How to Prepare for TANCET 2023 in Two Months?

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TANCET 2023 exam preparation can be completed in less than 60 days. With TANCET 2023 to be conducted on March 25, read on to know the detailed exam strategy to ace the upcoming exam in two months of preparation.

TANCET 2021 Two Months Preparation Strategy

TANCET 2023 Two Months Preparation Strategy

Anna University is set to conduct TANCET 2023 in 15+ cities of Tamil Nadu. TANCET is a gateway for admissions to MBA and MCA courses offered by the government, semi-government and self-financed colleges in the state. As per the TANCET exam dates, Anna University will conduct the TANCET 2023 exam on March 25. After the TANCET 2023 registration begins, the exam is conducted in less than 60 days. With less than two months for the exam, aspirants must devise their TANCET preparation strategy accordingly. By now, most of the aspirants must have completed the TANCET syllabus and the basic preparation. Here we bring to our readers the preparation techniques for TANCET to be done within two months. We will first have a quick look at the key topics related to TANCET 2023.

Key Topics from TANCET 2023 Syllabus

The following table brings key topics from TANCET MBA syllabus and TANCET MCA syllabus in the table below. For ME/MTECH and MARCH/MPLAN programmes, aspirants should cover all the key topics that are likely to be asked in three parts of the question paper. Here is a list of all the important topics in TANCET MBA/MCA/ME/MTech/MArch/MPlan syllabus.


Key topics


Quantitative Aptitude: Time & Work, Mixtures & Allegations, Quadratic Equations, Linear Equations, Logarithms

Data Sufficiency: Questions based on Number Systems, Arithmetic Topics, Data Interpretation 

General English: Questions on errors in usage, grammar, punctuation, etc. Grammar, Vocabulary

Candidates will be required to analyse business situations in the form of a paragraph and then answer questions


Analytical and Logical Reasoning: Direction Sense, Blood Relations, Series, Analogies, Decision Making, Binary Logic

Computer Awareness: Basic Terminology, Internet & Protocols, Network Basics, Computer Abbreviations, Security Tools

Quantitative Ability: Mensuration, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Set Theory

Engineering Mathematics (Part I)

Determinants and Matrices, Transforms, Calculus and Differential Equations, Vector Calculus

Basic Engineering & Sciences (Part II)

Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Material Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computers and Chemistry. 

Stream-wise Engineering Part (III)

Topics will be subject-specific

Note: For a detailed understanding of the topics, candidates should read ME/MTech/MArch/MPlan programmes syllabus here.

How to Prepare for TANCET 2023 in Two Months

Here is a quick guide on how to prepare for TANCET 2023 in less than two months:

Set specific targets: With fewer days left for the exam, it will be difficult for an aspirant to cover the entire TANCET Syllabus if he has not done it yet. It is advisable that instead of haphazardly covering the entire syllabus, candidates should list down all the key topics of TANCET and set targets to cover them within a specific time-limit. Aspirants must ensure that they unfailingly achieve these targets within the stipulated time.

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Productive study sessions: TANCET 2023 aspirants must ensure they make the best of the remaining time. Even if one devotes three to four hours a day for TANCET preparation, s/he should spend another 30 minutes evaluating the learnings from each study session. Supposedly, if an aspirant covers three important topics in a particular study session and need more clarity on one of them, s/he should address that topic during the doubt-clearing session.

Set apart a different time to clear doubts: Apart from the regular study routine, candidates should set apart at least two hours for doubt clearance. They should not ignore topics that they are not comfortable in. They can take the help of TANCET study material, online tutorials or a mentor who specialises in TANCET exam.

Practice mocks:  Generally, students start practising mock tests and solving previous year TANCET question papers after covering the entire syllabus. However, it should not be a rule of thumb for every aspirant. When there is less time in hand, the best way forward is to cover key topics and practice mocks simultaneously. It will help aspirants find their weak areas that need immediate attention. Then it will also help them learn time management and most importantly, gauge their ability to handle the pressure of the actual TANCET exam.

Revision: Aspirants can make a list of topics that requires revision regularly. Covering a certain topic is just the first step of TANCET preparation process, to ensure that the candidate confidently solves the questions in the examination hall, he or she needs to revise them regularly. It is important that the students work hard to make the best of their time and work qualitatively to get maximum out of each study session. 

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