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Psychology subjects are all about understanding human behaviour in a deeper sense that is backed by scientific principles and findings. It encourages scientific temperament in students when it comes to analysing different types of human behaviour. The cognitive skills, social and cultural impact on the human brain and various other concepts are associated with this discipline. Functions of the central nervous system, the role of neurons in communication, and many other aspects are also covered in psychology courses. It also focuses on how the thinking and nervous system develop when a person enters adulthood from childhood.

Important Facts for Psychology Subjects

The following section brings the various aspects of the Psychology course and syllabus.

  • BSc in Psychology is a six-semester course: Psychology provides insights into different types of human personalities and behaviour.

  • Branches of Psychology: There are seven branches of Psychology, viz. Media, Educational, Community, Criminal, Industrial, Animal, and Clinical Psychology.

  • Scope in India: Upon completing a BSc in Psychology, students can take up job roles in health, medical, wellness, and other industries. Therefore, it has a great scope in India.

  • Psychology Subjects in NIIT: The psychology subjects offered by NIIT revolves around:

    • Sensation and perception concepts

    • Human memory processes

    • Sensory memory

    • Autobiographical memory

    • Procedural memory

    • Emotional expressions in life

    • Significance of human expression and biological aspects of responses that are emotional in nature.

  • Psychology Subjects in IIT: Some of the Psychology courses offered by IITs are given below:

    • Cognitive psychology

    • Applied positive psychology

    • Emotion and cognition

    • Community psychology

    • History and systems of psychology

    • Psychological interventions

  • General Examination Pattern: The performance of students is determined on the basis of a written exam and practical exam scores. Projects, mid-term exams, and semester exams are also held to evaluate their progress.


List of Subjects in Psychology

Typical Core Subjects for Psychology

Subject Name


Introduction to Psychology

Introduction about emotions, stress factors, well-being, different consciousness states, perception and attention, creativity and intelligence, etc., are covered in this subject.

Behaviour and Environment

Emphasis on concepts related to learning, cognition, memory, endocrine system, methods and characteristics of physiological psychology, etc., are covered in this subject.

Psychological Approaches to Environment

Steps and nature of psychological research, hypothesis, variables and problems, the normal curve, qualitative and quantitative analysis, interview methods, etc., are covered in this subject.

Community Psychology and Social Psychology

Understanding of the students regarding social and emotional development, concerns related to human development, issues and problems associated with human development, development of cognitive thinking, the impact of society and culture on human development, etc., are developed in this subject.

Psychological Scaling, Scaling Methods, and Assessment Parameters

Concepts associated with demography, behaviour and environment, ecology and its impact on human development. Scaling methods, psychological tests, assessment parameters, human assessment: its nature and scope, environmental wisdom, etc., are covered under this subject.

The elective subjects offered by psychology courses are given below:

  • Statistics

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

  • Social Work

  • Public Affairs

  • Criminal Justice

  • Health Sciences

  • English Composition

  • Biology

  • Anthropology

  • Communications

  • History

Detailed Subjects for Psychology

A general description of the psychology syllabus is given in the below table:

Core/Elective Subject

Subject Title


Core Paper 1

Introductory Psychology

Introduction to psychology, along with definitions, concepts, and key perspectives, are discussed in detail in this subject.


Case studies, correlational methods, experiments, and other psychology methods are also explained in Introductory Psychology.


Functions and structure of neurons, communication between and inside neurons, functions of the central nervous system and its structure, and related topics are covered in this subject.


Consciousness, its nature, and extended states are discussed in detail here.


Core Paper 2

Basic Environmental Processes

Basics of human development along with factors and principles that govern it are discussed in this subject.


How life forms from embryonic, foetal, and other stages, along with social and emotional development of kids, are discussed in this subject.


Cognitive development, motor and physical developments, and related concepts are also covered here.


Development of self and personality, the role of gender, gender differences, etc., are also covered in detail in this subject.

Core Paper 3

Basic Psychological Processes

Concepts surrounding perception and sensation, along with sensory adaptation and thresholds, are explained here.


