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Management Aptitude Test 2023 ( MAT )

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MAT preparation 2023 -  The MAT exam is one of the easiest MBA entrance exams in India and one can attempt it multiple times in the same acaedmic year.  The syllabus of MAT is same as other MBA entrance exams. So all that you need to take care of during MAT 2023 exam preparation is speed and accuracy in solving the questions.

Although MAT is a popular choice among students for admission to Tier-2 and private MBA institutes, candidates need a minimum score of 90-95 percentile to get a good college. So, if you plan to appear for the MAT exam in 2023, prepare with the target of scoring high. Read this article for key MAT preparation tips and strategies which will be helpful for aspirants.

Q:   Is MAT syllabus more difficult than other MBA entrance exams?

Q:   How can I prepare for MAT?

Q:   Which are the best books for MAT preparation?

MAT 2023 Preparation: Know the Exam Pattern

The first step of MAT preparation is knowing the exam pattern. The exam modes of MAT are Computer Based Test (CBT), Paper Based Test (PBT) and Internet Based Test (IBT). Candidates can choose the mode of exam at the time of MAT 2023 application process. The test structure of MAT is similar to other MBA entrance exams, i.e. a certain number of MCQs to be solved in a limited time-period. Check MAT exam pattern in the infographic below:

MAT exam pattern highlight

MAT exam pattern highlight

Q:   What are the important topics of MAT exam?

Q:   Is the question paper of MAT IBT different from MAT CBT or PBT?

Q:   How can I prepare for MAT in six months?

Explore subject-wise topics asked in MAT

Select your preferred subject

MAT 2023 Preparation: Know the Syllabus

Before starting MAT exam preparation, candidates should thoroughly check the MAT syllabus to know the important topics of each section. MAT syllabus 2023 includes five subjects. You need to prepare all the important topics included in these MAT subjects.

  1. Language Comprehension
  2. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  3. Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  4. Mathematical Skills
  5. Indian and Global Environment

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Q:   What is the MAT syllabus for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning?

Q:   What is the MAT syllabus for Mathematical Skills?

Q:   Is MAT syllabus more difficult than other MBA entrance exams?

Section-Wise MAT Preparation 2023

To crack the MAT 2023 exam with high percentile, aspirants should aim to score high in every section. Marks of all the sections except Indian and Global Environment are considered for overall percentile calculation so your main focus should be on the main four subjects. Check below the key insights of section-wise MAT preparation 2023.

MAT Preparation 2023: How to prepare for Language Comprehension?

The Language Comprehension section of MAT exam consists of all the topics of verbal ability and English grammar. The section also consists of reading comprehension passages which are usually easy in nature. 

MAT Language Comprehension Details
Total number of questions 40 MCQs
Suggested time 25-30 minutes

Tips to Prepare for Language Comprehension Section of MAT 2023

Reading Skills: Focus on improving reading comprehension and speed. Although passage-based questions are easy, reading takes time. Read books, newspapers and magazines to improve reading speed and practice sample papers to improve speed in solving Reading Comprehension based questions.

English Grammar: Most of the English grammar question are asked from vocabulary, clauses, idioms, verb, active and passive voice, punctuation and sentence construction. Improve your fundamentals of English grammar and you will sail through in this section of MAT exam.

Verbal Ability: You can ace Verbal Ability questions by practising sample questions of various difficulty levels. Since there is no formula or concepts to be understood in Verbal Ability, practising sample question is the best way to tackle this section.

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MAT Preparation 2023: How to Prepare for Mathematical Skills?

This section of MAT question paper is based on the Quantitative Ability topics. Topics included in this section are advanced level Mathematics topics that one has studied in Class 9 and 10. Conceptual clarity is the key to cracking this section of MAT 2023.

