Top 5 Ways of Networking in an Online Degree Programme

Top 5 Ways of Networking in an Online Degree Programme

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Say goodbye to hesitation and boost your confidence when you pursue your online degree. Let’s turn those virtual handshakes into real opportunities!


Networking is about nurturing professional relationships within the same industry. It is a mutual benefit between you and with whom you connect. And only the right people can help you expand your opportunities and even future collaboration. The possibilities are endless. 

But, networking can seem challenging for some in the virtual world. Especially when pursuing an online degree. Factors, including time constraints of your remote peers and lack of confidence, can creep in. There are more limitations to networking in online degree programmes. It doesn’t have to be, though. It’s all about being proactive. 

Let’s find out how you can start networking during your online degree. 

Importance of Networking in an Online Degree

Networking is valuable for finding and landing a job after earning a degree online. It helps students exchange knowledge with university faculty, competitive peers, mentors, and industry experts. 

With group projects and one-on-one mentor reviews, remote students can build confidence in many ways. Group projects simulate real-world teamwork, communication, and problem-solving scenarios. By participating, you learn how to work effectively in virtual teams, communicate ideas, and contribute to shared goals.

Networking is essentially a long term benefit. It lands you in jobs that aren’t even listed in job portals. Building a good network with faculty and peers can be beneficial for you then. 

An online MBA from Chandigarh University further integrates Professional Communication as a compulsory subject. But it is also the culture of the university, where open communication is valued.

So, networking is a lifelong skill and such good institutes offering online degree programmes facilitate a gateway to expanding not only your knowledge but also your career. 

How to Network during Your Online Degree

1. Be the First to Make the Move

Taking the initiative is paramount. If there’s an introductory discussion thread in your course, jump in. Share details about your professional background, the degree you’re pursuing, and your aspirations. Personal tidbits, like hobbies or interests, can also serve as excellent conversation starters, helping you find common ground with peers.

2. Proactively Engage During Classes or Discussions

Active participation is the key to visibility in online classes. Engage in discussion boards, ask questions, and share insights. By consistently contributing valuable information, you not only enhance your learning experience but also make a lasting impression on your peers.

Degree programmes online, such as the Master of Computer Applications from Amity University Online, provide virtual job fairs, which can be much beneficial for you. Along with that, you can find an open platform for frequent discussions with peers and access to dedicated ‘Success Managers’. 

3. Connect with and Take Advice from Professors

Professors are not just educators. They are industry professionals with vast networks. Regularly communicate with them, seek advice, and discuss your aspirations. They can introduce you to industry experts, recommend readings, or even provide references for job applications.

Manipal University’s Online MBA excels in this regard. According to former students on forums, including Quora, the professors are present to resolve doubts.

4. Participate in Video Chats

Face-to-face interaction is always great, even if it’s through a screen. Tools, including Zoom, Skype or Teams, offer opportunities to connect “in person” with classmates and professors. Regular video interactions can lead to more profound, meaningful connections then.

Another programme that facilitates networking virtually beyond Zoom and Skype and in the best way possible is the SP Jain SGM's online Executive MBA programme. It's in-house ELO (Engaged Learning Online) technology offers a highly immersive experience like a classroom where one-on-one communication is made convenient.  

5. Join Alumni Networks

Obtaining alumni status is essential for experience and connections. Many universities such as BITS Pilani have alumni networks that host events, webinars, or forums. Engaging with alumni can provide insights into industry trends, job opportunities, and offer mentorship possibilities.

Networking During Online Degree Best Practices

Here are some additional tips for building lasting relationships during and after your online degree. 

  • It’s essential to maintain a professional image, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. Ensure your profiles are up-to-date, highlighting your skills, achievements, and career aspirations.
  • Stay connected with your university’s updates by following their social media channels. Engage in discussions, share your thoughts, and connect with faculty or industry leaders. Platforms such as Quora also offer avenues to showcase your expertise and engage in real-time industry discussions.
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