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Karnataka Common Entrance Test 2022 ( KCET )

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KCET 2022 syllabus will be released by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) online along with the official notification. The syllabus for first PUC and second PUC was reduced last year and candidates preparing for KCET 2022 can check the updated syllabus on this page. KEA devises the syllabus based on the first and second PUC syllabus prescribed by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka State. The syllabus plays a key role in drawing up a quality preparation strategy.

KCET 2022 latest syllabus incorporates all the necessary topics of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. Candidates should hold complete knowledge the syllabus prior to starting their preparation. It is advised to keep a hard copy of KCET syllabus 2022 to keep a check on the preparation level. Besides, knowledge of KCET 2022 exam pattern is equally important. Further, examine more details related to the new syllabus below.


KCET 2022 Syllabus: Physics (First PUC)

Check latest KCET physics syllabus below.

KCET 2022 Physics Syllabus (Revised)


Deleted Portion

Physical World

Physics- Scope and excitement

Physics- Technology and society

Nature of physical laws

Units and Measurement


Motion in a straight line

Frame of reference: Position-time graph, speed and velocity

Motion in a plane


Laws of Motion

Intuitive concept of forces


Newton first law of motion; momentum

Newton second law of motion; impulse

Newton third law of motion

Work, Power, Energy


System of particles and rotational motion

Statement of parallel and perpendicular axes theorem and their applications


Kepler’s law of planetary motion

Acceleration due to gravity

Mechanical properties of solid

Elastic behavior

Shear modulus of rigidity

Poisson’s ratio

Elastic energy

Mechanical properties of fluid


Thermal properties of matter

Heat and temperature

Heat transfer





Heat engine


Kinetic Theory





Doppler effect

KCET Revised Syllabus 2022: Chemistry (PUC I)

The new syllabus of KCET 2022 for chemistry can be seen below.

KCET 2022 Chemistry Syllabus


Deleted Portion

Some basic concepts of chemistry

Nature of matter

Laws of chemical combination

Dalton’s atomic theory

Structure of atom

Discovery of subatomic particles

Atomic models

Classification of elements and periodicity properties

Significance of classification, brief history of development of periodic table

Chemical bonding and molecular structure


States of matter

Liquefaction of gases

Critical temperature

Kinetic energy and molecular speed

Liquid state-vapour pressure

Viscosity and Surface tension (qualitative idea only , no mathematical derivations)


Heat capacity and specific heat capacity

Criteria for equilibrium


Hydrolysis of salts (elementary idea)

Henderson equation

Redox reaction

Applications of redox reaction


Preparation, properties and uses of hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide preparation, and structure and uses

S-Block Elements

Preparation and properties of some important compounds: Sodium carbonate, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Biological importance of Sodium and Potassium.

Calcium oxide and calcium carbonate and their industrial uses

Biological importance of Magnesium and Calcium

P-Block Elements

Some important compounds: Borax, Boric acid, Hydrides

Aluminium reactions with acids and alkalies and uses

Carbon, Silicon and their uses

Organic Chemistry – Some basic principles and techniques

Methods of purification, qualitative and quantitative analysis


Free radical mechanism of halogenation, combustion and pyrolysis

Environmental Chemistry

Entire unit deleted

KCET 2022 New Syllabus: Mathematics (1st PUC)

Check KCET 2022 revised syllabus for Mathematics in the table below.

KCET Syllabus 2022 (Mathematics)


Deleted Portion


Difference of sets

Complement and properties of sets

Relation and Functions


Sum, Difference, Product and Quotients of functions

Trigonometric functions

General solution of trigonometric equations of type: sin y = sin a, cos y = cos a and tan y = tan a

Principal of Mathematical Induction


Complex numbers and Quadratic equation

Polar representation of complex numbers.


Square root of a complex number

Linear inequalities


Permutation and Combination

Derivation of formula for nPr and nCr

Binomial Theorem

Entire chapter is deleted

Sequence and series

Formulae for special sums

Straight lines

Shifting of origin, Equation of family of lines passing through the point of intersection of two lines

Conic sections

Entire chapter is deleted

Introduction to 3-D geometry


Limits and Derivatives


Mathematics reasoning

Entire chapter is deleted


Analysis of frequency distribution with equal means but different variance


Axiomatic probability, connection with other theories of earlier classes

KCET 2022 Latest Syllabus: Biology (PUC I)

Look over the KCET syllabus 2022 for Biology in this section.

KCET 2022 Biology Syllabus


Deleted Portion

The living world

Taxonomy and systematics

Tools to study taxonomy

Biological classification


Plant Kingdom

Angiosperm – classification upto class, characteristics features and examples

Animal Kingdom


Morphology of flowering plants


Morphology and modification, Morphology of different parts of flowering plants – root, stem, leaf, fruit and seed

Description of families – Fabaceae

Anatomy of flowering plants

Anatomy and functions of different tissues and tissues systems in dicots and monocots secondary growth

Structural organization in animals

Morphology, Anatomy and functions of different system of an insect

Cell – The unit of life


Bio molecules

Cell cycle and Cell divison

Transport in Plants

Movement of water, gases and nutrients; cell to cell transport; diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport, plan-water relation, imbibition, water potential, osmosis, plasmolysis, long distance transport of water, transport of food

Mineral nutrition

Essential minerals, macro and micro nutrients and their role, deficiency symptoms, mineral toxicity, elementary idea of hydroponics as a method of study mineral nutrition, nitrogen metabolism, nitrogen cycle, biological nitrogen fixation.

