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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Common Written Examination Regional Rural Banks 2024 ( IBPS RRB )

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IBPS RRB Syllabus 2024 is an important resource to prepare for the exam. The syllabus outlines the topics that candidates need to prepare for the exam. IBPS does not prescribes IBPS RRB syllabus. The topics and sub-topics that are prescribed in the syllabus have been formulated based on the previous years' question papers. Before beginning with IBPS RRB preparation, candidates must go through the syllabus to understand the important and less important topics. To clear the concepts of the topics given in the syllabus, candidates must refer tio a good IBPS RRB Books

The syllabus of IBPS RRB PO is different from that of IBPS RRB Clerk. The difficulty levels of papers are also different. IBPS RRB syllabus for PO is exhaustive than Clerk. Read below for more details on IBPS RRB syllabus.

Q:   What is IBPS RRB syllabus?


IBPS RRB syllabus is given below:

1. Reasoning:

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning


Seating Arrangements



Blood Relations

Alphanumeric Series


Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test

Data Sufficiency


Decision Making

2. Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability:

Number Series


Data Interpretation (Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, etc.)

Quadratic Equations

Time and Work

Time and Distance

Profit and Loss

Simple and Compound Interest

Ratio and Proportion




Problems on Ages

Mixtures and Alligations


3. English/Hindi Language (Language Proficiency):

Reading Comprehension

Cloze Test

Para jumbles

Error Spotting

Sentence Improvement

Fill in the Blanks

Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word Substitution, etc.)


4. General Awareness:

Current Affairs (national and international)

Banking Awareness

Financial Awareness

Static GK (Countries, Capitals, Rivers, etc.)

5. Computer Knowledge (Main Exam only):

Basics of Computers

Operating Systems


MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Computer Hardware and Software



Q:   What is IBPS RRB Syllabus for English Language?


IBPS RRB English Syllabus assesses candidate's proficiency in English Language including their understanding of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, etc. To prepare this section, candidates are advised to practice reading, improve vocabulary, and focus on grammatical concepts to perform well in this section. IBPS RRB syllabus for English Language is given below:

  • Reading Comprehension: Questions are asked based on a passage that candidates need to read and understand, followed by answering questions related to the passage.
  • Cloze Test: A passage with certain words missing, and candidates are required to fill in the appropriate words to complete the passage.
  • Para jumbles: Sentences that are jumbled, and candidates need to rearrange them in the correct order to form a coherent paragraph.
  • Error Spotting: Sentences with errors, and candidates have to identify and correct the errors.
  • Sentence Improvement: Sentences with an underlined part, and candidates need to choose the correct option that improves the sentence's grammatical and contextual correctness.
  • Fill in the Blanks: Sentences with blanks, and candidates have to choose the appropriate words to fill in the blanks.
  • Vocabulary: Synonyms, Antonyms, and One-word Substitution.
  • Grammar: Basic grammar rules and concepts, such as tenses, verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc.

Q:   What is IBPS RRB Syllabus for Reasoning?


IBPS RRB Reasoning syllabus evaluates the candidate's logical and analytical reasoning skills. To perform well in this section, candidates should practice previous years' question papers and attempt mock tests. IBPS RRB syllabus for Reasoning is given below:

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning: Questions are asked based on verbal and non-verbal patterns, series, analogies, etc.
  • Puzzles: Different types of puzzles are asked in the exam such as seating arrangement, floor puzzles, box-based puzzles, etc.
  • Seating Arrangements: Linear, Circular, or Rectangular seating arrangements.
  • Syllogism: Questions are asked based on deductive reasoning using statements and conclusions.
  • Coding-Decoding: Coding and decoding of words or phrases based on given patterns.
  • Blood Relations: Questions related to family relations and family tree.
  • Alphanumeric Series: Questions are based on a mixture of alphabets and numbers.
  • Input-Output: Questions involving input and output arrangement are based on certain rules.
  • Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test: Questions are asked related to ranking of individuals, direction sense, and alphabetic arrangements.
  • Data Sufficiency: Questions are asked to test the candidate's ability to determine whether the given data is sufficient to answer a particular question.
  • Inequalities: Questions are based on comparing quantities using different mathematical symbols.
  • Decision Making: Questions are based on decision making and problem-solving scenarios.

