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CBSE 12th 2025 ( CBSE 12th )

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Experts from have prepared Class 11 NCERT solutions to help students for their preparations. Students can use NCERT solutions for Class 11 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to ace the exam with a good score.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 is one of the essential resources for students preparing for their exams. The experts at with years of experience prepared Class 11 NCERT Solutions to help students to excel exams with good marks. NCERT Class 11 solutions help students to under the concept in a simple and effective manner. The solutions of NCERT Class 11 are prepared to make complex problems easy to understand. NCERT solutions class 11 comprises all important topics and concepts that are required for students to prepare for board exams.  

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 are prepared as per the latest syllabus and curriculum. NCERT Solutions Class 11 also plays a crucial role in preparing for entrance exams like JEE Main, NEET and others. Here we have discussed Class 11 NCERT solutions and how students can use them to improve their academic scores. For more details about NCERT solutions Class 11, candidates can refer to the article below. 

Q:   How can I score above 95% in 12th (CBSE)?

Hard work, self-study and practice should be your 3 mantras to score 95% or above in class 12th. Good luck!

Q:   Will adhering to the CBSE 12th preparation tips above ensure I score well?


Yes, following the pointers above religiously will help you score well in CBSE 12th exams 2024. Be consistent in your efforts and do not take much stress as it tires the body and mind and comes in the way of smooth learning.

Q:   How can I prepare for CBSE 12th examination to get 80% above marks in annual board examinations?

You have to just revise your subjects daily. You can also buy some handbooks. The best way is to study daily. Just two months before exam buy a 10 years solved and study it.

Tips to Use NCERT Solutions Class 11 Effectively 

Candidates can refer to the tips given below to use NCERT solutions effectively to ace the exam with a good score.  

  • After checking NCERT solutions for Class 11, students are advised to analyze the answer to understand the basic concept behind it.  
  • Candidates can use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 as a reference to clear doubts and verify answers.  
  • It also helps students to understand the basic concept of questions.  
  • Students are advised to revise NCERT solutions class 11 regularly to remember the concepts.  

NCERT Physics Solutions Class 11  

Candidates preparing for their exams can check Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions for their effective preparations. Experts prepare Class 11 NCERT solutions as per the latest syllabus. Referring to NCERT Physics Solutions Class 11 helps students to understand the basic concepts. Class 11 Physics comprises 15 chapters.  

NCERT Solutions Physics Class 11th 

NCERT Chemistry Solutions Class 11   

Candidates can check Class 11 Chemistry NCERT solutions here. Referring to NCERT Chemistry solutions for Class 11 helps to improve their problem-solving skills. It also enables students to create a strong grasp on NCERT books solutions.  

NCERT Solutions Chemistry Class 11th 

NCERT Maths Solutions Class 11   

Candidates can check Class 11 Maths NCERT solutions here. Students appearing in the exams can use NCERT Solutions Class 11 for their preparations in Mathematics. NCERT Maths solutions for Class 11 link has been provided below.

Q:   Is Kinematics covered in CBSE 12th Physics syllabus 2025?


Kinematics is covered in CBSE Class 11. However, a student is expected to know the topic well in order to understand Physics better in Class 12. You can click on CBSE 11th Physics Syllabus 2025 to check the complete Physics syllabus and know the solutions to the NCERT questions of all chapters of Class 11. 

Click on NCERT 12th Phyics Solutions 2025 to know the questions with solutions to all Class 12 Physics questions. 

Q:   How can I prepare for CBSE 12th exams 2024 using CBSE Class 12 date sheet 2024?


Students appearing for CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024 must understand the strategy to utilize CBSE date sheet 2024 for preparation of CBSE Board Exams 2024. CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024 commenced on February 15 and will conclude on April 2, 2024. Now, let us understand ways to use CBSE date sheet to commence CBSE Class 12 preparation 2024.  

Prepare a subject-wise list for CBSE Class 12

List down all the subjects of CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024. Students appearing for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024 will commonly be appearing for English, Mathematics, Physics, Accounts, History etc.

List down CBSE Class 12 syllabus and list of topics to cover

Students are advised to cover the complete CBSE 12th syllabus 2024. It is important for students to cover the whole syllabus to score well in board exams. Students must also not forget to make note of important topics to cover to avoid last minute hassles.

Know your subject-wise strengths and weakness

Prioritize the subjects you think you are weak in. Try to cover the whole syllabus using time management. It is important to cover weak subjects before the ones you feel confident about. Use the CBSE 12th timetable to know the number of preparatory days allotted to each subject. Try and cover lengthy subjects much prior to any other subjects.

Make Notes for Revision

While preparing for CBSE Board Exams 2024 Class 12, students are advised to make notes for all the subjects. The short notes prepared during the preparation process will help students in last-minute revisions.

Don’t forget to test yourself!

 While preparing for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024, students are advised to keep testing themselves. Practice as many CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper 2024. Use previous year question papers to revise and practice for CBSE board exams 2024. Practicing sample papers will not only help students understand their preparation level but also teach them time management while making under the CBSE 12th exam pattern.

Q:   Can I cheat in CBSE 12th board exam?


CBSE board is strictly against the practise of using any unfair means during the examinations. The board is actively working to prevent and discourage any malpractice during board examinations every year. 

So, you are advised to go through the CBSE 12th syllabus and solve as many previous years question papers and sample papers to avoid cheating during the CBSE 12th board exams.

