includes mock tests, weekend workshops, doubt-clearing sessions, periodic programme evaluation, and sessions with experienced trainers, career experts, and influencers. Faculty mentoring further enhances the overall development and employability of the students.

One noteworthy feature of the academic offerings at MIT School of Management is the accreditation of the BBA-Finance & Accountancy course by the UK ACCA. This accreditation not only adds an international dimension to the curriculum but also opens doors to global opportunities. The ACCA qualification, being in demand by MNCs, Big 4, and global consultancy firms, positions the graduates advantageously in the competitive job market. Overall, the 2023 placement statistics and the comprehensive support system provided by MIT School of Management affirm its commitment to nurturing competent professionals ready to excel in the dynamic corporate landscape.


Q:   Is MIT School of Management a recognised school?


Yes, MIT School of Management is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with "a;A"a; grade. MIT School of Management is approved by the All India Council of Technical Education. 

MIT School of Management was established in the year 1983.


Q:   Is MIT School of Management good for Law?


No, MIT WPU is best known for its engineering wings and management courses not for law courses. However, MIT School of Management is a good Business-school as it comes under the top 20 ‘Best Master of Business Administration Colleges’ in India as per Times 2020.


MIT School of Management
Admission process

MBA/PGDM Admissions 2024

1 Course2 years
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Check Circle Icon V2Eligibility
  • Undergraduate Degree with 60% aggregate
  • Accepting Exams: MAT, XAT, CAT, NMAT, CMAT, MAH CET, PERA CET
Calendar IconImportant dates
29 Mar '24 - 19 May '24
MAT 2024 Registration Process CBT
18 May '24 - 19 May '24
MAT 2024 Admit Card Download IBT 1
19 May '24
MAT 2024 IBT 1Ongoing
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Commonly asked questions
On Admissions

Q:   Does School of Management, MIT accept HSC score?


The School of Management at MIT follows an inclusive admission policy that considers the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) score as part of its criteria for acceptance. Recognizing the significance of HSC results, MIT values academic achievements as a key factor in the admission process.

Prospective students aspiring to join the School of Management at MIT can submit their HSC scores as a crucial component of their application. The HSC results serve as an indicator of a candidate's academic prowess during their secondary education. This holistic approach to admission allows MIT to assess the overall academic performance of applicants, ensuring that those admitted have a strong foundation in their educational journey.

While HSC scores are an essential aspect, MIT's admission process is likely to consider a combination of factors to gauge a student's potential comprehensively. This may include standardized test scores, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and possibly an interview. By evaluating a diverse set of criteria, MIT aims to admit students who not only demonstrate academic excellence but also possess the qualities and potential to thrive in the dynamic and innovative environment of the School of Management.

In conclusion, the acceptance of HSC scores by the School of Management at MIT underscores the institution's commitment to a comprehensive and fair evaluation process. Aspiring students with notable HSC achievements can leverage this as a stepping stone to pursue their academic journey at MIT, a renowned institution dedicated to shaping future leaders in the field of management.


Q:   Can I join School of Management, MIT directly?


While the School of Management at MIT values academic achievements, it typically requires prospective students to undergo a comprehensive admission process, which includes standardized tests in addition to academic records. Admission to MIT is highly competitive, and candidates are generally required to take exams that assess their aptitude and potential for success in the academic and professional realms.

While the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) scores may be a crucial component of the application, MIT commonly mandates standardized tests like the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or other equivalent exams as part of the admission criteria. These standardized tests serve to evaluate a student's quantitative, verbal, and analytical skills, providing a standardized metric that allows for a fair and objective comparison among applicants.

The inclusion of standardized tests aligns with MIT's commitment to admitting students who not only excel academically but also demonstrate a strong aptitude for the rigorous curriculum and innovative learning environment at the School of Management. Additionally, standardized testing can help MIT assess a broader range of skills and attributes, ensuring that admitted students possess the multifaceted qualities necessary for success in their academic and professional endeavors.

In summary, while academic achievements such as HSC scores are considered, the comprehensive admission process at the School of Management at MIT often includes standardized tests as a crucial element, reflecting the institution's commitment to admitting students with a diverse skill set and the potential to thrive in their academic pursuits.


Q:   When are School of Management, MIT application forms out?


The School of Management at MIT typically releases its application forms close to the commencement of the academic session, usually around July. This timing aligns with the institution's strategic approach to the admission process, ensuring that prospective students have up-to-date information and can submit their applications in a timely manner.