What is IBPS RRB Syllabus 2024?

Candidates aiming to crack IBPS exam should begin their preparation by going through the syllabus. They must be aware of the latest IBPS RRB syllabus that covers the topics important for the exam. IBPS RRB syllabus list the important topics for the exam. The subjects covered under IBPS RRB are Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Hindi Language, Computer Knowledge, and General Awareness & Financial Awareness. The standard of IBPS RRB syllabus is of graduation level. The Reasoning & Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude are asked in both IBPS RRB prelims exam for PO and Clerk. IBPS RRB mains syllabus comprises questions from Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Hindi Language, Computer Knowledge, and General Awareness & Financial Awareness. Candidates must refer to IBPS RRB syllabus and then start the preparation. 

Q:   Which types of questions will be asked in the IBPS RRB PO interview?


The IBPS RRB PO interview typically include questions related to your education, work experience, and your motivation for wanting to work in the banking sector. They may also ask about your knowledge of the banking industry and current events, as well as your ability to handle pressure and work in a team. Some specific questions that are asked in IBPS RRB PO interview are given below:

  • Why do you want to work in banking?
  • What relevant experience do you have for this role?
  • Can you tell us about a time when you had to handle a difficult situation at work?
  • How do you stay updated on current events and industry developments?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure in the workplace?
  • Can you give an example of a time when you had to work in a team to achieve a goal?
  • How do you plan to balance the demands of this role with your personal life?
    It would be best if you prepared yourself well before attending the interview.

Q:   What is IBPS RRB Syllabus for General Awareness?


IBPS RRB syllabus for General Awareness comprises questions based on the last one year or six months’ events. IBPS RRB syllabus for General Awareness is given below:

  • Current Affairs
  • State Current Affairs
  • International Current Affairs
  • Banking Awareness
  • Economy
  • Sports News
  • Financial Awareness
  • Govt. Schemes/ Apps
  • Ranks and Reports
  • Defence News
  • Science News
  • Obituaries
  • Static Awareness


IBPS RRB syllabus PDF for prelims and mains exam is provided on this for free. To download IBPS RRB syllabus PDF, candidates need to simply register with shiksha by filling the required details. Download below IBPS RRB Clerk syllabus.

Download here IBPS RRB Clerk syllabus

Download here IBPS RRB PO Syllabus

IBPS RRB Syllabus for Reasoning

The Reasoning Ability section comprises verbal and verbal reasoning questions. The topics are given below.

Odd man out Analogy Syllogism
Coding-Decoding Blood Relation Alphabet Test
Blood Relation Series Test Ranking and Time
Causes and Effects Direction Test Sitting Arrangements
Decision Making Statement and Assumption Figure Series
Assertion and Reason Statement and Conclusion Word Formation
Statements and Action Courses Inequalities Puzzles

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IBPS RRB Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude 

The Quantitative Aptitude section questions are a bit tricky at times. It is only through practice that candidates can do well in this section. The detailed IBPS RRB syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude. 

Number System HCF and LCM Profit and Loss
Decimal Fractions Simple Interest Compound Interest
Time and Work Time and Distance Average
Age Problems Simplification Partnership
Percentage Ratio and Proportion Data Interpretation
Permutation and Combination Probability Quadratic Equations

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IBPS RRB Syllabus for English

The table below gives a list of the topics relevant to the IBPS RRB Syllabus for verbal ability.

Reading Comprehension Error Detection Fill in the blanks
Rearrangement of Sentences Cloze Test Jumbled Words
Antonyms Synonyms -

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IBPS RRB Syllabus for Computer Knowledge

The topics for General Knowledge are given below.

