How to Create Photorealistic Images Using DALL-E 3 for Free

How to Create Photorealistic Images Using DALL-E 3 for Free

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DALL-E 3 is like having a digital artist at your fingertips. It’s a breakthrough in image generation, capable of crafting high-resolution, photorealistic images from textual descriptions. With its refined user interface and integration with Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT, it offers a seamless and interactive experience. Explore this blog and uncover the secrets of creating striking images for free with DALL-E 3.


The booming market for image creation tools, set to hit $12.0 billion by 2027, shows how much people want good-quality images for social media, marketing, advertising, and online shopping. Here’s where OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 shines. It’s an exciting tool that turns words into pictures, making it super easy to get eye-catching images for ads, products, or posts. DALL·E 3’s knack for creating realistic images quickly and accurately sets it apart from Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. It makes it a go-to choice in a world where a picture is worth a thousand clicks.

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What is DALL E-3?

DALL·E 3 is a revolutionary text-to-image generation tool by OpenAI that turns textual descriptions into digital images. Evolving from DALL·E 2, it offers a refined accuracy in image generation. It makes digital communication in various fields more effective and visually engaging, bridging the gap between textual ideas and visual reality. 

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Let’s understand the capabilities of Dall.E 3 over Dall.E 2 by testing the same prompt.

“An astronaut on Mars sitting and chilling on an armchair in a photorealistic way”.


What’s New is Dall.E 3?

  • Text within images appears with proper or close-to spellings in DALL-E 3, which wasn’t the case with Dall-E 2.  
  • DALL-E 3 can generate images at a higher resolution of 1024×1024 pixels. In DALL-E 2, the maximum pixel resolution was 512×512.
  • Integration with ChatGPT in DALL-E 3 aids in prompt refinement, facilitating more accurate and creative image generation. No such feature was available in DALL-E 2.
  • Utilization of a larger and more balanced dataset of text–image pairs in DALL-E 3 has improved training procedures over DALL-E 2, enabling better handling of diverse scenarios.
  • DALL-E 3 showcases a leap in image quality and detail with advanced features. It generates noticeably improved images when given the same prompt compared to DALL-E 2.

How to Use DALL·E 3 for Free

DALL·E 3’s free version is available on Bing Chat and, offering a generous 100 credits, after which the speed of image generation slows. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay $20/month, can utilize this innovative tool, extending its reach to a wider audience.

Let’s understand the step to use DALL·E 3 on Bing:

  • The very first step is to Sign In to your Microsoft account to explore Bing.
  • After this, Navigate to Bing Chat or
  • In the provided text box, enter a descriptive text for the image you wish to generate.
  • Click on the “Generate” button to initiate the image generation process.
  • DALL·E 3 will process your text and present generated images.
  • Browse through the generated images and select the one best fits your description.

Amazing Dall.E 3 Use Cases

Integration of Text Within Images

Create Eye- Catchy Posters

Prompt: Halloween poster of 18×24 inches dimension, capturing the essence of a chilling night. A haunted mansion is prominently silhouetted against a radiant full moon, with intricate architecture casting intricate shadows. The scene is shrouded in a dense, ghostly mist. The tantalising question is at the bottom: ‘Dare to join us on October 31st?’


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Generate Humorous Memes

Prompt: Illustration meme in a corporate workspace: An employee, engrossed in brainstorming, is surrounded by notes and sketches. Beside their desk, a conspicuous stack of coffee mugs adds a humorous touch to their productivity. The punchline at the bottom proclaims: ‘Coffee: Secret of Corporate Employees’ Energy!’.


Create Engaging Comic Strips

Prompt: Comic strip depicting a future scenario in four panels. Panel 1: Human relaxes on the couch, remote in hand. Caption: ‘Fast forward to the future…’. Panel 2: A sleek AI robot shows up with a ‘To-Do’ chart. Robot: ‘Exercise time, human!’. Panel 3: The robot gestures towards the door, where running shoes await, removing the remote. Robot: ‘Run first, then TV!’. Panel 4: The human runs outside, and the robot cheers them on with a heart-themed flag. Robot: ‘Your motivational tracks are playing!’. Human’s thought: ‘Okay, robots have their perks…’.


Create BillBoards for Advertisements

Prompt: Photo of Times Square with a large billboard prominently displayed. The billboard showcases the brand ‘Glam Beauty’, a new makeup launch. Behind the bold text, there’s an image of a girl, her face adorned with makeup products, exuding confidence and elegance.


Generate Eye-Catchy Boards

Prompt: Cinematic capture of a NYC bodega during a rain-soaked evening using a 35mm lens. The warm glow from the ‘Neon Bite’ neon sign, decorated with a food motif, beckons passersby amidst the cool, rainy city environment. The composition eloquently highlights the juxtaposition between the bustling city and the comforting glow of the bodega, encapsulating a moment of urban tranquillity.


Mixing Fictional Characters/ Things

Famous Characters Together

Prompt: Generate a captivating image featuring the Joker and Captain America in an unexpected encounter. The setting is a surreal and dynamic cityscape with elements of chaos and heroism intertwined. The Joker, with his mischievous grin, stands on one side, while Captain America, resolute and determined, stands on the other side. The city is divided between chaos and order, symbolising the clash of their contrasting ideologies.


Image Indicating Two Contrasting Scenarios

Prompt: Illustration of a divided world: The left half is flourishing with eco-friendly practices, green rooftops, and wildlife. On the right, dark hues depict a landscape marred by electronic waste, deforestation, and pollution. A large, ornate balance scale in the centre highlights the juxtaposition, weighing the essence of sustainable living against the weight of technological excess.