You can go through the article below to check the penalties for cheating during board exams:

Q:   How to prepare for CBSE board exams 2024 in 20 days?


Cover the whole Syllabus: The Board has already released the whole CBSE 10th syllabus 2024CBSE 12th syllabus 2024 onlineStudents must note that nothing will come out of syllabus CBSE board exam 2024. Covering every bit of the syllabus will help student get through the tricky questions asked during the CBSE Class 10 board exams 2024/CBSE Class 12 board exams 2024. Focus on one marker because those questions are the key to score 100 and be regular with your studies. Do at least one revision and at least the last three years' board question papers per subject to score well in CBSE board exams


NCERT books only: One of the best ways to excel in the CBSE Board Exam 2024 Class 10, 12 is to focus on NCERT instead of any other books. Make proper notes of all subjects, especially science, and SST. The most important subject to focus on is SST. This subject can make your percentage very low as it contains most chapters. Hence, do not neglect it. Keep your revision game strong. It is just about balancing all the subjects. Revise and practice and focus on NCERT books.


Utilise CBSE 10th 12th Time Table 2024: Students prepping to appear for CBSE Board Exam 2024 Class 10, 12 must note that CBSE date sheet 2024 is now out. Students are advised to use the official schedule for the CBSE board exam to make a strategic plan and timetable for CBSE board exam preparation 2024. Go through the date sheet to check how many preparatory leaves are provided between exams and prepare for all accordingly. I made sure to complete the whole syllabus and keep only revision bit for the preparatory days. Date sheets are not just dates on which the exam would be conducted, it helps you strategize and prepare well in advance.

Focus on Revision: It is all about revision after a point of time. Once the syllabus is over, all you need to do is revise your syllabus and solve as many sample papers as you can. However, you can always go back to the basics for a quick run-through. This will boost your confidence when you test yourself.

Practice CBSE Class 10, 12 Sample Papers: Students prepping up for CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2024 must note that CBSE 10th Sample Paper 2024 and CBSE 12th sample paper 2024 are available online at These makes one familiar with the exam pattern, marking scheme, difficulty level of exam, types of questions asked every year and more.

Make short Notes: While preparing for the CBSE Board Exam 2024 Class 10, 12,  students are advised to cover the whole syllabus and also keep on making short notes. These notes would help students utilise their last minute in revising all the important pointers and topics. Students must complete their syllabus before the board exams 2024 begin. During the preparatory holidays, they are advised to revise for CBSE board exams 2024 using these short notes. This is one of the quickest preparation techniques that is commonly shared by all board exam toppers. 

Relax: Amid all the chaos and hurriedness to complete CBSE 10th syllabus 2024CBSE 12th syllabus 2024, students must understand to relax. Taking short breaks, managing time and taking out some free hours to relax is important. Taking short breaks enhances productivity but while doing so, make sure that the breaks do not stretch since it breaks the flow. Managing your screen time is very important. 

Q:   Will we get sufficient time to prepare for our CBSE 12th examinations once they begin?


Yes, the board provides sufficient preparation leaves for you to prepare for the exams. Students are advised to finish their syllabus and practice the sample papers well ahead in time so as to avoid any panic situation once exams begin. 

NCERT Solutions Maths Class 11th  

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NCERT Biology Solutions Class 11     

Experts from prepared Class 11 Biology NCERT solutions for the ease of candidates. Students can use NCERT solutions Class 11 for Biology for their preparations.  

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 11 

  • Class 11 NCERT solutions comprises all the chapters and topics of textbooks. They provide detailed explanation of concepts which makes it easier for students to understand.  
  • With the help of NCERT solutions, candidates can check step-by-step solving methodology. It enables students to understand the step marking as per the CBSE guidelines. 
  • By solving NCERT solutions for class 11 candidates can revise the important concepts. The answers also provide basic structure to students which they can use to frame their own answers.  
  • NCERT books are the basic textbooks prescribed by almost all institutions. Students can also NCERT solutions class 11 for entrance exam preparations also.  

CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme  

Central Board of Secondary Education prescribes the marking scheme at the official website. Applicants appearing in the exam can refer to the CBSE marking scheme to understand the section wise marks allotted to all chapters. Along with the marking scheme, students can also go through NCERT solutions Class 11 for their preparations. For more details, candidates can refer to the table given below.  


Marking Scheme  


Click Here


Click Here  


Click Here  

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NCERT Class 11 Important Topics – Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics 

Along with NCERT solutions Class 11, applicants can also refer to the important topics for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. NCERT important topics help candidates for their preparations. The important topics of NCERT are segregated on the basis of previous year section wise weightage.  For more details, candidates can refer to the table given below. 

Class 11 Physics Topics 

Laws of Motion 

Work Energy and Power 



Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion 

Kinetic Theory 

Oscillation and Waves 

Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids 

Class 11 Chemistry Topics   

Some basic concepts of chemistry 

Structure of atom 

Classification of elements & periodicity in properties   

Chemical bonding and molecular structure   

States of matter 



Redox reactions 

Class 11 Maths Topics   

Seta, Relations and Functions 

Trigonometric identities 

Straight lines 


Limits and Differentiations 



Conic Sections 

Permutations and Combinations 

Solutions of Heights, Triangles and Distances 

Complex Number and Quadratic Equation 

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