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IIT Gandhinagar Innovation And Entrepreneurship Center Supports An Indigenous Anti-Microbial Air Purifier Start-Up With A Seed Fund Of Rs 50 Lakh

April 15, 2022: The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IIEC), a technology business incubator supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, has provided seed funding of Rs 50 lakh to Airth Research Private Limited, a start-up developing indigenous and effective anti-microbial air p

IIT Gandhinagar Innovation And Entrepreneurship Center Supports An Indigenous Anti-Microbial Air Purifier Start-Up With A Seed Fund Of Rs 50 Lakh

April 15, 2022: The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IIEC), a technology business incubator supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, has provided seed funding of Rs 50 lakh to Airth Research Private Limited, a start-up developing indigenous and effective anti-microbial air purifiers. This is the most money a start-up has ever received from an incubation centre under this scheme.

The seed funding is provided through Nidhi4Covid2.0, a special drive launched by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), DST, Government of India, to support indigenous solutions and innovative products that will help our country fight the Covid-19 pandemic more effectively. IIEC has already released the first installment of Rs 25 lakh from the overall promise of finance of Rs 50 lakh to Airth Research Private Limited. Aside from money, IIEC is also offering coaching and marketing assistance to the start-up in order to help them grow up their product technology to the next level as quickly as feasible.

The start-up, founded by Ravi Kaushik, an IIT Bombay alumnus, is interested in producing anti-microbial air purifiers that can reduce and kill germs, including Coronavirus-sized particles, by 99.99 percent. The company is now developing an air purifier for large spaces, which is being used by early adopters including the RBI office in Mumbai, SHCIL, and ONGC, among others. Airth Research Private Limited now plans to build a smaller version of their air purifier for households and small office applications, with support from IIEC under the Nidhi4Covid 2.0 programme.

IIT Gandhinagar Inaugurates ‘Maker Bhavan’ - A World-Class Academic Makerspace

April 11, 2022: The IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) inaugurated Maker Bhavan yesterday, a multifunctional academic makerspace to foster innovative thinking and hands-on learning among students, in keeping with global educational institutions. Dr Hemant Kanakia, Founder of the Maker Bhavan Foundation (a California-based charity) and a key supporter of the Institute's creation of this makerspace, inaugurated the makerspace in the presence of Ms Damayanti Bhattacharya, CEO, Maker Bhavan Foundation, Mr Parimal Karani, Businessman and long-time supporter of IITGN, and Prof Amit Prashant, Director, IITGN.

Maker Bhavan is intended to serve as a catalyst for reforming pedagogical practices and ensuring that active learning, creativity, and innovation are integrated into teaching and learning at IITGN. It is a world-class makerspace modelled after MIT and Caltech, complete with collaborative areas, a creative studio, and a variety of digital manufacturing equipment and electronics labs to encourage students to turn their ideas into practical prototypes.

Its goal is to develop kids to become doers, leaders, and innovators. With its cutting-edge makerspaces, novel curricular and co-curricular programmes, significant industry engagement, internship opportunities, lecture series, conferences, hands-on workshops, and so on, the facility will be extremely beneficial to IITGN students, faculty, alumni, industry partners, and, in the long run, educational practitioners from other institutions across the country.

IITGN Felicitates Its Ambulance Driver And Other Essential Services Staff For Their Relentless Services

January 26, 2022: The IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) honoured many of its vital services workers who have demonstrated remarkable dedication to the Institute community over the years, particularly during the epidemic, as part of its Republic Day 2022 celebrations. Ambulance driver, security supervisor, hostel caretaker, cleaning staff, office attendant, student volunteer, counsellor, and bank employees received Campus Development Awards and Excellence Awards from the Institute for providing unwavering services.

The Institute also presented four faculty members with Faculty Excellence Awards for their contributions to teaching, research, institution building, and outreach. The Faculty Excellence Award for Outreach Activities was given to Prof. Umashankar Singh, Associate Professor (Biological Engineering). Prof Singh had put in selfless efforts and voluntary contributions with a group of student volunteers in developing and managing the Covid-19 RT-PCR testing facility on campus to assist the Government of Gujarat in providing timely Covid-19 testing results for the general public during the pandemic's second wave last year. "The epidemic prompted the application of Real-time RT-PCR, a mainstay for us basic science molecular biologists, in public health," Prof Singh stated in response to earning the award. “I am grateful to my institute for entrusting me with this task. The contributions of our student volunteers were critical to our success. It was a privilege to serve the public good while also leading a team of exemplary volunteers", he continued.

