NIFT Entrance Exam Previous Years Papers: NIFT CAT Questions 2010 onward

NIFT Entrance Exam Previous Years Papers: NIFT CAT Questions 2010 onward

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Candidates seeking admission to the B.Des and M.Des courses at the NIFTs also need to appear in a Creative Ability Test (CAT), in addition to the GAT. The Creative Ability Test is not your typical written exam, as it seeks to evaluate the creative and drawing skills of the candidate. The CAT is of three hours duration. Here we bring you a list of questions asked in NIFT CAT exam in the previous editions for practice and to provide key insights.

NIFT Entrance Exam Questions Asked in NIFT CAT Previous Years Papers

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) will conduct the written exams for NIFT 2024 tentatively in the 1st week of February 2024.

The written exams for NIFT comprise the CAT and GAT. While GAT is common for all courses, only B.Des and M.Des candidates need to take the CAT.

The NIFT 2024 exam will be conducted for admission to the undergraduate and postgraduate design programmes offered at NIFT campuses. UG programmes offered at NIFT include Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech) whereas PG courses on offer at NIFT include Master of Design (MDes), Master of Fashion Technology (MFTech) and Master of Fashion Management (MFM).

For the B.Des program, the CAT carries 50% weightage, whereas for the M.Des program, the CAT is worth 40% weightage.

Given the importance of the CAT, the candidate must pay special attention to the written exam including solving sample papers for NIFT 2024 CAT.

Latest Updates:

Candidates who clear the written tests for the BDes course need to next appear in a Situation Test. PG applicants have to instead appear in a GD/PI round. The weightage allotted to each test conducted for NIFT admissions is as per the table mentioned below:

NIFT Entrance Exam 2023: Weightage for Each Test









Situation Test






















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Previous years' NIFT CAT Questions 2010-2019

The Creative Ability Test (CAT) is conducted by NIFT to test “intuition skill, power of observation, innovation in the development of a concept and design ability of the candidate”, informs the official website of NIFT admissions.

NIFT College Predictor prepared by helps students to predict the college in which they can get admission on the basis of their expected exam score.

NIFT Exam College Predictor

NIFT CAT also evaluates candidates on the basis of innovative use of colours as well as illustration skills. Shiksha has compiled the list of questions asked in NIFT CAT exam over the last nine years. Candidates are advised to go through these questions for NIFT entrance exam preparation and ace this part of the admission process.

NIFT CAT 2019 Question Paper for BDes

Q1. Visualise and draw any one of the following, as they would be in the year 2050. Colour the product using dry colours.

(i) Umbrella

(ii) Door Lock

(iii) Lunch box

Q2. Using the following shapes, that is, Circle, rectangle, Hexagon, Tear drop & Triangle, compose any one of the following: (a) Personal Computer (b) Wind Chime (c) Letter Box”. Accompany it with a write up of 100 words.

Q3. Depict the process on any one of the following in four frames.

(i) Budding & blooming of the Rose flower

(ii) A Shirt on a clothing line from wet to dry       

(iii) A bird taking flight from ground to sky

NIFT CAT 2019 Question Paper for MDes

Q1. Write an essay on the process of writing with pen and paper as compared to typing on laptop in context of which one do you prefer.

Q2. Share your experience of being blind folded for a day and listing five difficulties you faced with greater details about the most uncomfortable difficulty.

Q3. Design spectacles for:

  • Traffic police          
  • School kids                 
  • Sports person and
  • Public transport passenger

NIFT CAT 2018 Question Paper for BDes

Q1. Show one of the following procedures in four steps:

(a) Placing a bulb on a holder.

(b) A paper folding into a boat.

Q2. Design and illustrate in colour with details, a bag for yourself for any one of the given topics:

(a) Wedding             

(b) Picnic    

(c) Shopping

Q3. Depict your personality through a geometric shape, in colour.

NIFT CAT 2018 Question Paper for MDes

Q1. Write in 10 steps (any one):          

(a) Preparation of tea                   

(b) Playing in rain

Q2. Design a chair reflecting their personality, supporting it with a write up of 250 words explaining their concept.

Q3. Draw a scene of any one:

(a) A teal stall          

(b) The Chef at work            

(c) The gardener at work

NIFT CAT 2017 Question Paper

Q1. Draw any one of the following scenes:

  • The view of the traffic signal from inside the car.
  • A street play being organised
  • A community festival celebration

Q2. Illustrate in colour a print on a T-shirt based on any one of the following themes:

  • Music is the soul of life
  • Save future wild life
  • Dignity to aged

Q3. Express the contrast between the given pair of words through two separate visuals in given boxes. Out of the given three, one was to be attempted:

  • Balanced/ Unbalanced
  • Crispy/ Soggy
  • Cluttered/ Uncluttered

NIFT CAT 2016 Question Paper

Q1. Show progression from one to another only through colours which are to be filled in a series of 10 blocks. Attempt any two.

(a) Cocoon to butterfly  

(b) Dawn to Night           

(c) Spring to Autumn

(d) Shiny metallic to Rust

Q2. Express the below mentioned emotions through colours:

(a) Sorrow

(b) Happiness

(c) Rebellious

(d) Astonishment

Q3. Design the below mentioned products:

(a) A textile print

(b) A footwear product

(c) A table utility product

(d) A clothing utility product

NIFT CAT 2015 Question Paper

Q1. Draw a poster on any one:

  • Where there is a will there is a way
  • Better late than never
  • On every cloud there is a silver lining

Q2.  Draw a mascot in a poster on any one topic:

  • Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
  • Make in India
  • Food Security

Q3. Draw a Hindi/English alphabet and then add or delete some lines to make a product or a picture in four steps.

NIFT CAT 2014 Question Paper

Q1. Illustrate the dress of a tourist guide of the state you belong to. Label the accessories and fabric details.

Q2. Illustrate an expedition/trip in four steps from start to end, depicting feelings and emotions.

Q3. Draw a poster for voting/creating awareness about voting. Briefly explain your concepts in a few lines.

NIFT CAT 2013 Question Paper

Q1. If you are a lizard on a wall. With your reference, draw the whole room in which you are.

Q2. Illustrate and explain briefly the given words:

  • Tsunami
  • Summer
  • Speed
  • Love
  • Tornado

Q3. Draw a pattern in the given grid using any 3 of the following motifs, and also explain the concept.

NIFT CAT 2013 Question 3

NIFT CAT 2012 Question Paper

Q1. Design a mascot for any one of the following topics:

  • Keep city clean
  • Pulse polio
  • India against Corruption

Q2. Attempt any one of the options:

a) Within the frames show “Landing of an aircraft”


b) Draw landscape of Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Colour suitably.

Q3. Design a creative poster on any one and write a suitable tagline

  • Bookshop
  • Cyber shop
  • Fruit shop

NIFT CAT 2011 Question Paper

Q1. Depict the following words into the grid

  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Fear

Q2. Draw the following scene, use only 3 colours

  • Railway station
  • Temple festival
  • Republic day parade

Q3. Using a lead pencil, draw any one of the following scenes:

  • Educating voters
  • Corruption
  • Right to education

NIFT CAT 2010 Question Paper

Q1. A grid of 10 by 10 inches is provided. Depict any one word in the grid.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Harmony
  • Shock

Fill one colour in one box. You can even leave a few boxes vacant.

Q2. Design postal stamp for any one:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Commonwealth Games 2010
  • Earth Hour
  • World Health Day

Q3. Draw any one topic from the options given below (use only lead pencil)

  • Magic show
  • Obey traffic rules
  • Go green

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