Photosynthesis in higher plants


Respiration in plants


Plant – Growth and Development

Seed germination, phases of plant growth and plant growth rate, conditions of growth, differentiation, differentiation and redifferentiation, sequence of developmental processes in a plant cell, Seed dormancy, vernalisation, photoperiodism

Digestion and Absorption

Alimentary canal and digestive glands, role of digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal hormones, Peristalsis, Digestion, Absorption and assimilation of proteins, Carbohydrates and fats, Calorific value of proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, Egestion, Nutritional and digestive disorders – PEM indigestion, constipation, vomiting, jaundice, diarrohea

Breathing and exchange of gases


Body fluids and circulation


Excretory products and their elimination


Locomotion and movement

Types of movement, ciliary flagellar, muscular, Skeletal system and its function joints, disorder of muscular and skeletal system, myasthenia gravis, tetany, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, osteoporosis, gout

Neural control and coordination


Chemical coordination and integration

Reflex actions, Sensory perception, Sense organs, Elementary structure and functions of eye and ear

KCET 2022 Revised Syllabus (PUC I&II): Download PDF

Candidates can download KCET 2022 new syllabus PDF from the table given below.

Particulars Download link
KCET 2022 first PUC revised syllabus Download
KCET 2022 second PUC latest syllabus Download

KCET Syllabus 2022 FAQs

Q. Which subjects are included in KCET 2022 syllabus?

A. KCET syllabus incorporates Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology.

Q. Is NCERT enough to complete KCET syllabus 2022?

A. Yes, candidates should complete NCERT books firs and revise as much as possible. In addition to this, they should practice previous years questions, practice mock test, etc.

Q. Is KCET 2022 syllabus reduced?

A. Yes, Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) has reduced KCET 2022 syllabus.

Q. Is Biology compulsory for KCET?

A. Candidates who have opted Biology subject in PUC can write Biology paper in KCET.

Q. In how many months KCET syllabus can be completed?

A. There is no such time frame to complete KCET syllabus. Aspiring candidates should start their preparation as early as possible to have sufficient knowledge to crack the exam.

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Which is the top government engineering college in Karnataka through KCET?

Group Captain Vinayak Deo

Scholar-Level 18

a week ago

Hello Nishanth Poojary, there are plenty of colleges in Karnataka which accept KCET score to give admission. I am attaching a link that will give you complete list of such colleges. The list includes government as well as non government institutions which will give admission based on KCET. By goi...Hello Nishanth Poojary, there are plenty of colleges in Karnataka which accept KCET score to give admission. I am attaching a link that will give you complete list of such colleges. The list includes government as well as non government institutions which will give admission based on KCET. By going through the list you can perhaps make out as to which is government college and which is not and then take action accordingly. https://www.shiksha.com/engineering/ranking/top-engineering-colleges-in-Karnataka-accepting-kcet/44-2-106-0-6611
But I suggest that you should appear for the entrance exam conducted exclusively by non added private colleges for admissions in the state of Karnataka as this will broaden your spectrum of colleges in which you can take admission. Best wishes to you.


I studied in Andhra Pradesh for intermediate but I have studied BiPC only. Is it compulsory to write maths in KCET exam?


Shaik Sufiyan

Beginner-Level 1

2 weeks ago

Yes, you have to write.


How to download the KCET admit card 2022 from the official website?


Sampda raj

Contributor-Level 9

a month ago

Visit the official KEA KCET 2022 website. Click on KCET admit card 2022 download link. Enter the application number and date of birth and click on submit button. The KCET hall ticket 2022 will be displayed on the screen.


Can I get admission in manipal university, Karnataka for B.Pharma degree if I am appearing for NEET and Not giving the KCET exam?


Can I get direct admission in Reva University without giving KCET exam?

Bharath Kumar R

Contributor-Level 7

2 months ago

Refer to the admissions page of Reva University at https://www.shiksha.com/university/reva-university-bangalore-40416/admission


KCET ranking for B.Tech food Science depends on which subjects?

pradeep kumar

Scholar-Level 18

2 months ago

As per the KCET syllabus for B.Tech Food Science and Technology, There are three papers I. e Physics Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology. Each paper have sixty 60 marks, So total 180 marks are in total. So KCET syllabus is giving equal weightage to all subjects. However Chemistry and Mathematics...As per the KCET syllabus for B.Tech Food Science and Technology, There are three papers I. e Physics Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology. Each paper have sixty 60 marks, So total 180 marks are in total. So KCET syllabus is giving equal weightage to all subjects. However Chemistry and Mathematics are the scoring subjects so you can give more efforts to these subjects.

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