The majority of the IITGN community participated in the live webcast of the presentation on the Institute's YouTube account from afar. Qualified students for the Dean's List were also felicitated during an online ceremony to honour and recognise their outstanding academic performance in Semester I of 2021-22.

IITGN students also unleashed their creative side, although on a virtual cultural platform supplied by the Institute's Cultural Council, to keep spirits high. They used video recordings and images to present patriotic music, dance, poetry, and shared paintings as a tribute to the country. The IITGN Cultural Council's social media channels featured some of these movies and paintings.

To encourage regular exercise routines and instil the habit of running among community members, the sports council of IITGN held an entertaining 5K Run through online mode with the subject of 'Beat the Warden Challenge.' In this 5K run, any competitor who can beat Hostel Warden's time will receive a prize.

IIT Gandhinagar To Remember Salim Ali And Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri In The Fourth Edition Of Seminar Series On Indian Scientists

August 16, 2021: The fourth edition of the Seminar Series on Indian Scientists will be held on August 21, 2021, at the IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN), with two online seminars on the lives and contributions of Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali and Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri. Both sessions will cover a variety of technical topics as well as the historical and social contexts in which those pioneers worked, in order to appeal to teachers and students from a variety of fields.

The first seminar, "Sálim Ali – Father of Indian Ornithology," will be delivered by Tara Gandhi, a well-known Ornithologist and Conservationist. This discussion will focus on how Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali, also known as "India's Birdman," contributed significantly to the progress of conservation biology in India, a field that was completely unknown in the nation at the time. He emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary research on natural ecosystems and birds, which includes Botany, Entomology (the scientific study of insects), Economics, Biogeography, and Behavioural Sciences and Ethology. This talk will also trace his life and times as a pioneering scientist, a Padma Vibhushan awardee, who could engage with people from all walks of life.

Prof Sudipta Sarkar of IITGN will present the second seminar, "Raychaudhuri and His Equation." This presentation will expose the audience to Indian physicist Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri's groundbreaking work in general relativity and cosmology. The eponymous Raychaudhuri equation, which indicates that singularities inevitably exist at the beginning of the universe or at the heart of a black hole, is his most significant contribution. Prof Raychaudhuri was one of the father figures of Indian relativity research, alongside V V Narlikar and P C Vaidya.

In India, a tremendous rebirth of contemporary scientific thinking occurred in the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. This era's father figures in modern Indian science made substantial contributions to current scientific advancements. Simultaneously, they inspired and spearheaded a national effort in India to establish scientific institutions.

IITGN started the Seminar Series on Indian Scientists in 2019 to recognise the achievements of such often-overlooked pioneers and towering giants in Indian Science and Mathematics. Each seminar in the series features a mix of IITGN and non-IITGN speakers.

IITGN Community Celebrates Independence Day 2021 With Patriotic Fervour

August 16, 2021: The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) community celebrated Independence Day 2021 in hybrid fashion, with small physical gathering offline but considerable enthusiasm through online engagement, to keep patriotic fervour high and to follow the preventive measures for Covid-19. The Institute and its student community held a number of intriguing activities commemorating India's 75th anniversary of independence, with prizes totaling more than Rs 10,000.

The Institute had a flag-hoisting ceremony with a small crowd. The majority of the IITGN community watched the live streaming of the event on the Institute's YouTube channel.

The Physical Education division, in collaboration with the IITGN Sports Council, held a Shirshasana Challenge for the IITGN community in the morning, which drew enthusiastic participation from the community's fitness aficionados. Janakshi Vaishnav (a family member of the crew) was the challenge's standout performer, with a remarkable holding time of 10 minutes. Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 is also being organised by the sports council to encourage fitness in the community. Students and community members from IITGN, both on and off-campus, have registered to run through an online portal.