Releasing application forms in July provides candidates with ample time to prepare and gather the necessary documentation required for a comprehensive application. It allows prospective students to navigate the application process diligently, including any standardized tests that might be part of the admission criteria. This strategic timing also enables the School of Management to review applications thoroughly and make informed decisions on admissions.

Moreover, releasing application forms in sync with the start of the academic session aligns with MIT's commitment to ensuring that the admissions process is well-coordinated with the overall academic calendar. This approach allows for a seamless transition from the application phase to the commencement of classes, facilitating an organized and efficient onboarding process for admitted students.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to monitor the School of Management's official communications and website for specific details regarding the release of application forms, as dates may vary slightly each year. Being aware of the timeline enables candidates to plan and submit their applications with precision, positioning themselves for potential admission to the renowned School of Management at MIT.


Q:   What is the seat intake for BBA at School of Management, MIT?


The School of Management at MIT maintains a seat intake for its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, admitting approximately 50 students per academic session. This limited seat capacity aligns with MIT's commitment to fostering an intimate and engaging learning environment that facilitates personalized attention and interaction between students and faculty.

With a seat intake of around 50 students, the BBA programme at the School of Management ensures a close-knit community, promoting collaborative learning and meaningful student-faculty interactions. This smaller cohort size allows for a more focused and individualized educational experience, where students can actively engage with the curriculum, participate in discussions, and receive personalized guidance from instructors.

The selective admission process, coupled with the restricted seat intake, speaks to the high standards maintained by the School of Management. This approach enables MIT to attract motivated and academically accomplished students who contribute to a vibrant and dynamic learning community.

Prospective BBA applicants should be mindful of this limited seat capacity and recognize the competitive nature of admissions to the School of Management at MIT. This intentional seat intake not only ensures quality education but also reflects MIT's commitment to maintaining a conducive environment for academic excellence and professional growth within the field of business administration. Aspiring students should plan their application strategies accordingly, emphasizing their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and passion for business studies to stand out in the admission process.

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MIT School of Management
Cut Offs 2024

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Commonly asked questions
On Cutoffs

Q:   Can I get into School of Management, MIT with 70% in class 12th?


While the exact admission criteria for the MIT School of Management can vary and are subject to change, a hypothetical scenario with a 70% score in class 12th suggests that you meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements. However, it's crucial to note that MIT, being a globally renowned institution, considers a holistic set of factors in its admission process.

Apart from academic achievements, MIT typically evaluates standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. The institution seeks well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also demonstrate leadership potential, a passion for learning, and a commitment to contributing to their respective fields.

A 70% score in class 12th may meet the baseline criteria, but to increase your chances of admission, it's advisable to complement your academic achievements with strong performance in standardized tests, a compelling personal statement, and evidence of your involvement in extracurricular activities or community service.

Additionally, MIT values diversity, so showcasing unique experiences, perspectives, and accomplishments can enhance your application. Remember that admission to top-tier institutions like MIT is highly competitive, and while academic performance is important, a well-rounded and distinguished profile can significantly bolster your candidacy.


Q:   What is the minimum cutoff for MBA at School of Management, MIT 2023?


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Management has set a minimum cut-off of 50% for applicants wishing to be considered for admission to its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme for the academic year 2023.

  •  This criterion, which usually refers to the undergraduate or previous academic degree, is the baseline academic requirement, stressing that candidates must have achieved at least 50% in their qualifying tests.
  • Although this minimum cut-off establishes a baseline for academic eligibility, it's important to understand that admission to the MBA programme at the MIT School of Management is a highly competitive procedure. MIT, a highly regarded university around the world, evaluates applicants holistically and looks beyond merely test results.
  • A number of factors are usually taken into account throughout the admissions process, such as professional experience, letters of recommendation, personal statements, interviews, and results from standardized tests (such the GMAT or GRE). Candidates that not only have great academic credentials but also show promise for leadership, a dedication to innovation, and the ability to have a significant effect in their fields of study are highly valued at MIT.
  • It is encouraged of aspiring MBA candidates to submit a comprehensive application that surpasses the minimal requirements. Emphasizing accomplishments, experiences, and distinctive attributes that foster a diverse and dynamic learning environment will greatly improve an applicant's chances of being accepted into MIT's School of Management's MBA program.



Q:   What are the cutoff marks required for BBA?


