10 Things to Help You Plan a Career in Law

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Updated on Feb 14, 2020 15:56 IST

By Vaishnavi Shukla

Law aspirants are often confused about where to begin when deciding to make a career in Law. Read here tips to make a career in law by a Corporate Lawyer itself.

As a teenager, one is always confused when it comes to making career choices. Does the stream one decide to take in class 12 th shapes their future? Does it? Well, I strongly disagree. If you were under pressure from your family or wanted to join the same high school as your friend’s, you ought to have made some mistakes.

However, it’s never too late to get back to where you want to be or what your true calling is. I know people who have taken up engineering at the graduation level and, went on to become actors, and doctors who decided to give up their practice, lawyers who did MBA and deviated from the law; the list is endless. The human mind is curious, unstable and wants to do everything possible in life.

Law is one profession where you will find people from the science background, Commerce background, Physics and Chemistry enthusiasts and people aged 65 years who decide to study law and practise in courts. Law doesn’t look into what you did in high school but what you intend to do after you study Law. All the students and men/women of all ages who want to practice law but don’t know where to begin with, you’re at the right place.

Bollywood Films Can’t be your Inspiration to Study Law

We love watching Bollywood films and the beautiful dialogues the on-screen advocates yell at Judges. But, the reality is nowhere0 close to it. You will be charged for Contempt of Court if you do this in real courts. Have strong reasoning for why you want to study law, if not then don’t waste the seat of a more deserving candidate. The fact that you couldn’t get into IIT should also not be why you’re doing law. This profession demands people who can bring a change by their work, not people who change their minds based on opportunities.

You are not your Dad/ Mom, Don’t Be Blinded

Your dad is a lawyer so you’ve to be one too? Really? I request you not to pursue law then if that’s your only reason. These people fall into two categories:

a) One whose parents or either of the parent is a lawyer so they’re expected to be one too, whether they wish for it or not.

b) One whose parents or either of the parent is a lawyer and the child is co-incidentally also interested in doing great work through law irrespective of what his/her parents’ profession is.

If you fall into the second category then you should invest yourself and your parent’s time, money in studying law. Now, all you people from the second category should know the process to study law in India.

1) How Long is the BA LLB Course?

It is a five years integrated course and at the end of five years, students are awarded a degree of BA LLB.

2) National Law University (NLU) Fans? You Should do this

By now you already know what CLAT is? For the unaware, it is Common Law Admission Test which is conducted once every year for students who want to get into one of the National Law Universities. The eligibility for the exam is:

Academic Qualification: In class 12th or equivalent examination, candidates belonging to Unreserved /OBC /Specially Abled Persons (SAP) and other categories should have secured a minimum of 45% marks and SC/ST Category candidates should have secured a minimum of 40% marks.

Once you’re eligible to appear for the exam, you are required to send out application forms and complete all formalities as required by the host university. You receive your hall tickets on completion of formalities and once the exam date arrives you are required to visit the centre and appear for the exam. The CLAT results are announced then and after a strong competition among students, some are selected for CLAT counselling and based on marks received students get admission in their desired universities. This brings us to our next query, what happens to students who can’t get into NLU’s?

3) The Non-NLU’S, This is what you should do

Let me tell you the reality, NLU’s are not the only colleges in India which impart excellent legal education. The number of colleges which are way ahead in excellence and performance is many and those colleges should be your target along with NLUs. Always keep options, never just apply to NLUs. Some of the top law colleges that candidates can apply for admission Symbiosis Law School, ILS Law College etc.

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4) The process to Apply for each University

You must understand that each university has a different process when it comes to admissions. Some universities come under AP LAWCET and TS LAWCET, deemed universities conduct their exams and private colleges either have their exam, consider your CLAT score or take direct admissions. So, you must always check the website of each college/ university for the updates on admissions in a given year. The process is fairly simple and only requires students to be aware and apply on time. You don’t want to waste a year sitting at home because your application didn’t go through on time.

5) Areas of Study for Law School Admissions

Subject/Section No. of Questions

English/Verbal Ability


Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude


Logical Reasoning


General Awareness


Legal Aptitude


Marking Scheme


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6) Are Private Colleges Good?

The question most people have in mind is about how good a private college is. However, ideally, it should be how good is the faculty at a private college and that will define and decide how your law school experience both academically and personally is going to shape up. There are private colleges which are way ahead than some of the deemed universities and producing great lawyers. So do the following checks before applying:

a) Check the ranking

b) Check the faculty

c) Check the achievements

d) Check future opportunities

Ideally, if you are late in applying to any of the colleges or didn’t get into the desired college, private colleges are a good alternative.

7) Can I Pursue Law After Engineering/ MBBS/ BCOM/ BBA/Design etc?

Law is a career you can pursue irrespective of your age and your previous area of study. The good news for graduates in respect is that they don’t have to do a five-year course in law. They can go for the three year LLB course. The process as mentioned earlier is the same i.e. check the websites, apply in advance. However, the option of CLAT is not available in the three year LLB course so students/ enthusiasts must apply to other universities. Also, candidates can pursue an LLB course if they already possess a graduation degree.

8) Is It Necessary To Do Only BA LLB? Are There Any Other Options?

Ideally, the courses offered at the law colleges are:

However, contact the college administration and go through the college brochure to know the varied courses offered.

9) What are the options available after five-yr BA LLB/ three-Yr LLB?

There are multiple options that you can go for after finishing your course. Some of the options are:

  1. Work with an MNC
  2. Work in a law firm
  3. Do corporate litigation
  4. Join an NGO
  5. Make a career in arbitration
  6. Start an independent practice
  7. Join a senior advocate and practice in courts
  8. Work as Corporate Attorney for companies

The opportunities are endless so choose wisely and know your true calling.

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10) What are the higher studies options available after Law?

The following options are available after the course:

  1. LLM
  2. MBA
  3. LLM+ PhD

Or anything that you would like to do.

All the best with choosing the right career!

About the Author:


Vaishnavi Shukla is a Corporate Attorney at Loyal Hospitality Pvt Ltd, an exclusive franchise of Empire Group of Hotels, Bengaluru. She completed her law course from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.


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