Get Started with Google Ads Editor Today

Get Started with Google Ads Editor Today

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Feb 14, 2024 18:34 IST

Need to make quick changes across multiple campaigns, ad groups, or keywords? Google Ads Editor excels at bulk editing, allowing you to easily search, replace, add, or delete items across your accounts, saving you significant time and effort. It is also a free desktop application. 


Are you thinking of creating or making changes across your ad copies in bulk or multiple accounts at the same time? What you need is the Google Ads Editor. 

Today we will quickly show how to set it up and get up and running in a jiffy. Before that, you may want to explore about Google Ads if you are a complete beginner to PPC advertising. 

What is Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads Editor is a free downloadable application from Google that you can install on your desktop. It lets you make changes on multiple campaigns, view statistics and even view multiple accounts, export and import files – all offline. 

Why Do You Need the Google Ads Editor?

If you have gained expertise by taking Google Ads courses, you know how important it is to do bulk editing fast. Remember that it is not exactly for automation. Instead, you can use it for the following tasks.

Make Bulk Changes

You can create new ad groups in bulk instead of manually doing them one after another. This saves time. It is also applicable to your headlines and URLs. 

One of the best features of this bulk editing tool is that you can search and replace texts for multiple Google Ads campaigns. Along with that, you can raise or reduce bids. 

Sort Data

It is easy to categorise the information from analytics using the Google Ads Editor. You can freeze columns, remove them, zoom text size, and group accounts. Such options become much more useful when done for bulk purposes. 

Add Extensions

With the Google Ads Editor, you can use various ad extensions. When you select the campaign, can add sitelinks, structured schema snippets, call, callout, much more, offline and then upload to Google Ads online. 

CSV Import and Export

Google Ads Editor is useful for bulk editing campaigns done on Excel spreadsheet and then converted to CSV format. 

Downloading and Setting Up the Google Ads Editor

So here is a step-by-step list to download and set it, divided into two sections. 

Where to Download it?

You can head over to the address – and head over to the Advanced Campaigns tab. Click on the Download button and install it on your system. 

Downloading Google Ads editor

Make sure to download version 11 of the Google Ads Editor. It is more efficient and pleasant to use, with intuitive features. 

Setting Up

Setting it up is pretty straightforward. 

  • Upon installing it, you will need to choose the language. 
  • Agree to the Terms and Services after reading them
  • Choose location
Google Ads Editor tool
  • You can skip the tutorial or choose to learn what to do.
  • To add the Google Ads account and sign in, you must open your Google Chrome browser or use the in-app browser. 
  • After signing in, you must provide access to the Google Ads account before downloading your campaigns. 
  • You can sort data that you want to download, or, even select only some of your campaigns on Google Ads.

Parting Thoughts

This is a fine tool for creating and editing ads, keywords, campaigns, and other aspects easily and managing large accounts or making changes across multiple campaigns at once.

Now that you have an idea, use it and make the best of your upcoming campaigns. 

You may also want to check free Google Ads courses and learn how to use this editor better. 

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