The Institute's Literary Society also hosted an online spoken word competition called Road to Glory, with the theme "India on the Path to Becoming a Digital Superpower." This event allowed members of the IITGN community to show off their oratory skills. The Quizzing Society of IITGN conducted a short Liberation Day Quiz tournament in honor of our freedom heroes' sacrifices, which drew enthusiastic participation even from beyond the IITGN community.

That's not all; in the evening, the IITGN Cultural Council will stage an offline cultural event on campus at Rangmanch (Open Air Theatre), adhering to precautionary standards and social distancing. IITGN community members and students will perform patriotic songs, student band music, solo and group dance, poetry, and other activities during the festival, both offline and online, to keep spirits up. On the IITGN Cultural Council's Instagram page, online performances will be shared.

IIT Gandhinagar Researchers Develop Highly Effective, Environment-Friendly And Transparent Anti-Viral Surface Coating

July 12, 2021: The common cold, flu, measles, and chickenpox, among other disorders, are caused by viral infections and their transmission. These viral infections can sometimes result in serious, sometimes life-threatening complications like dehydration, pneumonia, and other secondary infections. A team of researchers at the IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) has successfully developed an anti-viral surface coating material that is highly effective on non-pathogenic viruses and is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and transparent, with the goal of addressing the root cause of this public health concern.

Prof Emila Panda, Associate Professor, Materials Engineering; Prof Abhay Raj Singh Gautam, Assistant Professor, Materials Engineering; Prof Virupakshi Soppina, Ramalingaswami Fellow, Biological Engineering; Nishaben M Patel, PhD student, Biological Engineering; and Ravi Teja Mittireddi, PhD student, Materials Engineering made up the IITGN team that created this novel anti-viral surface coating.

Many existing anti-viral coatings that appear to inactivate viruses use copper or silver ions as the main component, but this makes them difficult to realiSe from an environmental and design standpoint because copper is a known toxic material that is also non-transparent, making it difficult to use indoors. The design/aesthetic aspects are also severely harmed due to the opaque nature of copper and silver, which renders the coated surface non-transparent, which is typically impractical. Furthermore, to facilitate a smooth transfer from the laboratory to the industry, straightforward preparation steps using a cost-effective, scalable fabrication technique for synthesising the anti-viral surface coating are needed.

Apart from its antiviral activity, what sets this unique coating apart is that it is transparent, non-toxic, and made up of elements that are abundantly present in nature, making it environmentally beneficial as well. While the non-toxic and vital ingredients of non-stoichiometric amorphous titanium oxide utiliSed in its synthesis make it sustainable and anti-viral, the scalable Radio Frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering fabrication approach at room temperature makes it cost-effective. Furthermore, it is around 45 nanometers thick, making it easy to blend on a variety of surfaces.

The coating is found to be long-lasting, chemically stable, and adheres well to the substrate. This can be easily coated on a variety of indoor and outdoor substrates, including glass, metal, steel, silicon, and Teflon, making it ideal for use on items such as glass windows, glass doors, wooden and plastic furniture, doorknobs, handles, household appliances, electronics, vehicles, and automobiles. The researchers discovered that after repeated experiments of exposing this coating to viral strains (this might be referred to as regularly contacted surfaces), the anti-viral action of this coating is practically unaffected even after multiple washing. As a result, it has the potential to dramatically enhance public health by reducing viral infection and transmission from commonly touched surfaces. The covering has not yet been tested against Coronavirus, according to the researchers.

IIT Gandhinagar Registers A Significant Increase In The Number Of Senior Research Staff In One Year

June 2, 2021: Any academic institution's research and development efforts are anchored by postdoctoral fellows or senior research staff members. They collaborate closely with professors as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students. The IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) has seen a considerable rise in its Senior Research Staff in just one year after developing an excellent and interdisciplinary research ecosystem.

The Institute presently has 51 Senior Research Staff members as of May 1, 2021, compared to 34 and 35 Senior Research Staff members on May 1, 2019 and 2020, respectively. With this amazing rising tendency, IITGN's Senior Research Staff currently accounts for nearly half (47.22%) of the Institute's overall faculty strength. In May 2019, the ratio was around 34%, and in May 2020, it was around 33%.

