MH CET Law Exam Centres 2024: City/State-wise Test Centres, Shift Timings & Instructions

Maharashtra Common Entrance Test - Law 2024 ( MHCET Law )

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Counselling: 8 Jul '24 - 13 Jul '24

This exam is conducted for courses given below:
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The Common Entrance Test (CET) Cell, Maharashtra shared the list of exam centres for MHCET Law 2024 along with the entrance exam notification. The facility of selecting MHCET Law 2024 exam centres will be available during the application form fill-up process only (only available for 5-year LLB at present). Candidates can select at least three of their nearest cities/ locations as the MH CET Law 2024 exam centres to take the exam. Candidates will be allotted the nearest test centres for MH CET Law 2024 that have facilities for the Computer-Based Test (CBT) mode. CET Cell will allot test centres which is nearest to the preferred location of candidates. The address of the MH CET Law 2024 exam centre can be found in the MH CET Law 2024 admit card. Check below the list of MH CET Law 2024 test centres and other details.

The MH CET Law 2024 exam for the 5-year LLB course was conducted online on May 30, 2024, at designated test centres. Candidates are required to reach the exam centre on or before the reporting time. The reporting for the exam can be checked on this page. 

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Q:   Can I take admission in ILS Law College, BA LLB without MHCET Law?


Admission to the first year of five-year and three-year law programmes is based on the Maharashtra Law Common Entrance Test (CET) score. Please keep in mind that CET is required for admission to the programs listed above at ILS Law College. The College does not have a separate entrance examination. There is no additional registration form to complete for admission to ILS Law College.  There are no management quota seats available at ILS Law College. The Centralized Admission Process (CAP) is used by the CET Cell, Mumbai, to determine the eligibility for all programs at ILS Law College based on the results of the CET.


Q:   What is a good MH CET Law score?


A good MH CET Law score is one that will allow you to get into a good law college in Maharashtra. The cut-off for admission to law colleges varies from year to year, but in general, a score of 110 or above is considered to be a good score.

Here is a table of MH CET Law scores and their corresponding percentiles:

130 and above99.99+
Below 70Below 60

Q:   When will MH CET Law 2024 admit card release?


The MH CET Law 2024 admit card for 3-year LLB course was released on March 3, 2024 in online mode on the official website of CET Cell Maharashtra. The MH CET Law admit card 2024 for 5-year LLB courses was released published on the same website on May 18, 2024. 

It is important to download your MH CET Law 2024 admit card in advance and bring it with you to the exam center on the day of the exam. You will not be allowed to enter the exam hall without your admit card.

Here are some tips for downloading your MH CET Law admit card 2024:

  • Visit the official CET Cell Maharashtra's website and enter your login credentials.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Download your admit card and take a printout of it.
  • Keep a copy of your admit card safe for the day of the exam.

If you have any problems downloading your MH CET Law 2024 admit card, contact the MH CET Law exam authorities immediately.


MH CET Law 2024 Exam Centres

MHCET Law exam centres 2024 as informed by CET Cell in the following cities of Maharashtra state are:

MH CET Law Test Centres in Maharashtra state
















Kalyan- Dombivali



Mumbai – Suburban Western


Mumbai – Suburban Central




New Mumbai













Vasai -Virar



Q:   How are MH CET Law exam centres allotted?


The allotment of MH CET Law exam centers is typically based on the choices made by candidates during the application process. Here's how the process generally works:

1. Choice Filling: During the application process, candidates are asked to select their preferred exam centers from a list of available options. They can usually choose multiple centers in order of preference.

2. Availability: Exam center allotment is subject to availability. Popular or high-demand centers may fill up quickly, so it's essential to make your choices early.

3. Random Allocation: If there are multiple candidates choosing the same exam center as their first preference, the allocation may be done randomly among those candidates.

4. Admit Card: After the application process is complete, candidates receive their admit cards, which include information about their allotted exam center. This is typically available for download a few weeks before the exam.

5. No Changes After Submission: Once you've submitted your application, you generally cannot change your exam center. Therefore, it's crucial to choose your preferred center carefully during the application process.

6. Consider Travel and Logistics: Candidates should plan their travel and logistics to reach the assigned exam center on the exam day. Make sure you're familiar with the location and have ample time to arrive before the reporting time.

7. Adherence to Rules: On the exam day, candidates must follow all the rules and guidelines set by the exam authorities at their allocated exam center, including the reporting time and permissible items.

It's important to note that the exact process and policies related to exam center allotment may vary from year to year, so candidates should always refer to the official MH CET Law website and notifications for the most up-to-date and specific information regarding exam center allocation.


Q:   How can I select an exam centre for MH CET Law?


