IIM Fees for MBA 2022 - Check complete MBA fee structure for IIMs

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IIM Fees for MBA range between INR 13 lakh and 23 lakh. Check out the MBA fee structure for all IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Indore.

IIM Fees

IIM MBA fees ranges between INR 13 and INR 23 lakh. MBA fees of the top three IIMs - Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta is highest at INR 23 lakh whereas MBA fees of the newer IIMs like Trichy and Sirmaur is between INR 13 to INR 16 lakh. The discrepancy in the fee structure of the old and the new IIMs is due to the fact that older IIMs do not take funds from the government for maintenance and other expenditure, while the new IIMs are financially supported by the government.

If you plan to pursue an MBA course at any of the IIM campuses, you must know its fees and admission criteria. Although, the IIMs offer scholarships and provide assistance in securing education loans, it is wise to check before applying, whether the IIMs fit in your budget or not.

In this article, you will get the annual MBA fees of 20 IIMs along with the scholarships offered by them. You will also find the following information:

  • Components of IIM MBA fees
  • Annual course fee of two-year MBA/PGP programme of each IIM
  • PGP fee structure and scholarship of each IIM
  • Scholarship schemes offered by each IIM

IIM Fee Structure: Components of MBA Fees

MBA aspirants must know what constitutes the IIM fees so that he/she can make financial arrangements, if required before admission. The IIM fee includes tuition fee, boarding and lodging as well as other expenses for services and utilities. An important component of IIM MBA fees is the expense of international immersion programme. Some IIMs allow candidates to take up private residence outside the campus after the first year of the programme. The MBA course fee is to be paid semester-wise. IIM fees includes following expenses:

  • Tuition fee
  • Personal expenses
  • Boarding
  • Travel
  • Course material
  • Mess charges
  • Library
  • Internet
  • Laptop and computer
  • Alumni activity and
  • Miscellaneous expenses

IIM Fees for MBA/PGP 2022-23

Below is the list of MBA/PGP programme fees of each IIM. The amount mentioned here is course fee of full-time MBA/PGP (two years). The fees may increase in the new academic session.

IIM campus


IIM Ahmedabad

INR 23.00 lakh

IIM Bangalore

INR 23. 00 lakh

IIM Calcutta

INR 23.00 lakh

IIM Lucknow

INR 19.00 lakh

IIM Kozhikode

INR 20.50 lakh

IIM Raipur

INR 23.00 lakh

IIM Udaipur

INR 19.00 lakh

IIM Rohtak

INR 16.10 lakh

IIM Visakhapatnam

INR 16.79 lakh

IIM Trichy

INR 19.00 lakh

IIM Sambalpur

INR 13.03 lakh

IIM Ranchi

INR 15.00 lakh

IIM Bodhgaya

INR 15.50 lakh

IIM Sirmaur

INR 13.75 lakh (excluding fees for international immersion programme)

IIM Jammu

INR 15.56 lakh

IIM Amritsar

INR 16.00 lakh

IIM Shillong

INR 14.60  lakh

IIM Kashipur

INR 15.42 lakh

IIM Nagpur

INR 18.00 lakh

IIM Indore

INR 21.60 lakh

Campus wise IIM Fee Details

IIM MBA fee amount differs for each institute. Some of the IIMs have high fees, while some of them have moderate fees. For campus-wise MBA fee structure of the IIMs, check the links mentioned in the table below:

Campus wise IIM MBA Fee Details
IIM Ahmedabad Fees for MBA IIM Bangalore Fees for MBA
IIM Calcutta Fees for MBA IIM Lucknow Fees for MBA
IIM Indore Fees for MBA IIM Kozhikode Fees for MBA
IIM Udaipur Fees for MBA IIM Shillong Fees for MBA
IIM Ranchi Fees for MBA IIM Rohtak Fees for MBA
IIM Nagpur Fees for MBA IIM Jammu Fees for MBA
IIM Bodh Gaya Fees for MBA IIM Sirmaur Fees for MBA
IIM Kashipur Fees for MBA IIM Amritsar Fees for MBA
IIM Sambalpur Fees for MBA IIM Visakhapatnam Fees for MBA
IIM Trichy Fees for MBA IIM Raipur Fees for MBA

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IIM Fees of Executive MBA programmes

Check the table below for some of the popular IIM MBA programmes (Executive) and their fees:

Executive MBA programme

Course Fee (approx.)

IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX

INR 30.00 Lakh

IIM Bangalore - EPGP

INR 29.00 Lakh

IIM Calcutta - MBAEx

INR 27.00 Lakh

IIM Indore - EPGP

INR 22.11 Lakh

IIM Lucknow - IPMX

INR 23.50 lakh

IIM Kozhikode-PGP BL

INR 22.50 lakh

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IIM Scholarships

The IIMs provide various scholarships to deserving candidates who come from financially weak background. There are primarily two types of scholarships being offered:

  • Scholarship for candidates from economically weak background
  • Scholarship for meritorious students

The table below, contains links to the list of all the scholarships provided to deserving students. Click on the links to know complete details of IIM scholarships:

IIM Scholarship Schemes
IIM Calcutta scholarship IIM Ahmedabad scholarship
IIM Bangalore scholarship IIM Lucknow scholarship
IIM Kozhikode scholarship IIM Indore scholarship
IIM Kashipur scholarship IIM Rohtak scholarship
IIM Ranchi scholarship IIM Udaipur scholarship
IIM Sirmaur scholarship IIM Raipur scholarship
IIM Shillong scholarship IIM Nagpur scholarship

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Important FAQs on IIM Fees for MBA

Q: What is the fees of IIM for MBA?

A: The fees of MBA courses offered by the IIMs range from INR 13.75 lakh (IIM Sirmaur) to INR 23 INR lakh (IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta). The fees includes boarding, mess and other expenses. The total MBA fees is to be paid in instalments term-wise. The break of fee payment is shared with the candidate before admission.

Q: Why is IIM fees so high?

A: Although, the IIMs are financially aided by the government, the MBA fees is high because they are autonomous institutes, which means they don't receive funding from the government for regular functioning and have to meet the expenses on their own.

Q: Is IIM a government-aided institute?

A: The Government of India financially aids the newer Indian Institute of Management institutes but they have no say in administrative decisions and day to day functioning of the institutes. The decisions regarding admission, courses, curriculum, administration, operations, etc. is taken independently by the institutes. 

Q: Do IIMs offer scholarships to candidates?

A: Yes, there is a range of scholarship schemes offered by every IIM. IIM Ahmedabad has about 13 scholarship schemes for students. The scholarships are offered to the candidates basis merit and financial status. To avail scholarship, candidates from weak financial background have to submit relevant documents of family income and fill the scholarship form.

Q: Which IIM has the lowest MBA fees?

A: IIM Sirmaur has the lowest MBA fees. It's current fees is INR 13.75 lakh. The IIM Sirmaur fees for MBA can be paid in instalments and there are scholarships and loan assistance available.

Q: What is the fees of Executive MBA course at IIMs?

A: The course fee of Executive MBA courses at IIMs is above INR 20 lakh. The fees is to be paid semester-wise. Candidates are also provided loan assistance by the institutes for Executive MBA courses as well. 

Q: Can I get a bank loan to pay IIM fees?

A: Yes, several nationalised banks offer education loans up to INR 10 lakh to candidates for IIM admission. The IIMs facilitate education load proceedings to students who wish to avail the service. Students can also apply for scholarship schemes offered by the IIMs.

Q: What is the admission process of IIM MBA?

A: IIM admission process for MBA programme includes – CAT exam, Written Ability Test/Group Discussion (WAT/GD) and Personal Interview (PI). Candidates are selected for WAT/GD-PI on the basis of CAT score. Candidate's performance in WAT/GD-PI and academic record determines his/her admission.

Q: How much CAT percentile is required by General category students to get any IIM?

A: General category students require over 99 percentile for admission to old IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow and Kozhikode) and over 95 percentile for new IIMs. The CAT cut off for IIM admission is much lower for reserved category students.

Q: Is the CAT cut off percentile for student of SC/ST category students lower than General category?

A: Yes, the CAT cut off percentile for student of SC/ST category students lower than General category. Both the qualifying cut offs and final cut offs are lower for Reserved category candidates.

Q: Does government decide IIM fees?

A: No, the government has no say in deciding fees of any course offered by the IIMs or about any monetary decisions related to the institutes. The IIM management body takes all the financial and administrative decisions independently. 


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