IITGN has undertaken a number of initiatives to support young researchers and advance India's cutting-edge, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research. The IIT Gandhinagar Early-Career Fellowship (IITGN-ECF), which was introduced in July 2020 and is open to recent doctorates in all fields of engineering, sciences, humanities, and social sciences, is one such initiative that has gotten a huge response from young doctors from all over the country. Last year, the Institute hired eight ECF fellows from renowned academic institutions across the country, including IITs, NITs, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), and IISER Pune. Chemical and biomedical sensing, Graph Theory, Commutative Algebra, Quantum Optics, Energy Storage Devices, and other subjects are among their research interests.

For IITGN-ECF 2021, the Institute is presently accepting applications from high-caliber young PhD researchers. Scholars with an outstanding academic track record who have successfully defended their PhD thesis from an Indian Institution/University on or after January 1, 2020 are eligible to apply for the IITGN-ECF by June 18, 2021. Candidates who have submitted or are scheduled to submit their doctoral thesis in the next two to three months are also encouraged to apply.

The fellowship aims to support outstanding scholars and thought leaders in their pursuit of long-term research and academic goals. ECF fellows receive a monthly stipend of Rs 1 lakh, about double that of a typical postdoctoral colleague. In addition, IITGN provides a professional development stipend of up to Rs 2 lakh per year to its ECFs to enable overseas travel to conferences, workshops, training programs, and other events. The fellowship is initially for one year, but it can be extended for up to two years if the recipient performs exceptionally well.

CCL-IITGN Launches 20-20 Lamps Series; To Create 20 Unique DIY Mathematical Lamps of Paper in 20 Days

November 3, 2020: The Center for Creative Learning (CCL) at the IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology has launched a series of '20-20 lamps' with the intention of lighting Diwali with environmentally-friendly self-made decorations that also teach some mathematics lessons. As part of this video sequence, which was launched on Dussehra Day and will continue to Diwali for 20 days, the CCL team will publish a video on its YouTube channel every day on how to create a new paper lamp based on one of the principles of mathematics.     

During one of the episodes of the enormously popular 3030 STEM show, a live Sunday weekly YouTube series to engage Mathematics and Science by generating a sense of wonder from daily life, IITGN originated this offering from CCL. With more than 15 lakh views, 3030 STEM has drawn about 4 lakh registered users. These easy-to-make DIY paper lamps are exclusively built and look incredibly stunning by the Center of Creative Learning team at IITGN. The CCL team not only outlines the method of making these lamps in these videos, but also discusses the math behind them for those who are interested in learning about platonic and Archimedean solids such as Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Square, Dodecahedron, and so on. In addition, this imaginative practice also provides the opportunity to spend time enjoying the festivals together as a family.

IIT Gandhinagar Launches Covid-19 Testing Drive

October 25, 2020: IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology has recently organised the Covid-19 test drive for its whole campus population to supplement the precautionary steps against the current global pandemic. Over 1,800 community members, including teachers, employees, residents, outsourced support staff, and students currently on campus and those going to work on campus, will undergo accelerated antigen checks over the next few days as part of this special push.

Over the course of the days, the medical teams of the Government of Gujarat will conduct the tests at two separate locations on the campus. The Institute authorities have assigned token numbers to each family or person to ensure protection and adherence to social distancing norms at the testing locations so that they can come to the testing location turn by turn. Student volunteers have already come forward, along with the leadership of the Institute, to help coordinate all appropriate logistics for registration and correspondence so that the testing can be conducted with a high degree of efficiency.

IIT-GN Inks MoU With NIPER-A, Vegshakti Mahila Kalyan and C-DAC to Impart Quality Education to Students

October 15, 2020: IIT-GN recently entered into an agreement with a few of the well-renowned organisations namely NIPER-A, Vegshakti Mahila Kalyan and C-DAC to give students academic, research and knowledge transfer opportunities.  

The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research- Ahmedabad (NIPER-A) aims to collaborate on information building, technological advancement and human capital growth through collaborative R&D proposals. As part of this arrangement, faculty, students and researchers from both institutions will also be able to make use of each other's lab infrastructure. It will also promote incubation in different fields and student internships for "hands-on" experience.