Computer Fundamentals Computer Abbreviations
Software and Hardware Fundamentals Shortcut Keys
Networking Basic Knowledge of the Internet
MS Office  Database
History of Computer Security Tools
Number System and Conversions Computer Languages
Internet Input and Output Devices

IBPS RRB Syllabus for General Awareness

The General Awareness section is one of the most scoring sections. Candidates must go through the last six months of current affairs. Check below the topics that candidates need to prepare under the General Awareness section:

India and International Current Affairs Banking Awareness
Countries and Currencies National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
Banking Terms and Abbreviations Banking History
RBI Sports
Finance Sports
Books ad Authors Agriculture
Fiscal Policies Budget
Government schemes Government policies

IBPS RRB Syllabus for Financial Awareness 

The topics under Financial Awareness are given below.
Latest Topics in News in Financial World Monetary Policy Budget and Economic Survey
Overview of Banking and Banking Reforms in India Bank Accounts and Special Individuals
Organizations Deposits Credit Loans
Advanced Non Performing Assets Asset Reconstruction Companies
NPAs Restructuring of Loans
Bad Loans Risk Management
BASEL II Accords

Q:   What are the topics covered under the professional knowledge section of the IBPS RRB syllabus?


IBPS RRB syllabus for Knowledge section is given below:

Professional Knowledge syllabus for IT Officer

Operating SystemSystem calls, Process concept, Multithreading Programming, Process Scheduling, Synchronization, Deadlock, Memory management concept, Indexes and sequences, File system, Secondary storage, System protection, Cryptography
DBMSDifference between file system and RDBMS, Database models, Normalization , keys and constraints, E-R diagram, Transaction, Concurrency control Management, Recovery and backup, Routing, View and Trigger, Cursors, SQL, Miscellaneous concepts(Data dictionary, data warehouse, data mining)
Data Communication and NetworkingTypes of networks, OSI model and protocols, Error detection and correction, Network devices and Models, Transmission Media, TCP/IP three way connection, IP addressing, Sorting, CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA, IEEE standards, DNS, Network security, Network Switching, Firewall
Data StructureTime Complexity and space complexity, Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Tree, Graph
OOPSIntroduction, Classes and methods, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance
Compiler DesignLinker , loader, Phases of compilation, Lexical analyzer, Parsing theory, Code optimization, Intermediate code generation, Decision making in C
Basic Programming In CKeywords in C, Format specifiers, Data Types, Variables in C, Types of variables, Constants in C, Operators in C, Loops, Break, continue and Go statement, Array, String in C, Function in C, String Functions, Recursion, Pointer, Structure and Union, File input and output, Dynamic memory allocation and C pre procesor
Software engineeringSoftware process, SDLC models, Debugging, Cohesion and coupling, Testing, PHP, Pipelining
Web TechnologyWeb Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Priority interrupt, Memory organization
Computer ArchitectureCPU organisation, General register organisation, Interrupt, Modes of transfer, Instruction and program control, Virtual memory

Syllabus for Law Officer

LAWConstitution, Law of Contract, Specific Relief Act, IPC, CrPC, Evidence Act, CPC, Administrative Law and Principles of Natural Justice, Jurisprudence and Interpretation of Statutes, Latin terms and maxims, Law of Torts, Consumer Protection Act, Arbitration and Concilliation Act, Transfer of Property Act, Companies Act 2013, Negotiable Instruments Act, FEMA, Banker's Books Evidence Act, DRT Act /RDBFI, Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Sarfaesi Act, RTI Act, Banking Regulation Act, Regional Rural Banks Act

