How to Prepare for CEED 2023: Tips, Strategy, Best Books & Study Material

Common Entrance Examination for Design 2024 ( CEED )

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CEED 2023 Preparation - IIT Bombay conducted the CEED 2023 exam on January 22, 2023. To ace the national-level design entrance exam, it is important for candidates to have a proper and well-thought-out preparation strategy.

The question paper of CEED will test the general aptitude and creativity of candidates. Therefore, candidates appearing in CEED must think out of the box and focus on enhancing their drawing, rendering, and visualization skills. Apart from this, candidates should also focus on improving their aptitude and knowledge related to subjects such as Logical Reasoning, English Language, and Environmental and Social Awareness.

Go through the rest of the article to learn the step-wise process to prepare for CEED 2023. 

Step-wise CEED 2023 Preparation Plan

CEED is a sought-after design entrance exam and so candidates need to keep the below-mentioned pointers in mind when making a plan for CEED preparation:  

Step 1: Understand CEED 2023 pattern and marking scheme.

Step 2: Know CEED 2023 syllabus thoroughly.

Step 3: Make a monthly time-table, a weekly time-table, and a daily timetable.

Step 4: Solve past years’ CEED question papers, sample papers, and mock tests.

Step-wise CEED Preparation Plan

CEED Preparation Strategy 2023

Candidates preparing for CEED 2023 should keep the below-mentioned points in mind:

Know CEED Exam Pattern

CEED exam pattern has been released by IIT Bombay. CEED 2023 question paper has two parts – A and B. The Part B answer sheet will only be evaluated if the candidate qualifies or meets the cutoff criteria for Part A.

Also, the CEED merit list will be prepared by giving 25% weightage to Part A and 75% weightage to Part B.

CEED 2023 Part A Exam Pattern

Aspirants can go through the CEED 2023 exam pattern for the Part A exam in the table below:

CEED Part A Sections

No. of Questions 


Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions



Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)



Total Number of Questions



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CEED 2023 Part B Exam Pattern

Aspirants can go through the exam pattern for CEED 2023 Part B exam in the table below:

CEED Part B Sections

No. of Questions








Form Sensitivity



Visual Sensitivity



Problem Identification



Total Number of Questions



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Know CEED Marking Scheme

IIT Bombay also changed the marking scheme for the CEED exam in 2020. Aspirants can go through the marking scheme for CEED 2023 Part A exam in the table below:

CEED Part A Sections

Marks for Each Correct Answer

Marks Deducted for Each Wrong Answer










Total Marks


Know CEED Syllabus

Candidates need to be thorough with the topics they should study in order to score well in Part A as well as Part B of the design exam. Every year, IIT Bombay shares the CEED syllabus that aspirants should study in-depth so as to ace each section of CEED 2023.

Topics from which questions are asked in the CEED Part-A exam include:

Visualisation and Spatial Ability Environmental and Social Awareness
Analytical and Logical Reasoning Language and Creativity
Design Thinking and Problem Solving Observation and Design Sensitivity

For CEED Part-B exam, candidates are evaluated on the skills mentioned below:

Drawing Creativity
Communication Skills Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

CEED Books & Study Material

If the study material is good, then the effort put in will more likely bear fruit. Here are some books recommended by toppers and experts to prepare for CEED 2023:

CEED Books Author/Publisher
Design Drawing Francis DK Ching
Perspective Drawing Handbook Joseph D’Amelio
Art Perception David Cycleback

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Refer to CEED Question Papers, Sample Papers & Mock Tests

One of the best ways to prepare for the CEED 2023 exam is by solving CEED question papers, sample papers, and mock tests. Solving past years’ question papers of CEED helps candidates determine the question paper format. Candidates can also develop a time-management strategy for themselves when solving previous years’ question papers for the exam. Solving CEED sample papers and mock tests also help candidates in determining how well they are prepared for the CEED exam. Also, it boosts immense confidence among candidates.

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CEED Preparation Tips from Toppers

CEED Exam Analysis

While preparing for the CEED exam, it is important to understand the difficulty level of the question papers of past years. Every year, after the design entrance test is over, Shiksha reaches out to experts and students who appeared for the CEED exam. While the difficulty level of the CEED question paper is usually easy to moderate, click on the CEED exam analysis links below to get complete details on the same:

CEED Exam Analysis
CEED 2021 Exam Analysis by Experts CEED 2020 Exam Analysis by Experts
CEED 2019 Exam Analysis by Experts CEED 2018 Exam Analysis by Experts
CEED 2017 Exam Analysis by Experts  CEED 2016 Exam Analysis by Experts

CEED 2023: Other Preparation Tips

Apart from what is mentioned above, some of the other tips that candidates should keep in mind while preparing for CEED exam are mentioned below:

  • In CEED Part-A, general knowledge about different aspects of Design field is extremely important
  • In CEED Part-B, focus should be on honing drawing, rendering and visualization skills
  • Solving as many past year CEED question papers as possible is a key to ace the exam
  • While preparing for CEED Part-B, think out of the box and be creative

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CEED 2023 Exam Preparation - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out important FAQs related to CEED 2024 exam preparation:

Q:   How should I start preparing for CEED 2024?


You can start preparing for CEED 2024 by following the below steps:

  • Understand CEED exam pattern and syllabus well.
  • Note that the CEED 2024 syllabus has been revised for both Part A and Part B.
  • IIT Bombay will release the detailed exam pattern when it releases the information brochure, sometime in September 2023.
  • Make a well thought-out timetable for CEED preparation
  • Practice as many CEED previous year question papers and sample papers as possible
  • Take notes when you are studying.
  • Analyse your weak areas for the exam and work to improve those areas/subjects
  • Take mock tests.