Two Characters in One Frame

Prompt: Nightclub illustration with a twist: Stuart Little, the charming little mouse, is twirling and dancing next to an AI robot. With its advanced mechanics, the robot matches Stuart’s rhythm and energy, and together they create a memorable dance performance under the dazzling club lights.


Brands and Designs

Creative Logo Designing

Prompt: Illustration logo for ‘Mornings Brew Heaven.’ The background is an earthy brown, symbolizing the rustic vibes of the shop. At the centre is a steaming coffee cup, with coffee beans artistically arranged around it, forming a heart shape. The shop’s name is written in cursive and bold fonts, adding a creative touch. A cozy wooden table setting underneath the cup suggests the inviting ambience of the shop.


Professionals Logo Designing

Prompt: Logo for an AI-focused enterprise: A modern silicon chip icon with intricate details blended with the silhouette of a brain. The colour palette transitions from a deep teal to white, symbolizing the fusion of technology and intelligence. Accompanied by crisp typography that reads ‘TechMind AI’, rendered in a teal-to-white gradient, highlighting the company’s innovative vision.


Appealing Logo’s Creation

Prompt: Icon design for online courses: A highly detailed laptop screen set against a gradient backdrop transitioning from teal green at the base to pristine white at the top. A graduation cap in contrasting white is displayed prominently on the laptop screen, emphasizing online education and digital achievement. Combining the sleek laptop and the graduation cap symbolizes the fusion of technology and education in the modern digital era.


Creative Product Designing

Prompt: Create Nike shoes in Superman style with the Nike logo. You only have to use the colour combination, colour palette and theme of Batman. You don’t have to create a Superman.


Make Mesmerizing Mockup Images

Design an engaging mockup image featuring the ‘WristEon’ wristwatch, elegantly displayed on a dark, lustrous surface. The wristwatch should have a customizable watch face, inviting a showcase of diverse designs. The backdrop should blend elegant and complementary colours, evoking a deep sense of luxury and timeless sophistication, perfectly echoing the essence of ‘WristEon’.


Let’s have a closer look at one of the images.

Prompt: Elegant mockup featuring the ‘WristEon’ wristwatch with a blank, customizable watch face positioned prominently on a dark, shimmering surface. The rich, harmonious colours in the background encapsulate the luxurious and sophisticated essence of ‘WristEon’, making it a statement piece.


Other Used Cases

Make Professionally Looking Illustrations

Prompt: Vector illustration in a simple, flat style of a professional man and woman sitting at a table, engaged in a discussion. Behind them is a presentation board displaying some charts and data. The vibrant colours, with a clean white background, give it a professional and modern look.


Generate Realistic Images


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Closeup Realistic Image


Generate Colouring Book Characters

Prompt: Design a delightful character in a simplistic black-and-white line art style, perfect for a colouring book aimed at children aged 1-5. Create a whimsical animal or a friendly fantasy creature with bold, clear lines, ensuring the design is easy to colour and sparks joy among young minds. The character should embody charm, friendliness, and a dash of imagination that encourages little ones to explore their creative whims as they bring the character to life with colours. Whether it’s a playful puppy with a curious gaze or a gentle unicorn with a tender smile, let your character be a gateway to a world of colour and creativity for the tender hands and imaginative minds engaging with it.


Make Architectural Images with Imagination

Prompt: Realistic image of a modern bedroom with chic interiors and a sizable window. Through this window, one can witness a mesmerizing sunset illuminating the greenery, tall trees, and a remote hill with its golden radiance. The setting evokes feelings of serenity and underscores the bond between the indoors and the scenic beauty outside.


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Have Appealing Knolling Photos

Prompt: Photo illustrating a knolling layout of cricket equipment and attire placed methodically on a bright and tidy backdrop. The ensemble comprises a bat, various types of gloves, protective gear like pads and guards, helmets, a ball, boots, wicketkeeping tools, fielding essentials, clothing items, stumps, bails, and umpire outfits.


Generate Porcelain Shattered Tiles Images

Prompt: Oil painting captures a panda family’s fragility, represented as shattered porcelain figurines. Each fragment paints a tale of their daily struggles: searching for food in a diminishing forest, avoiding human settlements, and caring for their young in an ever-changing environment. The entire composition resonates with the urgency to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures and their habitats.


Content Policy For Dall.e 3 Users

The content policy for Dalle-3 has been outlined across multiple sources. Here are the key points:

  1. Creative Control: Dalle-3 is designed to decline requests for images styled after a living artist. Additionally, creators can opt for their images to train future image-generation models​​.
  2. Content Restrictions: Users are advised against creating, uploading, or sharing images that are not G-rated or could cause harm​​.
  3. Content Filter Warning: A filter is implemented to detect and flag potentially sensitive or unsafe generated text. Although it might generate false positives as it errs on the side of caution, there’s ongoing work to improve the filter to minimize such issues in the future​​.
  4. Integration in ChatGPT: Starting from October 2023, Dalle-3 is integrated within ChatGPT, allowing ChatGPT Plus subscribers to natively use Dalle-3 to generate or refine prompts simply by specifying their requests. This integration is part of the continuous effort to enhance user experience and creative control​.

How Can you Use DALL E-3 on ChatGPT?

 Let’s understand the steps to use DALL·E 3 on ChatGPT Plus: Open ChatGPT and Sign In:

Open ChatGPT and Sign In:

  • Visit ChatGPT and sign into your OpenAI account.
  • Ensure you are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 monthly​.

Select DALL-E 3:

  • Navigate to the “GPT-4” model section.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “DALL-E 3″​​.

Enter a Prompt

  • Once DALL-E 3 is selected, enter a prompt in ChatGPT to generate AI images using the DALL-E 3 model​.

Generate Images:

  • ChatGPT will automatically create detailed prompts using GPT-4 and generate images based on input​​.

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