Vegshakti Mahila Kalyan Sangathan (VMKS), a registered company under the aegis of National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), has agreed to set-up a 'Vegshakti Mahila Kalyan Sangathan Scholarship' at the Institute to provide Rs 75,000 per year as financial support for educational expenses for each of the two chosen female students over the four-year period of their BTech curriculum. The annual renewal of the scholarship depends on the merit performance of the student every year.

This scholarship will be awarded to IITGN first-year female BTech students who have passed the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced exams and have confirmed admission to the Institute. However, preference will be given to the female students studying in the Institute's Civil/ Computer Science & Engineering/ Electrical/ Materials Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering discipline.

The third agreement has been signed with  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a premier R&D organisation of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, to install a Supercomputing System at IITGN under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM). with C-DAC will install the 650 TF Supercomputing System (70:30 CPU & GPU) as part of this agreement, with suitable data centres with storage capacity at the Institute. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) have previously chosen IITGN to operationalise the system on the basis of the available facilities at the Institute.

IITGN to Host Two More Live JEE Open House Sessions with Dean, Students and Alumni

October 7, 2020: IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology is all set to host two more live JEE open house sessions with the Institute's deans, students and alumni after a massive response to the live JEE Open House with Prof Sudhir Jain, Director of IITGN. These two Open Houses intend to direct IIT applicants in their inquiries about the layout of the IITGN academic course, different resources, events and student life at the Institute.

The second Open House on ‘Academic and Student Life at IITGN’ is scheduled for October 8 at 5 pm and will be facilitated by Dean of Academics Professor Kabeer Jasuja and Dean of Student Affairs Professor Harish. Aspirants interested to attend the session can get themselves registered on

The third session has been scheduled for October 9 at 5 pmThis will more about interaction with alumni. It will provide prospective students with the opportunity to connect directly with the Institute's students and alumni and gain more insight into IITGN and know how the Institute provides its students with all possible resources and provide them with the best global academic and research visibility, as well as to shape their overall personality. To register for this session, please copy the link to your browser 

IIT-GN Organises Live JEE Open House Session with Professor Sudhir Jain

October 4, 2020: For students awaiting JEE Advanced results, IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology hosted a live JEE Open House Session with Professor Sudhir K Jain, Director of IITGN. The virtual interactive session intended at educating JEE Advanced qualifying students and their parents learn and understand the framework of IIT and its various Engineering branches.

All students' queries were answered related to undergraduate courses at IITs and IITGN in particular. Students gained insights on IITGN education innovation; undergraduate curriculum, which includes dual major, minor, dual degree courses, the liberal strategy of reform in the branch; IITGN 's undergraduate study opportunities; the Institute's Career Development Programs and several other student-centred initiatives. IITGN has been exceptional in its reaction to the global Covid-19 pandemic; the Institute has taken many steps to ease the situation and to ensure that the community is safe and secure. This element, which is of great significance to the students and parents in the current period, was also discussed in the online session.

Professor Sudhir urged students to gather as much information as possible and take one of the most important decisions of their life.

IIT-GN Hosts One-Day International Webinar on ‘Gandhi and the Adivasi Question’

October 2, 2020: Celebrating Mahatama Gandhi’s 151st birth anniversary, the IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology organised a one-day international webinar on ‘Gandhi and the Adivasi Question’ in collaboration with Flinders University, Australia on October 1.

The webinar aimed at recognising the history of Adivasi societies, politics and their culture today through Gandhi and Gandhian legacy. This was part of SPARC (Ministry of Education, Government of India) initiative.  

Many writers, intellectuals and Adivasi activists participated in the webinar to explore the Gandhian political ideology, the history of the post-independence Gandhian movement, contemporary struggles for the rights of Adivasi, the influence of Gandhi with regard to Adivasis and how his ideas have influenced social movements in Adivasi today. The panel of keynote speakers included Dr Dhananjay Rai from the Central University of Gujarat; Dr Bina Sengar from Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad; Dr Sangeeta Dasgupta from Jawaharlal Nehru University; Arjun Rathva from MC Rathva College Pavi Jetpur; and Dr Daniel J Rycroft, Chairperson of India Dialogue at the University of East Anglia, UK.