Agriculture Officer

Introduction to AgricultureSeasonal Crops (Rabi and Kharif), Basic of Crop Production, Agricultural Practices
AgronomyConcepts of Tillage, Cultivation Practices of Crops (Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fiber Crops, Commercial Crops) , Cropping System, Irrigation, Weed Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation, Organic Farming, Agrometeorology
Agro Forestry & Agro EcologyBasics of Agro Forestry & Agro Ecology
Concepts of SoilTypes of Soils in India , Properties of Soils (Physical, Chemical, Biological), Soil Fertility and Productivity, Manures and Fertilizer, Plant Nutrients, Nutritional deficiency, Problematic Soils
HorticultureBranches of Horticulture, Detailed Study of Horticulture Branches (Olericulture, Pomology, Floriculture)
Seed ScienceClassification of Seeds, Seed Certification
Plant PhysiologyPhotosynthesis, Respiration, Transpiration, Growth and Development, Plant Growth Regulators, Photoperiodism and Vernalisation
Basics of Plant Breeding and GeneticsIntroduction to Genetics, Plant Breeding, Methods of Pollination
Agriculture EntomologyStudy of Insects, Insecticides, Plant Protection Equipments, Major Pest of Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Horticultural Crops
Plant PathologyIntrodution to Plant Pathology, Plant Disease Control, Major Disease of Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds and Horticultural Crops and their Control Measures
Animal HusbandryMajor Breeds of Livestock (Cattle, Buffalo, Swine, Goat , Sheep and Poultry), Types of Housing, Breeding System of Livestock, Care and Management of Rearing Animals and Poultry Birds, Common Disases of Rearing Animals and Poultry Birds
Agriculture EngineeringFarm Power and Machinery, Tillage Implements, Agriculture Structure and Process Engineering, Dairy Engineering, Irrigaton and Soil-water Converation Engineering
Fishery SciencesIntroduction to Fishery, Major Carps in India, Fisheries Management (Pond Management, Nutrition, Reproduction), Major Diseases
MiscellaneousLatest Developments & Schemes Related to Agriculture, Recent Discoveries, Latest Bt Crops and related Research



Q:   What is IBPS RRB Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude?


IBPS RRB Quantitative Aptitude section assesses the candidate’s calculative ability. Questions are usually asked from Data Interpretation, SI and CI, Time and Work, Time & Distance, etc. IBPS RRB syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude is given below.

  • Number System
  • Data Interpretation - Bar Graph, Line Graph & Pie chart
  • HCF & LCM
  • Profit & Loss
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Decimal & Fraction
  • Averages
  • Mensuration
  • Simplification
  • Partnership
  • Percentages
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Averages
  • Case Studies Charts and Graphs
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability

IBPS RRB Exam Pattern

IBPS RRB exam pattern is different for Officers Scale I, II, III and Office Assistant. The exam for Officers Scale I, II, and III comprises prelims, mains/single level exam, and interview. The exam pattern for Office Assistant comprises prelims and mains exams. All questions in the exam are objective type. The language of the question paper is English and Hindi. According to IBPS RRB exam pattern, there is a negative marking of 1/4 marks in the exam. 

IBPS RRB Prelims Exam Pattern

Section  No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Reasoning Ability 40  40
Numerical Ability 40 40
Total 80  80 

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Q:   What is IBPS RRB Exam Pattern?


IBPS RRB Clerk exam pattern is such that it is divided into prelims and Mains exams. IBPS RRB PO exam pattern is such that it is divided into prelims exam, Mains exam and interview. IBPS RRB SO exam pattern comprises single online exam and interview. The exam pattern is explained below:

Preliminary Exam
  • This is an online test with objective-type questions
  • The exam typically includes sections such as Reasoning, Numerical Ability, and/or Quantitative Aptitude
  • The time duration is usually 45 minutes
  • The total marks allotted to the prelims exam are 80
Main Exam
  • The main exam is also an online test with objective-type questions
  • The Mains exam comprises sections such as Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, English/Hindi Language, and Computer Knowledge
  • The Mains exam comprises 2 hours
  • Total marks allotted to the Mains exam are 200
Single Online Exam
The Single Online Exam is conducted for Officers Scale 2 and 3. The single online exam for Officers Scale 2 carries questions from Reasoning, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Finance Awareness, English/Hindi Language, Computer Knowledge. The single online exam for Officers Scale 2 comprises questions from Reasoning, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Finance Awareness, English/Hindi Language, Computer Knowledge, Professional Knowledge. Total marks allotted to the single online exam are 200.
Interview is conducted for Officers Scale 1, 2 and 3. Total marks allotted to interview are 100.