Q:   When should I start my preparation for CEED 2024?


The CEED 2024 exam will be conducted tentatively in the 4th week of January 2024. So, the candidate has a little more than 6 months to prepare for the exam. Given the CEED 2024 syllabus has been revised, you would ideally need 6 months or so to prepare for the exam. That being said, if your fundamentals are strong, you can cover the syllabus in less time. To start you preparation, go through the revised syllabus and pattern, and draft a plan. Once the plan is ready, get going with full guns blazing.

Q:   Can I prepare for CEED 2024 exam without coaching?


It is very much possible to prepare for CEED 2024 without coaching. But before you embark on exam preparation on your own, you need the conviction that you can do it. If you are not convinced yourself and only decide to forgo coaching on the advice of others, the journey may be difficult.

If you prepare for the exam on your own, you need to be serious and plan the preparation smartly. For instance, after going through the syllabus, you must be able to decide the difficulty level, time it will take to cover the syllabus, and do revision. 

Remember, there are many instances of toppers who managed to ace the CEED exam without the aid of any coaching. Further, the final outcome may not depend on whether you do coaching or not, but the quality of your preparation.

Q:   Is coaching a sure shot way of cracking the CEED 2024 exam?


Candidates have the option to enroll in a coaching center to prepare for CEED 2024. But by no means is coaching is a sure-shot route for success. In fact, it is far from it. If you pick up any statistics, only a very small percentage of students who get enrolled in a coaching institute manage to crack CEED. The reason being, a coaching class is attended by a large number of students. Now the coaching centre won’t be able to or may not pay attention to the needs of each student individually. The result being most of the students are left to fend for themselves. This means, if your fundamentals are not strong or you manage to be in the radar of the coaching management, you might not get the extra support that you require.

Q:   What are the resources that I can use to prepare for the CEED 2024 exam?


The candidate needs to focus on the following resources to prepare for the CEED 2024 exam:

  • Make sure that you get the best books to prepare the CEED 2024.

  • If the study material is good, they will contain few to no errors, will cover the entire syllabus, contain practice problems, etc.

  • Solve sample and previous year’s question and sample papers

  • Take mock tests.

  • When studying make it a point to take notes. These notes will help you jot down all the important points.

  • Do timely revision. 

Q:   What should I do if I am not able to complete a particular topic from the CEED 2024 syllabus?


The candidate must note that the CEED 2024 syllabus is quite comprehensive. Also, this year the syllabus has been revised. So, it is expected that some candidates may find the new syllabus difficult. The reverse is also true - some candidates may find the new syllabus easier!

If you are not able to complete a particular chapter or topic even after a few attempts, it is better to let it go for the time being. Move on to the next topic and complete that. Once you are done with the easier topics, you can come back and tackle the difficult ones. The point here is the judicious use of time.

Q:   Can I prepare for CEED by practicing previous year question papers only?


Since CEED is a general aptitude test, you can benefit greatly by practicing previous year question papers. Also, after practicing the papers, it is highly important to analyse your strong and weak areas for the exam and then work on them accordingly. 

But that being said, you can’t prepare for the CEED 2024 only on the strength of solving the sample papers. You need to read the text books to learn the concepts, understand the various dynamic. Note that unless your theoretical knowledge is sound, you won’t be able to feel truly confident. 

Q:   What are the important topics to prepare for CEED 2024?


Some of the important topics to prepare for CEED 2024 include:

  • Design Concepts
  • Product Designing
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Colour Theory, Color Schemes and color Compositions 
  • Scale and Proportion
  • Poster, Logo, Character designing
  • Basics of Drawing - Lines and Shapes
  • Anatomy, Proportions and Divisions
  • Sketching
  • How to Develop Characters
  • Basic and advanced Human Drawings
  • Story Illustrations

These topics are important because they either carry more weighatge or have a greeter chance of being asked in the entrance exam.

Q:   How can I improve my command on English language for CEED 2024 exam?


To improve your English language skills, you should develop a habit of reading English newspapers daily. Apart from this, you can also practice grammar by attempting past year question papers and mock tests. There are many good books in the market to polish your English comprehension skills. Word Power Made Easy is one example.

Check out the list of recommended books for the English language and start working. Note that it is not enough to just read the book with your eyes, you need to bring out your pen and paper and do sufficient practice. Also, when reading, make it a habit to read out loud. It will improve your pronunciation and give you a better grip on vocabulary.

Q:   How can I develop my drawing skills for CEED 2024?


The sketching part of CEED 2024 will include stages like - representation, in the form of geometric figures like lines, squares, and triangles, outline drawing, detailing, and shading. If you are a beginner, focus more on outline drawing, representation, and the easier aspects, rather than focusing on detailing and shading. As you become more adept, you can start adding nuances to your drawing. When making a sketch, focus on the following points:

  • Shape of the figure

  • Proportion

  • Line quality

Q:   When should I start preparing for the General Awareness part for CEED 2024?


Some experts suggest that you skip your GA preparation for now. Instead, you can start preparing for the section 45 days or so before the exam. The logic is, GA is more about theory than anything else. So, even if you must the subject now, you will have to do thorough revision closer to the exam to remember all the points. 

Also, you need not bother about the interview now. That part will be important only after the results are declared. 

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