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Central University Entrance Test 2024 ( CUET )

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Arts students preparing for CUET 2024 exam must check the CUET syllabus. National Testing Agency, the conducting body, releases the CUET syllabus online. CUET syllabus 2024 for arts students varies according to the courses applied. CUET 2024 will be held from May 15 to May 24, 2024, in CBT mode. Check the detailed syllabus for the arts/humanities stream.

CUET Syllabus for Arts Students

CUET Syllabus for Arts Students

CUET 2024 Syllabus for Arts students encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects designed to evaluate candidates' aptitude and knowledge. Key subjects in the Arts stream include History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Geography, and Psychology. The CUET syllabus for arts students aims to assess analytical skills, logical reasoning, and a nuanced understanding of humanities, ensuring a holistic evaluation of candidates aspiring to pursue arts disciplines. Candidates can pursue undergraduate courses like Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, and so forth by mapping relevant CUET subjects in CUET application form 2024. Candidates can download the CUET 2024 admit card online. NTA prescribes CUET syllabus 2024. Read this complete article to know the detailed CUET 2024 syllabus for Arts students and courses.

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Q:   What is the syllabus of CUET?


Common Univeristy Entrance Test (CUET) result is released by National Testing Agency. CUET syllabus is divided into three sections viz., Languages, Domain Subject and General Test. CUET language section assesses candidate through reading comprehension (factual, literary, and narrative), literary aptitude and vocabulary. CUET syllabus second section- domain subject assesses the candidate's in depth knowledge on the subject he/she has opted for. CUET third section- general test includes general knowledge, current affairs, general mental ability, quantitative reasoning and logical and analytical reasoning. CUET syllabus is available now. Candidates can check the section wise detailed CUEt syllabus here.

Q:   Is CUET syllabus based on CBSE syllabus?


No, CUET syllabus is not based on CBSE syllabus as claimed by Education Ministry in Rajya Sabha on August 02, 2023. The CUET exam is designed to assess the general understandig of the candidate in subjects he/she has opted for. CUET UG is on of the biggest UG entrance exam carnival conducted for admission in cebtral, state, private and deemed universities. Candidates preparing for CUET UG exam must check the detailed CUET syllabus and CUET question paper to become familiar with the important topics and type of questions asked in the exam. 

Q:   Does the CUET syllabus also include chapters from Class 11?


No, the CUET 2024 syllabus does not include the chapters or topics from Class 11 syllabus. The exam, which is conducted for multiple subjects and languages, has to be prepared by completing the Class 12 syllabus only. NTA has also released the subject-wise syllabus of the CUET UG 2024 exam, which will be held from May 15 to May 24, 2024 in CBT mode. However, students may refer to the Class 11 syllabus for better conceptual clarity and to make the base of the domain subjects stronger. But as far as the actual syllabus is concerned, it will only be based on Class 12 CBSE or NCERT syllabus.

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Strategy to Manage CUET exam preparation along with Boards

CUET 2024 Syllabus for Arts Students

Arts students can choose a wide range of courses to apply for through CUET. Subjects from which Arts students can choose are History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Business Studies, and Physical Education. Candidates must mark the CUET subjects carefully according to the course they wish to apply for. Provided below is the elaborated CUET Arts syllabus 2024.

Q:   What is the CUET UG syllabus for general test?


CUET UG general test will cover the topics from the following:

  • General Knowledge, Current Affairs
  • General mental ability, Numerical ability
  • Reasoning (Simple application of basic Mathematical concepts, quantitative arithmetic, algebra geometry, mensuration and statistics)
  • Logical and analytical reasoning

Candidates preparing for the general test of CUET UG are advised to stay updated with the current affairs by reading the newspapers and magazines. Candidates must gather study materials to prepare for the syllabus of General test and practice ample questions to become familiar with the type of questions asked in this section. Download the CUET UG question paper now.

Q:   Is CUET UG syllabus for Language section similar for all languages?


Yes, CUET UG syllabus for section 1 is same for all sections included. NTA suggests the syllabus for all the sections. The syllabus for CUET Language section will be inclusive of following topics, but are not limited to:

  • Reading comprehension (This will include three passagaes of maximum 300-350 words):
    • Factual
    • Narrative
    • Literary
  • Verbal ability
  • Rearranging the parts
  • Choosing the correct word
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Vocabulary

To prepare for the CUET UG section- 1 Languages candidates must solve CUET sample papers and take mock tests to become familar with the type of questions that will be asked in CUET UG. There are no specific topics for reading comprehension. Candidates are advised to read the newspaper on daily basis to improve the reading speed and comrehension. 

