MITID DAT Syllabus 2023: Download Syllabus PDF, Subject-wise Topics

MIT Institute of Design - Design Aptitude Test 2023 ( MITID DAT )


Registrations: 1 Sep '22 - 28 Feb '23

This exam is conducted for courses given below:
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MIT DAT syllabus is not specified. Candidates need to start their preparation at least three months before the exam is scheduled. For the academic session 2023-24 the exam is scheduled to held on April 2, 2023. Candidates are usually evaluated as per the below-mentioned criteria: 


Evaluation Criteria

Analytical Skills

Ability to analyse things, situations, and contexts.

Internalisation Skills

Ability to identify the essential elements of a given thing or a situation.

Problem Solving Skills

Ability to interpret and plan to address any given situation.

Observation Skills

Ability to keenly observe any given thing or situation.

Learning Skills

Ability to learn as opposed to bookish knowledge.


Having an urge to ask questions about things, people, situations etc.

Individualistic Skills

Having independent viewpoints and convictions

Media Skills

Ability to handle different media which a candidate may or may not be familiar with.

General Knowledge

Being aware about what is happening in the world.

Communication Skills

Ability to communicate well both verbally and non-verbally (through drawing, sketching, etc)

Team Player

Ability to function as a good team member

As per the official website of DAT, candidates having the following abilities will be given preference for admission:

  • Sharp ability to analyse things, situations, contexts and to map the situation
  • Sharp ability to identify the constituent elements of a given thing or a situation and an overall assessment of the same (internalisation)
  • Sharp ability to synthesise, i.e., having an ability to interpret, plan and evolve directions or strategies to address any given situation or set of issues (attitude towards problem solving)
  • Ability to keenly observe any given thing or situation (keenness of perception). This goes beyond just "looking" at a thing rather than more of "seeing"
  • Ability to relevantly classify and categorise information which is being rolled out and thereby to find connections, relationships to draw rational inferences("pattern seeking")
  • Ability to "learn" as opposed to bookish knowledge. Capacity for learnability by being mentally agile and flexible (learning to learn)
  • From the above, capacity to generate knowledge and its application
  • Ability to handle different materials and media which may or may not be familiar
  • Ability to emphatise - being sensitive towards feelings, needs and emotions of others and to have an ability to relate oneself with others in various contexts, specific situations, events etc.
  • Having unbounded curiosity towards things, people, situations etc,. A sense of wonderment, having a constant urge to ask questions and an urge to find out the what's, whys, how's, when's about the world and beyond.
  • Being individualistic i.e., having independent viewpoints and convictions (as opposed to stubbornness)
  • Being very much aware about what is going on in the world and beyond and having a "worldview"
  • Good ability to communicate - both verbal communication and non-verbal communication(may be through drawing, sketching and other media)
  • Ability to function or work as a good team member
  • Having an ability to be tenacious - not "giving up" easily
  • Attitude towards neatness, precision and production of quality work

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2 Institutes accepting MITID DAT

B.Des. in Product Design
  • 4.3





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    Value for Money

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  • Total Fees: ₹ 12.80 Lakh
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