MAT Mathematical Skills Details
Total number of questions 40 MCQs
Suggested time 40 minutes

Tips to prepare for MAT Mathematical Skill

Formulas and Theorems: As mentioned above, cracking Numerical Ability section of MAT exam is all about having a good command on concepts and theorems. Even those who did not study Mathematics at a higher level can score well in this section if they devote enough time on concepts. Therefore, start with the basics. Prepare notes on formulae and fundamentals, understand them well and practice related questions.

Calculation: Candidates should practice Mental Math to increase their calculation speed during the exam. Topics such as Profit & Loss, Mean, Median, Number System, Mensuration, Time, Distance & Speed and Percentages are easy to solve, so acquire speed in calculation to save time in the exam.

Weak areas: If candidates find topics like Vectors, Differential Equation, Trigonometry, Algebra, etc. difficult, then they should start studying these topics at least three months before the exam. If one is unable to prepare these topics well, they must skip questions based on these in the MAT exam. However, we recommend early engagement with these topics for greater chance of scoring well.

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MAT Preparation Tips for Data Analysis and Sufficiency

This section of MAT contains mostly analytical questions related to interpretation of data, calculations and statements. Test takers are require to read, understand and interpret the closest outcome from the given data. The data is represented in the form of tables, charts and graphs and may turn out to be tricky to solve even though candidates have prepared well for it.

MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency Details
Total number of questions 40 MCQs
Suggested time 35 minutes

Tips to Prepare for Data Analysis and Sufficiency Section of MAT Exam

Practice: Preparation of Data Analysis and Sufficiency for MAT is all about knowing basic multiplications/divisions and practice of various types of questions. 

Understanding Charts, Graphs and Tables: Candidates need to have a basic understanding of data representation to understand the questions of this section. A question having a large amount of data for demographic or economics represented in tables, pie charts, graphs can be confusing. The key is to break down the question into parts and then analyse the data.

Data Analysis: Data Analysis and Sufficiency section is data heavy. First, analyse the data, then interpret it and then choose the right answer. If it takes a longer time than usual then mark such questions for review and attempt in the end.

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MAT Preparation 2023: How to Prepare for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning?

The questions of this section mainly demand application of logical reasoning skills. Important topics in MAT Intelligence and Critical Reasoning include Blood Relations, Statement & Conclusion, Matching Statements, Analogies, Series and Assertion & Reason. This is a reasoning based section and questions may seem easy but can be tricky.

MAT Intelligence & Critical Reasoning Details
Total number of questions 40 MCQs
Suggested time 30 minutes

Tips to Prepare for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning Section

Fact, logic and opinion: Candidates should carefully view the questions based on three parameters – the fact – the obvious truth, logic – verification of statement with reasons and opinion/ intellect – your view. Also, implement methods to solve questions quickly, for example – Identifying Blood Relations should be according to:

  • Relatives of mother – maternal family
  • Relatives of father – paternal family

Now, each relation mentioned in the question should be categorised as above to get the right answer.

Critical thinking: The candidates should not assume any answer. The only way to arrive at a correct answer is to analyse the question, contradictory statements and conclusion. Also, candidates need keep speed and accuracy in mind while solving questions from this section. They should not spend more than a minute on any questions. To gain speed and accuracy, practice a variety of Intelligence and Critical Reasoning sample questions.

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MAT Preparation 2023: Tips for Indian and Global Environment Section

The Indian and Global Environment section of MAT exam is the least time taking section as it does not require any critical thinking or calculations. The Indian and Global Environment section is all about testing general awareness of candidates with straightforward questions on topics below:

  • Current Affairs and Events at national as well as international events
  • Awards, film festivals and celebrities
  • Political events and affairs
  • Science, technology and research
MAT Indian & Global Environment Details
Total number of questions 40 MCQs
Suggested time 15 minutes

To prepare well for Indian and Global Environment of MAT exam, regularly follow current affairs and news. Check out what you can read to prepare for MAT 2023:

  • Read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and make notes alongside
  • Watch news debates, political and business shows on television and YouTube
  • Memorise static GK topics from Manorama Year Book and Competition Success Review

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Q:   Is MAT exam easier than other MBA entrance exams?