To select an exam centre for the MH CET Law 5-year or 3-year LLB exam, use the following steps:

1. Fill out the MH CET Law application form: To book a test centre for MH CET Law, candidates first need to fill out the required personal information, educational details, candidature types, category details, and address for communication.

2. Go to the Exam Preference Centre section: After filling out the required details, candidates need to go to the "MAH-L.L.B.5/3Yrs. –CET (Year) Examination Details" section.

3. Select Exam Centres: Now, select three exam centres for the MH CET Law exam, and then save and submit the details.

Proceed further with the form filling process.


Q:   Can I get the first city of preference as my MH CET Law exam centre?


There is no guarantee that candidates will get the first city of preference as their MH CET Law exam centre. The allocation of test centres depends on various factors, such as the number of candidates that selected a particular centre, the infrastructure capacity of the centre to allow all candidates to appear in the test, and security and safety criteria. Thus, these factors will decide whether you get the exam centre of your choice or not.
The CET Cell Maharashtra allows candidates to select three cities as their exam centre options for the MH CET Law exam. If you do not get the first city of your choice as your exam centre, the exam authority will allot you the second city of your choice as your exam centre. Moreover, if you do not get the second city of your preference as your MH CET Law exam centre, the exam centre of your third preference will be allotted to you. Here, candidates need to know that the exam authority sometimes allocates exam centres randomly.


Q:   Which are the test centers of MH CET Law in Maharashtra?


The exam centers for MH CET Law may change from year to year, and the final list of centers is typically released by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell (CET Cell) in their official notification and brochure. As of 2023, here are 53 cities in Maharashtra where MH CET Law exam centers have been traditionally located:

  • Akola
  • Amravati
  • Bhandara
  • Buldhana
  • Chandrapur
  • Ahmednagar
  • Aurangabad
  • Beed
  • Dhule
  • Gadchiroli
  • Gondia
  • Latur
  • Mumbai
  • Mumbai – Suburban Western
  • Mumbai – Suburban Central
  • Nagpur
  • Nanded
  • Nandurbar
  • Nasik
  • New Mumbai
  • Palghar
  • Parbani
  • Pune
  • Ratnagiri
  • Rasayani
  • Sangli
  • Satara
  • Hingoli
  • Jalgaon
  • Kolhapur
  • Kalyan- Dombivali
  • Shegaon
  • Sindudurga
  • Solapur
  • Thane
  • Wardha
  • Washim
  • Yavatmal
  • Vasai -Virar

MHCET Law 2024 Exam Dates & Schedule

Take a look at the table below for the complete schedule of MHCET Law 2024 exam

DatesPast Exam Dates

30 May '24

MHCET Law 2024 exam date for 5-yr LLB course

18 May '24

MHCET Law 2024 Admit Card for 5-yr LLB course

12 Mar '24 -

13 Mar '24

MHCET Law 2024 exam date for 3-yr LLB course

MH CET Law 2024 Exam Centres (Outside Maharashtra)

For the convenience of candidates who are not domicile of Maharashtra state, CET cell conducted the examination in 14 cities listed in the table below:





Madhya Pradesh



New Delhi




Uttar Pradesh





Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu, Samba

West Bengal










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Q:   Which are the MH CET Law test centers outside Maharashtra?


As of 2023, MH CET Law exam centers are primarily located within the state of Maharashtra. However, there have been instances where the exam has been conducted in select cities outside of Maharashtra. These centers outside Maharashtra are usually limited in number and are subject to availability. Some cities outside Maharashtra where MH CET Law exam centers have been conducted in the past include:

1. New Delhi
2. Noida
3. Kolkata
4. Bhopal
5. Jaipur
6. Indore
7. Bengaluru
8. Panaji
9. Ghaziabad
10. Lucknow
11. Patna 
12. Ranchi
13. Raipur
14. Jammu

Please note that the availability of exam centers outside Maharashtra may vary from year to year, and the final list of centers for a particular year is typically announced by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell (CET Cell) in their official notification and brochure.

To get the most up-to-date and specific information about the availability of MH CET Law exam centers outside Maharashtra for the year you plan to take the exam, you should refer to the official MH CET Law website and the official notification or brochure released by the CET Cell for that year.


Q:   Can I change my MH CET Law exam centre after submitting the MH CET Law application?


In general, after submitting your MH CET Law application, you cannot change your exam center. The choice of exam center that you make during the application process is typically considered final, and the exam authorities allocate centers based on your preferences and availability.

It's essential to choose your preferred exam center carefully during the application process to avoid any inconvenience later. Ensure that the selected center is convenient for you to reach and meets your logistical requirements.

