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Petroleum Engineering Career offers various job positions such as Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Production Engineer, Well Testing Engineer, Project Engineer, Research Engineer and others. The payscale offered at entry-level positions ranges between INR 5- 8 LPA, for mid-level profiles INR 9- 12 LPA and senior level profiles INR 12- 15 LPA. Candidates who have completed BTech in Petroleum Engineering have various career options such as Pursue MTech in Petroleum Engineering, procure job through campus placements, work in private oil-wells and government petroleum refineries and drilling companies.

Petroleum Engineering is a specialized engineering subject concerned with the exploration, extraction, production, and management of natural gas and oil resources. It entails a number of technical and scientific techniques aimed at optimizing the recovery of hydrocarbons from subterranean sources and transporting them to the surface for processing and distribution. Petroleum engineers are essential in the energy industry, where oil and gas are major sources of energy and cash. The course is offered in diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels across top engineering colleges.

There are various Petroleum Engineering colleges in India which offer excellent placement packages to their graduates, especially BTech graduates such as IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati, IIT Dhanbad etc. The top recruiting sectors for Petroleum Engineering graduates include Oilfield Services Companies, Consulting Firms, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies etc. The top recruiters included companies such as ONGC, BPCL, Oil India Limited, GAIL, Cairn Oil and Gas etc.

Average Salary Based On Job Position

The average salary for various work roles following BTech Petroleum Engineering is affected by a variety of elements, including market growth, market demand, and firm worth. Entry-level salary is between INR 6- 9 LPA, reflecting the industry's growing market worth and appeal. Major private employers engaged in oil exploration and production sector hire graduates with more professional experience

The table below shows the average income ranges for numerous job opportunities available to Petroleum Engineering graduates:

Job Position Average CTC
Production Engineer INR 6-9 LPA
Reservoir Engineer INR 6- 10 LPA
Drilling Engineer INR 7- 11 LPA
Project Manager INR 8- 12 LPA
Well Testing Engineer INR 7- 11 LPA

NoteThe salary data has been sourced from external links.

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Top Careers in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering provides numerous exciting employment opportunities in the oil and gas business. These jobs usually entail the exploration, extraction, production, and management of oil and gas resources. These Petroleum Engineering career options provide workers with numerous opportunities to specialize in areas that match their interests and skills. There are rewarding routes to explore within Petroleum Engineering, whether you are interested in the technical parts of drilling and reservoir management or the industry's economic and environmental implications. Candidates can work in any of the following job profiles:

Job Profile

Job Description Average Annual CTC
Production Engineer Production engineers are concerned with increasing the output of oil and gas wells. They diagnose production problems, develop well completions, and put production enhancement techniques into action. INR 6-9 LPA
Reservoir Engineer Underground reservoirs are analyzed by reservoir engineers to discover the most efficient means of obtaining oil and gas. They optimize production and recovery rates using advanced modeling and simulation approaches. INR 6- 10 LPA
Drilling Engineer Drilling engineers are in charge of designing and supervising drilling operations. They choose drilling techniques, plan well courses, and guarantee that drilling operations are completed safely and effectively. INR 7- 11 LPA
Project Manager Project managers are in charge of all areas of Petroleum Engineering projects, such as budgeting, scheduling, and team coordination INR 8- 12 LPA
Well Testing Engineer Engineers that perform well testing perform tests on wells to determine their production and reservoir features. They use data analysis to give recommendations for improving well performance. INR 7- 11 LPA

Top Recruiters for Petroleum Engineering Students

Petroleum Engineering graduates are still in high demand in the oil and gas industry, but there is now a growing demand for their expertise in environmental protection, renewable energy, and sustainability.  Petroleum Engineering students have numerous employment options in the oil and gas industry and allied industries. Finally, the industry and professional path chosen are determined by the individual's interests, skills, and career aspirations.The following are some of the top hiring sectors for Petroleum Engineering students:

Academia and Research Institutions Renewable Energy Companies
Oil and Gas Consultancies Government Agencies
Oilfield Services Companies Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies
Environmental and Sustainability Firms Manufacturing and Equipment Suppliers

Here are some of the top recruiting sectors for Petroleum Engineering professionals, along with examples of Indian companies in each sector:

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies
ONGC Reliance Industries Limited Oil India Limited
Vedanta Limited Cairn India Limited ExxonMobil
Oil and Gas Services and Technology Companies
Schlumberger Halliburton Baker Hughes
Saipem TechnipFMC Weatherford
Refining and Petrochemicals Companies
Reliance Industries Ltd Indian Oil Corporation Limited BPCL
HPCL Nayara Energy Limited CPCL
Government and Regulatory Bodies
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Oil Industry Safety Directorate
Directorate General of Hydrocarbons International Energy Agency OPEC

