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Group discussion refers to a group of a small number of people who share a common identity and accept obligations while interacting with each other on a common topic. Each participant in the group discussion is free to speak their views. Candidates preparing for BBA admission 2022 or MBA admission 2022 must know that after clearing the entrance examination they will have to go through the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. Group Discussion round assesses candidate’s subject knowledge and communication skills in a group. Top colleges of Delhi University, IIM Rohtak, IIM Indore for BBA and IIMsSPJIMRIIFTNMIMS and so forth for MBA conduct group discussions as a part of the admission procedure. Candidates must be thorough with the latest events and generic topics to participate in group discussions effectively. Also, candidates must know the important do’s and don’ts while the GD is being conducted. Read this complete article by Shiksha to know the importance of GD, Types of questions in GD, qualities required and preparation tips.  

Important Qualities for Group Discussion 

Group Discussion Qualities

Candidates shortlisted for group discussion rounds for admission to desired MBA college must possess the following important qualities to ace the round: 

  • Presentation 

A candidate who begins the group discussion after the topic is given must start while using one or two-line to define the topic and brief the structure. Candidates must know that candidate who gives a start earns an extra point.  

  • Subject knowledge 

Candidates must possess a great understanding of the topic on which they will speak. Students must keep themselves aware of a wide range of subjects. Be thorough with the national and international current affairs, economic topics, controversial topics and so forth. As a member of group discussion, one must contribute substantially. Subject knowledge helps in gaining confidence and generating ideas which are essential for group discussion.

  • Expression clarity 

While expressing ideas the audience must understand. When one’s thoughts are clear then only the panellist and the team members will be convinced. Candidates must not be too soft or loud spoken but must have a cheerful voice and proper modulation to attract the audience. Avoid using slang.  

  • Managerial qualities 

GD also assesses the candidate’s leadership qualities. No candidate is appointed as a leader specifically, however, self-confidence, decision making, assertiveness, emotional stability and other such factors define the managerial qualities of a candidate. A good managerial skill is possessed when one is logical and democratic by not being authoritative neither submissive.  

  • Communication skills 

Knowledge without communication is of no importance. Hence, candidates must have good communication skills to express their ideas on the given topic. As a part of communication skills candidates must have confidence and a convincing tone. A good communication skill involves speaking and listening and comprehending other speakers as well for clarity of thoughts. 

  • Use of appropriate non-verbal and verbal language 

Non-verbal skills include body movements, eye contact, facial expressions and gesture. The non-verbal skills are observed by the panellist which determines the candidate’s nervousness, frustration, cooperation, self-confidence, weaknesses, and defensiveness. Candidates are at merit when he/she demonstrates professional skills which include non-verbal language like confident posture, meaningful eye contact, appropriate facial language, and so forth.  

For apt verbal language, candidates must avoid using long winding sentences. Candidates must not use flowery language and avoid making grammatical mistakes. 

  • Good listening 

One cannot contribute to the discussion without listening to the other side. Candidates must not be rigid in their opinion rather comprehend by listening actively to the other team members. Listening skill contributes to the leadership skills and is taken note by the panellists.  

  • Time management 

When the topic for group discussion is given candidates must think of relevant points. Candidates must allocate their time on which point it has to be spent more. Candidates must refrain from monopolizing the conversation, give other candidates the chance to speak. Don’t be in a rush to speak more to gain more points.  

Important Topics for Group Discussion 

Important topics for group discussion

Group discussion topics can be categorized as: 

Current Affairs 

Business and Economy 

Social Issues 

Abstract Topics 

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Do’s and Don’ts for Group Discussion 

Candidates appearing for group discussion must keep in mind the do’s and don’ts for participating.  

Do’s for Participating in GD 

  • Candidates must listen to the topic carefully 
  • Try to initiate the group discussion 
  • Keep tone polite and pleasant.  
  • Agree with what is right and disagree politely 
  • Support information with examples and facts 
  • Give other participants a chance to speak 
  • Candidates must make their short contributions 

Don’ts for Participating in GD 

  • Never initiate the conversation if the topic for GD is not clear 
  • Don’t interrupt the other candidates to keep your point 
  • Avoid negative gestures such as leaning back on a chair, hands-on the nose, shaking legs, knocking the table and so forth 
  • To distract the conversation 
  • Don’t try to dominate the discussion 
  • Don’t ask anyone personal questions 

Group Discussion- Preparation Tips 

One must start preparing for group discussion soon after the entrance exams are over as group discussion also carries more weightage. Refer to the following preparation tips for group discussion: 

  • Stay update
    While preparing for group discussion, candidates must be aware of the latest events happening around which affect our living or economy. Candidates must stay aware of the topics which are repeated and re-appear with minor changes such as gender equality, privatization, reservation and so forth. 
  • Develop reading habit 

Candidates preparing for MBA entrance exams must develop reading habits to improve vocabulary and stay updated with the events happening around them. Candidates must read from a variety of topics and solely not from the area of their interest. Also, candidates must read from magazines that are rich in content. 

  • Develop communication skill 

One can develop communication skills by having a reading habit and using the vocabulary in daily life. Candidates must rehearse their communication skills by being a part of online preparation groups or sitting with friends and discussing a current affair or topic relevant as per GD. This will help the candidates in increasing their knowledge and getting more insights into the topic.  

  • Observe body gesture 

One of the crucial aspects of the GD is body gestures. Candidates must observe their body gestures. While appearing for GD candidates must sit straight, make decent eye contact, do not make unnecessary movements, avoid knocking the table or chair with pen or hand.  

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