If you have a valid and urgent reason for requesting a change in your exam center, you may contact the exam authorities or the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell (CET Cell). However, such requests are often considered only in exceptional cases, and approval is at their discretion. Valid reasons might include a medical emergency or a situation beyond your control.

To explore the possibility of changing your exam center, you should reach out to the official MH CET Law authorities as early as possible and provide all necessary documentation and reasons for your request. Keep in mind that approval is not guaranteed, so it's best to select your preferred exam center carefully during the application process to avoid any complications.


Q:   What should I do if my MH CET Law exam centre is far from my location?


If your MH CET Law exam center is far from your location, you should plan your travel and logistics carefully to ensure a smooth and stress-free exam day experience. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Plan Your Journey in Advance:
   - Research the location of your exam center well in advance.
   - Calculate the estimated travel time and plan to arrive at the center well before the reporting time.
   - Consider factors like traffic, public transportation schedules, and any potential delays.

2. Transportation:
   - Choose your mode of transportation wisely. If possible, use a reliable mode of transportation that ensures you reach the exam center on time.
   - If you are relying on public transportation, check the schedules and routes in advance. Consider alternative routes if necessary.

3. Accommodation:
   - If the distance to the exam center is significant, and you have an early morning exam, consider staying in a nearby hotel or accommodation the night before the exam. This can help reduce stress and ensure you are well-rested.

4. Emergency Contact Information:
   - Share your travel plans and emergency contact information with a family member or friend, so someone knows your whereabouts.

5. Essential Items:
   - Ensure you have all the essential items with you, including your MH CET Law admit card, valid photo ID, stationery, and any other required documents.
   - Carry a transparent water bottle and a small snack if allowed by the exam center.

6. Stay Calm and Positive:
   - Keep a positive mindset and stay calm. Stress can affect your performance, so try to relax and stay focused on the exam.

7. Check the Weather Forecast: Be aware of weather conditions on the day of the exam, and prepare accordingly if there is a possibility of adverse weather affecting your travel.

8. Use Navigation Apps: Utilize navigation apps on your smartphone to find the fastest and most convenient route to the exam center. Make sure your phone is fully charged.

9. Plan for Return Journey: After the exam, plan your return journey in advance as well. Be aware of the time it might take to reach your destination after the exam concludes.

10. Read Exam Instructions: Carefully read and follow all instructions provided by the MH CET Law authorities and the information mentioned in your admit card regarding the exam center, reporting time, and any specific guidelines.

By planning ahead and taking these precautions, you can minimize the stress associated with traveling to a faraway exam center and increase your chances of reaching the center on time for your MH CET Law exam.


MH CET Law Exam Centre 2024 Exam Timings

Check out the exam time, reporting time and shift time related details to MH CET Law 2024 below: 


Exam Shift 1

Exam Shift 2

Reporting Time

7:30 AM

12:30 PM

Last Entry allowed 

8:45 AM

1:45 PM

Login time to read the instructions

8:50 AM

1:50 PM

Commencement of MH CET Law exam 2023

9:00 AM

2:00 PM

MH CET Law exam ends

11:00 AM

4:00 PM

Departure time for candidates

11:05 AM

4:05 PM

Q:   What is the reporting time to reach the MH CET Law exam centre for the MH CET Law 2024 exam?


MH CET Law 2024 will be conducted in two shifts: the morning shift and the afternoon shift. The reporting timing for shift 1, or the morning shift, is 7:30 AM. The MH CET Law 2024 exam for this shift will be conducted from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.However, the reporting time for the MH CET Law 2024 afternoon shift or shift 2 exam is 12:30 PM. The MH CET Law 2024 shift 2 exam is from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Candidates need to make sure they reach the MH CET Law exam centre at least 30 minutes before the reporting time for security purposes and understand the seating arrangement. 


Q:   What if I reach the MH CET Law exam center late?


Reaching the MH CET Law exam center late can have consequences, as the exam authorities typically have strict reporting times and rules in place. Here's what you should do if you find yourself running late:

1. Contact the Authorities: If you anticipate that you will be late due to unforeseen circumstances, try to contact the exam authorities as soon as possible. They may be able to provide guidance or assistance.

2. Arrive as Soon as Possible: Make every effort to reach the exam center as quickly as you can. Even if you are late, it's better to arrive and attempt the exam rather than missing it entirely.

3. Admission May Be Denied: Depending on the exam center's policies and rules, candidates who arrive significantly late may not be allowed to enter the exam hall. Each exam center may have its own policy on this matter.

4. Follow Instructions*: If you are allowed to enter the exam hall, follow all instructions given by the exam invigilators and staff. Be quiet and do not disturb other candidates.

5. No Extra Time: Generally, candidates who arrive late are not given extra time to complete the exam. You will be expected to finish the paper within the allotted time.