Memory and its types, classical conditioning and its principles and nature, along with reasons for amnesia and other issues connected with forgetting, are explained in this subject.


Topics related to language, communication, language acquisition, language development and its stages, error in speech, etc., are covered in this subject.


Concepts and types of reasoning and thinking, deductive and inductive thinking, making and influencing decisions, and associated topics are also explained here.

Core Paper 4

Processes of Human Development

Heredity, environment, intelligence, and ways of calculating intelligence are covered in this subject.


Theories surrounding emotions, arousal, drive, etc., are explained here.


Personality traits, biological and sociocultural impact on personality, social cognitive theory, Freud’s theory, etc., are covered here.


Social information and its processing, social cognition meaning, meaning and errors related to attribution, personal growth, happiness, and other concepts are explained in this subject.

Core Paper 6

Psychological Statistics

Fundamentals of statistics, its scope and meaning, types of data and its graphical representation, measurement levels, etc., are discussed in this subject.


An overview of statistical measures, including central tendency, variability, and related concepts, are discussed here.


Probability, correlation, kurtosis, skewness, and related concepts are covered in this subject.


Hypothesis testing is also taught in this subject.

Core Paper 6

Social Psychology

Scope, goal, methods, and nature of Social Psychology, social cognition, and its related concepts are taught in this subject.


An understanding of stereotypes, attitudes, and prejudice is developed with a focus on concepts related to them.


Introduction to group and leadership and their structures and functions is also given in this subject.


An understanding of social behaviour with reference to aggression, pro-social behaviour, personality traits, etc., is explained in this subject.

Core Paper 7

Environmental Psychology

Concepts related to ecology, man and environment, earth as a living space, impact of environmental factors on human behaviour, etc., are discussed in this subject.


An understanding of ecology, environmental issues like global warming, depletion of energy, etc., along with the importance of sustainable development and related concepts, are explained here.


An explanation regarding psychological approaches to the environment, Field theory approach, and related theories is given in this subject.


Environmental awareness, the impact of the environment on society and psychology, and associated concepts are also included in this subject.

Core Paper 8


Basics of pathology, abnormal behaviour concepts and reasons, the impact of social, cultural, and cognitive perspectives, etc., are taught in this subject.


An understanding of mood disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, treatments, etc., are also covered in this subject.

Core Paper 9

Educational Psychology

Concepts related to educational psychology, classroom management, motivation, aptitude, creativity, etc., are discussed in this subject.

Core Paper 10

Psychological Assessment

Scope and nature of human assessment, scaling methods, psychological scaling, psychological tests, classroom assessment, ability assessment, and related concepts are discussed in detail in this subject.

Core Paper 11

Organisational Behaviour

The historical context of organisational behaviour with reference to studies of Fayol, Taylor, Weber, and perspectives of human relations, social and technical approaches, etc., are discussed in this subject.


Organisation systems, decision-making systems in organisations, leadership and its types, etc., are covered in this subject.


Theories related to power, work, and politics are also explained in detail here.


A brief study of human resource development and evaluation is also presented here.

Core Paper 12

Health Psychology

Introduction to health psychology, nature of stress, causes of stress, stress management, etc., are covered in this subject.


An understanding of illness and health and its correlation with psychological factors is developed.


Concepts related to diet management, exercise, yoga, symptom perception, etc., are taught in this subject.


Health issues of kids, women, and elderly people and their effects on Psychology are also discussed here.

Core Paper 13

Counselling Psychology

Counselling basics, theories and methods of counselling, counselling programs, applications, and related concepts are discussed in detail here.

Core Paper 14

Positive Psychology

Historical roots of Positive Psychology, positive emotions, concepts related to flow and happiness, ways, and precursors to positive psychology are covered in this subject.

Elective Paper 1

Psychological Research and Measurement

Nature of scientific methods, psychological research, psychological data, different types of scaling, scaling methods, construction of tests, and related concepts are discussed in this subject.

Elective Paper 2

Psychological and Social Issues

Understanding of social systems, health and well-being, poverty and deprivation, antisocial behaviour, the role of behaviour in health issues, etc., is developed.

