Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools With Best Features

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools With Best Features

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Looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your social media accounts? Want to monitor brand mentions across platforms? Check out these amazing social media marketing tools to know which suits your brand or agency. Find out how these tools helped some top brands as well. 


Social media marketing tools increase efficiency when creating, scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and analysing content. They supplement your social media strategy to publish simultaneously on multiple networks to multiple profiles, track metrics across platforms, and much more. 

Find out the top 10 social media tools below. The blog will cover the ones that are simple to use, free, with paid pricing options, including the benefits of each. 


With 140,000 users of this useful social media tool, Buffer is best for posting. 

Winning Features of Buffer

  • Connect all your social networks through one platform and schedule posts. Also, customise your posts for each platform. 
  • Use the automated schedule or customise it based on your business requirements.
  • Buffer’s analytics tool aggregates metrics across all channels when you do not want to track them on individual social media platforms, and you can further create custom reports.
  • Use the link in the bio feature to connect all your accounts under one customisable link.

How Buffer Helps Huel

  1. Huel utilizes Buffer to handle its global social media presence, comprising 10 profiles across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It streamlines their processes. 
  2. Buffer enables Huel to tailor its messages according to the unique characteristics and audience preferences of different social media platforms.
  3. Even the review process can be reviewed using Buffer's platform. It provides a centralised dashboard where Huel can review and oversee all scheduled content across various social channels. 
  4. Buffer assists Huel in navigating the challenges of limited organic reach on social media. By maximizing opportunities to reach its audience, Buffer helps Huel connect with its most passionate advocates, ensuring a stronger presence and engagement on social feeds.

Pricing – Buffer can be used as a free social media marketing tool when you are using six channels, scheduling 10 posts per channel, and as a single user account. This free version can be used for browser integration as well. But the analytics feature is available only with the three pricing plans – Essentials, Team and Agency. 

Sprout Social

Trusted by more 30,000 businesses, including Shopify, Sprout Social is ideal for social media management

Winning Features of Sprout Social

  • It offers automated chatbots so that your business is accessible to solve queries 24/7.
  • Use the history of your conversations and offer personalised messages. 
  • The analytics tool helps you understand the sentiments of the consumer and get deeper insights into consumer behaviour. 
  • Make reports more intuitive to be understood by all.

How Sprout Social Helps Grammarly

  1. With Sprout, Grammarly experienced an over 80% reduction in average time to first response (TTFR) in less than two years. The platform's features facilitate quicker responses, enabling the team to address user concerns promptly.
  2. Sprout allows tracking specific brand-related keywords, even if users don’t directly tag Grammarly's account. This feature helps Grammarly monitor and engage with conversations that mention their brand, enhancing their ability to provide support and interact with their audience.
  3. The Inbox Team Report helps monitor message volume and agent productivity, aiding in performance evaluation and coaching conversations. Additionally, comprehensive tagging strategies within the Smart Inbox assist in organizing incoming messages based on content, allowing Grammarly to uncover valuable user insights and create quarterly reports on emerging themes.

Pricing – It includes a free 30-day trial. The basic plan of up to 5 users starts at USD 249 per month.


SocialPilot is great for social media analytics and more. Brands with multiple locations can find this tool more helpful than others. 

Winning Features of SocialPilot

  • Schedule and automatically send PDF reports of your analytics via email.
  • Use analytics for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, separately.
  • The content curation tool ensures you have the most trending ideas to post.

How SocialPilot Helps 50 Pound Social

  1. SocialPilot allowed 50 Pound Social to integrate multiple client accounts into a single dashboard. This feature simplified the process of managing and tracking performance analytics for various clients.
  2. By implementing SocialPilot into their workflow, 50 Pound Social significantly improved their work organization. They were able to shorten the client feedback loop, resulting in more time to onboard new clients and focus on agency growth.

Pricing – This social media tool is good for a variety of budgets. You can get started as a single user by paying USD 25.50 – 30 per month when billed annually. Before purchasing, you may want to try the 14-day free trial. 


Buzzsumo is mostly a research-based social media tool that doubles up as a powerful monitoring platform. 

