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Fashion is a versatile and fast-progressing industry. People who have a deep sense of fashion trends and wish to become designers can go for an online course in Jewellery Designing.

The primary responsibility of any designer is to create unique jewellery pieces, keeping in mind the needs of the customers and their budgets.

The Jewellery Design course helps the aspirants learn various skills needed to shape, form, render and manufacture a piece of jewellery item. However, the role of Jewellery Design is not just restricted to creating jewellery designs, but also promoting their brands whenever needed. Sometimes, they also perform the task of Visual Jewellery Designer and help the craftsmen in creating designs as per the market trends.

Online Jewellery design courses are available that offer certificates on completion of the course. In fact, job placements are also ensured by the institutes offering such Online Jewellery courses. Apart from the institutes, independent certificate courses are also available online for Jewellery designing on Ed-tech platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

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Online Jewellery Design Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility for the Online Jewellery Design course varies from college to college, but those students, who are interested to pursue a diploma course, must have completed the 10th or 12th class with an aggregate of 40 per cent marks. The aspirants who have an inclination toward the fashion industry and are creative can apply for this course. There are no specific criteria to pursue an online certificate course.

Online Jewellery Design Entrance Exams

Some of the popular entrance exams for courses related to Jewellery Designing are:

Online Jewellery Design Required Skillset

The skills required to pursue any course in Jewellery Design are:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Knowledge of Fashion trends
  • Computer-savvy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Innovative ideas

The candidates enrolling in the online Jewellery design courses can acquire the following skillsets:

  • Design jewellery
  • Draw design for jewellery
  • Create computer-aided designs (CAD)
  • Build a design portfolio
  • Create a business plan
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Online Jewellery Design Syllabus

The students interested in pursuing an online Jewellery Design course will be taught about 

  • The art of Jewelry designing
  • Effects of light on gemstones
  • Understanding Diamond and its properties
  • Knowledge of Precious stones

Online Jewellery Design Course Structure

The structure of the online jewellery course can vary based on the course provider. Hence the aspirants of these courses must go through the course structure on the respective websites of the course provider. However, we have provided below a basic structure that is typically followed across all the providers:

  • The course can be divided into various levels/modules.
  • Candidates can choose to complete all the modules or up to a certain module as per their choice and need.
  • Each level teaches a different aspect of jewellery designing.
  • As the level increases, the skills and lessons become advanced.

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Institutes Offering Online Jewellery Courses

The institutes that offer online Jewellery courses are as follows:

International Institute Of Gemology (IIG) - This institute is located in Mumbai, Surat, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. It offers an online certificate course in Jewelry Design. This institute is very old and its origin can be traced back to 1965. The courses that it offers in the online mode under Jewellery designing are:

  1. Jewellery Design Graduate
  2. Jewellery Design Manual Professional
  3. Jewellery Design CAD Professional
  4. Jewellery Merchandising Professional

To impart the classes online, IIG has an advanced digital portal where aspirants can easily learn all designing courses online in the same manner as they do in offline classes.

Hatton Jewellery Institute, Hong Kong – Although the institute is located in Hong Kong, its online courses are accessible to all. There is no previous experience needed to join the course. It offers one-on-one online training that helps the aspirants learn and enhance their design skills and rendering techniques to create professional illustrations of jewellery.

To join this online course candidates must have some basic requirements fulfilled like

  • A computer
  • A stable internet connection for video conferencing
  • A webcam and microphone
  • Design tools, as needed

Independent Online Jewellery Design Courses

Here are some online Jewellery design courses offered by Udemy, skillshare, etc:

Course offered by

Course name



Jewellery Design in Rhino

5 hours


Jewellery Making for Beginners

1.5 hours


Floral Resin Jewellery Basics

1 hour


Silversmithing for Beginners

1.5 hours

Shaw academy

Jewellery design

16 weeks

Hunar courses

Beads & Wires Jewellery making course


Hunar courses

Thread & Clay Jewellery making course


Hunar courses

Gold Jewellery design course


Hunar courses

Rose Gold and Diamond Jewellery design course


Online Jewellery Design Job Profiles

The online design course can help the aspirants learn new skills in creating and designing jewellery. This can be beneficial in several ways, some of which are:

  • One can start their own jewellery design and merchandising business.
  • One can contribute their jewellery design to established merchants as a freelance designer.
  • One can look for a career opportunity as a jewellery designer in an established firm.
  • One can start their own online course to impart their skills to others who are seeking the same.