Q:   In how many languages IBPS RRB exam conducted?


Besides English and Hindi, IBPS RRB exam is conducted in the regional languages. Candidates can check below the languages of IBPS RRB question paper.

Name of stateLanguages of question papers
Andhra PradeshEnglish, Hindi and Telugu
Arunachal PradeshEnglish and Hindi
AssamEnglish, Hindi, and Assamese
BiharEnglish and Hindi
ChhattisgarhEnglish and Hindi
GujaratEnglish, Hindi, and Gujarati
HaryanaEnglish and Hindi
Jammu & KashmirEnglish, Hindi, and Urdu
Jharkhand English and Hindi
KarnatakaEnglish, Hindi, Kannada and Konkani
KeralaEnglish, Hindi and Malayalam
Madhya PradeshEnglish and Hindi
MaharashtraEnglish, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani
ManipurEnglish, Hindi, and Manipuri
MeghalayaEnglish and Hindi
MizoramEnglish and Hindi
NagalandEnglish and Hindi
OdishaEnglish, Hindi, and Odia
PuducherryEnglish, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam
PunjabEnglish, Hindi and Punjabi
RajasthanEnglish and Hindi
Tamil NaduEnglish, Hindi, and Tamil 
TelanganaEnglish, Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu
TripuraEnglish, Hindi, and Bengali
Uttar PradeshEnglish, Hindi, and Urdu
UttarakhandEnglish and Hindi
West BengalEnglish, Hindi, and Bengali

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2024

Every year a large number of candidates appear in the exam as such the competition is high. To do well in the exam, candidates need to strategise their preparation. Given below are few tips and tricks to crack IBPS RRB exam:

  • It is essential to know IBPS RRB syllabus and exam pattern or else it will become difficult to prepare for the exam
  • Considering IBPS RRB syllabus, which consists of many topics, candidates should practice pevious years' question papers
  • Candidates who are perfect in the concepts should brush up their basics
  • Candidates should learn to manage time efficiently in the exam by attempting mock test and solving previous years' question papers
  • Candidates must keep themselves updated with the current affairs of last six months or one year

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 Other Bank Exam Syllabus

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IBPS PO Syllabus IBPS Clerk Syllabus
SBI PO Syllabus SBI Clerk Syllabus
RBI Grade B Syllabus NABARD Syllabus

Q:   How should I prepare for the IBPS RRB clerk exam?


The tips and tricks to prepare for IBPS RRB Clerk exam are given below:

  • To begin preparation for IBPS RRB Clerk exam, candidates need to first understand the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Candidates should practice previous year question papers to gain understanding regarding the type of questions asked in the exam
  • Candidates should also attempt section-wise and full length mock tests to increase speed and accuracy
  • Candidates must refer to relevant study materials as per the syllabus
  • Candidates should identify their strengths and weaknesses. They should work on improving their weak areas

Q:   How do I prepare for the IBPS RRB PO?


The tips and tricks to prepare for IBPS RRB PO exam are given below:

  • Candidates must understand the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam and focus on the areas where they need improvement
  • Candidates must use the credible study materials such as books. Make sure to study from the latest edition of the books and resources to ensure that candidates have the most up-to-date information
  • Take as many mock tests as candidates can. This help candidates understand the exam pattern and time management better
  • Candidates should stay updated on current affairs
  • Regular revision is essential to retain what candidates have learned. Make sure to revise what you have studied every day to ensure that you don't forget it
  • Candidates should stay healthy and take proper rest
  • Candidates must keep a positive approach towards preparation

IBPS RRB Syllabus 2024 FAQs

Candidates can check below IBPS RRB syllabus FAQs.

Q:   Is IBPS RRB exam tough?

