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What is the difference between MAT score and MAT percentile? Know the answer as well as the formulae and detailed procedure to calculate MAT score and MAT percentile.

MAT score vs percentile  - Candidates seeking MBA admission through MAT exam score must know the difference between MAT score and MAT percentile. While the MAT score refers to the candidate's raw (actual) score in the exam, MAT percentile refers to the candidate's relative performance with respect to all the candidates. In this article you will read all about MAT score vs percentile, including MAT percentile calculation formula, process and parameters and cut offs.

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MAT Score vs Percentile 2024

MAT exam is conducted in multiple modes, slots and on different days. The question paper of every test are different from another. This may result in one exam session being more difficult than the other or vice vera. To balance out the performance of test takers across the test sessions, MAT scores are adjusted during the scaling process. MAT scores are scaled on the same level so as to ensure that MAT result of every candidate is represented on the same level of ability regardless of the mode or the date of the exam.  

For calculation of MAT Composite Score and MAT Percentile, marks obtained in the Indian & Global Environment section is not taken into consideration. The scaled score of first four sections and the composite score are based on the performance of applicants who took the test in 1996. In 1996, it was defined in a way that a MAT score of about 50 marks in a section and about 500 marks on a composite scale represent the average performance of the given group.

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Details Mentioned on MAT Result-cum-Scorecard

MAT results for all sessions of a particular phase are released together. The MAT result cum scorecard contains candidate's sectional scores, composite scores as well as percentiles. The following details are mentioned on the MAT result/ scorecard

  • Scores obtained in Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment
  • Composite Score of the first four sections of MAT 2024
  • Sectional Percentiles of all five sections of MAT
  • Overall MAT percentile as well as overall Composite Score

What is MAT Score?

The MAT score or MAT composite score is the total marks calculated on the basis of performance in the first four sections of the exam as these sections are related to the skills required over a longer period of time in the management field. The following points listed by AIMA will further explain calculation process of MAT composite score.

  • The MAT composite score is given on a scale of 199 to 801. The composite score on MAT result, less than 200 or more than 800 is rare.
  • Sectional scores less than 20 and more than 80 are rare 
  • All scores below 200 are stated as 199 and all scores above 800 are reported 801. This means, even if you get less than 199, your composite score will be reported as 199. Similarly, for scores above 801, it will be reported as 801 only.

MAT section-wise composite scores:

Given below is the table indicating section wise marks and composite score scale for MAT. This table will help in understanding the caculation process.

MAT Sections

Marks Allotted

Composite Score Scale

Language Comprehension


0 to 100

Mathematical Skills


0 to 100

Data Analysis & Sufficiency


0 to 100

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning


0 to 100

Indian and Global Environment*


0 to 100*




*Not included in final score calculation

What is MAT Percentile?

MAT score and MAT percentile are different. In the MAT scorecard, a percentile is mentioned for each of the sectional scores. This MAT percentile can be understood as percentage of the all candidates who scored below a candidate based on administration of the entire exam. For example, if 5,000 candidates appeared for a particular MAT paper, the percentile of each candidate will be calculated basis the performance of rest of the 4,999 candidates.

How to Calculate MAT Percentile?

By the above explanation of MAT Composite Score calculation, it is understood that how AIMA takes raw MAT scores and represents it on a scale of 199 to 801. However, for calculation of MAT Percentile, the following formula is applied:

                       Composite Score obtained by a candidate X 100     = MAT percentile

Total number of candidates  

MAT Percentile indicates the percentage of candidates scoring less than a particular candidate in MAT exam. Some of the B-Schools accepting MAT scores offer admission on the basis of composite scores while the remaining take MAT percentile for final selection of candidates. Besides, MAT score, many MBA colleges select candidates on the basis of Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT).  

What is the Difference Between MAT Score and MAT Percentile?

Now that you've understood 'what is a MAT score?' and 'what is a MAT percentile?', it is easy for you to decipher the difference between the two. Simply put, MAT score is candidate's actual performance in the exam and MAT percentile is a candidate's performance in comparison to other candidates. Another major difference between MAT score and MAT percentile is that the former is not considered for admission by MBA colleges. The MAT accepting colleges shortlist candidates on the basis of their overall MAT percentile.

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FAQs Related to MAT Score vs Percentile

Q: How to calculate MAT score?

A: Each MAT section has 40 questions. Candidates are given one mark for each correct attempt and 0.25 marks are deducted for every incorrect attempt. Candidates can calculate raw score by counting the number of correct and incorrect attempts in the exam. It will give them an idea of how much composite score and percentile they can expect. 

Q: How is MAT score different from MAT percentile?

A: MAT score is the marks awarded to candidates out of 200 marks (includes all five sections) ob the basis of correct and incorrect answers. In contrast, MAT percentile is calculated from that raw score out of 160 marks. The scores of Indian and Global Environment section is not considered for MAT percentile calculation.

Q: What is MAT composite score?

A: MAT Composite Score is the total marks of each candidate (section wise correct and incorrect attempts added) that is calculated out of 800. The scaled score between 0 to 199 is converted to composite score out of 800. 

Q: What is a good MAT composite score?

A: In MAT, the percentile is calculated on the basis of the composite score. A composite score above 400 is considered as a good score in MAT. Score of the candidate displayed in the scorecard can range between 199 to 801.

Q: Is the MAT percentile score an average based on the performance in exam?

A: MAT percentile score refers to the relative marks obtained by a candidate. It depicts the percentage of test-takers scoring low or equal marks than a particular candidate in MAT. A score of 99 percentile in MAT means that you have performed better than 99 per cent of the test takers.

Q: What is a good MAT percentile?

A: Percentile score above 90 can fetch you calls from leading B-Schools that accept MAT for MBA admission. Scoring an 80 percentile in MAT can also yield some decent offers from Tier 2 B-Schools for MBA admission.

Q: What is the validity of MAT score?

A: MAT score is valid for a period of one year. However, since MAT is conducted around the year multiple times in four phases, candidates can take as many attempts as they want to. The validity of one year will be adjusted as per the exam session.

Q: Will AIMA consider the score of Indian and Global Environment section while calculating composite score?

A: Score of Indian and Global Environment section is considered while calculation of the composite score or MAT percentile. Most of th candidates do not attempt this section in the exam, for this particular reason only. However, it is better to solve Indian and Global Environment questions too for a better profile for admission. 

Q: Can I appear for the exam in the same year, in case I am not satisfied with the MAT score?

A: Yes. MAT is conducted multiple times a year in four phases - February, May, September and December. In all these four phases, the exam is conducted in CBT, PBT and IBT modes. Candidates can appear for another session if he/she is not satisfied with the performance.

Q: Does AIMA provide any formula to calculate MAT score (composite)?

A: AIMA calculates the MAT composite score after converting the scaled scores of 0-199 out of 800. There is no specified formula to calculate the MAT composite score. Candidates can check the process and calculation of MAT composite score mentioned above on this article.

Q: Why does my MAT score report show a composite score as 199 or 801?

A: MAT score report show a composite score as 199 or 801 because the scores below 200 and above 800 are rarely seen in the MAT exam. Any score below 200 appears as 199. In contrast, a score above 800 appears as 801 on the MAT scorecard. 
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