They discussed on various topics  such as the omission of Adivasi issues in the initial constructive programs and its inclusion in the later ones (after 1945), Historicising Political Discourse of Gandhians and Adivasi Communities in Western India, how a section of the Oraon tribal community in Jharkhand known as ‘Tana Bhagat’ reveres Gandhi as a deity in the community and idea of ‘Adivasi citizenship’ within the field of human dignity laid out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

IITGN Offers On-Campus Overnight Accommodation Support to JEE Advanced Exam Candidates

September 18, 2020: The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) is offering applicants and an accompanying parent limited overnight accommodation on its campus with the intention of providing some degree of assistance to candidates appearing for the JEE Advanced exam in the current pandemic situation.

Speaking about this particular arrangement, IITGN Director Prof Sudhir Jain said, "At this time, it is definitely difficult for the candidates and their guardians whose JEE Advanced Examination Centers are far from their current residence and must be concerned about seeking secure accommodation. IITGN aspires to be an institution that is receptive. Providing those candidates with on-campus overnight lodging is our humble attempt to provide some of the nervous candidates and their parent's relief.”

Students who have their centres in the Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad region and would like to stay overnight on IITGN campus can register themselves on The registered candidates would receive further communication and details from the Institute in due course. 

Institute Organises 30-30 Stem Online Live Education Programme in Collaboration with CBSE

September 16, 2020: 30-30 Stem, an innovative online live education programme on promoting critical thinking of Mathematics and Science launchd by IIT-GN in joint efforts with CBSE and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune (IISER Pune) recently completed its first 30 days.

More than 10 lakh viewers have been drawn to the 30-week programme with live one-hour sessions every Sunday within only the first five weekly sessions. Students, teachers and guardians, who are dispersed across 20 Indian states including Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, and Kerala, among others, actively follow the sessions.

30-30 STEM’ brings unique content every week to elicit the joy and inherent beauty in the curriculum of Science and Maths that is all around us. The purpose of the Initiative is to provide teachers, students and their parents with an online forum to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) more appealing through limitless subject boundaries and build a feeling of wonder across daily life.

The first session began with ‘Adventures of A4 Sheet’, creatively explained how a paper could be used to understand the concepts of Area, Perimeter, Volume, Geometric Progression, Ratio and Proportion, Triangles, Octagon, Square and Square Root. The second episode - ‘Find Your Lung Capacity’, used a plastic bag and a 3-in-1 easy to make toy to elucidate Bernoulli’s principle and concepts of Buoyancy, Air, Air Pollution, Atmospheric Air, Respiratory system, Lungs, Weight of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, Weight of Air and Compressed Air, Vacuum, Weight and Mass, Velocity and Speed, and so on. Similarly, the third session was based on ‘The Wonder of Calendar’, the fourth episode was about ‘The Science of Stars, Earth and Moon’ and the fifth episode was based on ‘Computational Thinking’.

The next 25 weekly sessions will bring more interesting themes, topics, and puzzles such as combinatorics with playing cards; knowing our gut; how animals interact (to discover the science behind it); 3D visualisation with kheera (cucumber); ICT tool GeoGebra to understand the concepts of geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus; geometry with dough and broom-sticks, among others.

IIT Gandhinagar Ranks Fourth in India in Times Higher Education's World University Ranking

September 4, 2020: Times Higher Education (THE) recently released World University Ranking 2021 in which IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology ranked fourth in India and among top 800 higher education institutes across the globe. For the second year in a row, IITGN has won a global spot in this prestigious international education ranking.

The institute has been ranked in 601-800 band worldwide. It is Gujarat's only institute ranked among the 1,000 world's best institutes. In this ranking, THE has ranked about 1,500 universities and institutions across 93 countries. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings measure the performance of research-driven universities based on 13 parameters which include teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook.

IIT-GN Announces Early-Career Fellowship (ECF) for Recent Doctorates From all Areas of Engineering, Sciences, and Humanities

July 17, 2020: IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology is inviting applications of recent doctorates from various fields of Engineering, Science and Humanities for its Early Career Fellowship programme. The programme intends to motivate talented scholars and writers to fulfil their long-term study and intellectual ambitions.

Who can join?

