Unleashing the Power of AI: Video Game Developer Set to Skyrocket by 40%!

Unleashing the Power of AI: Video Game Developer Set to Skyrocket by 40%!

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Atul Harsha
Senior Manager Content
Updated on Jun 8, 2023 18:20 IST

Bernstein predicts a 38% surge in a video game developer’s stocks, attributing the potential growth to the transformative power of AI in gaming.


In a groundbreaking revelation, Bernstein, a leading investment management and research firm, has predicted a massive surge in the stocks of a video game developer. The firm suggests that the developer’s stocks could climb by as much as 38%, all thanks to the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is covered?

AI Revolution: Video Game Developer Predicted to Soar by 38%!

The video game industry has been rapidly evolving, with AI playing a pivotal role in this transformation. Bernstein’s analysts believe that the developer’s expanding game library and increased use of generative AI could be the key drivers behind this predicted stock surge.

Bernstein’s Bold Prediction: AI’s Role in Gaming Could Boost Stocks

Bernstein’s forecast highlights the growing influence of AI in the gaming industry. The firm suggests that the integration of AI into game development could not only enhance the gaming experience but also significantly boost the market value of the companies involved.

The AI Advantage: Expanding Game Library Could Lead to Massive Gains

The video game developer’s expanding library, coupled with the innovative use of generative AI, is seen as a major advantage. This combination could potentially lead to a nearly 40% upside, marking a significant milestone in the gaming industry.

Generative AI: The Secret Weapon for Video Game Developers?

Generative AI, which can create new content from existing data, is being increasingly used in game development. This technology could be the secret weapon that propels the video game developer to new heights, as predicted by Bernstein.

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