NID DAT Exam Analysis 2023: Overall and Sectional Difficulty, Weightage, Types of Questions Asked

National Institute of Design Entrance Exam 2023 ( NID Entrance Exam )


Exam On: 20 Mar '23 - 23 Apr '23

This exam is conducted for courses given below:
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NID DAT Exam Analysis 2023: The exam analysis for the NID DAT 2023 exam by experts and exam takers will be updated on this page immediately after the conclusion of the NID DAT 2023 Prelims exam. The National Institute of Design will conduct NID DAT 2023 Prelims exam tentatively in the first week of January 2023. 

The NID DAT 2023 exam analysis will examine all the key elements of the NID DAT 2023 question paper, including - section-wise and overall difficulty level, weightage, good attempts, and expected cutoff.

Note that the question paper for DAT Prelims for B.Des will include around 26 questions (M.Des will include 100 questions).

Latest Updates:

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NID DAT 2023 Exam Analysis OUT

  1. Part A had many GK questions 
  2. 1 question was on perspective drawing, 1 question on storyboard, and 1 on problem-solving
  3. The paper was lengthy, according to one student
  4. Compared to previous editions, many students this year’s paper to be easier
  5. A projection-based question on cubes was asked
  6. Cut-off as per some students could go up to around 90

NID DAT 2023 - Sectional and Overall difficulty level


Difficulty Level

Part I


Part II




NID DAT Exam 2023 - Overview



Name of the exam

National Institute of Design - Design Aptitude Test

Commonly Known As


Conducting Body

National Institute of Design

Level of the Exam

National Level

Exam Type

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Number of Seats

B.Des - 425

M.Des - 347

Admission process

The NID DAT entrance exam is a two-step process>

  1. Step 1 - Candidates first need to appear in DAT Prelims
  2. Step 2 - Shortlisted candidates next need to appear in DAT Mains

NID DAT 2023 Exam Analysis

The NID DAT 2023 exam will be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 or DAT Prelims will be held around the 1st week of January 2023. 

The detailed exam analysis for DAT Prelims will be updated here soon after the completion of the exam. 

The NID DAT 2023 exam analysis will cover the following points:

  • Sectional difficulty - The difficulty level will be evaluated on a scale of easy, moderate, and difficult.
  • Overall difficulty - Typically, if the overall difficulty level is higher, the cutoff tends to be lower and vice versa.
  • The weightage of questions - The part of the analysis will examine the distribution of questions (or weightage) across various topics. 
  • Good attempts - This will be an indication of how many questions you need to attempt to be in contention for a seat.
  • Expected cut-off   

NID DAT Exam Analysis - Previous Year

Experts and test takers have opined that the overall difficulty level of the NID DAT 2022 exam was moderately difficult. 

Students considered the English section to be easy, though there were a few tricky questions involving pictorial and diagram sections. 

The GK section was rated easy to moderate. 

The B.Des question paper included a total of 26 questions. The duration of the exam was 3 hours. Meanwhile, the M.Des question paper was 4.5 hours long and include 100 questions. 

Both objective and subjective questions were asked.

Subjects of questions asked:

  • There was one question related to COVID-19
  • Another question was asked on the Padma Shree Awards.

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2021

As per NID exam analysis, 2021 by students, the paper for BDes course was easy to moderate. There was a slight change in the NID exam pattern this year with respect to the marking distribution. The objective section of the exam held a weightage of 40 marks and the creative ability section held a weightage of 60 marks. Last year, the objective section of the exam was of 30 marks while the creative ability section was of 70 marks.

NID Exam Analysis 2021: Questions asked in Objective Section

In the Objective section, a majority of questions were asked on subjects such as Logical Reasoning, English, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Some of the important topcs from questions were asked in the section include:

  • GK and Current Affairs: Art, Music, History, COVID-19
  • English: Reading passages, Vocabulary

NID Exam Analysis 2021: Questions asked in Drawing/Subjective Section

In Drawing part, six questions were asked on topics such as perspective drawing, poster making, comic strips, story writing and compositions. Some of the questions that were asked in Drawing part of the exam include:

  1. Create three images/frames to depict a story
  2. Draw a poster on school bullying
  3. Make comic characters for TikTok in six parts
  4. Draw a poster by showcasing steps on how to make tea
  5. Depict a scenario that your younger sibling is disturbing/distracting you while you are studying online

Check complete NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2021 by Students

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Expected NID Cutoff 2021

National Institute of Design releases NID DAT cutoff every year, which specifies minimum qualifying marks that candidates should obtain in order to get shortlisted for further rounds of admission. While the official NID cutoff will be released in due course, Shiksha will share the expected cutoff marks soon. 