Top Colleges for Petroleum Engineering

Course fees and placement opportunities are two important factors which should be kept in mind before deciding a college for pursuing Petroleum Engineering. The colleges offering top placement opportunities to Petroleum Engineering graduates are given as follows:

Institute Average Package Offered
Graphic Era Deemed to be University 6.3 LPA
IIT Bombay 14.76 LPA
IIT Dhanbad 15.95 LPA
IIT Guwahati 13.5 LPA
IIT Madras 13 LPA
IIT Kharagpur --
Lovely Professional University 4 LPA
Manipal University 7 LPA
MIT-WPU 4.13-5.5 LPA

How to Get A Job After Petroleum Engineering?

Obtaining employment after earning a degree in Petroleum Engineering necessitates a combination of academic credentials, practical experience, networking, and successful job search tactics. Economic conditions and worldwide oil prices might have an impact on the job market for petroleum engineers. As the energy industry evolves, be versatile and open to exploring alternative professions within the sector, including opportunities relating to renewable energy and sustainability.

Candidates must keep these points in mind while searching for job opportunities after completing Petroleum Engineering:

  • Strong academic background: A bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering or a similar discipline from a reputed university is required. If candidates wish to specialize or develop in their work, consider seeking further degrees or certifications.
  • Gaining practical experience: Candidates must participate in internships or co-op programs during their education to obtain real-world experience. Internships with oil and gas corporations, service providers, or consulting firms are quite beneficial. Candidates must seek entry-level positions such as field engineer or assistant positions to obtain more hands-on experience.
  • Networking and creating strong resume: Attend industry conferences, seminars, and workshops to network with industry professionals. Candidates must ensure that their resume stand out by emphasizing their academic achievements, relevant coursework, internships, and abilities. Create an engaging cover letter that expresses your excitement for the industry and highlights your qualifications.

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Top Indian Cities To Get Lucrative Jobs After Petroleum Engineering

Several places in India provide several prospects for lucrative work in the Petroleum Engineering profession. Numerous oil and gas enterprises, refineries, exploration projects, and related industries are located in these cities. Petroleum engineers can find work in these cities in a variety of fields, including exploration, drilling, production, refining, research, and environmental compliance. Keep in mind that employment availability may vary depending on economic situations and business trends, so it's critical to stay up to current on industry advancements and actively network with professionals in the field.

Here are some of the top Indian cities where you can get profitable Petroleum Engineering employment, as well as various companies offering job opportunities:

Major cities

Top Companies

Average CTC

Delhi/NCR Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Oil India Limited, Gas Authority of India Limited 7- 11 LPA
Chennai Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited 8- 10 LPA

Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation

 7- 10 LPA
Mumbai Reliance Industries Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Shell India, Essar Oil 8- 12 LPA
Ahmedabad Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Cairn Oil & Gas, and Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd 7- 11 LPA

Petroleum Engineering Jobs in Government and Private Sector

Petroleum Engineering provides a variety of job opportunities in the oil and gas industry and associated industries. Petroleum engineers are essential in the exploration, development, and administration of oil and gas resources.  BTech graduates have numerous options in the government and business sectors that are well-paying and fit the students' professional goals. The private sector also provides a diverse range of career prospects as well as competitive remuneration in entry-level or mid-level roles.The government sector provides BTech applicants with attractive work prospects, and they can pursue careers such as:

Sector Description Average CTC
Exploaration and Production Utilizes data analysis and reservoir modeling to optimize the production of oil and gas reserves. Planning and managing drilling operations, well design, and drilling technology are all part of the job. 7- 10 LPA
Refining and Petrochemicals  Controls the refining operations that transform crude oil into various petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and petrochemicals. Dedicated to the design and optimization of refining and petrochemical processes in order to enhance efficiency and product quality. 9- 12 LPA
Research and Development Develops novel technologies and strategies to increase the efficiency and sustainability of petroleum operations.New technologies for exploration, drilling, production, and environmental management are developed and tested. 8- 11 LPA
Government and Regulatory Bodies Oversees oil and gas operations and ensures compliance with legislation in government bodies. Ensures that safety, environmental, and industry-specific requirements are followed 7- 12 LPA

Petroleum Engineering Salary Abroad

The income of a Petroleum Engineering graduate working overseas might vary greatly based on a number of criteria, including the country of employment, amount of experience, employer type, and job description. The salary ranges of the following countries are given in the table below:

Country Salary Offered
  • Entry-Level: AUD 40,000 - AUD 60,000 per year
  • Mid-Level: AUD 65,000 - AUD 80,000 per year
  • Senior-Level: AUD 80,000 and above per year
United States
  • Entry-Level: $50,000 - $80,000 per year
  • Mid-Level: $80,000 - $110,000 per year
  • Senior-Level: $120,000 and above per year
  • Entry-Level: €40,000 - €60,000 per year
  • Mid-Level: €60,000 - €80,000 per year
  • Senior-Level: €85,000 and above per year
  • Entry-Level: CAD 50,000 - CAD 70,000 per year
  • Mid-Level: CAD 70,000 - CAD 100,000 per year
  • Senior-Level: CAD 90,000 and above per year

Disclaimer: The above salary-data has been obtained from external sites.