  • Researchers with an excellent academic record who have earned a doctoral degree from a facility in India after July 1, 2019 can apply
  • Candidates who submitted their doctoral dissertation this year can also apply

Young scholars will be able to collaborate with IITGN faculty members on the fascinating research topics and transformational initiatives that will contribute significantly to the research. Fellows may also participate in other research events including lecturing or advising graduate and postgraduate students on their studies.

Fellows in the program will not only have access to their assigned subject but to the Institute's entire research infrastructure and facilities, which offers growth and networking opportunities within a creative and interdisciplinary ecosystem. ECF fellows will be granted  Rs1 lakh monthly fellowship and  Rs 2 lakh annual professional development grant.

The last date to apply is July 31, 2020

IIT-GN Creates Unique Online Content for Mathematics and Science to Make Learning Interesting

July 14, 2020: With the nation adapting to online learning practices, educational institutions are experimenting with content delivery. The Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) at IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology recently concluded a 12-day online training session intended for Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS). Over 50 Class 6-10 Mathematics teachers participated in the session to learn new ways of teaching the subject and engaging students. Professor Manish Jain and his team led the 60-hour online course to turn a drab topic into an entertaining subject by online engagement.

The topics covered in the training session includes the Number System, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, 3D Geometry, Quadratic Equations, and Probability through several innovative interactive activities, puzzles, quiz, and inspirational stories about mathematicians.

The team devised innovative conceptual activities to provide effective online education, such as card-based Math, doing mathematical activities using A4 paper, mathematical structures from dough and sticks, numbering the Indians on hands with binary countings, finger multiplication, multiplication with Algebra, curve stitching, GeoGebra, the concept of Pi using straight lines and matchsticks, the concept of the minimum surface area using soap bubble, and so on.

Looking at the success and an overwhelming response of participants from this training session, Science International Forum in Kuwait also invited the CCL team for conducting a five-day online training session on hands-on Maths for Class 8-12 CBSE school children in Kuwait. Over 350 students participated in the workshop called ‘Love with Maths’.

All these books, drills, videos and recordings for seminars are part of a MOOC that everyone can use. 

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Narla Karthikeya | B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 16 Jun 2021
Placements 3 Infrastructure 4 Faculty & Course Curriculum 3 Crowd & Campus Life 3 Value for Money 3
Review of IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology.

Placements: The average salary package offered for B.Tech CSE is 17 LPA, while the average salary package offered for B.Tech is 7 LPA. The highest salary package offered is about 40 LPA for CS students. Top recruiting companies here are Goldman Sachs, Adani, Tata, Infosys, etc. Most of the students will get placed as per past reports of the CSE. Around 40% to 50% of students get internships from our college.

Infrastructure: Wi-Fi speed is excellent here, and there is a good infrastructure. I need few months to explore the c...

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Anonymous | B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 17 Jun 2021
Placements 4 Infrastructure 5 Faculty & Course Curriculum 5 Crowd & Campus Life 5 Value for Money 5
Though it is a new IIT, it offers the best courses that helps you to excel in your career.

Placements: Around 80% of students got placed. The average package offered for a CSE student in IIT Gandhinagar is around 18 LPA. The highest package is 40 LPA by a German company to two students. The top recruiters include KPIT (Germany), Goldman Sachs, ITC, IOCL, HPCL and ISRO.

Infrastructure: All the hostel rooms are air-conditioned. Wi-Fi is available all over the campus. The IIT Gandhinagar campus is spread over 400 acres of land, and the institution has a beautiful ambience that captures the interest of students who a...

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Harsh kumar | B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 20 Feb 2021
Placements 4 Infrastructure 3 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 4 Value for Money 3
Totally satisfied because of faculty and good placements, but it lacks the infrastructure.

Placements: Placements are good but not much attractive for core disciplines so far as I am concerned. The image is improving at a very rapid rate, and the tag IIT is always a matter of pride for any graduate student compared to other colleges.

Infrastructure: All the students get a single room in the first year itself. Wi-Fi connection is excellent all over the campus. The classrooms are designed for better studies with digital facilities. The library contains more than 7,000 books at the present time. Mess facilities are ...

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Anonymous | B.Tech. in Civil Engineering - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 18 Apr 2021
Placements 3 Infrastructure 5 Faculty & Course Curriculum 3 Crowd & Campus Life 5 Value for Money 2
Review of IIT Gandhinagar - Indian Institute of Technology.