According to the most recent data available, applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) School of Management must score at least 60%.

  • This cut-off is the first criterion in the admissions process, reflecting the baseline academic standard anticipated of candidates.
  • While passing the 60% cut-off is necessary, it's crucial to remember that MIT has a thorough admissions procedure that takes into account a number of variables outside academic achievement.
  •  Standardized test results, personal statements, reference letters, and any noteworthy extracurricular activities or accomplishments are usually taken into consideration when evaluating applicants.
  • MIT is well known for its dedication to greatness and looks for applicants who possess traits like leadership, inventiveness, and a love of learning in addition to academic brilliance. A well-rounded application can greatly increase an applicant's chances of being accepted into MIT's BBA programme by showcasing not only academic accomplishments but also personal qualities and experiences.
  • Potential applicants for admission to the BBA programme at the School of Management at MIT should aspire to not only meet but surpass the minimum cut-off, showcasing an impressive and thorough application that is in line with the aspirations and values of the university. The organisation is excellent.


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MIT School of Management Placements 2023

CourseMedian Salary
4.35 LPA

Top Recruiters

PNB Housing Finance
Axis Bank
Barclays Bank
Colgate Palmolive
Atlas Copco
Tata Technologies
TATA Consultancy Services
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Commonly asked questions
On Placements

Q:   What was the highest package offered at School of Management, MIT?


The School of Management at MIT demonstrates its commitment to producing highly sought-after professionals by achieving commendable placement outcomes, with the highest package offered reaching an impressive 7 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA). This reflects the institution's success in preparing graduates to excel in the competitive job market and showcases the caliber of talent nurtured within the School of Management.

The attainment of a 7 LPA package underscores the recognition that MIT graduates receive from recruiters and industry leaders. It is indicative of the program's emphasis on providing students with a robust skill set, a deep understanding of business concepts, and the practical acumen needed to thrive in diverse professional environments.

This achievement positions the School of Management at MIT as a formidable player in the field of business education, attracting top-tier employers who value the caliber of talent emerging from the institution. The success of its graduates in securing lucrative job opportunities further enhances the reputation of the School of Management and reinforces its standing as a premier destination for those aspiring to pursue a career in business.

Prospective students considering the School of Management at MIT can be confident in the institution's track record of facilitating rewarding career paths. The 7 LPA package serves not only as a testament to the quality of education provided but also as an encouragement for students to aim high in their professional aspirations within the dynamic and competitive landscape of the business world.


Q:   In which sector students were placed during MIT School of Management placements?


The college has not revealed the sector-wise placement details. However, the sector-wise companies' participation was released. Some of the popular sectors from which the companies participated in MIT School of Management placements over the years are mentioned below:

  • Finance
  • IT
  • FMCG and Manufacturing
  • Research, Analytics and Consultancies
  • Telecom
  • E-Commerce

Q:   How good is MITSOM Pune in terms of placements?


A total of 320 companies visit the college campus every year. Further, the average placement rate including on-campus and off-campus opportunities during 2023 placements was 95%. The important details related to MIT School of Management placements 2023 are mentioned below:

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2023)
Placement rate95%
Companies visited320

Q:   Who were the top recruiters at MIT School of Management placements?


The college has hosted a wide range of recruiters from diverse sectors. Some of the eminent companies that were part of MIT WPU placements for hiring the School of Management students are mentioned below:

MIT School of Management Placements: Top Recruiters
Colgate PalmoliveZS AssociatesPiaggio Vehicles
BNY MellonGeneral MotorsICICI Bank
Capstone CapitalMorgan StanleyJindal Electric
TATA TechnologiesBajaj Corp Ltd.Reliance Money Infrastructure Limited

Q:   What is the highest placement package at MIT School of Management?


The highest package offered during the MIT School of Management placements 2023 was INR 7 LPA. The college has mentioned the compensation amount irrespective of the year this salary was recorded. Hence, the amount is considered for the 2023 drive. The following table mentions MIT the highest package for the School of Management courses:

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2023)
the highest packageINR 7 LPA

Q:   Does School of Management, MIT offer better placements than Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies?


The School of Management at MIT is esteemed for its MBA programs, based on the search results. However, there's no direct comparison available between its placement records and those of Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies. Conversely, MITSOM Pune boasts a strong placement record, with the highest package offered at INR 30 LPA and an average package of INR 5.92 LPA during the 2022 placement session. MITS Gwalior also demonstrates a consistently improving placement record, emphasizing student-centric learning and holistic development. Therefore, it's advisable to thoroughly research the MBA programme of interest, considering factors such as curriculum, faculty, and placement records, to make an informed decision.