Elective Paper 3

Psychology of Disability

Concepts related to disability, its types, diagnostic and assessment methods, theories and models associated with disability, access issues, disability support, and several other concepts are discussed in detail here.

Elective Paper 4

Dissertation/Research Project

Students will be expected to do a project that includes research on psychological studies with the supervision and assistance of teachers.

Elective Paper 5

Psychology of Crime

Introduction to crime, criminal behaviour and theories surrounding it, controlling and preventing crimes, special victims, and other important topics related to crime are covered in this subject.

Specialisations offered in Psychology 

Psychology subject specialisations are given in the below table:



Clinical Psychology

It involves studies related to treating mental issues like anxiety, stress, depression, grief, etc., through professional medical techniques.

Cognitive Psychology

Concepts like memory loss, language, problem-solving, cognitive skills, etc., are covered under this area of specialisation.

Development Psychology

It includes studies related to the development of the human brain and emotions during their lifespan.

Counselling Psychology

It covers issues that individuals face while adjusting to a new place, organisation, college, etc., and the counselling methods that can help them overcome their problems.

Educational Psychology

It focuses on enhancing learning practises starting with schools, colleges, and other academic institutions where individuals get an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

Forensic Psychology

By grasping the concepts related to this specialisation, psychologists can help lawyers and police track the mindset of criminals and gather forensic evidence.

Social Psychology

This area of specialisation focuses on human feelings and how it gets affected due to others.

Books and Authors Related to Psychology Subjects

Here are some books that candidates who are interested in taking up psychology courses should refer to:


Name of Book



Human Intelligence

Encyclopaedia of Human Intelligence


All the aspects related to human IQ are discussed in this book.

Social Psychology

Handbook of Social Psychology

Random House

Socialization issues, the role of sex, power, and leadership in making decisions are covered by this book.

Clinical Psychology

Handbook of Stress: Theoretical and Clinical Aspects

Free Press

Research, questionnaires and tests related to the treatment of stress and other psychological issues are explained in this book.

Human Assessment

Advances in Personality Assessment

Hillsdale, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (NJ)

New techniques and advancements related to personality assessment are discussed in this book.

Human Behaviour

Review of behaviour therapy: Theory and Practise (Irregular)

Guilford Press

Different aspects of human behaviour and personality are explained in this book.


The Psychoanalytic Study of The Child

New Haven, CT: Yale University

Analytical study regarding the psychology and development of emotions in a child are discussed in this book.

General Psychology

Encyclopaedia of Psychology


Concepts related to general psychology are explained in this book.

Human Emotions

The Happiness Hypothesis

Jonathan Haidt

Impact of morality, religions, consciousness, etc., on human psychology, is dissected using scientific studies in this book.


The Little Book of Psychology

Emily Ralls and Caroline Riggs

Key theories and overview of psychology are explained in this book.

Social Psychology

The Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil

Philip Zimbardo

The fine line between good and bad is explained beautifully in this book.

Entrance Exams for Psychology

The entrance exams that one needs to appear in for securing admission in UG Psychology courses are given below:

The entrance tests that one can appear in for securing admission in PG Psychology courses are mentioned below:

Distance Programme in Psychology Subjects

A distance Program in Psychology is usually a three-year programme that focuses on both core and elective subjects that are included in the regular curriculum. Therefore, the syllabus of distance education is identical to that of the regular offline course.

Top Colleges for Psychology in India

Some of the top colleges for psychology in India are given below:



Fergusson College, Pune

To be Uploaded Soon.

St. Xaviers College, Kolkata

To be Uploaded Soon.

Presidency College, Kolkata

To be Uploaded Soon.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi

To be Uploaded Soon.

Mithibai College, Mumbai

To be Uploaded Soon.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

To be Uploaded Soon.

Kamala Nehru College, New Delhi

To be Uploaded Soon.

Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi

To be Uploaded Soon.

Daulat Ram College, New Delhi

To be Uploaded Soon.

Gargi College, New Delhi

To be Uploaded Soon.


FAQs Regarding Psychology Subjects

Q: What is the scope of Psychology?

