Get an IIT Certificate and Placement Assistance with GUVI’s Data Science Programme

Get an IIT Certificate and Placement Assistance with GUVI’s Data Science Programme

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Oct 13, 2023 13:06 IST

Data science is all the rage but there is so much competition. Professionals here who make the most have certifications from institutes that have high requirements.  You can, however, enter this field without any academic requirements by choosing GUVI’s data science course, where placement assistance will get you somewhere close to your dream job!

Guvi data science programme

Thinking of a career switch to Data Science? You are not alone. It has been one of the top-paying IT jobs for a few years. But, what if you can embark on your Data Science mastery with a job-ready certification with no eligibility requirements? 

GUVI, aka Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint, is an IIT Madras incubated company offering the course – Become a Data Science Professional with IIT Certification in Advanced Programming. Enrolling and completing it means you receive the certification from IIT-M CCE (the Continuing Centre of Education from IIT Madras). No bachelor’s degree cut-offs or no work experience are necessary!

This certificate is also approved by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies). That is a label representing the technology sector of India for decades now. Along with NASSCOM, GUVI is partners with Google for Education. 

So you can expect high-quality, focused training with any of GUVI courses

We detail more of this Data Science course offerings below. 

Who Must Pursue?

IT students, freshers, and working professionals looking for a career switch. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

There are NO eligibility requirements to join this course. But, it is assumed you know a bit of Python as the course will take you through Python libraries, conditional statements, and related concepts. Having an understanding of machine learning concepts will also help. 

Core Objectives 

  • Provide a deeper knowledge and training on statistical programming using Python, from basics. 
  • Make the student overcome challenges in understanding algorithmic optimization concepts.
  • Get the student used to various Python libraries, including NumPy and Pandas, and provide coding practice platforms such as CodeKata and WebKata
  • Additionally, provide self-paced learning on Tableau and Power BI to enhance the student’s data visualization skills. 
  • Reinforce practical learning with hands-on projects and bi-weekly hackathons. 


This course is divided into 21 modules, providing a step-by-step understanding of Python, Machine Learning, and data visualization core concepts. 

Module Topic
Module 1 Python Basics, Variables, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Conditional Statements, Loops, Functions, Errors
Module 2 Functions, List Comprehension, File Handling, Classes, Regular Expressions, Python Packages, Excel/SQL in Python
Module 3 Algorithmic Thinking, Time Complexity, Data Structures, Memory Management
Module 4 Pandas DataFrame
Module 5 MongoDB – CRUD Operations, Indexing, Embedding Documents
Module 6 MongoDB – Embedding Documents, Schema Types, Data Relationships
Module 7 Probability, Statistics with NumPy, Distributions, Sampling
Module 8 Statistics with NumPy – Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing
Module 9 Data Visualization with Seaborn, Matplotlib
Module 10 Data Visualization with Plotly Dash
Module 11 Data Preprocessing, Missing Data, Outliers, Encoding, Transformation
Module 12 Text and Image Data, NLP Preprocessing
Module 13-17 Machine Learning topics – Regression, Classification, Trees, Ensemble Methods
Module 18 – 19 Natural Language Processing – Syntactic Analysis, Tokenization, Semantic Analysis, Sentiment Analysis
Module 20 Solving DS Problems – Three Case Studies
Module 21 Mock Interview Prep

Hands-on Projects

Gender and Age Detection

Description:  This project involves developing a model that can detect any human being’s age and gender through analyses of single-face detection via an image. The model is developed on the UTK Face dataset.

Applications: It is widely used in various applications such as access control, human-computer interaction, and law enforcement.

Oil Price Prediction

Description: This project focuses on creating a time-dependent model capable of making modelling decisions predicting around three months’ price of crude oil. The project emphasises a sound understanding of Data Engineering and Data visualization. It provides hands-on experience in Model fitting and Model Validation.

COVID-19 Data Visualization

Description: This project involves creating a pictorial representation of the current COVID-19 data on a map and presenting a quick update. The goal is to collect and visualize a map version of the coronavirus outbreak, providing an agile know-how on the crisis, pinned with a glimpse at its history.

Total Duration 

This course from GUVI comes with two options based on your convenience. 

  • You can complete it in 3 months when you take weekday online classes. 
  • Or, you can finish up in roughly 5 months when going for online classes during weekends. 

Placement Assistance

Towards the end of this course, the course prepares you for interviews. During the placement phase, you will receive exclusive job notifications.

Before interviews, there’s a process where you will be set with company-specific expectations. This likely involves preparing the learners for what specific companies are looking for in potential candidates.

You will also receive technical guidance during the placement phase. It may involve refining technical skills, preparing for technical interviews, or understanding the technical requirements of potential job roles.

If you are interested in acquiring training from the top tech and engineering institutes online, IIT Madras Online Courses have you covered.

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