6. Stay Calm: It's natural to feel stressed if you're late, but try to stay calm and composed. Stress can affect your performance, so focus on the exam and do your best.

7. Plan Ahead: To avoid being late in the future, plan your travel and logistics well in advance. Leave extra time for unexpected delays, such as traffic or transportation issues.

Remember that the specific policies and consequences for arriving late may vary from one MH CET Law exam center to another. It's crucial to review the instructions and guidelines provided by the exam authorities before the exam day and aim to arrive at the center well before the reporting time to ensure a smooth experience.


MH CET Law 2024 Exam Centre Instructions

Candidates appearing for the upcoming examination should carry the admit card for MH CET Law 2024 along with required documents such as Photo ID proof and photographs (passport size and as uploaded in the application form).

  • Before appearing for the exam, candidates should cross-check all details on MHCET Law admit card, and also check the exam centre name, location and how to reach the place to avoid any last-minute hassles. 
  • Candidates should report the allotted exam centre at least an hour before the scheduled exam timings. 
  • Candidates should avoid carrying any kind of electronic device and study material inside the examination hall. 

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Q:   Which documents do I need to carry to the MH CET Law exam centre?


When you go to the MH CET Law exam center, you need to carry certain essential documents to gain entry and objects to appear for the exam. Here are the documents you should have with you on the exam day:

1. MH CET Law Admit Card: Your MH CET Law admit card is one of the most important documents. It contains crucial information such as your exam center details, roll number, and reporting time. Ensure that you have a printed copy of your admit card, and it should be in good condition.

2. Valid Photo ID: You must carry a valid photo ID as proof of your identity. Acceptable IDs typically include Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, or any other government-issued ID with your photograph. Make sure the name on your ID matches the name on your admit card.

3. Photograph: Carry two recent passport-size photographs as per the specifications mentioned in the admit card or official guidelines.

4. Stationery: It's a good idea to carry essential stationery such as pens, pencils, erasers, and a sharpener. Some exams may have specific requirements regarding the type of pen or pencil allowed, so check the instructions in advance.

5. Other Documents (if applicable): If you belong to a reserved category (e.g., SC/ST/OBC), you may need to carry relevant category certificates for verification.

6. Medical Certificate (if applicable): If you have applied for a scribe or extra time due to a disability or medical condition, you may need to carry a medical certificate as per the exam authorities' guidelines.

Always double-check the official MH CET Law website and the instructions provided on your admit card for any specific requirements or changes regarding the documents you need to carry to the exam center. Arrive at the center well in advance of the reporting time to complete the verification process smoothly.


Q:   Can I bring a calculator or electronic devices to the MH CET Law exam centre?


No, you cannot bring calculators or electronic devices, including mobile phones, to the MH CET Law exam center. Most competitive exams, including MH CET Law, have strict rules against the use of electronic devices during the exam. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity and fairness of the examination process.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Calculators: Calculators of any kind are typically not allowed in the MH CET Law exam. You are expected to perform all calculations manually, and the exam questions are designed to be solved without the use of calculators.

2. Electronic Devices: Mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and any other electronic devices are usually not allowed inside the exam hall. Even if these devices are switched off, they are typically prohibited.

3. Penalties: If you are found in possession of a prohibited electronic device during the exam, it can result in serious consequences, including disqualification from the exam and potential legal actions.

4. Storage Facilities: Most exam centers provide facilities to store personal belongings, including electronic devices, outside the exam hall. You should make use of these facilities if available.

5. Authorized Materials: You are generally allowed to bring essential stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and a transparent water bottle (subject to specific guidelines). Refer to the official exam instructions for details on what is permitted.

Always refer to the specific guidelines and instructions provided by the MH CET Law authorities and the information mentioned in your admit card to ensure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the exam center. It's crucial to follow these guidelines to avoid any issues on the exam day.


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The registration process for the MH CET Law 2024 Centralised Admission Process (CAP) for 5-year LLB will start on July 8, 2024 at  The exam authority will start the CAP registration for 3-year LLB course on July 10, 2024, at Once the counselling registration


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No, LLB course in Dr. D. Y. Patil Law College require MH-CET for admission. 


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NO. The admission process is only through MH CET LAW  exam.The exam is conducted in online mode.Also to get admission in this college the pershon should have passwd 10th and 12th with 45% in board exams.


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The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH CET Law) is a state-level law entrance exam in Maharashtra, and it is compulsory for admission to 3-year LLB and 5-year LLB programmes offered by law colleges in the state. However, there are law colleges in Pune that offer admission without an entrance exam,



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188 Institutes accepting MHCET Law

BBA LL.B. (Hons.)
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  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 20.75 Lakh
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Master of Law (LL.M.)
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