A: Psychology has a vast scope in India and abroad because of its relevance in wellness, health, medical, fitness, and various other sectors. One can also contribute to colleges, NGOs, schools, and other institutes after completing the formal education in psychology. Therefore, it has a great scope career-wise as well.  

Q: What are the subjects covered in psychology?

A: The subjects covered in Psychology are given below:
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Behaviour and Environment
  • Psychological Approaches to Environment
  • Community Psychology and Social Psychology
  • Psychological Scaling, Scaling Methods, and Assessment Parameters
  Q: Are psychology courses worth it?
A: Yes, psychology courses are worth learning for as they comprise different aspects of human behaviour and intelligence. The knowledge gained by the students while completing the psychology courses can be utilised to build a rewarding career in various fields. It also assists an individual to analyse the behaviour of others that proves to be vital in many fields like politics, social service, etc.  

Q: Which is better, BA Psychology or BSc Psychology?

A: Both BA Psychology and BSc Psychology have their own relevance in the field of health, education, sports, and other sectors. However, while BA Psychology focuses on theoretical concepts more, BSc Psychology also emphasises practical training and projects. The syllabus also differs as BSc Psychology also includes subjects like maths and statistics, which are not covered by BA Psychology. Both courses make candidates eligible for post-graduation studies. Therefore, it hardly matters which course one takes if completing PG in Psychology is the ultimate goal of the candidate.  

Q: Does psychology require clearing NEET?

A: No, there is no need to appear for NEET if you want to enrol in a Psychology course. NEET is only applicable to those who wish to enrol in medical courses.  

Q: Which type of Psychology is the best?

A: If you think from a salary perspective, studying to become a psychiatrist or educational psychologist are the better options. If one wants to pursue a career in the education field, they must take up courses related to child psychology, counselling, etc. Clinical psychology is also in great demand nowadays because countless people are suffering from mental trauma or issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and grief.

Q: Is there any entrance exam for psychology?

A: Several universities and colleges conduct their own entrance exams for UG and PG level psychology courses. Some of the popular entrance exams are mentioned below:
  • DUET - Delhi University Entrance Test
  • CUCET - Central University Common Entrance Test
  • JMI Entrance Exam
  • MU-CET - Manipal University Online Entrance Test
  • BHU Postgraduate Entrance Test

Q: Is JEE required for taking up Psychology courses?

A: No, JEE is required only for those who are keen on enrolling in engineering courses.

Q: Is Psychology hard to study?

A: Psychology is not hard to study if you have a fair idea of human nature, behaviour, and related aspects. Also, if you have good knowledge of the human body and brain, it will be fairly easy to understand the psychology concepts. However, due to a vast curriculum and syllabus, candidates often find it hard to memorise all the concepts. Therefore, thorough preparation is a must for clearing the theoretical and practical exams.

Q: Do you need to know Math to study Psychology?

A: Maths is not a compulsory subject for taking up Psychology courses. However, if you are applying for BSc Psychology, you need to have a fair understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts. Topics related to these Psychology subjects are included in the syllabus.  

Q: Is Biology compulsory for BSc Psychology?

A: No, it is not mandatory to have completed formal studies in biology while applying for UG courses. However, some colleges might make it compulsory while providing admission to the UG Psychology courses.  

Q: Can PCB students do a BSc in Psychology?

A: Yes, PCB students can certainly apply for securing admission in BSc Psychology courses.

Popular Psychology Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Psychology Colleges in India. Learn more about these Psychology colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
1.34 L - 13.2 L
2.4 - 5.5 LPA

#78 India Today

1.88 L - 5.48 L
3.89 LPA
4 Courses
10.89 K
5 - 15.5 LPA
7 Courses
10.23 K - 10.93 K
3 Courses
60.81 K

#1 Outlook

2 L - 3.6 L
4.17 - 6.03 LPA

#10 Outlook

Popular Private Psychology Colleges in India

1.4 L - 4.2 L
2.7 - 6.35 LPA

Psychology Applications open. Apply Now

2.05 L - 3.16 L
1.3 L - 1.54 L
2.28 L - 3.42 L
3.3 LPA
2 L - 7.2 L
4 - 6.75 LPA

Psychology Applications open. Apply Now

60 K - 1.5 L
2.88 - 3 LPA

Popular Psychology UG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Psychology UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

Popular Psychology PG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Psychology PG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these PG Courses by clicking the links below.