Factors based on which NID Entrance Exam cutoff 2021 will be released include:

  • Difficulty level of the written test
  • Number of candidates appearing for the exam
  • Number of seats available for admission
  • NID cutoff trends of previous years 

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2020

NID DAT Prelims 2020 was held on December 29 from 10 am to 1 pm. Unlike previous years' papers, NID DAT Prelims 2020 had no surprises for students. Part I of NID DAT 2020 comprising of general aptitude questions was of 30 marks weightage whereas Part II with drawing/ creative aptitude questions was of  70 marks. NID paper pattern was such that the aptitude questions were mostly from logical reasoning and GK/ current affairs. On the other hand, in the creative aptitude section besides drawing and sense of detailing, candidates were tested on their aptitude, perspective, creative thinking, storyboarding, and 2D graphic understanding.

Questions asked in the Creative Aptitude Section of NID DAT 2020 for BDes admissions are listed below:

NID DAT Prelims 2020 Questions Weightage
A figure representing a surface development of a cube was given and each face had an organic graphic pattern on it, the cube had to be drawn in 3D with the corresponding graphic on each face of the cube and the graphic had to be in the correct orientation as given in the figure. 5 Marks
A scene of a kitchen was given and the vanishing point was defined and was mentioned as that of a small child, the view of the kitchen had to be redrawn with respect to the vanishing point defined.  12 Marks
A scene was described as follows -  A person was looking at a jamun tree and it made him wonder, why don’t pumpkins grow on trees and jamuns on the ground ? at that moment some jamun fruit fell on his head and then he thought that if it was pumpkin, he could have been seriously injured - this had to be illustrated in 3 scenes.  12 Marks
Draw 5 different humours uses for a light bulb.  15 Marks
If trees evolved a self defence mechanism to prevent themselves from being cut, Imagine and Illustrate 3 such defense mechanisms by these trees.  15 Marks
A part of a quote by Rabindranath Tagore was given “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free” - A poster had to be created with the above quote in mind.  10 Marks

Aspirants can view NID DAT exam analysis for BDes and MDes course admissions by clicking the links mentioned below:

NID College Predictor prepared by helps students to predict the college in which they can get admission on the basis of their expected exam score.

NID Entrance Exam College Predictor

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2019

In a sudden departure from its expected pattern, NID entrance exam had a 30 mark general aptitude section which had 22 questions based on verbal and non-verbal reasoning and general awareness with a sprinkle of quantitative. Aspirants can view NID DAT exam analysis for BDes and MDes course admissions by clicking the links mentioned below:

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2018

For the 2018 NID DAT (Prelims) BDes exam paper, the overall structure in terms of marks did not change from the last year, It had objective type questions (MCQs) for 70 marks and subjective type (drawing) questions for 30 marks totalling to a 100 marks. Overall, the objective section seemed to be more straightforward except for a few questions compared to the subjective section. It demanded a combination of creative thinking and problem solving abilities.

NID DAT Prelims 2018 exam paper for MDes was divided into two halves- objective and subjective. The objective section had 59 questions in total. These were further divided into different sections with marks per question ranging from 0.5 to 3. The subjective part had three questions which tested the creativity and the sketching abilities of students. The overall distribution of marks remained the same- 70 for objective and 30 for drawing totalling to 100 marks.

Overall, it was a mix of emotions with the paper weighing between moderately okay to difficult. On a comparative note, the subjective section seemed to be a little easier compared to the objective part and the 2018 edition of the DAT prelims seemed to be a little difficult for the students as compared to the 2017 edition. Read detailed exam analysis for NID DAT Prelims 2018 here.