CUET English Syllabus

CUET English syllabus comprises Reading comprehension and grammar topics. The CUET English question paper will consist of 50 questions out of which candidates will be required to attempt 40 questions. Refer below to learn important topics for CUET English:

  • Reading Comprehension: It will comprise three passages of a maximum 300-350 words
    • Factual
    • Narrative
    • Literary
  • Verbal Ability
  • Rearranging the parts
  • Choosing the correct word
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Vocabulary

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CUET General Test Syllabus

CUET General Test is a standardized test that assesses a candidate’s general knowledge, mental ability, and logical and analytical reasoning. General Test as CUET subject is chosen when courses have open eligibility. Candidates preparing for CUET General Test must download the previous year CUET general test question paper to become familiar with the type of questions asked.

Check CUET General Test Detailed Syllabus

CUET Fine Arts/Visual Arts(Sculpture/Painting)/ Commercial Art Syllabus

CUET Fine Arts syllabus is divided into three major sections, i.e., Painting, Graphics, Commercial Arts, and Sculpture. As per CUET exam pattern, the fine arts question paper will consist of 50 questions, out of which candidates must attempt 40 questions. Check below to know some of the important topics for CUET Fine Arts:



Graphic Prints

  • The Rajasthani and Pahari Schools of Miniature Painting
  • The Mughal and Deccan schools of miniature painting
  • The Bengal School and Cultural Nationalism
  • The Modern Trends in Indian Art
  • Triumph of Labour by D. P. Roychowdhury
  • Santhal Family by Ramkinker Vaij
  • Standing Woman by  Dhanraj Bhagat
  • Cries Unheard by Amar Nath Sehgal
  • Ganesha Figure by P.V.Jankiram
  • Whirlpool by Krishna Reddy
  • Children by Somnath Hore
  • Devi by Jyoti Bhatt

Check CUET Fine Arts Detailed Syllabus

CUET Journalism and Mass Communication Syllabus

The syllabus for Journalism and Mass Communication aims to assess the candidate’s comprehensive understanding of mass media and various regulatory bodies. The CUET journalism and mass media communication question paper will include 50 questions out of 40 questions that have to be attempted by candidates. Check the list of some important topics for CUET journalism and mass media communication below:

  • Communication
  • Journalism
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Cinema
  • Social Media
  • New Media

Check CUET Journalism and Mass Media Communication Detailed Syllabus

CUET Geography Syllabus

CUET Geography syllabus is designed to evaluate aspirant’s knowledge, analytical skill and understanding in the field of Geography. It assesses a candidate's grasp of geographical concepts, spatial relationships, and their ability to apply geographical principles. CUET Geography question paper will also consist of 50 question. Candidates will be required to attempt 40 questions only. Refer below to know the important topics for CUET geography;

  1. Fundamentals of Human Geography
  2. India: People and Economy

These units will cover the following areas:

  • Human Geography: Nature and Scope
  • People
  • Human Activities
  • Transport, Communication and Trade
  • Human Settlements

Check CUET Geography detailed Syllabus

CUET Psychology Syllabus

CUET Psychology syllabus is prepared to evaluate test takers' readiness and aptitude of candidates for pursuing a degree in psychology. It assesses knowledge in foundational areas of psychology, critical thinking skills, and their understanding of basic psychological concepts. The CUET psychology question paper will include 50 questions. Aspirants will have to attempt 40 questions only. Some of the important topics for CUET psychology are:

  • Variations in Psychological Attributes
  • Self and Personality
  • Meeting Life Challenges
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Therapeutic Approaches
  • Attitude and Social Cognition
  • Social Influence and Group Processes
  • Psychology and Life
  • Developing Psychological Skills

Check CUET Psychology Detailed Syllabus

CUET Sociology Syllabus

The aim of a sociology syllabus is to evaluate the applicant’s understanding of sociological concepts, knowledge of fundamental sociological theories, research methods, and so forth. CUET Sociology question paper will have 50 questions, out of which 40 questions have to be attempted. The test covers topics such as:

  • Structure of Indian Society
  • Social Institutions: Continuity and Change
  • Social Inequality and Exclusion
  • The Challenges of Unity in Diversity
  • Process of Social Change in India
  • Social Change and the Polity
  • Social Change and the Economy
  • Arenas of Social Change
  • New Arenas of Social Change
  • Social Movements

Check CUET Sociology Detailed Syllabus

CUET History Syllabus

CUET History syllabus tests candidates' knowledge, analytical skills, and understanding of historical events, developments, and themes. It typically covers various periods, regions, and important historical concepts. CUET History question paper will have 50 questions. Test takers are required to attempt 40 questions. Some of the important areas covered in CUET History syllabus are:

  • The Story of the First Cities Harappan Archaeology
  • Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story
  • Social Histories using the Mahabharata
  • A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa
  • Medieval society through Travellers’ Accounts
  • Religious Histories: The Bhakti-Sufi Tradition
  • New Architecture: Hampi
  • Agrarian Relations :The Ain-i- Akbari
  • The Mughal Court: Reconstructing Histories through Chronicles
  • Colonialism and Rural Society: Evidence from Official Reports
  • Representations of 1857
  • The Making of the Constitution

Check CUET History Detailed Syllabus

CUET Political Science Syllabus

CUET political science syllabus is divided into two parts, i.e., Politics in India since Independence and Contemporary World Politics. Candidates will be assessed on topics such as political theories, comparative politics, international relations, and key political institutions. CUET political science question paper will also consist of 50 questions and candidates will have to attempt 40 questions only. Some of the important topics covered in CUET political science syllabus are:

  • The era of One-Party Dominance
  • Nation-Building and Its Problems
  • Politics of Planned Development
  • Cold War Era in World Politics
  • Disintegration of the ‘Second World’ and the Collapse of Bipolarity
  • US Dominance in World Politics: Growth of unilateralism

Check CUET Political Science Detailed Syllabus

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CUET Courses for Arts Students

Arts students appearing for CUET UG exam can opt for the wide range of courses as mentioned below. The table below mentions some of the courses after class 12th arts and CUET subject mapping;


CUET Subject Mapping*

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

English, General Test, Domain subject from Section II as per the course main discipline

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

English, General Test, Fine Arts/Visual Arts(Sculpture/Painting)/ Commercial Art

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

General Test, English, Business Studies

Integrated Law course (B.A + L.L.B.)

General Test, English, Legal studies

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.C)

General Test, Journalism, and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.)

General Test, English, Fine arts

Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M.)

General Test, English

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)

English, Physical education/NCC/yoga

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

General Test, English

Bachelor of Event Management

General Test

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Designing

General Test

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Designing

General Test, English

*Subject mapping varies from university to university/Check university brochure

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CUET Arts Subject Weightage Chapter Wise 2024

Arts or Humanities students preparing for CUET UG must check CUET chapter-wise weightage 2024. Candidates can check the CUET Arys chapter wise weightage for core subjects in the table below:

CUET Arts/Humanities Subjects Important Topics
CUET Political Science Important Topics and Chapter Wise Weightage Recent Developments in Indian Politics, Challenges to the Congress System, Cold War Era
CUET English Hindi Important Topics and Chapter-Wise Weightage Comprehension, Parts of Speech, Papa jumbles, Phrases and meaning
CUET 2024 Fine Arts Important Topics & Chapter Wise Weightage Graphic Artists, National Arts School, Modern Indian Sculptures, Mughal Miniature Paintings
CUET 2024 Sociology Important Topics & Chapter Wise Weightage Right to Information Act, Agrarian distress, Farmers Agricultural Unions, New Social Media
CUET General Test Important Topics and Chapter-Wise Weightage

Numerical ability, General awareness, Logical Reasoning

CUET 2024 Exam

National Testing Agency conducts Common University Entrance Test (CUET) UG. It is a common platform for candidates seeking admission to UG courses of top central, state, private or deemed universities. CUET 2024 exam is scheduled to be held from May 15 to May 31, 2024. CUET UG exam consists of 13 languages, 27 domain subjects, and general test. Candidates can choose up to 10 subjects for CUET.

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How is CUET syllabus different from CBSE syllabus?

Will CUET diminish the relevance of 12th Board exams?

