ATMA Exam: Tips to Score Well in Verbal Skills Section

AIMS Test for Management Admissions 2024 ( ATMA )

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Preparing for the ATMA 2024 exam Verbal ability section, and finding it difficult how to strategies preparation a strategy? Worry no more! Know the ATMA 2024 verbal ability important topics and tips to prepare for the section. ATMA 2024 is scheduled to be held on February 18, 2024. 

Aims Test for Management Admissions or ATMA exam has six sections, i.e. Verbal Skills (I and II), Analytical Reasoning (I and II) and Quantitative Skills (I and II). The aspirants generally find the Verbal Skills section more difficult than the other two sections, as this section cannot be mastered by memorising formulae or theorems. The only way to score well in this section is through consistent practice. Let’s have a look at the marking scheme, the pattern of questions in the past years to have a better understanding of this section of the ATMA 2024 exam. Read the article below to know a few tips on how to score well in the Verbal Skills section.

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ATMA 2024 Verbal Skills Section: An Overview

The Verbal Skills section of ATMA 2024 question paper, analyses the candidates on the basis of their command over grammar, vocabulary, and language comprehension. The difficulty level of the section is moderate. Candidates who are good in English and comprehension, find it relatively easier to prepare for Verbal Skills section. Mentioned below are some important points to be remembered for the Verbal Skills section:

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  • There will be two sections for Verbal Skills
  • Each section will have 30 questions carrying one mark each
  • An attempt of 22-25 questions with accuracy will be considered good
  • 25 marks will be deducted for incorrect answer
  • All the questions will be multiple-choice based

ATMA 2024: Verbal Skills Syllabus

Refer to the table below to know some of the important topics for the Verbal Skills section.

Important topics for the Verbal Skills section



Reading Comprehension

Sentence Completion

Para Jumbles

Word Meaning

Spotting errors



Idioms and Phrases

Sentence Completion


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Best Books for Verbal Skills Section of ATMA 2024

Refer to the table below to know the best books to read for ATMA 2024.

Book name

Author/ Publisher

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

High School English Grammar and Composition Key

Wren and Martin

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

Nishit K. Sinha

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Mastering for Verbal Ability for CAT

Arihant Publications

Verbal Ability & Comprehension for MBA Exams

Disha Publications

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis

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Q:   How to prepare for the ATMA exam?

The ATMA is a management entrance test that makes you eligible for admission to more than 700 institutes. To prepare for the ATMA exam, you can follow the following strategy suggested by experts: 1. Using the ATMA syllabus as a guide, make a list of the subjects that the study materials must cover. 2. Create a study plan and choose your reading materials accordingly. 3. Make notes of the topics that are more important. 4. You can join online study groups or search for a mentor if you need assistance. 5. Set a time limit for each section to allow for thorough practice. 6. Start reading newspaper and magazine editorials to prepare for the verbal skills section. 7. For the quantitative section, study the mathematical concepts and formulas from your 10th-grade math books. 8. Spend the last month practicing for the mock ATMA tests and assessing your progress with every mock test. To access the expert's section-by-section plan, click this link:

Q:   Can I prepare for ATMA exam in one month?


Preparing for the ATMA in one month requires a structured plan. In the first two weeks, understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and identify weaknesses through a diagnostic test. In the third week, focus on quantitative, verbal, and analytical reasoning skills. Strengthen basic concepts and practice time management. Week four is crucial for simulated exam conditions; take full-length mock tests, analyze mistakes, and revise key concepts. Prioritize weak areas and enhance vocabulary. In the last days, ensure relaxation, review test-taking strategies, and maintain a positive mindset. While intensive, this condensed plan can be effective with consistent effort and strategic focus on identified weaknesses. Regular mock tests and targeted revision will be essential for building confidence in the limited timeframe.

Q:   What are the dos and don'ts of the ATMA exam?

On the ATMA exam day, candidates have to follow a number of guidelines which include cooperating with the exam centre staff during identification process, following instructions given be the invigilator and following the test navigation for solving the questions. There are some key dos and don'ts that candidates should follow on the ATMA exam day, which have been listed below: ATMA exam day dos: 1. Reach the ATMA examination centre at the reporting time mentioned on the ATMA admit card. 2. Carry two coloured copies of the ATMA admit card, one photo ID card, passport size photos and duly filled self-declaration form 3. PwD candidates should carry the relevant certificates and documents as prescribed by the examination authorities. 4. Carry a blue/black ball point pen for signing the attendance sheet 5. Carry personal drinking water, hand sanitizer and face masks 6. Cooperate with the test centre staff and follow the instructions CAT exam day don'ts: 1. Do not carry prohibited items such as bags, purses, pencil box, beepers, wrist watch, calculators, mobile phones, electronic devices, etc. 2. Don't be late for the exam. The entry gates will be closed 15 minutes before the commencement of exam. No candidate will be allowed to enter the exam centre after that. Hence, reach the exam centre by 1:00 PM. 3. Don't cheat or indulge in mal practice. You can be disqualified due to any such ACT. 4. Don't leave your seat until the exam duration gets over.

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How to Prepare for Verbal Skills?