Winning Features of Buzzsumo

  • No matter your industry, Buzzsumo can give you insights into the top-performing social media posts across all major platforms.
  • If your business is planning to hire influencers, Buzzsumo gives you data of the top ones who post the best and get ReTweeted or reposted.
  • Keep a track of your brand mentions on social media with Buzzsumo.

How Buzzsumo Helps Seer Interactive

  1. BuzzSumo helps Seer Interactive identify influential figures within various industries and topics. This information aids in connecting these influencers with Seer Interactive's clients, fostering collaborations on content that exposes client content to new audiences. 
  2. The tool enables Seer Interactive to stay updated with industry news, generate fresh content ideas, and monitor mentions of their clients online.
  3. BuzzSumo has become essential for Seer Interactive's day-to-day operations. It significantly aids in competitive content analysis, evaluating social interactions and backlinks for clients' content compared to competitors'. 

Pricing – This is a free social media marketing tool with the limitation of 10 searches a month. If you need more functionality, you can upgrade to Pro, Plus and Large plans. 


If you are completely new to managing social media accounts, especially Instagram, choose this tool. It is a partner of Facebook (Meta), TikTok and Pinterest. 

Winning Features of Later

  • Publish social content in different formats and know the right time to post on networks based on your business and your marketing efforts.
  • The Instagram Visual Planner lets you preview your posts before you hit publish.
  • Use the Hashtag Suggestions Tool that also helps you find user-generated content. 
  • Unsplash’s library is integrated with Later, which saves your time in looking for images or videos separately.
  • When you have more than 100 Instagram followers, you can track analytics based on demographic data

Pricing – If unsure, you can go for the 14-day free trial for the Starter, Growth, and Advanced plans. The Starter plan is USD 18 per month. 

How Later Helps Collective Arts Brewing

  1. Later's Visual Planner allows Collective Arts Brewing to plan and arrange their Instagram feed visually. They can drag and drop posts, ensuring a cohesive and on-brand appearance. This feature helps in balancing content between product promotion and the celebration of artists, aligning with their mission of putting "purpose first, product second."
  2. During challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, Later supported Collective Arts Brewing in their pivot towards e-commerce. It helped them navigate the shift to online sales by leveraging their growing Instagram following as a channel for driving local sales. Later's tools facilitated the promotion of sales without compromising their community-focused approach.

Zoho Social 

Ideal for small businesses and individual creators, Zoho Social is economical and packed with all the necessary features. 

Winning Features of Zoho Social

  • Organise and reorganise scheduled posts on the calendar intuitively.
  • Use drafts with the team and brainstorm before publishing.
  • The Live Stream option gives you a snapshot of audience likes, comments, etcetera.
  • Manage all direct messages across your social profiles in one place.
  • Get in-depth audience insights based on age, gender, country, language, and industry.
  • Send automated reports daily, weekly, or monthly to your team.

How Zoho Social Helps dotConverse

  1. One of the most beneficial aspects highlighted by dotConverse is the social outreach graph provided by Zoho Social. This feature condenses a substantial amount of information into an easily understandable infographic, aiding in analysing and understanding social media performance. 
  2. Zoho Social facilitates planning and scheduling social media content in advance. This capability proves especially useful during holidays or busy periods, allowing dotConverse to maintain a consistent posting schedule even when the team might be less available.

Pricing – The Zoho Social tool offers a flexible pricing plan. You can choose from monthly or yearly billing options as a business or an agency. The pricing starts from INR 600 per month, billed annually for small businesses. 

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This social media tool is among the most widely used in the globe – about 25 million users. 

Winning Features of Hootsuite

  • The platform tells you when it is a good time to post on different networks for optimal audience engagement.
  • Use the in-house AI hashtag generator, Canva templates, and content inspiration tool to improve your workflow.
  • Reply through saved messages with its machine learning powered engine to be available to your customers anytime of the day or week.
  • Integrate Salesforce or other marketing automation and CRM platforms. 
  • Data analysis has never been easier with its proprietary AI analyst – Iris™.
  • Integrate Google Analytics for a deeper insight into how your social media strategy is helping your business objectives.

