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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, abbreviated as "MAKAUT", has its campus situated in Haringhata, Kalyani. The campus is located on the outskirts of the nearest metropolitan area, Kolkata. Therefore, it is a little challenging for a lot of students to travel to the university from their homes, considering the fact that a large number of MAKAUT students reside in the Kolkata urban region. Hence, to tackle the problem, the university provides and facilitates an in-house campus hostel facility.

Fee Structure:

The hostel fee structure consists of mainly two parts. The first one provides for fees at the time of admission to the hostel, and the second for general semester fees.

  • Fees at the time of admission: INR 20,250
  • Fees for the subsequent semester: INR 9,700

For each hostel flat, there are two rooms that are provided, and in each room, three students can be accommodated.

Facilities in the hostel:

The MAKAUT's in-house hostel provides numerous essential facilities to the students residing in the hostel.

  • Guardianship: A warden is there who oversees the girls' and boys' in the hostel. The warden is considered as the local guardian for the students. The warden is in charge of the majority of the hostel's authoritative functions. A hostel secretary is also there who oversees the student activities and matters happening inside the hostels.
  • Furniture: Some pre-installed furniture is provided in the hostel rooms, like beds, almirahs, tables and chairs. A washing machine is also provided for washing clothes.
  • Wi-Fi: For every 4 flats, a common Wi-Fi dongle is provided.
  • Food Facility: The hostel services include food facilities for the students residing there. There is no requirement for students to pay additional money for meals. The hostel canteen serves
  1. Breakfast (9 to 10 AM); lunch (1 PM onwards); dinner (7:30-8:00 PM onwards).
  2. Lunch consists of basic lunch meals like dal, sabji, rice, and achar.
  3. On weekends, non-veg, i.e., chicken, is served.
  4. Paneer is served once a week.
  5. Dinner consists of Sabji, chicken, or paneer with rice or roti.
  • Sanitation: For sanitation, each flat has a common bathroom and a toilet. A sufficient supply of water is ensured 247.
  • Common Room: A common room is present in both the hostels that are air-conditioned. The room is there for recreational purposes. It is used mainly as an indoor games room.
  • Security: There are different security guards allotted for different hostel buildings, although the girl's hostel lacks special security provisions.

Some Additional Information

  • The hostel buildings are located at a distance of 200 meters from the university's main buildings.
  • The hostel buildings are six stories high, and there is no restriction for students to go to the terrace.
  • Each hostel building has its own canteen facility in the building.
  • The girls' hostel is situated at a distance of approximately 500 meters from the boys' hostel.
  • There are specifically laid rules and regulations for the hostel that are strictly followed within the hostel’s proximity.

Overall, the hostel facilities at MAKAUT are good enough to reside and can be considered if needed.

About the Author: Piyush Mahanta is a law student currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Law from the Brainware University, Kolkata.








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