NID Entrance Exam Analysis 2016

The exam pattern of NID DAT 2016 was a little different from previous years. However, this was in-line with information shared by NID authorities. Till 2015, subjective questions in NID exam werein aspirants had to provide design solutions dominated the test paper. However, in NID DAT 2016 only three subjective questions were asked.

The questions asked in Section B of NID Entrance Exam required aspirants to really think through and were very time-consuming. It was because of this reason that many students were not able to complete their exa, paper on time. Before candidates could attempt the subjective questions they had to solve a a total of 87 objective type questions which contained questions from topics like probability, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning and general awareness. Read detailed NID entrance exam analysis 2016 by experts here.

NID DAT Student Reaction

Over the years, Shiksha has spoken to NID aspirants to get an idea of how their entrance exam went. Candidates can click on the links below to find out what students had to say about exam papers of NID entrance exam.

NID 2020 Student Reaction
NID Entrance Exam Student Reaction 2019 NID Entrance Exam Student Reaction 2018
NID Entrance Exam Student Reaction 2017 NID Entrance Exam Student Reaction 2016
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FAQs on NID DAT Analysis

Q: What is the difficulty level of NID DAT?

A: NID entrance exam is considered to be one of the toughest design entrance exam conducted in the country. IN NID DAT, more weightage is given to subjective, drawing related questions. Thus, candidates need to be extremely creative and have a clear understanding of their concepts when appearing for the NID exam. 

Q: Who sets NID DAT question paper?

A: Questions in NID DAT are drafted by an exam committee formulated by the National Institute of Design. 

Q: What is NID exam pattern? 

A: NID entrance exam comprises of NID DAT Prelims and NID DAT Mains. NID DAT Prelims is a written entrance exam whereas NID DAT Mains comprises of Studio Test and Interview round. NID DAT Prelims comrpises of objective type questions of 30 marks and subjective questions of 70 marks. 

Q: Is NID DAT tough?

A: NID DAT tests a candidate's knowledge, comprehension, visualisation, and creativity levels. Compared to other design entrance exams, the difficulty level of the NID entrance exam is high. 

Q: How many seats are there for NID admissions?

A. Total seats offered in BDes courses at all the NID campuses is 425 seats. For MDes course, NID seats on offer for admission are 347.

Q: Can I attempt subjective questions first in NID exam?

A: Candidates need to attempt Part I of NID exam paper, containing objective type questions first. Only after solving this part candidate can attempt Part II of the paper containing subjective questions. To solve the subjective questions, candidates need to take an answering sheet from the invigilator.

Q: Will the difficulty level of NID entrance exam affect the exam cut offs?

A: Yes, the difficulty level would affect NID admission cut-offs. If NID DAT 2021 is easier than last year then the cutoffs will be slightly higher this year as compared to last year.

Q: Will NID DAT 2023 answer key be released on the exam day?

A: No, NID answer key will not be released on the exam day. It will be released in the month of March/ April.

Q. When will the result of NID DAT 2023 be declared?

A. Result for NID DAT Prelims for PG course admissions will be declared around March/ April whereas the schedule containing result for NID exam for UG course admissions will be declared later.

Q: If I fail in NID DAT Prelims, can I sit for NID DAT Mains?

A. No, it is mandatory for candidates to clear NID DAT Prelims in order to be eligible to appear for NID DAT Mains.

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19 Institutes accepting NID Entrance Exam

M.Des. in Animation Film Design
  • Total Fees: ₹ 10.68 Lakh
  • |
  • 30 months
  • |
  • Full Time
M.Des. in Toy and Game Design
  • Total Fees: ₹ 9.97 Lakh
  • |
  • 30 months
  • |
  • Full Time
B.Des. in Animation and VFX
  • 4.3





    Faculty & Course Curriculum


    Crowd & Campus Life


    Value for Money

  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 11.62 Lakh
  • |
  • 4 years
  • |
  • Full Time
B.Des. in Animation and Game Design
  • 4.4





    Faculty & Course Curriculum


    Crowd & Campus Life


    Value for Money

  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 14.00 Lakh
  • |
  • 4 years
  • |
  • Full Time

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