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FAQs on Petroleum Engineering Career

Q. Is Petroleum Engineering a good career choice?

A. Petroleum engineers frequently earn good pay, making it a financially rewarding career choice.Petroleum engineering covers a wide range of specialities, from reservoir engineering through drilling and production, allowing people to focus on topics that interest them.Petroleum engineering can be a rewarding career path for those who are enthusiastic about the sector, appreciate technical difficulties, and are prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. It provides competitive compensation and chances for advancement, but employees should be conscious of the industry's cyclical nature and the potential need to shift to new professions as the energy environment evolves. 

Q. What is the salary package for Petroleum Engineering fresher?

A. A fresher's wage package in petroleum engineering in India might vary depending on numerous aspects, including the employer, location, educational qualifications, and market need for petroleum engineers.In India, the beginning wage for a fresh petroleum engineering graduate could range from INR 4- 10 LPA.

Q. What are the top private colleges offering Petroleum Engineering course?

A. These colleges provide with excellent placement opportunities as well as infrastructural facilities which make them a popular choice amongst students. Some of these colleges are as follows:

Institute Total Course Fee in INR
Aditya Engineering College 72 K - 3 lakh
DIT University 6.31- 8.49 lakh
Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology 2.35 lakh
Graphic Era University 10 lakh
Lovely Professional University 5.40 lakh
Manipal University, Jaipur 12.36 lakh
MIT-WPU 9.3- 12.4 lakh
NIMS University 90 K- 6 lakh
Parul University 1.29- 3.44 lakh
Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology and Research 6.2 lakh

Q. What are the top government colleges offering Petroleum Engineering course?

A. Some of the popular government colleges for Petroleum Engineering include top IITs and NITs as well as other state universities which are considered as temples of modern technical education. 

Institute Total Course Fee in INR
Annamalai University 8.31 K
IIT Dhanbad 60 K- 8 lakh
IIT Guwahati 20 K
IIT Madras 20 K
Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur 9 lakh
Nagpur University 1.2- 1.34 lakh
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology 10.41 lakh
Samrat Ashok Technological Institute 1.35- 4.8 lakh
University College of Engineering, Kakinada 40K- 1.8lakh
Zakir Hussain College of Engineering --

Q. What is the minimum qualification required to be a Petroleum Engineer?

A. A bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering or a closely related subject, such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or geology, is the most typical route to becoming a petroleum engineer. A four-year bachelor's degree program in petroleum engineering is usual.While a bachelor's degree is the minimal qualification, some people prefer to pursue advanced degrees, such as a master's or Ph.D. in petroleum engineering or a related discipline, in order to specialize or progress their careers. Advanced degrees can also help in research and academia.

Popular Petroleum Engineering Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Petroleum Engineering Colleges in India. Learn more about these Petroleum Engineering colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
2.69 L
15 LPA

#2 India Today

1 Course
20 K

#3 The Week

#4 India Today

1 Course
1.14 L
12 LPA

#6 India Today

60 K - 8 L
11 - 15 LPA

#12 The Week

1 Course
10.4 L
7.25 LPA

Popular Private Petroleum Engineering Colleges in India

4 Courses
3.09 L - 18.32 L
6 - 6.5 LPA
2 Courses
3.9 L - 7.65 L
4.53 - 5.5 LPA

Top 25 in Maharasthra

Petroleum Engineering Applications open. Apply Now

2.37 L - 5.96 L
3.1 LPA

Top 25 in Gujarat

2 Courses
3.31 L

Petroleum Engineering Applications open. Apply Now

3 Courses
40 K - 10.77 L
5.5 - 9.5 LPA
1 Course
1.42 L

Top 25 in Gujarat

Popular Petroleum Engineering UG Courses

Following are the most popular Petroleum Engineering UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

Popular Petroleum Engineering PG Courses

Following are the most popular Petroleum Engineering PG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these PG Courses by clicking the links below.

PG Courses

Popular Exams

Following are the top exams for Petroleum Engineering. Students interested in pursuing a career on Petroleum Engineering, generally take these important exams.You can also download the exam guide to get more insights.

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