How can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

How can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Jan 1, 2024 00:14 IST

Discover how Google Ads acts as a catalyst in advancing your business goals effortlessly. From enhancing brand awareness and boosting website traffic alongside SEO efforts to driving conversions through strategic targeting and real-time result tracking, Google Ads emerges as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking online success.


Will Google Ads help you bring conversions or brand visibility?

Let us show how can Google Ads help you advance your business goals. 

Increase Brand Awareness

You can always find qualified leads with Google Ads. One reason is that it is the biggest search engine on the planet. Second, 53% of customers research using this search engine before making any purchase decision (Think with Google). 

Responsive ads put your product or service in the limelight for various users on different locations and devices. Simply put, you reach a broader audience. 

And there are multiple formats and properties that Google offers, which can spark interest instantly in a much larger demographic. 

Make sure to check out free Google Ads courses on Shiksha Online to learn the basics quickly. 

Improve Website Traffic with Google Ads together with SEO

You have organic efforts to think about – certainly. But Google Ads can be used for boosting website traffic too. You have your demographic data, the keywords you wish to rank for, and search ad extensions/assets to your advantage here. 

You can create a dedicated campaign on the platform using a Website traffic goal. 

Some ways to measure traffic from Google Ads are by 

  • Checking the click-through rates and ad clicks 
  • Checking the quality score of ads 
  • Updating keyword lists
  • Removing negative keywords
  • Running keyword diagnosis in the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool

Boost Conversions

If you have improved your Google Ads quality score or have lately seen a steady increase in CTR, conversions are not far away. Because only interested people move on to the consideration stage of the marketing funnel

And your ads should have clear communication with transactional keywords like ‘Buy product’ to lead to conversions. Then there are remarketing campaigns to consider, focusing on incentivising the audience with free shipping or additional offers. 

Track Results and Take Quick Actions

One of the great benefits of using Google Ads is that you can track and measure your results in real time. Just link your campaigns to Google Analytics

You can instantly know which strategies are working and which ones aren’t. You can then can make adjustments. This includes optimising your landing pages and copies, refining your targeting, etc. 

With this valuable information, you can continue refining your campaigns and improving your overall investment return.

Control Costs

By now, you must know you pay only when someone clicks your ads on Google’s PPC platform. Not only can you set daily budgets but you can also set the pricing on bids. You also don’t have to worry about any penalty if you disable your ad today and enable it later. 

Parting Thoughts      

You know how Google Ads work and how it is an important part of search engine marketing.

This paid advertising platform can serve a variety of purposes, and it definitely should be your first choice to meet your business goals online. 

If you haven’t yet taken up Google Ads courses, it’s time to. 


How does Google Ads work for your business?

Google Ads function as a powerful advertising platform that operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. It allows businesses to create and display ads on Google's network, including search results, websites, apps, and more. By selecting keywords relevant to their products or services, businesses can target specific audiences likely to be interested in what they offer. When users search for these keywords, the ads appear, increasing visibility and potential customer engagement. The platform offers various ad formats and bidding options, enabling businesses to tailor their campaigns to suit specific goals and budgets.

Do I need Google Ads for my business?

Whether your business should utilize Google Ads depends on your marketing objectives, target audience, and budget. Google Ads can be highly beneficial for businesses seeking to increase online visibility, generate leads, drive sales, or promote brand awareness. It's particularly advantageous for those aiming to reach a larger audience quickly and effectively. However, the decision should be based on a careful analysis of your business goals, competition, and available resources to ensure it aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

Is Google Ads still profitable?

Google Ads continues to be a profitable advertising platform for businesses. According to statistics, it can yield an average return on investment (ROI) of $2 for every $1 spent, indicating its potential for generating significant returns. Moreover, Google Ads has a vast reach, with over 90% of internet users worldwide accessible through its network. While profitability can vary based on factors such as industry, campaign targeting, and ad network, when managed effectively, Google Ads can deliver substantial value and returns for businesses.

Are Google Ads expensive?

The cost of Google Ads varies based on several factors, including industry competitiveness, keyword demand, ad quality, and targeting settings. Businesses can control their spending by setting budgets and bid amounts, ensuring they pay only for clicks or impressions. While some competitive industries might have higher costs per click (CPC), Google Ads generally allows advertisers to set flexible budgets, making it adaptable to different financial constraints. The platform's cost-effectiveness is often influenced by smart campaign management and optimization strategies.

What is a good cost-per-click?

Determining a good cost-per-click (CPC) depends on various factors, including the industry, campaign goals, and the value of a conversion. A favorable CPC typically aligns with the return on investment (ROI) you seek. Ideally, a good CPC would be one that generates profits exceeding the cost spent on clicks. It's essential to evaluate the effectiveness of CPC in driving conversions, sales, or leads for your business while ensuring that the cost remains reasonable within your advertising budget. Achieving a balance between CPC and desired outcomes is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign.

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