Q:   Which has better placement at School of Management, MIT, BBA or MBA?

At the School of Management, MIT, the placement prospects for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs differ. For the BBA program, the Business Analytics branch is highlighted as having a decent placement record, with top recruiters including Amazon, Infosys, Justdial, FedEx Express, and Berger. The average salary package offered ranges from 4 LPA to 5 LPA, and the highest salary package offered is around 13 LPA. For the MBA program, MIT School of Management has a strong placement record, with a commendable track record of collaborating with top-notch companies and facilitating excellent placement opportunities for its students. The average salary package offered for the MBA program is around 4 LPA to 5 LPA, and the highest salary package offered is around 13 LPA. In summary, the MBA program at MIT School of Management has a better placement record, with a higher average and highest salary package offered compared to the BBA program. However, both programs have decent placement records, and the choice between the two would depend on the individual's career goals, preferences, and the specific strengths of each program.

MIT School of Management
Rankings 2024

Q&A Icon
Commonly asked questions
On Rankings

Q:   Is School of Management, MIT best in Pune?


The School of Management at MIT, Pune, has garnered recognition as a leading business school, ranking 59th amongst Non-Government Institutes and 77th overall. It has also been ranked 7th by the Ministry of Science and Technology for Smart Business Schools and declared "The Best ICT Enabled Business School" of India. The placement record for the 2020 passout batch showcases a the highest salary package of Rs. 12.4 LPA for MBA students, with top recruiters including Deloitte, Barclays, Amazon, Infosys, Berger, and TATA Technologies. The school provides 100% placement support through its firm 500+ industry-academia. However, while the School of Management at MIT, Pune, has received significant recognition and offers robust placement support, determining whether it is the "best" in Pune would necessitate a comprehensive analysis of various factors such as faculty, infrastructure, and industry connections.

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MIT School of Management
Students Ratings & Reviews