Q:   What is the marking scheme of MAT exam?

Q:   Which section of MAT exam has maximum weightage?

Best Books for MAT Preparation 2023

To cover the MAT syllabus, candidates must refer to books recommended by coaching experts. MAT books are printed specifically to cater to the needs of the aspirant vis-a-vis chapters, explanations, pratice questions and exercises, etc. Candidates preparing for MAT exam 2023 should refer the following books:

MAT Sections

MAT Books

Verbal Ability

  • Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT/XAT/GMAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT/Bank PO/SSC by Bharat Patodi and Aditya Chowdhary
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Gautam Puri

Data Analysis and Sufficiency

  • Data Analysis & Sufficiency by Arun Sharma
  • Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency by Ananta Ashisha

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT & Other Management Entrance Tests by Peeyush Bhardwaj
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit Sinha

Mathematical Skills

  • Speed Mathematics: Do it Quick, Do it Right by Rajesh Kumar Thakur C
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by R S Aggarwal

Indian and Global Environment

  • The Mega Yearbook: Current Affairs & General Knowledge For Competitive Exams by Disha Experts

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Q:   What are the best books for MAT Mathematical Skills?

Q:   Which are the best books for MAT Intelligence and Critical Reasoning?

Q:   What are the best books for MAT Language Comprehension?

Q:   What are the best books for MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency?

How to Prepare for MAT 2023 in 6 Months?

According to experts, six months is sufficient to score high in the MAT exam even if candidates have to study topics from the scratch. This is so, because the question asked in MAT are simple, straightforward and of low difficulty level. To prepare for MAT in six months, follow the tips mentioned below: 

  • Chalk out a clearly defined MAT strategy and prepare a timeline to cover MAT syllabus
  • Understand the MAT paper pattern, test structure and marking scheme 
  • Practice MAT mock tests and previous year papers
  • Allot time for topic-wise revision in the last 30 days 

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MAT Preparation Tips by Toppers

Given below are MAT topper interviews and their preparation strategy that aspirants can learn to ace the exam:

MAT Topper Name

MAT Topper Tips

Ayush Saxena

The only advice I will give is to focus on the goal and the exam day is the crucial thing.

Read full interview of Ayush

Shubham Kanwar Rajawat

I started preparing around two months before the exam. My strategy was to practice more and more for concept clarification and maximizing attempts with accuracy.

Read full interview of Shubham

Abhishek Jha

MAT aspirants should focus on quality practice rather than quantity practice. It is more about how much they learn per study session. 

Read full interview of Abhishek

V Varun

I believe sincerity is the most important trait for cracking any exam. I would advise aspirants to stay focused through their prep period and to never give up on their goal.

Read full interview of Varun

Shubham Khule

Practice as many mock tests as possible. Try to avoid mistakes in subsequent mocks. Constant practice and perseverance are the keys to succeeding at these tests. 

Read full interview of Shubham Khule

Jay Sonar

Practice on harder exams, then MAT will not be difficult. Of course, take mocks (NMAT, SNAP, MAH-CET) as practice is the most important part of preparation of speed-based exam or any exam really.

Read full interview of Jay

Vidhan Agrawal

Finding solution to a question is just the first step, one should not settle for anything less than the quickest possible way to solve that problem.

Read full interview of Vidhan Agrawal

Sumit Bhattacharyya

The mock tests makes you exam ready. It most importantly makes you habituated with the time constraint. Gives you clarity on the types of question you will probably face and the difficulty level you need to adjust to.

Read full interview of Sumit Bhattacharyya

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Q:   What is the total number of questions in MAT exam?

Q:   What is the minimum no. of questions that I attempt in the MAT exam to score 85 percentile?

How to Prepare for MAT 2023 in 3 Months?

