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VIT Vellore Cutoff 2024: Expected VITEEE Cutoff

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VIT Vellore CutOffs
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VIT Vellore
XAT Cut Off 2024

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VIT Vellore Cutoff Year Wise Comparison 2023, 2022

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) - VIT Vellore : Cutoffs (GN-All India)
CAT (percentile)95
NMAT (score)85
MAT (percentile)80
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - VIT Business School Vellore : Cutoffs (GN-All India)
MAT (percentile)8080
XAT (percentile)7070

VIT Vellore MBA Important Dates 2023

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DatesUpcoming Events
Aug '24-Sep '24
CAT 2024 registrationTentative
24 Nov '24
CAT 2024 exam
Dec '24
CAT 2024 result announcementTentative
25 Jun '24 - 9 Aug '24
MAT 2024 Registration IBT 1Ongoing
25 Jun '24 - 11 Aug '24
MAT 2024 Registration Process CBT Ongoing
14 Aug '24
MAT 2024 IBT 1
7 Jun '24 - 18 Aug '24
MAT 2024 Registration Process PBTOngoing
18 Aug '24
MAT 2024 CBT
25 Jun '24 - 18 Aug '24
MAT 2024 Registration IBT 2Ongoing
23 Aug '24
MAT 2024 IBT 2
25 Aug '24
MAT 2024 PBT
5 Jan '25
XAT 2025 Exam
Jan '25
XAT 2024 resultTentative
Jan '25
XAT 2025 Cut Offs ReleaseTentative
Aug '24-Oct '24
NMAT 2024 Registration WindowTentative

VIT Vellore 2023 Cutoff Year-Wise PDF Download

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VIT Vellore MAT,NMAT,XAT,CAT Counselling Rounds
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Commonly asked questions
On MBA Exams Cutoffs

Q:   What is the CAT score for VIT Vellore?


VIT Vellore accepts CATMATXAT and NMAT scores, followed by a PI round for admission to the MBA (Master of Business Administration) course. During the VIT Vellore MBA cut off 2023, the CAT percentile was 95 for the General AII India category students. As per the VIT cutoff 2022, the percentile for MAT and XAT entrance exams were 80 and 70, respectively for the MBA programme. 

Tabulated below is the VIT Vellore MBA cutoff 2023 for several national-level entrance exams for the General AI category students: 

CAT (percentile)95
NMAT (score)85
MAT (percentile)80




VIT Vellore
VITEEE Cut Off 2024

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Commonly asked questions
On VITEEE Cutoffs

Q:   What is the required score in VITEEE to get admission in VIT, Vellore for CSE or ECE?

For that in the non-core branches, you have to secure under 50k rank and if you want to take admission in core branches then you have to secure under 10k rank. For CSE, you have to score under 1k and for ECE under 5k rank.

Q:   What is the expected VITEEE opening and closing ranks?


VITEEE cut off 2024 will be released soon for admission to the VIT Vellore BTech courses. However, the authorities will not release the VIT Vellore VITEEE 2024 cutoff online and will only be accessible to candidates who appeared for the entrance exam. 

Candidates can refer to the table given below to check out the expected VITEEE cut off 2024: 

Marks obtained in VITEEE 2024

Opening Rank

Closing Rank

118 +



113 — 117



90 — 113



81 — 90



72 — 81



60 — 72



43 — 60



31 — 43



Less than 31


Last rank

Note: The above-mentioned cutoff data is just for reference purposes and the actual VITEE cutoff 2024 might vary.

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VIT Vellore
Students Ratings & Reviews