The difficulty level of the IBPS RRB exam can vary from one year to another and also between different shifts or sessions of the same exam. The difficulty level depends on individual strengths, preparation, and familiarity with the topics covered in the syllabus. Some candidates may find the exam relatively easy if they have thoroughly prepared and practiced well in all subjects. On the other hand, for candidates who did not adequately prepared or face challenges in certain topics, the exam might seem tough.
IBPS RRB exams are designed to assess the candidates' aptitude and knowledge in various areas relevant to banking and rural banking operations. It is essential to have a strong grasp of the syllabus and to practice with previous years' question papers and mock tests to gain confidence and improve performance. The difficulty level vary based on the preparation and understanding of the subjects. It is important to prepare well for the exam.

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Answered 5 days ago

IBPS RRB prelims result 2024 will be announced in August/September 2024. The result will be announced on the official website of IBPS. However, we will provide the direct link to check the result. To download the IBPS RRB result, candidates need to enter registration number or roll number and date o



Anangsha Patra

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Answered 5 days ago

IBPS RRB PO prelims admit card 2024 has been released on July 24, 2024. IBPS RRB Clerk admit card 2024 will be released soon. The admit card will be released on the official website-ibps.in. The prelims admit card is released for all the registered candidates. To download IBPS RRB admit card for pre



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Answered a week ago

The tips and tricks to crack IBPS RRB exam are given below:

  • Candidates must understand exam pattern and syllabus/. They should know the important topics for the exam
  • Candidates must create a study plan and that must include all the subjects
  • Focus on strengths and weaknesses by Identifying and working o



Anangsha Patra

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Answered 3 weeks ago

IBPS RRB exam dates were announced along with the exam calendar. The prelims exam of IBPS RRB Clerk and PO will be conducted on August 3, 4, 10, 17 and 18, 2024. The single online exam for Officers Scale 2 and 3 will be conducted on September 29, 2024. IBPS RRB PO Mains exam will be conducted f



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Answered a month ago

IBPS RRB Clerk salary after 10 years increases substantially. The salary of IBPS RRB Clerk after 10 years is given below.

Salary Component


Basic SBI Clerk Salary After 10 Years

INR 34,010

Gross SBI Clerk Salary After 10 Years

INR 54,690


Anangsha Patra

Contributor-Level 10

Answered a month ago

The starting basic IBPS RRB Clerk salary is INR 19,900 and increases gradually after regular increments. After 5 years, the salary grows significantly. IBPS RBR Clerk salary after 5 years is given below.

Salary Component


Basic SBI Clerk Salary After 5 Years

INR 26,080

Gross SBI Clerk Salary After 5 Years

INR 41,930

In-hand SBI Clerk Salary After 5 Years

INR 38,260



Anangsha Patra

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Answered a month ago

IBPS RRB PO salary after 10 years might range between INR 70,000 to INR 80,000, including allowances and benefits. The salary is also decided based on various factors such as promotions received, individual performance, bank policies, etc. IBPS RRB Clerk exam is conducted to select candidates for th



Anangsha Patra

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Answered a month ago

After five years, IBPS RRB PO can expect a substantial increase in salary. The salary structure may vary based on several factors, including the bank’s policies and the employee’s performance. However, on average, the approximate salary of an IBPS RRB PO after 5 years may range between INR 50,000 to



Anangsha Patra

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Answered a month ago

The starting salary for an IBPS RRB Clerk is INR 19900 per month and the pay scale of an IBPS Clerk is INR 19900-1000/1-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920. IBPS RRB Clerk salary structure is given below.


Amount (INR)

Basic Pay


SPL Allow


DA Amount


HRA Amount


CCA Amount








Gross Pay

INR 37442.65


Anangsha Patra

Contributor-Level 10

Answered a month ago

The initial basic pay of IBPS RRB PO/Officers Scale 1 is INR 36,000. The salary structure is based on the 10th Bipartite Setllement and the pay scale of IBPS RRB PO is INR 36,000 – 1,490/7 – 46,430 – 1,740/2 – 49,910 – 1,990/7 – 63,840. The initial basic pay of IBPS RRB PO is INR 36,000, and after a



Anangsha Patra

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