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Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design 2024 ( SEED )

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SEED Sample Papers 2024 - The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) releases the sample papers for SEED 2024 at

The sample papers are made available with the intent to help candidates get insights into the difficulty level of the SEED 2024 exam, the types of questions asked, and section-wise weightage.

The portal currently has FIVE sample papers that candidates can use for practice.

The SEED 2024 question paper will contain 150 objective-type questions. However, the sample papers contain fewer questions, as they are only intended as practice material. 

To practice effectively for the exam, solve the current as well as previous years' sample papers of SEED.

The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) conducted the SEED 2024 entrance exam on January 14, 2024.

Download previous year SEED question papers and sample papers. Use them for practice and improve your speed and accuracy. You can download SEED previous year question papers and the preparation guides for free.

SEED Sample Papers

Download Sample Papers Here


SEED 2024 Question Paper: Highlights

The SEED question paper will have a total of 150 questions but the difficulty level of the questions is moderate. Check the table below for key highlights of the question paper:

Question Type

Total Number of Questions


Objective Type Multiple Choice


60 minutes

The questions asked in the SEED exam will be based on design-related topics. SEED exam evaluates aspirants on the basis of their aptitude in design. Aspirants can go through indicative topics from which questions might be asked in SEED.


Understanding and visualisation of simple and complex 2D & 3D geometric shapes, their manipulations and spatial relationships through representations in pictorial and geometric forms.

Observational, perceptual and reasoning abilities

Ability to read and see objects and information beyond obvious details, make connections, make comparisons, form opinions, draw meanings & conclusions. Analyze your observations, express your point of view and present in a systematic and structured manner.

Creative and problem-solving abilities

Ability to visualise and relate images around us. Ability to identify a problem and attempt to provide solutions.

Application of basic knowledge of Science and Mathematics

Observing the application of basic principles of science and mathematics taught up to standard 10th in the day-to-day activities & objects and finding interesting relevance.

Art, craft, culture, design and environment

General awareness of Art, Craft, Culture, Design and Environment in Indian as well as in Global context. Various topics and sub-topics related to people, material, tools, techniques, issues & concerns, influences, period, and contemporary trends.

When to Start Practicing SEED Sample Papers?

Start solving the SEED sample papers only after you have completed the SEED syllabus. If you haven't done that, solving SEED sample papers will be of no use to you as you won't be able to solve the questions correctly. Thus, first, complete the syllabus, ensure you are thorough with all the topics, and then move to solve the sample paper. The ideal time to start solving them is three months before the exam. The SEED 2024 exam was held on January 14, 2024.

Also, do solve the sample papers to know the latest pattern of the questions asked in the exam.

FAQs on SEED 2024 Sample Papers

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the SEED 2024 sample paper below.

Q:   Can I carry the SEED 2024 question paper with me after the exam?


The SEED 2024 exam will be conducted in an online, remote-proctored mode. This means there will be no hard copies of the question paper that the candidate can carry with them outside the exam centre. The best the candidate can do in the circumstances to remember the questions. These memory-based questions can be used by the candidate later to calculate probable scores. To calculate probable scores, first calculate the number of correct attempts, and then using the official marking scheme, calculate the score.


Q:   How many sample papers do I need to solve to prepare for SEED 2024?


There is no fixed number that you need to solve to prepare for the SEED 2024 exam. However, if you solve enough sample papers, it will help you improve your problem-solving ability. Also, if you keep a timer, you can also work on your time management skills when solving the sample papers. You can start solving sample papers very early in your exam preparation. For instance, once you have completed a chapter, you can solve the relevant sample papers related to the chapter.


Q:   Where can I download SEED question papers with solutions?


The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) doesn’t release any answer keys for the SEED exam. So, you will not find any official answers to the questions asked in the SEED entrance exam. That being said, there are some coaching institutes which may release the unofficial answers to the questions asked in the entrance exam. 

The coaching institutes may also release sample papers with solutions. But note that to be able to download these materials, you will most likely have to pay a subscription fee.


Q:   What is the benefit of solving question papers to practice for SEED 2024?


A key feature of sample papers is that they contain questions that are similar to the ones that are asked in the entrance exam. For instance, they are of almost the same difficulty level and cover the official syllabus. Consequently, solving SEED question papers will help the candidates understand the exam pattern and know the types of questions asked. It will also help them know question-wise weightage of topicsm, and learn the tricks to solve them. 

The candidate can download the official sample papers of SID at


Q:   Can I carry the SEED 2024 question paper with me after the exam?


The SEED exam is conducted for admission to the B.Des program. The candidate needs to download the question paper from the official website of the Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). Alternatively, they may download the question papers from this page. To download a sample paper, simply click on the relevant paper. The sample paper will open in downloadable pdf format. 

The candidate can practice the sample papers alomng with their regular exam preparation routine.


Q:   Is the SEED 2024 question paper tough?


The question paper is of moderate difficulty level. The questions can be solved easily by the candidates in the given time duration. Given the moderate difficulty level, candidates who are preparaing for top design entrance exams like - NIFT and NID DAT, can easily crack the SEED 2024 exam.

The candidate will need around 6 months or so to prepare for the SEED 2024 exam. In some cases, if the candidate has a good understanding of the fundamentals, it will take even less time.


Q:   Can I download the SEED question paper after exam?


The SEED 2024 exam will be administered in a remote-proctored mode. Also, the question papers for the exam will not be made available after the exam. However, some coaching institutes may release memory-based questions asked in the exam. The candidate may check out these questions. Note that the Sybmiosis Institute of Design may however release sample papers that the candidate can use to prepare for the exam. 

The SEED 2024 exam will be held around the 3rd week of January 2024.


Q:   Do I need to create an applicant account to download SEED sample papers?


The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) will release the sample papers for SEED on its admission portal. These sample papers will be released for the B.Des course offered at its various campuses. The candidate can also download sample papers for the exam from this page.

To download the sample papers, on the sample paper link that you want to download. There is no need to login to download the sample papers. The candidate also has the option to download sample papers released by coaching institutes.


Q:   Can I solve sample papers for other exam like NIFT and NID to prepare for SEED 2024?


As per the difficulty level, the SEED exam is much easier compared to top eams like NIFT and NID entrance exam. So, if the candidate prepares for these exams, then he or she is in a great position to do well in the SEED exam. That being said, the candidate needs to follow the SEED 2024 syllabus to ensure they cover all the topics.

The candidate may also solve sample papers of NIFT, UCEED, NID, and other top exam to improve their problem-solving ability. Note that SEED and the top exams will have may overlapping topics.


Q:   Can SEED sample papers be used as study material for the design entrance exam?


The SEED sample papers are not a replacement for textbooks and other study material. The main function of sample papers is to be used as practice material only. The candidate will not be able to learn the basic concepts and theoretical aspects of the subjectwithout the relevant text books. The candidate must only start solving sample papers after they have completed the theoretical undestanding of the process. By solving sample papers, the candidate will be able to better understand the concepts and lean how to use them to solve problems.


Q:   Will the Symbiosis Institute of Design release SEED 2024 question paper along with the answer key?


The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) will not release any answer keys for the SEED 2024 exam. Also, note that given the SEED 2024 exam will be administered in a remote-proctored mode, there will be no hard copy of the question paper. In the absence of the question paper and answer key, the candidate will have to bank on their memory to calculate probable scores.

Note that scores of the SEED 2024 exam will be used to shortlist candidates for a PRPI round. It is mandatory for candidates to appear in the PRPI round to be included in the final merit list.


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