In case you decide to appear for MAT exam three months prior to the test date, you can still score well. Below are the tips to prepare for MAT exam in three months for the upcoming session: 

  • Cover MAT syllabus in one and half months.
  • Check previous year MAT question papers to know the important topics.
  • Fous on the topics which dominate the MAT question paper.
  • Focus on your strengths and weaknesses from each MAT section.
  • Practice MAT mock tests for about a month after completing the MAT syllabus.
  • Devote the last fifteen days to topic-wise revision and doubt clearing sessions.

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Q:   Can I make another attempt at MAT exam, if I score low in first attempt?

How to Prepare for MAT 2023 in 1 Month?

One month may sound less time to prepare for MAT. However, one can still crack it if they focus well. For one-month MAT preparation keep the following points in mind:

  • Focus on only those topics from which most of the questions are asked.
  • Work on the basic theories, formulas and concepts of these important topics.
  • Practice MAT mock tests to know the application of important concepts and theorems.
  • Practice a variety of MAT sample questions from important topics.
  • Make short notes of important points and revise them everyday.

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Last Week MAT Preparation Strategy

In the last week before the MAT 2023 exam, candidates must focus on revision. Given below are key points for the last week preparation tips for MAT exam:

  • Revise key topics, formulae and theorems of all the sections
  • Practice one MAT mock test and analyse your speed and accuracy
  • Do not start a new topic in any section
  • Revise short-cut tricks and short notes prepared earlier
  • Make an exam day strategy based on your strong and weak areas

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MAT Mock Test

Along with practicing MAT previous year question papers, candidates should also attempt a considerable number of MAT mock tests. Practicing online mock tests will help the candidate in getting familiar with the actual exam, understand the exam pattern and increase speed and accuracy in solving questions. Shiksha has created a free MAT mock test which you can practice. 

MAT Mock Test MAT Mock Test

FAQs on MAT Preparation 2023

Check below Frequently Asked Questions related to MAT preparation:

Q:   Is one-month preparation enough to crack MAT?

Q:   How many MAT mock test should I practice?

Q:   How should I prepare for Data Analysis and Sufficiency section of MAT?

Q:   What are the dos and don'ts for MAT CBT and PBT?

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80 percentile in MAT will mean that you are eligible to apply for the admissions and is likely that you will be able to get a call from the college but the admssions are dependent on your performance in GD and PI rounds.You will also need a strong academic background throughout schooling and your gr




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NSUT considers MAT, CAT, and CMAT scores for admission. In December 2023, the upcoming MAT event is the PBT exam on December 9. Ongoing activities include the download of MAT 2023 Admit Cards for both PBT and IBT 2, which continues until December 9.


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The Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur (IRM Jaipur) accepts the scores of various entrance exams for admission to its Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. The accepted entrance exam scores include MAT, CAT, CMAT, XAT, and ATMA. Additionally, candidates are required to have a Bachel



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For those aspiring for NSIT MBA/PGDM admissions in 2023, mark your calendars for the upcoming MAT 2023 PBT on December 9. Concurrently, the registration window remains open for MAT 2023 CBT 2 until December 11, while registration for MAT 2023 IBT 3 extends until December 14. Stay tuned for these cru



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MAT is one of the entrance exams for admissions at DY Patil Global Business School. Its up to the candidate whether they want to give MAT for getting admission at DY Patil Global Business School or they can also get admission through various other entrance exams like XAT/CAT/CMAT/ATMA/AIET.

The weigh



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MAT Counsellig involve 2 to 3 rounds including Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interviews (PI) and Written Ability Tests. All the councelling rounds are conducted by the respective colleges. Candidates will be taking part in these rounds depending upon the process of the respective colleges. Councel



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Yes, DY Patil Global Business School accept MAT score.

This institute accept scores of entrance exams like MAT, XAT, CAT, CMAT, ATMA, AIET.

The students shortlisted on the basis of the scores in these qualifying exams are called for further rounds where they are screened for final selection.

Note: The



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Manipur University accepts various entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT for admission in MBA . Students can appear for any one of these examination and qualify it to get admission for MBA in Manipur University. 

If you want to avoid national level entrance examination, You can also ap



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