Verified Icon117 Verified ReviewsInfo Icon
Placement Review IconPlacements3.6
Infrastructure Review IconInfrastructure4.1
Faculty Review IconFaculty & Course4
Crowd Review IconCampus Life4.2
Money Review IconValue for Money3.7
What students say about School of Management, MIT WPU
LikesView All
Companies such as Amazon, Deloitte, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Reliance Jio, Airtel visit the campus every year.
Based on 27 Reviews
DislikesView All
There is a placement cell that consists of students and guided by few faculty members.
Based on 14 Reviews
AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Business Administration (MBA Dual) - Batch of 2021
4Placements5Infrastructure5Faculty5Crowd & Campus Life4Value for Money
Review of my best college.
Placements: The colleges placement programme is highly valued, offering opportunities for both 3rd and 4th-year students, as well as quality internships. Renowned companies like Google and Amazon visit the campus to recruit students, offering attractive packages. Approximately 95% of students secure placements in various companies with competitive compensation packages.
Infrastructure: The college campus offers a vibrant and exciting atmosphere with frequent events and festivals organized by various clubs. The library is extensive, housing a wide collection of books and providing an excellent study environment. Additionally, there is a basketball court and a well-equipped sports complex where students can engage in various sports activities and participate in tournaments. I reside in a PG located approximately 500 meters from the college campus, near the back gate. The PG offers amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, washing machines, and access to warm water. The food served here is of good quality. To register for the hostel, one must pay the first fee installment, after which additional details are provided promptly.
Faculty: Every faculty member at our college holds a Ph.D. degree and possesses a minimum of 7 years of corporate experience. Following the dual teaching pattern, each marketing class is taught by two instructors, one with an academic background and the other with industry experience. They illustrate concepts using contemporary marketing examples, enriching the learning experience.
Reviewed on 14 Apr 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Business Administration (MBA Dual) - Batch of 2023
5Placements3Infrastructure4Faculty5Crowd & Campus Life3Value for Money
Review of School of Management, MIT WPU.
Placements: The college offers placements to everyone, but its ROI is very low. The college fee is 12.5 Lacs, and it provides jobs with salaries ranging from 6-7 LPA. At the end of the day, you'll get a job here. Companies like Artee Flow Control, Deloitte, L&T, MG Motors, and more than 20 others come for placements. In the first-year summer internship, all of us get internships, paid or unpaid. However, the management is very slow. They announced today that your interview schedule is tomorrow, giving only one day for preparation.
Infrastructure: I am from Madhya Pradesh, and I don't know Marathi. In college, local people dominate, and if you do not know Marathi, this should be stopped. The college's outer infrastructure is good, but inside the classrooms, many desks are broken. Wi-Fi is available, but only in name. The library has all the books, but they do not give any books to students. Our hostel is pretty good, and their food is decent, but it is very expensive compared to outside mess food.
Faculty: Our faculty is not great as they do not want to do anything with our placements except 1-2 teachers. Some teachers even don't know core subjects. Exams are conducted in a semester pattern; every year, we have 2 semesters, totaling 4 semesters and 1 summer internship. The course is very competitive, making us industry-ready.
Other: College feels is very expensive, even hostel fees are high.
Reviewed on 18 Mar 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
BBA in Digital Marketing - Batch of 2026
3Placements5Infrastructure4Faculty5Crowd & Campus Life3Value for Money
Mit wpu Pune good or bad?
Placements: According to seniors, 80% of students get placed in the placement drive with annual packages of 9 to 10 lacs. Major companies are KPMG, TCS, Infosys, Microsoft and startups. In the 5th semester, college provides internships with various companies.
Infrastructure: The infrastructure on campus is great. The Pune campus is Wi-Fi enabled, the classrooms have smart boards, and the library is well-equipped with all the books. The college canteen is great because you get various types of food to try. MIT is known for its fest in Pune.
Faculty: The teachers are very helpful, well qualified and knowledgeable. The quality of teaching is great; they teach with metaphors and real-life examples. The course curriculum is very relevant to today's generation; the curriculum is industry-ready.
Reviewed on 13 Dec 2023Read More
Thumbs Up IconThumbs Down Icon
AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Business Administration (MBA Dual) - Batch of 2026
5Placements5Infrastructure5Faculty5Crowd & Campus Life5Value for Money
Really good infrastructure and spacious campus.
Placements: 89% of students were placed in my course. The lowest package was around 1 lakh, and the highest was around 25 lakh. The top recruiting companies were Amdocs, Mercedes, BMW, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 90% got internships at international companies like Amdocs. The top roles offered were those of human resource manager, marketing executive and executive officer/partner.
Infrastructure: Classrooms are well lit, have facilities like smart boards, furniture is taken care of, and classrooms are always cleaned. The library is pleasant, quiet and has many books for reference. It's peaceful, the library is unique and the staff is helpful in funding course books.
Faculty: The faculty is cooperative, understanding and experienced. The course curriculum is comprehensive and includes everything basic. Semester exams are set at medium difficulty, and the pass percent is the same as at other colleges. Some teachers are new, which makes them not as good as others, but they try their best .
Other: Mit wpu not only focuses on education but has a culture in itself. Students are supported by the faculty. There are numerous fun events throughout the year that enhance students skills and experience. It was truly the best university experience.
Reviewed on 10 Dec 2023Read More
Thumbs Up IconThumbs Down Icon
kuunal kulllu Verified Icon
Master of Business Administration (MBA Dual) - Batch of 2024
5Placements5Infrastructure4Faculty4Crowd & Campus Life5Value for Money
It is the best college in Pune.
Placements: Placements for our seniors have been great. The success rate is good. The college provides 100% placement assistance. There are training teams to teach you how to get more success in placements. The CIAP team is also very active in bringing in placements. It will make sure to get the best companies.
Infrastructure: The hostel facility is great, with meals provided 3 times a day. They provide a bus service from the hostel to campus for 30 minutes in the morning and evening.
Faculty: Faulty members are excellent. Most of them are Ph.D. holders. They have industrial experience, so they are teaching with experience. They know what is needed in the industry. All assignments are centered around practical knowledge. Staff members are helpful. Exams are easy. You need to study, but exams are situation-based.
Other: Many activities, like sports and huge festivals, are conducted. They conduct a fest every week.
Reviewed on 5 Apr 2023Read More
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MIT School of Management Courses and Fees 2023

Accordion Icon V3
CoursesTuition FeesEligibility
MBA/PGDM(1 course)
12.1 L
Graduation : 60 %
Exams : MATXAT+5 More
BBA(1 course)
8.6 L
10+2 : 50 %
Exams : CBSE 12thISC+1 More
Q&A Icon
Commonly asked questions
On Fees and Eligibility

Q:   How many students can do BBA at School of Management, MIT?