FAQs on CUET 2024 Syllabus for Arts Students

Q. Is CUET syllabus completely based on class 12th syllabus?

Ans. Yes, CUET syllabus is based on class 12th syllabus. The syllabus is not specific to particular boards. Candidates must study the subjects they have in class 12th thoroughly to ace in CUET exam.

Q. Is CUET MCQ based?

Ans. Yes, CUET question paper will consist of multiple choice questions (MCQs) i.e., candidates will have to choose one option from four options for each question. Refer the table below to know the detailed CUET exam pattern:


Number of Questions

Section IA- Language

40 questions to be attempted out of 50 in each language

Section IB- Language

Section II- Domain Specific

35/40 Questions to be attempted out of 45/50

Section III- General Test

50 Questions to be attempted out of 60

Q. Is General Test compulsory for B.A courses?

Ans. Yes, General test is compulsory to be mapped for any Bachelor of Arts courses. The course has open eligibility criteria. The General Test subject is usually marked with the courses which are vocational or have open eligibility.

Q. Can I skip any one exam in CUET?

Ans. Yes, candidates can skip from any subject they have opted for. However, there marks will be evaluated on the basis of the subjects they have appeared for.

Q. Is there negative marking in CUET?

Ans. Yes, candidates will be marked negatively (-1) for every incorrect answer. As per the CUET marking scheme:

  • Correct answer or the most appropriate answer will get five marks
  • Any incorrect option marked will be given minus one mark.
  • Unanswered/Marked for Review will be given no mark.
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Answered 10 hours ago

CUET score of 450 may not be competitive for admission to the B.A programme at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi. The expected cutoff percentile for B.A programs at the college is notably high, often around or above 98 percentile1


Jitendra Vaghela

Beginner-Level 4

Answered 15 hours ago

Yes, Rajiv Gandhi South Campus accepts CUET-UG score for admission to all the UG courses. CUET is conducted in a computer-based mode. CUET exam is conducted in multiple phases depending upon on the number of candidates registered for the entrance exam. Aspirants are first required for appear for CUE



Nishtha Shukla

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Answered Yesterday

Yes, Bennett University accepts the rank and scores of the CUET UG exam conducted by the NTA in addition to the merit-based admission. Candidates may also be required to appear for a language proficiency test (English or Hindi) whose marks may be considered for the overall merit.


Yash Mittal

Contributor-Level 10

Answered Yesterday

Yes, you can apply for CUET (Common University Entrance Test) conducted by DAVV (Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya), Indore for admission to their MCA program, provided you meet the eligibility criteria specified by the university. Make sure to check the specific requirements and deadlines for the CUET ex



Arindam Mondal

Contributor-Level 7

Answered Yesterday

CUET, which stands for the "Common University Entrance Test," is typically not a requirement for commerce students to pursue a B.Sc in IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology). However, admission requirements can vary depending on the university or college offering the program. Generally,



Arindam Mondal

Contributor-Level 7

Answered 2 days ago

The eligibility criteria for admission to Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics BSc, candidates should clear Class 12 examination with minimum aggregate of 50% from a recognised board of education. College accepts NMIMS-NPAT scores into consideration for admission to BSc programme at Sarla Anil Modi S




Contributor-Level 10

Answered 2 days ago

The admission process for students applying to CUET-based courses is mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the website for registration and admission for the CUET-based courses at NTA website and appear for the exam. 

Step 2: Fill online admission form for JMI and enter the CUET application number.

Step 3:



Manori Sahni

Contributor-Level 9

Answered 2 days ago

Jamia Millia Islamia offers admission to a total of four BSc/ BSc (Hons) courses via CUET UG. As per the CUET UG website, students seeking admission to BSc at Jamia Millia must appear for and qualify CUET exam. However, since some universities are also considering other components while giving admis



Manori Sahni

Contributor-Level 9

Answered 3 days ago

To get admission into the BA LLB programme at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) through CUET, you need to achieve a score that meets the university's cut-off criteria for the specific year. For 2023, the cut-off scores varied based on categories and specific programs, but detailed cut-offs for 2024


Satyam Singh

Contributor-Level 7

Answered 3 days ago

To take admission in Suryadatta College of Management Information Research and Technology, you will have to give CUET paper because this is the eligibility to go to this college. If you want to take admission in this college, then you can take admission in this college through CUET.

Abhishek singh

Beginner-Level 5