PG Courses

Popular Psychology Specializations in India

Following are the most popular Psychology Specializations . You can explore the top Colleges offering these Specializations by clicking the links below.

Popular Specializations


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Answered 7 hours ago

Both the courses are almost equally good with respect to placement.

For the B.A. in Psychology program, the course focuses on applying psychological concepts, theories, and processes to various fields such as health, business, society, spirituality, and education.The programme aims to develop researc



Aadhar Tuteja

Answered 3 days ago

To take admission in BA (Hons) Psychology candidates can appear for JMI entrance exam. Like the syllabus of many other subjects, the syllabus of BA (Hons) Psychology also consists of four subjects: Language Skills, General Awareness, Reasoning and Social Awareness. Candidates can prepare for Jamia e



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According to the available data, both B.Sc in Biomedical Science and B.Sc in Applied Psychology have good placement opportunities at Sunandan Divatia School of Science. However, there is no clear indication of which programme has better placement. It is recommended to contact the school directly or



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Chandigarh University (CU) takes a multifaceted approach to prepare Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

(Hons.) students for successful placements. The curriculum prioritizes practical skills development,

integrating lab sessions in applied areas like Biopsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. CU mainta



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Chandigarh University prioritizes the overall development and employability of Bachelor Of Arts- Psychology (Hons.) students through a comprehensive strategy. The program's diverse curriculuum, covering Biopsychology, Applied Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and more, combines theoretical



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Mentor Academy for Design Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology has below criteria for taking admissions to it's various courses:
B.E. / B.TechCandidate must have completed 17 years of age as on the 31st December 2023.


Atul Mishra

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Chandigarh University's collaboration with industry partners ensures meaningful and diverse placement opportunities for Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Hons.) students through a structured and mutually beneficial approach. Industry professionals actively contribute to curriculum design, aligning acad




Answered a week ago

Chandigarh University's Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Hons.) programme opens doors to diverse employment opportunities, with various sectors actively recruiting graduates. In the healthcare industry, hospitals and mental health organizations seek candidates for roles like clinical psychologists and




Answered a week ago

As a recent Master of Arts in Psychology graduate from Chandigarh University, I can affirm the university's dedication to securing promising career opportunities for its graduates. The placement statistics reflect a high rate of success in diverse fields both within and beyond psychology. Chandigarh



Shahnawaz Mushtaq

Answered a week ago

Chandigarh University's Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Hons.) curriculum significantly contributes to the high placement success of its graduates by focusing on a well-rounded blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The programme covers diverse subjects like Biopsychology, Applied Socia



Rayees Bhat

Answered a week ago

Chandigarh University (CU) employs a multifaceted approach to support the placements of Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Hons.) graduates, recognizing the competitive nature of the field. The curriculum is designed to provide a robust theoretical foundation and practical skills, with hands-on learning



Rayees Bhat

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Goldsmiths, University of London BSc (Hons.) Psychology tuition fees for international students is £20,840. Besides paying the tuition fees, the applicants are required to pay the additional costs. The living expenses will vary according to personal circumstances and choices. The rough estimate of w


Akanksha Malhotra

Answered a week ago

Goldsmiths, University of London admissions requirements for BSc (Hons.) Psychology course are:

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate at Class 12 from either CBSE / CISCE / ICSE and Metro state boards
  • Diploma (2-4 years) from a Polytechnic / College of Technology / Professional institute
  • IELTS score of 6


Akanksha Malhotra

Answered a week ago

According to Times Higher Education subject rankings for Psychology degree in the UK for 2024, Goldsmiths, University of London has been ranked at #25 position in the UK. In short, it is one of the Top 25 universities in the UK to pursue Psychology. Other universities that are in the top list to pur


Akanksha Malhotra

Answered 2 weeks ago

As the last year's placements offered and gained by the students at BIMHRD, or the Balaji Institute of Management Human Resource Development (BIMHRD) are high in MBA Market Management because there is much demand for marketing when compared with MBA in Personnel Management and Human Resources. So, c