Verified Icon1830 Verified ReviewsInfo Icon
Placement Review IconPlacements4.2
Infrastructure Review IconInfrastructure4.5
Faculty Review IconFaculty & Course4
Crowd Review IconCampus Life4.1
Money Review IconValue for Money4
AnonymousVerified Icon
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2026
4Placements4Infrastructure4Faculty3Crowd & Campus Life3Value for Money
VIT Vellore college with high population.
Placements: Placements in my college are not bad if I had to express my opinion as regression period going or as it is apparent in placement states of different colleges in 2023 we had 904 companies visit our campus and a total of 14345 offers were made in which 4461 were above 10 lpa and 624 were about above 20 lpa the highest CTC was 1.02 crores and average CTC was 9.23 lpa and 2024 we had 7272 offers 532 above 20 lpa 3158 above 10 lpa and the highest CTC is 88 lpa average CTC is 10 lpa considering the amount of offers and TCS gives the most offers every year in our college students who completed 6th semester are eligible for placements the companies which visit our campus are of a variety like Amazon, TCS, Goldman Sachs, Zomato, Wipro, etc. My plans after getting degree are to work for 2 years and then do Masters.
Infrastructure: Hostels are mostly good but the only problem are bathrooms and AC Don't get me wrong, the cleaning of bathroom is regularly done but the students don't maintain them properly as they leave them unflushed, mainly because the lush does work and a lot of AC rooms are available. But if you don't have a good rank to get AC room or a friend with good hostel concierge rank who is going to take you as his roommate, you have to spend the semester without AC. Rooms are 1 2 3 4 6 8 bedded, usually 3 B.Ed is recommended in 6 B.Ed you will get bunker beds but the room is really spacious. I would recommend it if you have a lot of friends but not in first year STQRKLMNG are some of the best hostel blocks and are really good, mainly the new ones like RQST but the pricing is also set according to the level of newness of the block. Prices range from 1.5l to 3l based on your bed and the block you choose, especially deluxe blocks like S T Q R, which are apartments, which are really good but extremely costly. The mess is repetitive and not bad.
Faculty: The curriculum is vast and also really relevant, as the boards or departments are really making efforts to change the curriculum every year and for every batch and mostly all the subjects I come through are relevant to real-world application, as in any course I do, I see application of what I learned in college until now. Areas of improvement would be the online courses they offer, as many students turn a blind eye to them and go to them prepared. Also, the frequency of tests is at the right amount, as I didn't face any disappointment about the time aspects of the tests, as you will get a 1.1-month gap for each test (CAT1 CAT2 FAT) approximately and the internals are in the flavor of the lecturers. The difficulty level is also constant and might slightly vary due to the paper setters and the course but usually I would rate it at 4 out of 5. the faculty-to-student ratio is like 1:9 and I have no complaints about the learning experience, as the faculty members put in a lot of effort to educate you and wouldn't say no if you wanted to meet them in their free time or when they were available in their cabins. There is a wide range of types of lecturers, like some are lenient, some are strict, some are highly qualified than others and have really good teaching skills but are really strict, some give marks easily (the class average will be high) and so on. The lecturers at vit are highly qualified, like those who have done Masters at NITs and IITs abroad or are experts in different fields. Teaching in class would be different for different lecturers but mostly the stereotype of just reading the slides can be extended to making the slides understandable for some lecturers while some old lecturers like using the whiteboards and explaining. Those types of lecturers are usually strict but I would say all types of lecturers are available.
Other: Gravitas and Riviera are two main festivals in our college and one is cultural and other is cultural. There are other festivals too, which are teaching-related, called minifests for which the timings vary but gravitas happens in the first semester of your year and the other one in the second year, both of which are paid rivieral has a minimum, even followed by different small events and Gravity has many hackathons coding contests and also fun stuff like laser tag and escape room the library is a large complex with 3 floors and vast majority of books but popular ones will be over if you want to take them with you during the first 14 days before CAT 2 for open book test. But there are reference books (you cant take those), so don't worry; when you visit the library, you will find them and you can read them there. Classrooms don't have AC's except the labs, which have professors. Sports are really crowded, mostly basketball but if you want an open field to play cricket or football, you can go to a stadium for three paid tickets. gym is good and price is reasonable.
Reviewed on 1 Jul 2024Read More
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B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2026
4Placements4Infrastructure4Faculty4Crowd & Campus Life4Value for Money
Really good infrastructure and facilities. Average placements.
Placements: 89% of students were placed in the 2024 program in Computer Science & Engineering. The highest package is 88 LPA and the lowest package is 4 LPA. The average package is 8 LPA. 77% of students got internships from colleges in computer science & engineering. Intel, AMD Ryzen, LG, TCS, and Wipro are the top recruiting companies.
Infrastructure: VIT Vellore has very good infrastructure in terms of hostels and academic buildings. Wi-Fi facilities are there in labs, classrooms, and hostels, but they are average in hostels. Mess food is not so good; it is average. You may like it for the first few days but after that, the quality decreases.
Faculty: Most teachers are helpful and knowledgeable but some teachers do not even listen to the students and their teaching skills are not so good. Yes, the subjects in this course are curriculum-relevant, making students industry-ready. Passing marks for students to pass the semester are 50%.
Other: The campus is very crowded. Connectivity is great. There are many extracurricular activities at the college.
Reviewed on 25 Jun 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2026
3Placements3Infrastructure3Faculty3Crowd & Campus Life3Value for Money
VIT was not a good campus but the crowd is good.
Placements: A minimum of 60–70 percent of students get placement in our department, course, or branch. The highest package is INR 10–15 lacs, the lowest package is INR 3–8 lacs, and the average package is INR 10–12 lacs, but in the 3rd year, not everyone got an internship through campus; there were only a few top companies.
Infrastructure: The facilities given by the college are not that good but the infrastructure is pretty good or amazing, and they provide a good Wi-Fi connection. They also provide good-quality food and good medical facilities to students, which gives them the opportunity to grow in sports.
Faculty: The teachers were helpful and polite but their teaching quality is bad, and they are not highly qualified but they have good knowledge about industry and work; they also provide industrial knowledge to students and their semester exams were easy, with passing marks of 33%.
Reviewed on 29 Oct 2023Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2026
3Placements4Infrastructure2Faculty1Crowd & Campus Life1Value for Money
Every third student you see is a CSE student.
Placements: Most of the students get placed in companies like TCS and other mass recruiters and a small percentage of students get packages above 15 lacs. Competition is very high, but somehow most of the students get placed and CSE and IT students get decent placements.
Infrastructure: The labs are good and well maintained. Theory classrooms are average. Wi-Fi is below average and doesn't work after 12:30 AM. The library is full of couples. Food taste is 3/10; you might get 2 or 3 tasty meals in a week. Hostels are crowded so had to wait for sport facilities.
Faculty: Faculty members are qualified but they are based on South Indian students. Most of the facilities don't care about students; some facilities are really excellent, while most of them just come to the class teacher with whatever they want and not worry about students.
Reviewed on 20 Jun 2024Read More
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Ananya Siddharth Verified Icon
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Batch of 2025
3Placements4Infrastructure4Faculty3Crowd & Campus Life3Value for Money
Decent infrastructure and humble faculty members.
Placements: 2-3 international and mostly domestic companies recruit from our college, such as Cub, Azentio, HCL, Tata Consultancy, HUL, etc. About 80% of the students get placements and the rest have to find jobs on their own. The highest package offered is around 14–15 LPA and the lowest is 2 LPA.
Infrastructure: The college's infrastructure is plausible, and one of the things I like about it is the campus vibe. We have sports facilities, various clubs to enroll in, various labs, and a seminar hall, but there is also room for improvement. Medical care is available at the college. And there are 2-3 cafeterias in the college that offer hygienic and tasty food.
Faculty: Personally speaking, only some of the professors teaching styles suit me and are easy to understand. Rest, there are many who are not good at teaching subjects. But they are good at heart. The course curriculum involves all the important subjects. Overall, it is not very tough to clear exams.
Reviewed on 20 Jun 2024Read More
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Answered Yesterday