  • The best way to score well in the Verbal Skills section is through reading the recommended books for the ATMA exam mentioned above. High School English Grammar and Composition Key by Wren and Martin is the best book for preparing for the grammar section.
  • The most important aspect of Verbal Skills preparation is reading. It is tried and tested method that can fetch you a good score in the Verbal Skills section. Develop a habit of reading from informative books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, etc. Jot down the words that you are unfamiliar with and find their meanings. Try understanding the etymology and the origin. This will help in enriching your vocabulary and improve your reading skills at the same time.
  • It is important to read critically. One must try to understand the logic behind any piece of writing. Divide a passage into facts, assumptions and conclusions. Rephrase a particular passage into simple words and understand the essence.
  • The key to success is practice. There is no alternative to it. To ace the section, practice as much as you can. Begin the preparation for Verbal Skills by understanding the fundamentals to gain conceptual clarity.
  • Solve as many mock tests as possible. Practice and revise with the help of sample papers, previous years’ question papers and mock tests. Once you cover the syllabus, dedicate a few hours daily to revision. This will help in reducing the last-minute panic and prepare you for the actual exam.

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Q:   Is ATMA exam difficult?

ATMA is a speed-based test which is designed to assess a candidate's analytical aptitude, logical reasoning skills, and English comprehension. It may sound tough, but these are the skills which we are taught in school so there is nothing new to learn. What is required is to learn these subjects at an advanced level. All you will need is to brush up on the basics and practice the concepts on advance level problems. Students should solve previous years question papers, attempt an ample number of mock tests and be consistent to score well in the ATMA exam. Having said that, the preparation for the ATMA exam requires focus, dedication, discipline and diligence. If you can do that, despite being an average student, you can crack the ATMA exam. ATMA is one of the easiest MBA entrance exams and a good preparation strategy can help you crack the ATMA exam with a good score. Generally, the toughest section of the ATMA question paper is Quantitative Aptitude. But with daily practice and focusing on understanding the fundamentals, this section of the ATMA exam can be handled easily.

Q:   How can I crack ATMA in 3 months?

ATMA- Pattern and syllabus Pattern- The question paper comprises of a total of 180 multiple choice questions to be answered in three hours. That is, on an average there is 1 minute to answer 1 question. Topics covered: Syllabus: A- Analytical Reasoning Skills B- Quantitative Skills C- Verbal Skills How to crack ATMA- Tips and Tricks Set your plan right. Work on your plan and identify your weakness and strength. Get a materiel right. Try to plan and identify above stated things within a week. Set your plan agile and keep buffer time for revision and solving mock test papers. Start with your verbal and quantitative practice in parallel. 3 months can make or change the game, time management is very important at every single point of time till the final day and even on the day. Keep positive! Solve questions in a specified time frame this will help you in doing questions in time. Maintain a good balance between your accuracy and solving time. Be focused and calm. For the last month keep all the formulas and tricks handy and revise on a daily basis. Remember not to be emotional while solving or appearing for exam. Manage your time wisely. Remember: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Q:   What is a good score in ATMA exam?

Candidates appearing for the ATMA exam for admission to MBA programme, must have a good percentile to clear the cutoff of their preferred colleges. The validity of ATMA score is one year and students will be offered admission to colleges accepting ATMA scores through their ATMA result. Each institute releases their individual cutoffs. To gain admission, candidates need to match the cutoff criteria of their preferred institute. The ATMA exam has 180 questions and the total marks are 180. But, the raw scores are then scaled and the final marks are awarded out of 800. Knowing what is a good score in ATMA exam is subjective, however, the current trends suggest that the following will be considered a good score: Very good score- More than 700 Good score- 650-700 Average score- 620- 650 Low score- Below 550 Based on the scores obtained in the ATMA exam, the percentile of the candidates will be calculated.

Q:   How can I crack ATMA in 6 months?

ATMA is very much similar to any other entrance exam and can be cracked if time is managed wisely. Here are few tips to crack the examination provided limited numbers of days/months: Set your plan agile and keep buffer time for revision and solving mock test papers. Start with your verbal and quantitative practice in parallel. Six months can make or change the game, time management is very important at every single point of time till the final day and even on the day. Keep positive! Maintain a good balance between your accuracy and solving time. Be focused and calm. For the last month keep all the formulas and tricks handy and revise on a daily basis. Remember not to be emotional while solving or appearing for exam. Manage your time wisely. In short: - Make daily/weekly targets and pen down each - Revise the syllabus as per study plan - Solve previous year questions as per time frame guidelines of actual exam. This will give you a look and feel of actual exam - Manage your time well - Keep calm and stay cool

Q:   How to improve my reading speed in ATMA preparation?


To improve reading speed for the ATMA exam, preview passages quickly, focus on keywords, and eliminate subvocalization. Practice with timed passages, use a pointer to guide your eyes, and chunk information by reading in groups. Expand your vocabulary, engage in silent reading, and vary your reading materials. Take breaks to prevent fatigue, set realistic targets, and consistently practice diverse genres. Gradually increasing exposure and setting achievable goals will help develop efficient reading while maintaining comprehension for the Reading Comprehension section of ATMA exam. 

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