Placements: Placements in core branches are very low here. In recent years, the CSE branch has started, so the average salary package offered will be high. For the CSE branch, good companies visited here like Amazon, Nautix and Goldman Sachs. Specifically for our branch, L&T and other companies will visit here to offer placements with a salary package of around 7 LPA to 10 LPA. The average salary package offered here is around 10 LPA.

Infrastructure: The hostel is well maintained here, and many new hostels are being built. ...

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Anonymous | B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 25 Nov 2020
Placements 4 Infrastructure 5 Faculty & Course Curriculum 4 Crowd & Campus Life 5 Value for Money 4
Infrastructure is good, and college life is better.

Placements: About 60% of the students got placed in the last batch. The highest salary package offered is about 15 LPA, the lowest salary package offered is about 4 LPA and the average salary package offered is about 7 LPA. Top companies include DRDO, HPCL, etc. More than 80% of the students got an internship in companies. Both academic and industrial internships are available.

Infrastructure: It is one of the new IITs. Hence infrastructure is very good. For the chemical department, different labs and classrooms are availab...

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Can you suggest the best colleges in Gujarat for M.Tech in civil engineering?


navjot kaur

Contributor-Level 8

6 days ago

I'm not sure about Gujarat. But from my point of view, you can choose Chandigarh University to get a master's degree in civil engineering from North India. Here you will find some information about civil engineering. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have given the university the ...I'm not sure about Gujarat. But from my point of view, you can choose Chandigarh University to get a master's degree in civil engineering from North India. Here you will find some information about civil engineering. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have given the university the coveted A + Assessment (NAAC). Chandigarh University is India's youngest and only private university that achieved an A + in the first cycle of accreditation and is also the first state private university in Punjab.
The mission of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Chandigarh University, India's premier civil engineering university, is sufficient to provide field-related services sustainably while balancing the long-term infrastructure needs of society. It is to educate the workforce of trained civil engineers. Energy and environmental concerns. Campus work is always coming to engineering companies such as Eveready, Swaraj, Mahindra Johndeere, Godrej, and other core companies. For electric companies such as Konica Minolta, Johnson Controls, Surya Wires, and Kirloskar.


Honoria Samson

Beginner-Level 3

6 days ago

I can't suggest to you the colleges in Gujarat but I would like to suggest to you that if you want to do M.Tech then Chandigarh University is the best option. The university is ranked as India's Top 3 Private university. The university has an amazing infrastructure and the faculty staff is well e...I can't suggest to you the colleges in Gujarat but I would like to suggest to you that if you want to do M.Tech then Chandigarh University is the best option.
The university is ranked as India's Top 3 Private university. The university has an amazing infrastructure and the faculty staff is well experienced and will help you in achieving great heights in the future. The University has a well-renowned record in placement and University is the best option for Civil Engineering.


What about IIT Patna, IIT Ropar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Varanasi ECE?

Devyani Solanki

Contributor-Level 10

a week ago

All the Indian institute of technology that you have listed are good. But among them IIT Varanasi is best. It ranks higher among them. IIT Jodhpur and IIT gandhinagar are both new IIT's and they are also good in term of opportunities and placements that they will provide you. If you got a chance ...All the Indian institute of technology that you have listed are good. But among them IIT Varanasi is best. It ranks higher among them. IIT Jodhpur and IIT gandhinagar are both new IIT's and they are also good in term of opportunities and placements that they will provide you. If you got a chance then choose IIT Varanasi.


Which college is better among IIT gandhinagar, IIT Indore and IIIT Bangalore for M.Tech?



Contributor-Level 9

a month ago

Dear student you should go for IIT Bangalore, it will help you in future


Popular M.Sc. Nursing colleges in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar?

Vinay kr Pandey

Scholar-Level 16

a month ago

Dear aspirant
Kindly check the below link for information related to your query.


Is hostel compulsory in IIT Gandhinagar for M.Tech?

Pranav Raj

Contributor-Level 10

3 months ago

Hii Ruchika, It is not compulsory at all. While studying in any IIT, you can take any other hostel, room or PG etc. , as per your wish. It totally depends on you.

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