Admission to BTech at VIT University normally requires a minimum of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) in the qualifying examination (12th grade or equivalent). However, aspirants from the SC/ST category must achieve 50% in PCM. In addition, admission is dependent on VITEEE (VIT Engine




Contributor-Level 10

Answered a week ago

For those interested in pursuing B.Tech. Biotechnology or Biomedical engineering, the eligible combination is either Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). A pass with Minimum aggregate of 55% in the above mentioned subjects in standard XII or its equivalen




Contributor-Level 9

Answered 3 weeks ago

For those interested in pursuing B.Tech. Biotechnology or Biomedical engineering, the eligible combination is either Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). A pass with Minimum aggregate of 55% in the above mentioned subjects in standard XII or its equivalen




Contributor-Level 9

Answered Yesterday

In order to get admission at VIT Business School, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria set by the college. The college offers BBA, BCom, MBA and PhD courses at the UG, PG and PhD level. Studnets can check course-wise eligibility from the table presented below:

CourseEligibility Criteria
MBABachelor's degree from a recognised university with at least 60% aggregate
BBAClass 12 with a 60% aggregate 
BCom (Hons)Class 12

Indrani Choudhury

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 3 weeks ago

Candidates with the below mentioned qualification are eligible for the BCom course at VIT Andhra Pradesh Amaravati:

  • Class 12 board examination from a recognised board of education, such as CBSE, ICSE, State Education Boards or equivalent boards. 
  • Candidates must have studies Mathematics subjects along



Ranjeeta Rai

Contributor-Level 10

Content authored by:

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Sonal Gupta

Updated on Jun 24, 2024