The MIT Pune School of Management's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme provides students with a wide range of concentrations to select from as well as a thorough and specialised curriculum. Students can customize their education to fit their unique interests and career goals with these concentrations, which include HR Management, Digital Marketing, Global Business and Management, and Branding and Advertising.

  • Students must have a minimum of 60% overall in a 3-year Diploma from a government-approved university or in competency and vocational courses (MCVC) from a government-approved institution in order to be eligible for MIT Pune's BBA program.
  • In order to be admitted, this guarantees a minimum standard of academic proficiency.
  • The program's tuition costs change according to the specialisation that is selected. For example, the tuition fee for Digital Marketing and HR Management is 8.55 LPA, but the tuition fee for Global Business and Management, Branding and Advertising, is 12.15 LPA.
  • These numbers shed light on the cost of studying a certain concentration for prospective students.
  • The MIT Pune BBA programme has a respectable track record of placement success. About 60% of students who applied for the Global e-Business concentration were placed; the top package was 4.5 lakhs, the lowest was 2.80 lakhs, and the average package was 3.40 lakhs.
  • Comparably, 60% of students in the field of international business were placed; the lowest pay package available was 1.5 LPA, and the average is 3LPA

Q:   Is there any entrance exam for admission to MCA programme offered at MIT School of Management?


Admission to Master of Computer Applicationprogrammeis based on a valid score of MAH-MCA-CET. 

Application Process:

1- Visit the official website of MIT WPU.

2- In the ‘Admission’ section click on the ‘Apply Online’ link.

3- Fill the application form online and pay the application fee of INR 1500 by credit/ debit card or through Net-Banking.

4- Take the sprint out of duly filled form and retains it for future admission requirements.


Q:   Which entrance exam scores are accepted by School of Management, MIT for admission?


The School of Management, MIT (MIT-SOM) accepts the following entrance exam scores for admission to its MBA program:

  • CAT: Common Admission Test
  • XAT: Xavier Aptitude Test
  • CMAT: Common Management Admission Test
  • MAT: Management Aptitude Test
  • GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test
  • ATMA: AIMS Test for Management Admissions
  • MAH MBA CET: Maharashtra MBA Common Entrance Test

These scores are part of the eligibility criteria for admission to the MBA programme at MIT-SOM.

Additionally, the institute may conduct its own entrance test, the MITSOM College Entrance Test (MCET), for admission to other programs 

such as BBA.


MIT School of Management
Scholarships 2024

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MIT School of Management provides the Mahindra Finance scholarship programme for students.
A merit-based scholarship facility is also provided by the Institute.

MIT School of Management





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MIT School of Management FAQs

Q:   How can I take admission in MIT School of Management?

Merit based admission to the BBA and B.Com undergraduate programme at MIT School Of Management is given after a group discussion and individual interview. Student who wants to enroll in MBA programs at MIT College of Management must take the CAT MAT XAT ATMA AIMA MAH MBA CET or any government recognised entrance exam. This is followed by and written test group discussion and an individual interview. Candidates mush show up for both arranged in exam and a Personal Interview in order to be a considered for a Ph.D. The return test will not be administered to candidate who meet any of following criteria. The performance of candidate in the written exam Personal Interview and presentation of research proposal is the basic of the Ph.D. management final selection.

Q:   What is the fees of studying in MIT School of Management for MBA courses?

The total fees is 7.5 Lacs to 12 Lacs per year for MBA in MIT.

Q:   What all courses are offered at MIT School of Management?

MIT School Of Management is a India's well-known Management Institute that offers various courses in Management such as Undergraduate courses Bachelor Of Business Admission BBA Bachelor of Commerce B.Com Masters programme Master of Business Administration MBA Master of Business Administration Executive Post graduate Diploma In management PGDM Post Graduate programme In Management PGPM Doctoral programme Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. In Management Additionally, MIT School Of Management also offered Certificate course in various areas of management such as financial management, operation management, entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Q:   Does MIT School of Management offer hostel facilities?

Yes MIT offers hostel facilities to both girls and boys. Both hostels are well managed and friendly environment. Fees of the hostel for girls and boys is almost similar. 40 to 60 thousand is the fees of hostel.

Q:   Is MIT School of Management good for placements?