Online Jewellery Design Top Recruiters

A jewellery designer has multiple career choices in his hands. He can start his own business or find employment in any designer jewellery brand. Some of the top companies that are providing employment in this field are:




Kalyan Jewellers

Malabar Gold and Jewellers


PC Jewellers



Amrapali Jewellers

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FAQs About Online Jewellery Design Course

Q: What is Jewellery Designing?

A: The art or the profession of creating, designing, visualising Jewellery pieces is called Jewellery Designing.

Q: What is an online Jewellery Design course?

A: The process of gaining Jewellery Design skills and knowledge with the help of an online course is an online Jewellery Design course.

Q: What after the online Jewellery Design course is complete?

A: Once the course is complete, the aspirants are given certificates. These certificates certify the candidates of their acquired skills of designing jewellery.

Q: What is the duration of the online Jewellery Design course?

A: There is no such set timeline. The online Jewelry Design course can be completed over a period of days or months. This depends on the course provider.

Q: What is the eligibility to take an online Jewellery Design course?

A: There are no such eligibility requirements.

Q: What skills can be learnt in an online Jewellery Designing course?

A: One can learn designing, drawing, visualising, computer-aided designs (CAD), etc, via the online Jewellery Design course.

Q: What are some career prospects after pursuing an online Jewellery Design course?

A: One can go freelance for Jewellery Designing, one can start their own designing and merchandising line, one can start an online/offline course to teach jewellery Designing to others, etc.

Q: What are some online Jewellery Designing courses?

A: Some online Jewellery Designing courses offered are: Udemy Jewellery Design courses, Skillshare Jewellery Design courses, and Jewellery Design courses by Hunar.

Q: Is Jewellery Design a good career option?

A: Yes, it is. Jewellery Designing is a very rewarding profession. This career is also high on demand throughout. It requires dedication and attention to detail. Hence individuals with creative and good taste in design can pursue this as a career choice.

Q: Is Jewellery Designing hard to learn?

A: It is not that hard if you have the skill for it. Jewellery Designing skills can be learnt with regular classes or can be acquired from online Jewellery Designing courses too.

Q: Is Jewellery Design in demand?

A: Jewellery Design is always in demand. Also, with continuous changes in trends in the design industry, there is always a need for innovation in Jewellery Design and a fresh perspective on the same. Hence the demand grows day by day

Popular Online Jewellery Design Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Online Jewellery Design Colleges in India. Learn more about these Online Jewellery Design colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
28 Courses
41.3 K - 11.74 L

Top 20 in India

4 Courses
16.2 L - 16.8 L
8.7 LPA

#9 India Today

10.68 L - 14.68 L

#3 Shiksha Collections

70.8 K - 12.34 L

#5 Shiksha Collections

70.8 K - 12.34 L

Top 10 in Gujarat

35.4 K - 12.34 L

Popular Private Online Jewellery Design Colleges in India

30 Courses
3.6 L - 8 L

#14 India Today

30 K - 2 L
3.55 - 3.74 LPA

Design Applications open. Apply Now

10 K - 10.03 L
1.94 - 3.86 LPA

Top 10 in Gujarat

Design Applications open. Apply Now

15 K - 9.1 L

#24 India Today

3 L - 9.6 L
3 - 5.56 LPA

Design Applications open till Mar 31, 2023. Apply Now

7 Courses
60 K - 6.1 L

Popular Online Jewellery Design UG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Online Jewellery Design UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

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Popular Online Jewellery Design PG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Online Jewellery Design PG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these PG Courses by clicking the links below.

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How good is the Jewellery design course at Pearl Academy, Jaipur?


Bhawna Kumari

Contributor-Level 7

a month ago

India is renowned for jewellery-based craft traditions and techniques, manufacturing as well as exports. Today, digital technology innovations in design and manufacturing are paving the way for new leaps in jewellery industry in India. Concurrently, e-commerce platforms are changing the way jewel...India is renowned for jewellery-based craft traditions and techniques, manufacturing as well as exports. Today, digital technology innovations in design and manufacturing are paving the way for new leaps in jewellery industry in India. Concurrently, e-commerce platforms are changing the way jewellery is perceived and consumed. While precious and luxury jewellery is always popular, the young Indian today is experimenting with many new forms, materials and expressions in jewellery. Keeping these new critical developments in mind, the 4 Year Undergraduate Programme in Jewellery Design at Pearl Academy has been designed to not only cater to the export & traditional jewellery market but is also focused in exploring new domains of design and craft, which will give the industry its next set of designers and makers. The course will train students in the wide array of areas essential to jewellery design. The course will provide all students skills to leverage technology across design, manufacturing, business and retail to create design-preneurs and future leaders with strong business and design acumen, with the competence to work and contribute to any part of the jewellery value chain.

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