How Hootsuite Helps TransLink

  1. TransLink utilizes Hootsuite integrated with Talkwalker, a social media intelligence platform, to monitor, categorize, and analyze conversations about their services. This social listening capability helps TransLink gain customer insights, understand sentiments, spot opportunities, and improve the rider experience. 
  2. To boost engagement, TransLink uses Hootsuite to maintain a central content library. This allows their customer information teams to create visually appealing and engaging posts, including image-rich tweets and interactive polls. This strategy has led to a remarkable 1,385 percent increase in social engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of employing rich content.

Pricing – You can use Hootsuite for free within a 30-day trial period. One user with 10 social accounts can go for the Professional plan which is INR 1915 per month. Team, Business, and Enterprise are the three other pricing plans with more features. 


CoSchedule is an award-winning marketing suite for content marketing and social media. It is intuitive, with a bunch of features and good customer support. 

Winning Features of CoSchedule

  • Integrate it with content and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can also integrate email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor and popular project management tools
  • In the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar, create and schedule stand-alone social media messages and social campaigns. 
  • For any message you write, CoSchedule offers an in-built tool to analyse it. It also has a tool specifying which image sizes are optimal for posts on different platforms. 
  • It has an integrated automation tool to post at the best times of the week or day. Using the ReQueue button will automatically fix gaps in your scheduling. 
  • Track in-depth analytics from Facebook, Instagram and others.

How CoSchedule Helps Amp My Brand

  1. Amp My Brand struggled with tool-jumping, using various tools for managing social media. CoSchedule provided a single, centralized platform where they could efficiently handle content creation, revisions, and publishing across multiple social media profiles for their 16 franchisee clients.
  2. With Marketing Suite, Amp My Brand could schedule and publish content directly from the platform. This eliminated the need to switch between different tools and simplified the process of managing and posting content across multiple social media accounts.

Pricing – It offers a free plan that can be used for publishing on two social media profiles. The Pro version is USD 29 per month with many additional features. 

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Celebrated for incredible customer support and a fine economical option, Agorapulse is best for publishing, monitoring and reporting, among others. It is also a Facebook Marketing Partner. 

Winning Features of Agorapulse

  • The inbox is highly organisable that you can share with team members before they contact with the audience who messaged to your account on social media. There are several filters based on the type of item, range of dates, labels or action. 
  • is integrated with Agorapulse, meaning you can shorten URLs with the tool. 
  • Use the boolean operators for looking microscopically on Twitter searches; every public mention of your handle on Instagram is routinely captured on Agorapulse.
  • Find out how many times your content is viewed by your followers, or look into the competition on Facebook

How Agorapulse Helps Fracture

  1. Agorapulse simplified the content management process for Fracture by offering a centralized content library. This feature empowered their teams to create more visually appealing and engaging posts. 
  2. One of the standout features for Fracture was Agorapulse's reporting functionality. The tool provided comprehensive and easily understandable analytics, particularly in generating reports on critical metrics like engagement, fan growth, and reach. 

Pricing – You can go for the free plan that limits you to three social profiles and one user. Small businesses can opt for the Standard plan for USD 49 per month, billed yearly. This plan lets you manage 10 social profiles. Social listening, automated inbox assistant and other advanced features are available on the more expensive plans. 

Social Inbox from HubSpot

Part of the Marketing Hub Professional from HubSpot, this comprehensive tool helps you manage all social media, as well as, everything related to campaigns and content marketing

Winning Features of Social Inbox

  • Schedule posts three years in advance. The bulk scheduling option is intuitive. 
  • Connect up to 50 social media accounts and publish 10,000 posts per month.
  • For reporting, you can even attribute leads to sources making it easy to understand the customer touchpoints
  • It is a great social listening tool to learn about online conversations with your brand and responding on time

How Social Inbox Helps Businesses

  1. The Social Inbox often integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot tools, allowing for a comprehensive view of marketing activities. This integration facilitates tracking social media's impact on lead generation, conversion, and customer acquisition.
  2. For teams managing social media accounts collectively, the Social Inbox streamlines collaboration. 
  3. The availability of the HubSpot mobile app ensures that users can manage their social media presence on the go.

Pricing – This tool is available for businesses and enterprises. The business plan is USD 800 per month, billed yearly. 

Parting Thoughts

These are among the most widely used social media marketing tools with the most features. But there are many more, including Tailwind, Biteable, Missinglettr, and Crowdfire. The list may be endless, but it ultimately depends on how easily you and your team are able to use these social media tools without hassle.

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