For Post Graduate programme Placement at the MIT School of Management the highest salary was INR 20 LPA the average pay for MBA Students was INR 5.92 Lacs. Among the top recruiters were Seacrest and others For Undergraduate programme Courses at UG level in BBA and B.Com over the past 3 years of placement there was win some fluctuation in the numbers of student chosen. Decrease by roughly 44% from 2019 and 2020 before rising by more than twice that amount in 2021. Average salary offered to MIT BBA students is INR 3.5 LPA. With the assistant of placement cell and college's attempts to bring the best recruiters prospects were placed on campus.

Q:   Can I join two programmes of MIT School of Management at a time?

MIT School Of Management is a one of the reputed college in the India in Business Education. MIT School Of Management office the Dual Degree program. A Dual degree programme offered by MIT and department of urban studies (DUSP) enables student pursue both and MBA and master's in city planning. Friends main submit joint application or submit and application during the first year of their MBA or MCP programme.

Q:   Are there any seat reservations at MIT School of Management?

MIT School Of Management gives a reservation to SC or ST category students around 13 percentage of seats are reserved for SC students and around 7 percentage of seats are reserved for ST category students.

Q:   What is the hostel fee at MIT School of Management?

The hostel fees of MIT School Of Management is INR 10000 per month including mess also, In order to support them in leading healthy lives, the hostel mess serves up wholesome freshly prepared cusine. The dining area in the match is nicely furniture and laid out with space for about 100 students to sit down.

Q:   What facilities are provided by MIT School of Management?


The MIT School of Management offers all the basic facilities such as computer lab with over 2,500 computers, full-fledged cafeteria, a well-stocked library (with 3,000+ books and 60 national & international journals, CDs, etc.).


Q:   What is the application mode of MIT School of Management?


The application process of MIT School of Management is conducted in online mode only. For registration, eligible candidates need to fill an application form through the official website of the school and pay the application fee of INR 1500 by credit/ debit card or through Net-Banking. Take the sprint out of duly filled form and retains it for future admission requirements.


Q:   How many specialisations are offered under MBA programme offered by MIT School of Management?


MIT School of Management offers Master of Business Administration courses under three different specialisations, namely General Management, Marketing Management and HR Management. The duration of the Master of Business Administration courses is two years.


Q:   Does MIT School of Management have signed any MoUs to promote student centric activities?


Yes, the MIT School of Management has signed MoUs with several organisations, including Oracle, Vinsys, TCS, Business Standard, CDAC, ATS Infotech, Teach Mahindra, Wipro, Searce, Infosys, IGATE to name a few.


Q:   How is the overall infrastructure of MIT School of Management?

[Source: MBA/PGDM students & alumni]. Here's the answer to your question based on the information provided in the five reviews:

* The college has a great hostel facility with meals provided three times a day (Kuunal).
* The classrooms are fully digitalized and have ACs and there are four auditoriums with capacities ranging from 150 to 200 students (Chetan).
* The college has a good Wi-Fi system for both faculty and students (Chetan, Anonymous).
* The new MBA building is impressive and posh, although placements matter more than the building (Anonymous).
* The campus is surrounded by mountains and has smart classrooms, fully functional labs and good quality food and services in the canteen and hostels (Syed).
* There is no hostel provided for boys and the girls' hostel is slightly distant from the campus with no transportation facilities provided (Anand).

Overall, the infrastructure of the college appears to be excellent, with modern facilities such as digital classrooms, ACs, Wi-Fi and comfortable hostel accommodations. However, some reviewers mention that the lack of transportation facilities from the hostel to campus may cause inconvenience.

Q:   What is the latest cutoff information for MBA at School of Management, MIT?


Top talent from all over the world is drawn to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Management because of its demanding MBA program. The most recent admissions deadline information demonstrates the university's dedication to choosing applicants with a diverse range of experiences.