Answered 2 weeks ago

IMS offers BSc programs in both psychology and animation, the BSc in psychology programme is anticipated to offer stronger placement prospects given its graduate-level nature, potentially facilitating job opportunities in reputable companies. The BSc animation programme is to provide undergraduate a



Hala Saleel

Answered 3 weeks ago

Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the field of Psychology and Counselling. JSPC course admission is based on the entrance exam, namely JSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT and Jindal - PMAT. Candidates can check out the table below to know about the


Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Yes, students of Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling can apply for various scholarships offered by OP Jindal Global University. Jindal Global University offers only Merit cum Means Scholarships every year. The university follows a comprehensive scholarship policy, which includes various para


Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Candidates can apply in various fields after graduating from Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling. Check out the table below to know in which sector students can get placed:


Project Manager or Career Counsellor

School Career/ Guidance Counsellor


Family and Relationship Expert

Career in Counselling or Clinical Psychology

Social Work Sector

NGOs: Programme Officer/ Welfare Officer

Community Mental Health Care Settings


Research Assistant/Analyst/Coordinator

Institutional and Field Work


Community/ Youth Educators and Advocates

Mental Health/Addiction/Rehab Technician or Counsellor

Industry or Organisation

Behavioural Analyst and Human Resources

Business Development and Management Consultant

Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling psych laboratory provides a modern workspace for all faculty and students. The laboratory has space for student instruction-providing ample opportunity for students to gain first-hand training and understanding in experimental design and analysis. The lab


Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling campus is well-equipped with excellent facilities to fulfil the needs of students and staff. The facilities include separate boys and girls hostel, well-stocked library, multi-cuisine food court,  24*7 health centres with medical officers, on-campus laundr


Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling faculty members have rich research experience and publication record. JSPC has more than 40 faculty members. JSPC faculty members hold diverse experience in academics, industry and private practice. Tabulated below is the list of a few faculty members at J


Bhavana Pandey

Answered 3 weeks ago

Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling focuses on developing leaders in the fields of Psychology and Counselling. The institute has World class faculty with rich and diverse experience in research and publication, and also JSPC has International collaborations. 

The domain-wise career opportunit



Arshita Tiwari

Answered 3 weeks ago

You can do courses related to criminal psychology .You can do LL.M and specialize in Human Rights law / constitution.

In addition to LL.M, you can explore about -

  • PG Diploma in corporate law 
  • Diploma in criminology 
  • Diploma in forensic science 
  • M.A History
  • MSW

What I suggest you that I you want to be a phe


Dinesh upadhyay

Answered 3 weeks ago

 Yes, the University of Amsterdam offers Bachelor of Science in  Psychology. It is ranked #58 in World University Ranking - QS 2023. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology programme provides students with an understanding of the mind, brain, and behavior. The student must select a major or topic spec


Rashmi Gupta

Answered 3 weeks ago

The entry requirements for B.Sc in Psychology is mentioned below:

Students with an international Diploma are eligible to apply if their Diploma is similar to the Dutch pre-university Diploma and includes the following:

  • Mathematics
  •  English

as part of your final examinations. 

Along with Minimum test scor


Rashmi Gupta

Answered 3 weeks ago

 A non-refundable €100 application fee is needed for all students enrolling in an English-taught Bachelor's degree programme with an international diploma. 

The application cost of €100 can only be paid by credit card. Following the completion of your application form, you will be required to pay the


Rashmi Gupta

Answered a month ago

BA (Hons) in Psychology is offered by Lady Shri Ram College by its Psychology department. Admission to the course is through CUET. Moreover, as per the DU UG Admission Bulleting 2023, the total seat intake for the course is 71. In addition, the fee for the course, including tuition fees and some oth



Manori Sahni

Answered a month ago

National Institute of Personnel Management, West Bengal (NIPM) offers a PG Diploma course in Business & Management Studies. The course is available in Part Time mode. National Institute of Personnel Management, West Bengal (NIPM) has specializations such as MBA/PGDM specializations in Human Resource



Atul Mishra

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