  • The MIT School of Management demands a minimum of 50 percentile on entry exams to ensure a competitive pool of candidates. MIT-affiliated SOB Pune, on the other hand, has a marginally higher cutoff in 2023—67 percentile—which suggests a rigorous selection procedure.
  • A number of other qualifying requirements, in addition to entrance exam results, go into the comprehensive assessment of applicants. It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in addition to a minimum of 50% overall.
  • Additionally, candidates must provide a written letter of support, which gives them
  • Admitted students have an average of five years of work experience, indicating that the programme favors applicants with significant job experience.
  •  Furthermore, an average GPA of 3.62/4.0 indicates that applicants should be of the highest caliber academically. An impressive average GMAT score of 730 highlights the university's dedication to academic excellence even more.
  • Candidates with good communication skills are evaluated for English proficiency using either the IBT TOEFL, which requires a minimum score of 90, or the IELTS, which requires a minimum band score of 7.
  • The stringent admissions process was further strengthened in 2022 when MIT WPU's General All India category student's CAT cutoff percentile was at 60. All things considered, these standards demonstrate MIT's dedication to accepting applicants who possess a strong combination of professional background, academic aptitude, and a distinct will.

Q:   Is MBA at School of Management, MIT better than Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies?


Determining whether the MBA programme at the School of Management, MIT Pune, is better than the programme at Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies involves considering various factors such as faculty, curriculum, infrastructure, and placement records. The School of Management, MIT Pune, is renowned for its diverse specializations and comprehensive curriculum. MIT Pune has a strong reputation for academic excellence, and its faculty often comprises experienced professionals and industry experts. The specializations offered, including Digital Marketing, Global Business and Management, Branding and Advertising, and HR Management, provide students with a range of choices to align their education with their career aspirations. On the other hand, Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies also has its unique strengths. Assessing the faculty's credentials, the relevance of the curriculum, and the available infrastructure are crucial aspects. Additionally, examining the institute's placement records can provide insights into the success of its graduates in securing desirable positions in the industry. Considering factors like accreditation, alumni networks, and industry connections for both institutions is essential in making an informed decision. Prospective students should also evaluate the overall learning environment, extracurricular opportunities, and any specific advantages each institute may offer in terms of industry exposure or internships. In conclusion, the choice between the MBA programs at the School of Management, MIT Pune, and Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies depends on individual preferences, career goals, and the specific strengths of each institution. Researching thoroughly and possibly visiting both campuses can help prospective students make a well-informed decision based on their unique needs and aspirations.


Q:   Who are the top recruiters of School of Management, MIT?


MIT, a prestigious institution renowned for its cutting-edge education and innovation, boasts a list of top recruiters that reflects its commitment to excellence across various industries. The powerhouse companies actively seeking talent from MIT include Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Disney, Morgan Stanley, American Express, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. These industry giants represent a diverse range of sectors, from technology and finance to entertainment and e-commerce.

Technology leaders Apple, Amazon, and Google recognize MIT's graduates for their prowess in driving innovation. These companies consistently tap into MIT's talent pool to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. IBM, a stalwart in the technology and consulting domain, values the intellectual rigor and problem-solving skills instilled in MIT graduates.

The financial sector is well-represented with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, American Express, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. actively recruiting from MIT. These institutions appreciate the analytical acumen and strategic thinking that MIT imparts to its students, making them valuable assets in the dynamic world of finance.

Disney, a global entertainment giant, also seeks MIT graduates, recognizing their creativity and interdisciplinary skills that align with the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

This coveted list of recruiters underscores MIT's standing as a hub for talent and innovation, where students are not only equipped with technical expertise but also possess the adaptability and creativity demanded by today's leading industries.


MIT School of Management

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No, direct admission to MBA course at MIT-WPU is not valid. There is no provision of direct admission at MIT-WPU. 

The admission process for both MBA (General) and MBA (Dual-Specialisation) courses is the same. Admission to MIT-WPU MBA course is entrance-based. Candidates need to appear in either CAT


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The latest cutoff information for admission to MBA at MIT School of Management is as follows: - The overall cutoff percentile for CAT in 2023 is 60 for General-All India candidates. - The closing marks for the General category in 2024 is 200. - For the MBA program, MITSOB considers candidates' score


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No, full scholarships are not offered by MIT School of Management. Candidates who meet certain requirements in terms of their academic performance are eligible for scholarships at the MIT School of Management. These scholarships cover the difference between the actual cost and the government-approve


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The average percentage of placements  (on-campus and off-campus) for the 2023 drive stood at 95%. The the highest package and average package offered were INR 7 LPA and INR 4.20 LPA, respectively. On average 320 companies visit the college campus every year during MIT School of Management placements


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Answered 3 weeks ago

The two-year postgraduate Master of Business Administration (MBA Dual) programme at the MIT School of Management is offered. There are 120 seats available for the course. The entire tuition fee structure for the MBA Dual programme at the MIT School of Management is around INR 12.10 Lacs which is com




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